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Tamsin was excited about her project for art exam and started putting up flyers looking for a model, mainly male.

After school, she went and bought herself lunch before going home to her apartment. Once she ate her lunch, she set up her art equipment, easel, colored pencils, and all.

Then she heard her doorbell ring. She opened her door and noticed this tall guy standing there. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a button-down blue-striped shirt with darkwashed jeans and black shoes.

"Are you the artist who is looking for a male model?" He asked.

Tamsin said, "Yes, I am."

"Hello. My name is Ralph." He said, smiling at her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Tamsin."

Tamsin let Ralph into her house. She planned on drawing him.

He asked, "Okay if take my shirt off?"

"By all means."

She watched as Ralph began unbuttoning his shirt. Once the shirt off, Tamsin was just amazed by his body. He had lean, but-not-too-muscular arms, six-pack stomach, and medium-sized hands.

"How about you stand by that window over there?" Tamsin suggested, pointing to the sunlit window by her sofa. To her, he looked like he could be either a model for a Calvin Klien ad. Ralph stood perfectly still as Tamsin drew him.

After an hour and a half, Tamsin's drawing of Ralph was completed. He took a look at her drawing and was very impressed, especially of how the sunlight captured his form. At the same time, he was liking and wanting Tamsin.

"Tamsin, I noticed you have been admiring my body the whole time you were drawing me, I was wondering if you can show me yours." Ralph brazenly asked as he smiled at her.

She was quite amazed from what he asked of her. She was very body conscious being that she was thick and curvy. She stepped away from her easel and removed her paint-splattered smock that protected her clothes. Slowly, she began unbuttoning her pink and blue striped button down shirt. She took down her ponytail, letting her dark reddish brown hair fall to her shoulders. Then, she unbuttoned and unzipped her black jeans, smoothing them down her hips and legs. Tamsin was now down to her white lace bra and matching bikini panties. Ralph was enamored with her lush, 230lb., curvaceous body.

He walked up to her with his hands resting on her hips. His mouth then moved in on hers, kissing her so deep and so passionately.

She then led him to her bedroom. Once they were there, they laid on her bed. She then unhooked her bra, revealing her soft, squeezable, natural size 42DD breasts. Ralph softly stroked and cupped them with his hands. Tamsin let out a sigh. He then sucked and kissed her breasts. After that, Tamsin pulled herself up and kissed Ralph's lips. While kissing him, she then unzipped his jeans. She felt his cock hardening though his navy blue boxer briefs as it lightly brushed against her thigh. His fingers touched her soft, round belly as he started kissing her there as she laid back down. He carefully removed her panties from her hips. Her mound was smooth and bare.

Once Tamsin was naked, Ralph started to lick her warm, fat pussy lips. His tongue licked her clit and pussy. She moaned as he licked her again and again. He loved the way she tasted. She got wet from the flicks of his tongue on her pussy. He moved up to her, kissing her neck. His hands felt every inch of her soft, satin smooth skin and explored all of her curves.

Ralph removed his boxer briefs in one smooth sweep. Tamsin moved her hand down his body. He let out sigh from feeling her touch. With her fingers, she softly stroked his seven-inch penis. She lowered her mouth to his cock and slowly sucked him. He moaned while his hands ran through her hair. At the same time, she circled him with her tongue.

"Oh Tamsin, my sexy, sweet, soft Tamsin. Let me make love to you. I want you. I want to be inside you." Ralph loudly moaned.

In an instant, she took his cock out of her mouth then looked up at his face and said, "I want you too, Ralph."

She moved up and sat on the bed on her knees. Ralph got up to put on a condom. Once he did that, he had wrapped his arms around Tamsin's waist, holding on to her as he went inside her. She gasped as he went into her pussy in one deep, slow thrust. While going in and out of her, Ralph was fondling her big breasts and kissing her neck. She moaned and groaned as he moaned her name. After that, he then laid her down on the bed while he was still inside her. Ralphtraced up her sides seductivly.

As soon as Tamsin was on her back, Ralph kept going in and out. While doing that, he licked and sucked her breasts and nipples. His mouth went up to her neck and then to her lips, kissing them to soften her loud cries of passion. They reached climax and their orgasm had washed over them like a crashing wave of lust. Ralph gently collapsed on top of her body and gave her one last deep kiss.

The next day, Tamsin received an A+ on her project. Ralph was so happy with her that they went out to lunch and then had sex at her bedroom to celebrate.
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