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At our staff party Carla was my boss neice that gave herself to me.
Greetings, my name is Ed and I am 43, divorced and got 2 great kids Henry and Nathan. I work as a programmer and my job gets very hectic at times. I love my job and the money is good. I live with my sons and we all get along well and we have become closer since my ex and their mother left 5 years ago. Since then I was more dedicated to my job and it did pay off well as I had more money to take care of my boys and
our home. With respect to dating and women I have had a few dates but nothing matured and so only when I drink at home and get wasted that I would sometimes fantasised about having a woman to make love to but I always end up sleeping it off. In the past 5 years I have had sex only about 3 times and 2 was from a sex worker and the other was a sympathy fuck, a one off that was more like a quickie. I have had no sort
of sexual action in 2 years except for stroking myself. So things were about to change for the better in my life.

One day my younger son Nathan informed me that he has a new teacher named Ms. Kelly Jones and that she is pretty and all the boys like her.To my surprise a few weeks later I had to attend a meeting with Nathan's new teacher (you know the parent teacher meetings). Anyway, as Imade my way into the teachers area I was directed to an amazing young woman of high beauty. I mean she was so pretty and had long hair, long legs and some real sexy looking boobs. I was like "damn, Natahn was right". After the meeting I was pleased to know that Nathan is the best student in class and so Ms. Jones had a lot of credits to give me and I was happy to hear them from her. As I was leaving her desk and was making my way to the exit I was stopped by a charming young female student who happen to recognise me and asked "You must be Nathan's dad" I said "yes I am and who is asking?" She replied "I am Carla and I am in same class with Nathan and I jsut wanted to meet you as Nathan always talks about you in class". I was a bit shocked but at same time happy to hear her speak. Anyway I departed and went back to work.

A few weeks later and it was getting closer to our annual staff party but this time it was a weekend retreat at a resort and so I had to make arrangement for the boys and I got my sister to stay with them for the weekend as she only lives a few blocks away. And so the weekend arrived and I made my way to the resort and I was impressed at the looks of the place. The schedule was Dinner, Socialising on friday night, nature
hike, boat party and dinner + awards on Saturday night and sunday was massage and relaxing day and then back to work for monday. Anyway, So I was taken to my room which was # 37 on the upper floor. As I got dressed and went down to the lounge I was joined by my buddies and we got things started and then we all went to dinner. As we were sitting at a table I noticed my boss Mr. Wilks walking in with his wife and I also
noticed a familiar face who happened to be Carla, yes the same Carla I met at Nathan school. I quikly learnt that Carla is Mr. Wilks neice. I was a bit surprised but nothing to bother me. As the night went on and the drinks got more and more I happened to bump into Carla at the balcony taking a smoke (she is 16 and her uncle does not know she smoke). We greeted and she just hugged me and said "hi Ed, you look delicious
in that black suit" I replied "thank you Carla and you look so much more mature than when I saw you at school". She smiled and continued smoking unitl I asked "how old are you?" "16 she replied.

Now all the while I was talking to her I was checking out her young body in that sexy blue mini dress but I had to be careful in looking as there were people around. After we chatted for a while I was getting a bit tired and so I was forced to go to washroom and refresh myself. As I walked into the men's room to my surprise I was alone and as I got my cock out to drip I suddenly felt someone wrapping their arms around my waist and held onto my semi hard tool. I jumped and quickly turned around to see Carla behind me. Good thing my stream had cut or I would have pissed on her.I was nervous, speechless and panicking at the same time as what was happening. I quickly asked her to leave and that we can get into big troulble if anyone caught us. Bang! Carla saw the light and said "So you are saying you would continue if we were in a more private place?" Now since I was intoxicated I said "well maybe but your are still too young". Soon after I decided that I will avoid
any trouble and go. And so I did leaving her standing alone. Remember I was nervous and panicking. Oh well, So I left the party at 11:30 pm and went to my room.

As I got undressed to the nude I went and took a shower and upon returning I nearly freaked out when I saw Carla laying on my bed absolutely naked. Being a bit drunk I did not close the door and immediately, yes immediatedly my sweet cock jumped to life and she saw it as well. I was overpowered by lust and passion that I just removed my towel and proceeded to the bed side. She was sitting now and I quickly held
her arms and stood her up and kissed her soft pink lips and enjoyed her taste. It was the first time I was kissing a woman in 2 years. It was so erotic that I was wet and dripping with pre cum already. The feel of her soft smooth skin was enough to make any man go wild and wild did I get in a matter of minutes. As we kissed for about a minute I sat her down at the edge of the bed and told her "make my cum Carla".
From my initital observation I can tell that she is experienced and so I was in for some hot sex. She slowly moved her head closer to my erect 7 inch of pleasure and she took it in her mouth slowly started sucking and licking and in about 30 seconds I was blowing streams and streams of hot sperm deep in her mouth. It was so amazing that I was blowing like a 100M champion. After she cleaned me up she stood up
and slowly remover her blue dress to reveal herself and I was wowed as she had no bra or panties. I was like, this girl cam prepared to have some fun tonight. As she revealed her young and delicious body I gazed and told her to lie down and spread them legs. I then knelt down on the floor and slowly started kissing and licking her lower tummy as she giggled and gave small groans. Her smell was of strawberry and a
bit of sweat but I was loving all of it. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and her lips were pink and wet. I then went for gold and started to suck on her wonderful vagina. I was in heaven and she tasted great. As I sucked on her lips and clit she grabbed my head and was now building up and I licked all her juices as they flowed.

My cock was again rising to the occassion and I knew that it would be a long night for us. She started to moan and groan louder and louder as the intensity of pleasure increased. I then stuk my tongue in her pussy and tongue fucked her and she started to tighten up and soon she started to shout out "ohhhhh, yesssss, fuck me, yesssss, make me cum". She started to spasm and squirt her juices and I did not stop sucking
her pussy. I drover her over the edge until she crossed her legs and was in the doggy position and I stood up and positioned my hard again cock at her entrance. I was so in a trance that if an earthquake was to hit I would not stop. Remember I had no pussy for 2 years. I then slowly moved in and when the first few inches went in I quickly realised she was a bit tight. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Her pussy
was wet, and hot to the touch of my cock. Her walls clamped my tool on all sides and I then began to fuck her in and out. She held on the sheets as I soon picked up my speed and I was already in 5th gear. I then felt my balls tighten up and my back tickled. She then started to rub on her clit and she was going wild. Soon I picked up more speed and boom, started to send loads and loads or my sperm in her pussy. I felt strong
and hungry for more and as I shot my loads I just rubbed her back and told her "Carla, you have released the animal in me". She said "can u go one more time?" I was tired but still horny as I had so much built up in me. I said "yes I can but need some time to revive". It was now after midnight and I pulled out of her wet and dripping pussy and went and took another warm bath.

When I returned she then went and took a shower as well and I layed on the bed and was just in awe of what has happened and what is to come. A few minutes later she came out naked and walked over to me and crawled on top of me and we kissed and started to make out like lovers do. As she was on top of me I can feel the heat from her pussy and as it was rubbing on my limp cock it felt warm and nice. As we kissed I can feel the urge to fuck again. I was slowly coming around. but first I decided I want to have more fun and told her to lay back. I went for her pussy again and started to suck and suck on her just washed cunt. Within minutes of sucking her off she was ready to cum again and she pushed me and said "let me bring you up". I then layed down and she took my soft cock in her mouth and started to do a ressurection job on me. Trust me she had skills and after about 5 minutes I was getting hard again. Before long I was hard again but could feel I need a hole or I might go back down and quickly told her to straddle me and she did. As she lowed herself onto my cock it was as if it was the first time. I did not know being without pussy for so long can make you like this. Hey pussy was so warm and wet inside. She then started to bounce up and down, up and down. Her breasts were a handfull and I was squeezing her nipples as she ride me. After a while she got off me and said "fuck me in my ass Ed". I was like "oh yea" and I quickly got on my knees and she took the dogy position again. I did not have proper lube but took the hair gel I had and massaged it in and around her pink anal hole. She was a virgin when it came to anal and I was not. I then pushed in one finger and she
resisted a little until after I worked her up she started to relax. I then sent two fingers in and she was now loving the pain mixed with pleasure. I told her to rub her clit and when she was about to cum tell me.

As I finger fucked her anus and she was rubbing her clit my cock my raging to enter her and good for me she was reaady to cum again and she shouted out "I am ready baby, fuck me hard". I then held my tool and greased it up and slowly pused the head in her and then a few inches in and since she was in ectasy I sent everything in and pulled back out. I saw a bit of blood but nothing alarming. As she was in an
orgasmic trance I reentered her and started to fuck her. She was so tight and my cock was loving every inch of her. As Carla was beaming from her orgasm and the pain mixed together she got a bit dirty and shouted "yesssss, fuck me hard, push baby, fuck me, slap my ass". And I did slap her ass and soon my body got tense again and was ready to blow another load.As her orgasm ended I was now ready to cum and
started to fuck her more hard and faster until I relaxed and then contracted and let it rip. It was sperm upon sperm I was releasing in her worked ass. As I pulled out to a quiet pop my juices was dripping out her hole and we fell side by side and I fell asleep.

I woke up at 7am to a knock on my door and soon realised that Carla had left already. It was my buddy Tom checking in on me and told me "Ed you missed the latter part of the party last night". He said "Mr Wilks (our boss) was actually drunk and dancing". I was like "what? no way" and told him "well Tom I did have a blast of a night". Later that morning as I was having breakfast I saw Carla showed up smilling and looked
so hot in a blue jeans and a white top. Tom said "Hey Ed you know after you left last night Carla soon disappeared as well?" My tonuge failed me and I said "yea I know...." and he was "Ed, no way" and I said "told you I had a blast last night".

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2012-05-05 19:30:00
I want to fuck her too

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2011-09-24 05:12:50
So Carla went from being naked to removing her dress. Not a bad story. Rather short though. In the future spend some time fact and spell checking.

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