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We pick up a few minutes later...
When she finally came down from her orgasm, she was weak and her head was still spinning. He had moved away from just enough that she could see his face. He allowed her several minutes to regain her composer and then ordered up and off the bed. As he got up, he took her hand to help her to the edge of the bed so the vibrators in her ass and pussy stayed where they were. Once she was standing at the side of the bed, he ordered her to reach down and hold the vibrators in place while he reached over and grabbed one of the long scarves he had there for play. He wrapped it around her waist and tied one end tightly then took the other end and brought it down between her legs, moving her hands and pulled it tightly into her pussy and the crack of her ass to hold the vibrators in place. Once he had it in the position he wanted it he pulled it through and tied it to the end around her waist. Now the vibrators could stay in place and do their work without being held by either of them. He then took another scarf and tied the middle of it tightly around her neck, not to choke her but tight enough with the knot on the back of her neck. He took the two ends and had her put her arms behind her back, bringing the equal lengths of the scarf first around her wrists and pulled them tight upward toward her head, then he secured the ends to each elbow so she would not be able to wriggle out. If she fought against the restraints, she would choke herself.

Now that he had her bound the way he wanted, he stepped back to admire how she looked. He reached up and lightly pinched both her nipples and she jumped from both surprise and excitement. He started to fondle her tits gently in his hands and she moaned. He could hear the vibrators still buzzing in her ass and pussy and rubbing her tits the way he was, she was getting hot again. He suddenly stopped, moved his hands to her shoulders and gently pushed, letting her know he wanted her on her knees. He helped her as she moved awkwardly and once she was on her knees, he removed the gag, let her take a drink and then holding the sides of her head, placed his cock at her lips. She opened her mouth to accept him and before she knew what was happening, he tightened the grip on her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat. She was caught completely off guard by this assault and gagged. Coughing forced her to lunge forward which cause the restraint around her neck to her arms to tighten and choke her again. He pushed his cock into her face again, saying as he did, that she would only choke herself if she moved the wrong way.

He didn’t push as far into her throat this time but instead of giving her a second to react, he started a slow and steady motion with his cock, fucking in and out of her mouth. Every so often he would hit bottom in the back of her throat and he would hear her gag but he did not slow his rhythm and he did not allow her to pull away. He was content to fuck her face for the next few minutes until he could not take any more. Before he could cum, he stabbed deep into her throat one more time, held it there for a second and then pulled his cock all the way out of her mouth. It was too late for her. She came without warning. She came hard and screamed, “Mother fucker” at him which only made him smile. This was not like her. She never called him names no matter how often he told her to. She had cum and he had not given her permission. He abruptly pulled her to her feet, turned her to face the bed and bent her over, telling her to keep her legs straight or it would be worse. He grabbed the paddle and slammed hard across first her right ass cheek then her left. She screamed and stood upright from the pain and he forced her back over and brought two more hard smacks of the paddle across each cheek. She did not stand this time but screamed, “Fucking Bastard!” He smiled and decided to reward her for her outburst with a kiss on each cheek saying, “Now that’s a very good little slut. That’s what I’ve been wanting to hear from you for some time my little whore bitch!” He had her stand back up and turned her to him. He kissed her hard on the mouth and she almost didn’t accept his tongue into her mouth but he didn’t give up and soon she melted into a passionate kiss that almost took her legs from under her.

Still kissing, he held her in his arms, reaching around to the scarf behind her back. He grabbed it up near her neck and pulled sharply upward. She took in a breath he knew was pain but never broke from their kiss. He held her arms up there for what felt like an hour but was only a few short seconds. He could feel her body tighten with the other hand, he stroked her ass. First across one cheek, then across the other. He lifted his hand away and as he did, she moved her hips into his waiting for the blow to fall on her ass. It didn’t come. She waited but it didn’t come and then she started to relax just a little and continued with the dance between their tongues. He released the grip he had on her arms and she relaxed a little more. They kissed for the longest time and she was now lost in this deep, passionate between her and her master.

WHACK! Both hands came down hard on her ass at the same time. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and their lips broke apart. She stood there frozen in the pain for several seconds not feeling him reaching up and undoing the knot that held the scarf over the vibrators in her pussy and ass. When he had the knot free, he reached out again and left his hands slam down across her ass cheeks. Again she went up onto her toes, mouth open in yet another silent scream. He moved the scarf out of position telling her to do whatever she had to, to hold them in place. He untied the scarf and moved it to retie it so he had equal lengths hanging down from the middle of her back. Again his hands moved up and again he brought them down across her cheeks. This time, instead of a silent scream, she yelled, “You fuckin prick bastard!” With that took both cocks and yanked them from the holes they were occupying. He picked her up and put her back up the bed, not gently but careful enough not her hurt her arms still tied behind her back.

He pulled the two lengths of the scarf around her waist and pulled each ankle as close to her ass as he could and tied each one there so her legs would stay bent. He then took a couple pieces of rope and secured each leg to the side of the bed so that not only would her ankles stay bent close to her body but her legs could be spread wide apart to give him access to her pussy and ass. She really couldn’t move at all from this position and it was a bit uncomfortable. Now he took a very small paddle that almost looked like a ruler and sat on the bed between her legs. He started first on one thigh, smacking lightly with the ruler from her knee toward her pussy. Once he was at her pussy, he would start the process again on the other thigh. Back and forth, up and down her thighs, each time getting just a tiny bit closer to her pussy. He changed the tempo and strength at which he smacked her, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Sometimes slow from knee to twat, sometime fast. She was going crazy and started squirming but when she did, it forced her shoulders to pull which pulled against her neck.

He started rubbing her clit as he smacked her thighs. She was oh so very wet, the juices running down the lips of her pussy to her asshole. Her nipples of coarse were erect and very hard, not that the rings would allow them to soften that much. Still rubbing her clit, he took the ruler and smacked his way from her thighs up her belly. She sucked in sharply, making her belly contract like a bowl. You could still see the welts from the whipping she had received earlier that night. What a lovely sight. He continued to move up a little at a time until he reached her tits. He didn’t smack her nipples but he smacked her all around the rest of her tits. Again, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Fast and slow. She was still going crazy, moaning and breathing heavily. She started asking him to let her cum and he would tell her no, not yet. Now he was moving the ruler from her tits, to her belly, to her thighs. She started saying please master let me cum. Suddenly, he started tapping the ruler on her pussy. Not too hard but hard enough to sting her clit. She pleaded with her master and still he said no.

The lips of her pussy were turning a pretty shade of red and he was now smacking her pussy a little harder, every once in a while moving the ruler to strike her tits, thigh or belly hard now. Raising her voice slightly, asked him to let her cum. He smacked her harder on her clit and said, No. Now she was begging her master to let her cum. “Please master, please. I beg you let me cum.” Each time she begged him, he would smack her a little harder. No. Out of nowhere, in a voice of sheer animal lust, she yelled, “I need to cum you sadistic fucking prick!” With that, he smacked her one more time, hard on her clit and shoved three fingers in her pussy and said, “Cum you fuckin slut! CUM!”

She couldn’t move very much, but when she did, she arched her back as far as she could, opened her mouth and screamed as best as she could for the scarf was now tight around her neck and she came. Man did she cum! She squirted all over his fingers, all over him, all over herself. She couldn’t stop. He was slamming his fingers into her at a frenzy saying, “More you bitch! Give me fucking more!” She couldn’t stop. She tried to yell to him as best she could while choking herself to fuck her. “I need your fucking cock inside me now you Bastard! Put in my pussy, put in my ass, put it anywhere you cocksucker! Just put it in me!” The whole time she yelled, she came. Her body tense and drawn tightly against all the restraints holding her.

“Mother fucker! You better shove that fucking cock in me now!” He could take no more. She was the animal he always knew she could be. She was exactly what he wanted right this second. His slut! His whore! His Bitch! He untied her legs and ankles and quickly as he could. His cock felt like it was made of steel. She was calling him every name in the book right now except master and he loved it. He roughly rolled her over to untie her wrists and neck and as his hands touched the knot, she screamed at him. “Fuck that, leave it mother fucker! I want your cock in me! Fuck me now!” He pushed her ass checks apart where she lay and shoved his cock balls deep in one stroke right in her ass. She screamed, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard mother fucker!” He pounded into her ass for all he was worth. He reached up and grabbed the scarf and pulled back on it, lifting her tits off the bed, stretching her shoulders and choking her even more. He held her this way to force his cock even farther up her ass, pounding her harder. The bed was shaking and banging off the wall and she was cumming and squirting all over his balls. He let loose.

He came in her ass not slowing down for anything. He just kept pounding into her until she passed out and went limp. He fucked her ass for another minute and then pulled out. He flipped her over, not caring if he hurt her in the process. He slapped her across the face. Nothing. He slapped her again and she opened her eyes. She looked at him with love, hate, lust. Savage animal lust. She bared her teeth and said, “I need more! Fuck me more!” His cock was still hard. He grabbed her legs and pulled them up and over his shoulders and shoved his cock in her pussy hard. He slammed it into her so hard that her tits shook. He reached up and roughly grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples hard between his finger and thumb, slamming his cock into her for all he was worth. He bent down and took her right nipple in his mouth, bite down and sucked the ring from it. She screamed. He moved up looked at her and spit it in her face. He went to the other nipple and did the same thing. She screamed again when he sucked the ring from that nipple and again he moved up and spit it in her face. He then bent down, pushed higher and fucked her as hard as he could, and without mercy. “Yes mother fucker! Fuck me you bastard!” He started sucking at her neck. Right at the sweet spot.

If she had stopped cumming at any point, neither of them would have been able to tell because she was coming now. She savagely bit down on his shoulder. Biting hard and now it was his turn to yell. “Yes you fuckin whore slut, bite me!” Yes! Yes! Yes! You fucking bitch fucking bite me. Suddenly she let go of his shoulder, her back arched under him, her pussy tilted to an impossible angle and she screamed, “Yes you fuckin bastard, fuck my cunt!” And she was cumming like she had never cum before. Not in her life. Not with her master. Never like this before. Hearing her say “Fuck my cunt” was all he could take. She never used that word. Never! And now she wanted him to fuck her cunt. He drove his cock into her so deep that, although he had long ago passed through her cervix, was now passing through it with each stroke. She kept saying, “Fuck me! Fuck my cunt you filthy bastard!” And he let go. He came so hard. He felt like his cock was in her throat and he was cumming buckets. He reached up with one hand and grabbed her by the throat and started savagely slapping her tits with the other. She was screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and squirted even more cum all over the two of them. She screamed one last time and then she passed out again. He was completely spent and collapsed on the bed next to her letting go of her throat. She was breathing heavily but she was out. He gently rolled over to her side and untied her arms, undid the knot and removed the scarf from around her neck. He looked at her for several minutes. The marks on her tits, belly and thighs already starting to fade. He looked at her back and those marks too would soon be gone. Her ass was still very red but he knew that wouldn’t last long. He took her in his arms, took her face in his hand and kissed her gently on her lips. She would not be waking any time soon but he knew she would hear him as he softly said, “I love you! Goodnight Baby.” He placed her head on his chest, and listening to her breathing slow into a steady pattern, fell asleep.

Sheila B. Cumming
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