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Molly Weasley knocked on her son’s door to give and make sure he put away his clothes. When there was no answer she opened it to put them on his bed but found she was unable due to Ron laying on it with his dick in his hand and his eyes closed. She dropped the basket at the sight before her eyes, and with the sound of the basket hitting the floor Ron’s eyes flew open. Upon seeing his mother standing in front of him he deeply colored and tried to cover up but Molly, having recovered, simply said “Ronald Weasley, I changed your nappies. You think I haven’t seeing your penis before?”

Having seen her son’s 10 inch cock Molly immediately had mixed emotions. On the one hand she had never seen a cock so big and desperately wanted to taste and feel it, but on the other this was her son she was looking at and it was wrong to have those feelings toward her own son. Wasn’t it?

At his mother’s words Ron stammered trying to explain what he was doing but before he could form a coherent sentence he was shocked speechless by his mom dropping to her knees and engulfing his member in her mouth.

“Mum—Wha?” was all he could get out of his mouth before he was overcome with the ecstasy of Molly’s tongue dancing over the head of his cock. Within minutes he found himself about ready to cum but tried to hold back for fear of not wanting to cum in his own mother’s mouth. Ron found himself unable to hold back any longer as he felt Mrs. Weasley gently squeeze his balls as if begging him to release his sperm into her mouth and he released a sizeable load down her throat thinking, “this is wrong…I am Cumming in my mum’s mouth…”

As soon as Molly felt her son’s jizz shooting down her throat she quickly swallowed most of it then pulled his dick out to allow the rest hit her face and drip off her chin onto her cleavage. She then started stripping off her clothes. She just had to feel his tongue. She stood in front of her son naked with her shaved pussy in front of his face. “Ok son time to make your mother feel good”

Ron, taking the hint, leaned forward and timidly started licking Molly’s pussy and clit still thinking this was wrong and half expecting his father to come bursting through the door at any minute. After a couple minutes he relaxed and started to actually enjoy the taste of his mother’s juice and did what he could to get more.

Molly was in pure ecstasy as her son licked and prodded between her legs. Her husband Arthur was never this good and she started feeling weak at the knees. After a few good orgasms she gently pulled Ron’s face away and laid him out on his back. Seeing that her son’s cock was still a little limp she gently stroked it to get it hard again.

Once hard she slowly mounted it sliding just the tip in and wiggling around, enjoying having a dick insider her once again, as it had been many years since her and Arthur have had a chance to have sex. Then she ever so slowly slid her body down more and more on Ron’s cock gasping at how deep it was penetrating her and how good it felt.

Inch by inch Molly went, with slight groans from both her and Ron occasionally, until he was fully inserted inside. Molly then started bouncing on her son’s dick, her breasts hopping along. Her slight moans quickly turned into screams of pleasure as she started cumming; at one point her orgasm forced her to buckle over her tits hanging down on Ron’s chest.

As soon as she started bouncing Ron completely forgot it was his mother fucking him and started to enjoy it. When she bent over he took one of her breasts and put it in his mouth sucking on it and nibbled on the nipple.

Caught by surprise at her son’s action Molly felt her whole body shake at a new sensation rippling through her. The longer he had her in his mouth the stronger it got. Eventually she came harder and long than her husband ever made her cum, and she loved every second of it wish for it to never end.

As his mom covered his cock he felt his own orgasm building and he started to get scared again. This is my mother, do I cum in her? Do I warn her? I can’t really pull out…With a load groan he manages “Fuck….I’m…going…to…cum”

At those words Molly speeds up and waits to feel her son fill her womb with his seed.

Realizing his mother is not going to stop, Ron lets his load go and it shoots deep inside her for a good minute before it stops.

Molly screams with pleasure as her son fills her and when she can tell he’s done she gets off him and enjoys feeling it drip down her legs. She then gets dressed and walks out the door leaving Ron to sit and wonder what just happened, and will it happen again….

Meanwhile Ginny was lying on her bed naked with her fingers buried in her tight pussy playing with herself when the twins bust through the door.

“WHAT THE FUCK YOU TWO!?!? EVER HEAR OF KNOCKING?!” She yells trying to cover herself but realizing she has kicked the sheets off ends up just lying there naked with the twins eyeing her up and down, from her perky B tits with perfect nipples that were hard enough to cut diamond, down to her shaved tight little pussy that she had worked up and started to drip.

“No” Fred replies with a smile.

“Besides we could hear your moaning from our room and thought—“George starts.

“You could use a hand, seeing as Harry isn’t around” Fred finishes as they both start stripping.

“No. I don’t need---“Ginny starts to snap, but stutters quiet upon seeing two 9in cocks hanging in front of her. Her mouth drops open at the sight and Fred shoves his cock inside. She gags at first then relaxes and starts to suck and lick his cock and strokes George’s at the same time.

Ginny starts alternating between Fred’s dick and George’s, sucking one and stroking the other. Both twins start grunting loudly as they start reaching climax. Together they both cum, Fred on Ginny’s face and boobs and George down her throat. As they cum Ginny swallows all of her brother’s cum and then wipes herself clean gobbling that down as well.

Fred drops to his knees and buries his face in between his little sister’s legs and starts licking her pussy. Ginny lets out a gasp as he does this, enjoying the sensation, as Harry had never done this to her before, and she rather likes it. It’s not long before Fred has her cumming, just before she cums Fred pushes her down so she’s laying on the bed and spreads her lips just in time for her to squirt across the room.

Gasping for air Ginny says “Holy. Fuck…I’ve. Never came. So hard…”

George chuckles and lies on her bed, picks her up and slides his cock inside her still dripping pussy. Getting the hint she starts bouncing up and down with her tits jiggling with each bounce. Fred comes up behind her and leans her forward so she’s lying on George and starts to stick his cock in her ass.

When Fred’s dick touches her ass Ginny immediately stops fucking George and starts to protest but it’s too late. With her no longer moving Fred slips into her ass and she lets out a scream so loud that George has to cover her mouth to avoid alerting someone.

Ginny bites down on George’s hand and whimpers as Fred starts going in and out of her ass. She starts to relax and enjoy it as he goes and soon George starts pumping his cock in her pussy and she starts to moan in excitement. Not long after she’s wiggling around as she feels an orgasm coming and she releases it with a low moan.

Once again the twins finish at the same time and fill her pussy and ass with their cum. When they pull out, with Ginny wincing from Fred’s cock popping out of her ass, their cum starts dripping out of her and pools on her bed.

Fred and George dress and walk out leaving their little sister laying there in a mess of cum from being used and abused.

Not till after they leave does Ginny think. “Oh fuck…George came in me….not good”

Elsewhere in the house, Hermione was talking to Mr. Weasley in his room.

“Are you sure you want to do this Hermione? This is a very serious thing and must not be taken lightly.” Mr. Weasley asked her, partly hoping she changed her mind but the other was actually looking forward to doing what she was asking.

“Yes Mr. Weasley, I am sure. I have heard other girls at Hogwarts talking about “fake rape” and it sounds fun. I know I can trust you not to hurt me too bad.”

“Well if you are sure…DIFFINDO! DIFFINDO! MUFFILATO! ACCIO ROPES!” Mr. Weasley pulls out his wand in in an instant Hermione’s shirt and pants are on the floor in shreds, she can’t talk above a whisper and there are ropes binding her arms and legs to the bed.

Hermione gasps at the suddenness of the actions and even cries out when the ropes tie her down but it is barely audible.

“What—what are you going to do to me?” she asks in a whisper.

Mr. Weasley smacks her face; his normally friendly face is contorted in to a scary look that Hermione does not like.

“You will only speak when told to bitch” He says with coldness in his voice she has never heard even when she’s seen him mad.

Hermione winces at the smack but stays silent for fear of another. She lies still waiting to see what happens next.

“You’ve been very bad haven’t you?” Mr. Weasley sneers. “Bad girls must be punished.” He smacks her round C tit making it jiggle. Hermione can feel the nipple getting hard from the impact, Mr. Weasley notices.

“Oh, you like that do you?” He smacks the other one and the nipple gets hard pressing against the fabric of her lacy bra. Mr. Weasley yanks her bra down to expose her nipples and smacks them again a few times until they turn red. He takes a pair of clamps out and attaches them to her hard nipples causing her to scream out, but it comes out a whisper, then whimper.

Mr. Weasley goes to rip off her panties but sees that they are very wet.

“My my, you are the little slut aren’t you?” He asks with a chuckle. He yanks them off and smells them. “Ahh you have a very nice sent you do.” He then shoves them in her face so he gets a noseful of her own juices. He then positions himself in front of her.

“Let’s see if you taste as good as you smell” And with that he attacks your young pussy with his mouth, poking and prodding his tongue in and out and licking her clit. He wets his finger and sticks it up her ass.

Hermione squirms as her asshole is violated by the finger but none the less she can feel an orgasm building from the attack on her pussy. She starts moaning as she nears the breaking point.

Upon hearing the moans Mr. Weasley abruptly stops what he is doing before she gets a chance to finish.

“Not right now you little slut” He jeers. “But don’t worry you WILL cum before we are through. He removes his pants and positions himself at her head with his 6in cock in front of her face. “Suck it bitch”

Hermione hesitates, resulting in another smack across her face, before taking the full 6 inches at once and starts sucking it.

“Oh yeah you little slut, take that cock, suck it, mmm” It’s not long before Mr. Weasley feels his balls contract before shooting his cum down her throat and pulling out to shoot some over her face, hair and tits.

“Well I suppose now that you got me off I could be nice and let you finish…” He says a spell Hermione can’t hear, but next thing she knows he sticks his wand up her ass and it’s vibrating. He repeats the spell holding her wand and this one goes in her snatch.

Due to already being worked up it’s not long before her pussy walls contract forcing the wand out and squirting more cum out of her pussy than she ever thought was possible at a force and speed she’s never seen, some even hits the ceiling, falling on her like a rain shower covering her whole body with her own juices.

Chuckling Mr. Weasley pulls his wand out of her ass and points it at his dick and makes it grow twice its size in length and girth and positions himself between Hermione’s legs, levitating her to dick level. As soon as she sees him enlarge his cock Hermione starts to squirm begging him not to fuck her with it so big.

Ignoring her protests Mr. Weasley slams his cock inside her, with ease from her cum, burying himself deep as she “screams” at the top of her lungs from the pain searing through her body, tears running down her face. Soon, however, that pain turns to pleasure as he works up a rhythm and she starts to enjoy it feeling another orgasm building.

Hearing her moan Mr. Weasley picks up his pace. “Yeah you like that don’t you bitch? You love my 12 inches slamming into your tight pussy don’t you? You little pain slut. Take it. Cum on my cock you little whore.”

At those words Hermione can’t hold back and gushes all over his cock as it beats against her.

As she cums on him Mr. Weasley feels his own orgasm coming.

“Oh fuck yeah. I’m cumming. I’m gonna fucking cum inside you.”

Hearing that Hermione gets scared. “NO! Please don’t Mr. Weasley….I could get preg---“

Her words get cut off as she feels his hot sticky seed fill her pussy and spill into her unprotected womb and she starts crying again.

Mr. Weasley pulls out, both his cum and her juice spilling on the bed and floor, and removes the binds and charm off her.

Her crying now audible she stutters. “I—I thought you wouldn’t h--hurt me. Wha-What if I get P-Pregnant?” she cries genuinely scared now.

Mr. Weasley smiles and pulls her to him, with a little struggling on her part, and says. “My dear, if there was ANY chance of you getting pregnant do you really think I would have came in you? No. I am fixed. Meaning no more kids from me. I assure you. Ask Molly if you want to be sure, but she might question why you are asking I warn you…”

“O-Ok” She starts to calm down trusting what he is saying is true. “So same time next week?” She asks with a grin on her face.


My first story...please tell me what you think...

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2016-12-19 19:30:35
It was great.. the only thing that threw me off was the use of Muffliato which makes it sound to others like there is nothing happening.. Silencio would have been better if you were trying to keep Hermione quiet.

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2016-07-09 14:53:01
this is fuckin' awesome. next time do something with hermoine & twins , harry potter & molly weasely.

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2014-06-28 15:45:41
the scene between ron and his mom is perfect

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2014-01-22 03:43:52
I enjoyed these stories! The only criticism I can give you is that you could take more time, add more detail, slowly build it up. Other than that, I loved it! Love the uses of spells and charms with Arthur and Hermoine!


2013-03-26 19:28:45
Nyc story keep up d gud work

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