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Rebecca was cooking family dinner when acting on a wicked thought gets her caught by her husband and their youngest daughter
The water was finally beginning to boil as Rebecca stirred in the pasta. Family dinner was always a hectic night and this one would be even worse because her husband Robert was working late. It frustrated her but she knew late nights were part of the job for any high priced lawyer. And it had its benefits. They had a lovely home and three wonderful children whom Rebecca could see all the time since she didn’t have to work. Still it was times like this when she almost wished Rob would let her go back to work so they could hire a house keeper and she wouldn’t have to slave over such a hot stove.

The steam from the stove was making her sweat and she was already perspiring from her workout at the gym. Rebecca loved taking care of her body. At 35 years old she was definitely what you would call a milf. Her long red hair which, was now wet with perspiration was sticking to the milky white skin on the back of her neck. Her form was slim and tight although men would often comment that she still had quite a bit of “junk in the trunk”, which complimented her huge fake breasts. Rob had talked her into those. She initially didn’t want to go with the double D’s but he had been quite convincing. Plus she loved the way his huge cock slid in between them when he tit fucked her.

She caught herself daydreaming about Rob’s cum coating her face and huge fake tits when she felt something press at the seat of her stretch workout pants. It startled her but she was relieved when she turned around to find their german shepherd, Bruno, sniffing at the quickly developing wet spot in her crotch. She wanted to shoo him away but a wicked thought popped into her head. He was only an animal after all and its not like he could help it if her scent intrigued him. She’d never done anything sexual with a dog before but the thought at the moment just seemed almost irresistible. Plus the house was empty, what with Rob still at work and the kids over at friends houses.

Slowly Rebecca turned and bent over the counter and seductively lowered her pants down around her knees thrusting her ass and wet snatch out. Bruno needed no other invitation. The animal began to lap hungrily at her tight slit. His tongue working up and down. She reached back and spread her pussy lips for him giving the dog better access to her clit. As if by instinct her found that magic spot and Rebecca’s knees began to shake.

“Oh fuck yes Bruno, lick that fucking cunt!” She could hardly believe the words when they came out of her mouth. But Rebecca didn’t care. All she knew was she wanted more. The tongue continued to flick up and down now penetrating her pussy lips. Rebecca began grinding her hips back almost as if trying to force the dog’s entire tongue up her cunt.

“Oh fuck that feels good. What a good boy making my pussy so wet!” Slowly her legs began to spread. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart revealing her tight little shit hole. Bruno took the hint and began lapping at Rebecca’s asshole.

“Yes that’s it! Lick my fucking ass! Oh fuck I’m a dog slut and I don’t fucking care who knows it just keep tongue fucking my ass boy!” Rebecca had never felt like such a whore.

“Well this is interesting,” said a male voice from across the room. It was Robert.

Rebecca looked over, stunned. She was still bent over the counter and too embarrassed to even move. Her pants were still around her knees. Bruno had thankfully stopped licking her ass and now just stood there with his tail wagging. She’d been caught by her husband who now stood leaning in the doorframe. Robert was a tall well built man. He was three years older than her and his dark gray hair was just starting to show a few specks of salt in it. His face was clean shaven and even though he was wearing a button up dress shirt and slacks you could tell he was still muscular and toned.

But having her husband catch her in such a compromising position was not the worst. Not even close. Because standing next him was their 12 year old daughter, Kaylie. Kaylie was a cute little blonde pig-tailed girl, skinny and just beginning to show signs of her female form. A slight curve of the hip with a small curvy ass accentuated by the cut off jeans shorts she was wearing that barely covered her prepubescent pussy lips. Her breasts were just beginning to develop only slightly poking out from her t-shirt. Both her husband and her daughter just stood there staring at her, Robert with his usual cocky smirk and Kaylie with a look that showed more interest and excitement than anything else.

“Robert, Kaylie? What are you doing home?” She asked straightening up though still not bothering to pull her pants up. They were an open family and seeing someone naked was not at all uncommon, but being tongue-fucked by the family dog probably would raise some eyebrows.

“I managed to get off early and I stopped by to pick up Kaylie from her friends house. I think the better question is what are you doing?”

Rebecca never even got a chance to answer before Kaylie chimed in, “I know what she’s doing daddy.”

“Oh really baby? And what’s that?” Rob replied.

“She was having Bruno help her get her pussy and asshole ready to be fucked!”

Rebecca stood stunned at the language coming out of her youngest daughter’s mouth. Rob seemed completely unfazed by it. “And why would mommy do a thing like that sweetheart?”

“Because she’s a dogslut and she doesn’t care who knows it! We heard her say that remember?”

“I do remember that sweetie. It sure sounded like your mom was enjoying Bruno’s tongue in her asshole didn’t she?”

“Uh huh,” Kaylie said nodding. “But you know what else daddy? I don’t think mommy’s just a dogslut. I think she’s and everything-slut. I’ll bet she would give her pussy to anybody or anything that wants it!”

“You may be right Kaylie,” Rob said with an evil grin spreading across his face. “What do you think hun? Is our little girl right?”

Rebecca knew immediately where this conversation was going. Her and Rob had always been pretty kinky in the bedroom. Nothing like this of course, but she could see where this was going and she was still so horny she knew she didn’t want it to stop.
“That’s right honey,” Rebecca said. “I am a slut. I just can’t get enough cock. I need my holes to be filled all the time and I don’t care who or what is doing the filling so just long as they are using me like a whore.”

Kaylie smiled at that, her little breasts bouncing up and down as she hopped excitedly. “I wanna be a whore too mommy! Can I? Can I?” She began tugging on her dad’s pants with her big doe eyes looking up at him.

“I could never say no to you sweetie. Of course you can be a whore. And why don’t we start right now!” Rob said, as he began to strip down out of this clothes. First his shirt, then his pants and belt and shoes. When he slid his cock out of his boxers, Rebecca could see all 9 inches were standing firmly at attention. Rebecca had fallen in love with Rob the moment she had seen that monster. They’d had sex on their first date (coincidentally the same night their oldest daughter Allie was conceived), and from then on Rebecca knew that all she ever wanted to do was make Rob happy and keep his cock cumming.

Kalie had followed her father’s example and now stood completely naked in front of her parents. Her mother couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. Her little tits were already growing quickly, and Rebecca figured she would end up being quite the well endowed woman. And her pussy only had the fewest little blonde hairs growing on it.

Rebecca also slipped out of her pants and took her top off as well letting her massive tits spring free. She walked over to her husband and slid her tongue into his mouth and began stroking the long shaft of his rock hard cock.

“Mommy that’s not fair,” Kalie suddenly protested.

Rebecca looked down at her youngest daughter. “Do you want some of daddy’s cock too baby?”

“No… well I mean yes of course I want daddy’s cock, but that’s not what I meant.”

“Well what did you mean baby.”

“Bruno,” Kalie said.

“What about him?” both her parents replied.

“Look at him. You got his thingy all hard and then you left him without taking care of it. A good slut always makes sure every cock around her is satisfied.”

Rebecca was taken aback by her daughter’s wealth of knowledge on what it meant to be a slut, but she couldn’t disagree with her. “You’re absolutely right baby. How rude of me to get Bruno’s big hard doggy cock all turned on and then just leave him like that. I’ll just have to be a good little dogslut and go take care of that for him,” Rebecca said, with a wicked grin now on her face as well.

“Can I help mommy?”

“Of course baby. Why don’t you lay on the floor in front of and spread your legs. Let Bruno get a nice taste of your young pussy.”

“Ok mommy! But what are you gonna do?”

“I’m gonna do what all good dogslut’s do. Get down on the floor like a bitch and suck that hard doggy cock for all it’s worth!”

Kaylie smiled at that and then positioned herself on the ground in front of the german shepherd, her legs spread wide apart and her 12 year pussy and asshole on display for the large dog.

“Come here boy! Come get my little pussy!” Bruno was now a pro and eating his human bitches pussy’s and needed no coercion. He dove in and began lapping at the young girls nearly bald cunt. “Mommy it feels so good. Like a nice tickle! I love it! Don’t forget to lick my ass boy!” The dog of course obliged.

Rebecca smiled at the pleasure being given to her youngest daughter as she got down on the ground underneath the large dog. It red shaft was fully out of its sheath. Rebecca grabbed the slimy dog cock without hesitation and quickly swallowed it down her throat bobbing her head up and down on the animal’s cock. With one hand she began to play with her pussy and with the other she began to massage the dog’s hairy ball sack. Playing with the cum filled nuts while she sucked the family dog’s cock made her so turned on. She knew she’d need a cock to fuck her soon.

Meanwhile, Rob stood over his youngest daughter while she got her cunt eaten out by Bruno. “Does that feel good baby? Do you like that doggy tongue on your cunt?” He began rubbing her young body, spreading the pussy lips for Bruno and pinching her little nipples.

“Oh yes daddy! I love it. I love that doggy tongue on my cunt!” Kaylie was moaning heavily. “But I wanna do what mommy is doing. Sucking cock looks like so much fun!”

Rob smiled. “It is fun baby. As a young slut there is nothing in the world you’ll like better than sucking cocks and making them cum all over your face and titties and even in your tight little pussy and asshole.”

“Oh daddy I want a cock to suck right now! Please daddy! Please let me suck on your cock! I think I’ll die if I don’t get that big fucking cock in my mouth right now!”

Rob wasn’t surprised at the way Kaylie was talking. He’d been planning this for months, slipping porno videos into his daughters room when she wasn’t there. He knew she’d watched them from the way he saw her always checking out his crotch like she hoped she might have x-ray vision or something. He’d also noticed her staring at her 14 year old brother Daniel’s cock. He’d have to get Daniel involved. With these two sluts they’d need all the cock they could get to keep them satisfied.

Slowly he fed his cock into his little girl’s mouth. The head was so huge she could barely get most of the tip in but that didn’t stop her from sucking as hard as her little 12 year old mouth could.

“That’s it. You’re daddy’s good little bitch aren’t you?”

She popped the head of the cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “Yes daddy I’m your little bitch. I want you to use my mouth all the time to make your cock feel good. You can even take me out of school just for a blowjob if you feel like it. I won’t mind. You don’t even have to take me out of school. Just walk in the class, pull your dick out and I’ll suck it right there in front of everyone! Cause I’m my daddy’s little bitch slut and I don’t care who knows it!” The head of his cock disappeared back into her tiny little mouth.

“That’s good baby. Daddy will use all your holes from now on. But not just daddy. A true slut gives her holes to everyone. So you make sure to keep your teachers and all the boys and even all the girls in your class happy. If they want their cocks sucked or their pussies eaten you’ll do it for them cause that’s what a good whore does!”

Kaylie didn’t bother to take her father’s cock out of her mouth. She just nodded as her eyes lit up with excitement. She was taking even more of her father’s cock into her mouth now.

“That’s good baby. But watch what your whore mother does. See how she’s playing with Bruno’s balls while her lips slide up and down his doggy shaft?”

Kaylie needed no more instruction. She instantly reached up and began to fondle her father’s sperm filled nut sack. Gently squeezing and rolling them Rob’s balls looked like huge eggs in his daughter’s tiny hands.

Just then Kaylie let out a deep moan. Rob looked down and saw the young girls hips in the air and they were bucking on the dog’s face. Rob could tell the dog’s tongue was buried deep inside his little girl’s asshole and she was loving it.

“Daddy! Bruno’s tongue! It’s all the way up in my hiney!”

“Does it feel good?” he asked his daughter.

“Better than anything! Can I do that to you daddy? I wanna make you feel good too!”

“Of course baby.” Rob then straddled his daughter’s face and spread his ass cheeks as he lowered himself down onto her mouth.

He felt her little tongue begin to flick at his asshole. Slowly at first and then more quickly. Then just like that her tongue was penetrating up into his asshole. He’d never felt anything more amazing in his life. That was when he felt his 12 year old daughters hands come up and grasp his cock. She quickly began to jack her fathers cock while she ate out his ass.

“Oh that’s it whore! Make your daddy feel good. You have to work hard for his cum. You want daddy’s cum don’t you?” He felt his daughter’s head nod as she lapped at his ass.

Rebecca could tell that Bruno was close but even though she wanted to taste his doggy cum what she really needed was a cock inside of her, and since her daughter was currently in possession of her husband’s big cock, that only left her one option.

She let the dog’s cock slip out of her mouth and got down on her hands and knees next to Rob and Kaylie. Her curvaceous round ass thrust out and waiting, her heavy fake breasts dangling underneath her. She felt Rob reach over and grab one and squeeze. It felt amazing.

She leaned over to Rob and whispered seductively, “I’m always gonna be your whore but if you don’t mind I’d like to be somebody else’s bitch right now!”

Rob only smiled and said, “I always knew you were a whore! Don’t worry, from now on your pussy will be getting used constantly. Starting right now. Go on Bruno! Mount this bitch boy! Make her take your hot doggy knot!”

Kaylie pulled her head away from her father’s ass and said, “Daddy I wanna see mommy get fucked like a bitch by Bruno!”

“How would you feel about getting fucked like a bitch right beside your mother?”

“Oh I’d love that daddy! Are you gonna give me your cock deep in my tight little cunt?”

“That’s right baby. Daddy’s about to fuck your virgin cunt while your mommy gets her pussy pounded by a dog!”

Kaylie got down on her hands and knees next to her mom and they began kissing each other passionately. Bruno had already climbed up on Rebecca’s back, his cock stabbing wildly for her pussy. Finally it hit home and the dog began to hump furiously, faster than anything Rebecca felt in her entire life. She let out a gasp.

Kaylie was loving it. “That’s it mommy! Bruno found your little pussy! Fuck her boy! Fuck mommy and give her your puppy seed!”


Rob had now positioned himself behind his daughter. Even though she was a virgin he knew she didn’t have a hymen anymore because of an injury when she was younger. Rob wished he could have broken it but he would settle for being the first of many cocks to fill his young daughters cunt. His monstrous 9 inch dick tore into his daughter and he heard her let out a little cry, but she was a good whore and never complained. And as he kept impaling her his cock would go in deeper and deeper and the 12 year old bitch began to moan louder and louder.

“Take daddy’s cock you little whore! Show me how you’re going to let all those boys and teachers at your school fuck you!”
“Oh daddy! Fuck my tight little virgin hole. I promise daddy! I promise I’ll let every boy fill my pussy with their cum. And then I’ll go their houses and let their dogs fuck me just like mommy while they shoot their cum all over my face. I promise I’ll be the best little slut ever daddy!”

Bruno had apparently heard enough and was ready to knot with his human bitch. Rebecca could feel his knot at the bas of his cock moving up into her cunt.

“OH FUCK YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FILL ME WITH THAT HOT DOGGY SPERM! MAKE YOUR BITCH TAKE IT ALL!” Rebecca screamed as her pussy came harder than it ever had before in her life, while what felt like a gallon of doggy cum spurted up into her womb.

“Oh daddy look! Mommy’s taking Bruno’s cum deep in her cunt! She really is a doggyslut now! Just like I’m gonna be!”

Rob flipped his daughter over onto her back and began pulling at the little girls blonde pigtails. “Spread your legs for me! Wider whore! You’re gonna have to be able to take cock deeper than that if wanna be as good of a whore as your dog loving slut of a mom is!”

“Yes daddy! Stretch my pussy out! Use it to make your huge cock cum in you daughters tight little hole!”

By now Bruno’s cock had slipped out of Rebecca’s pussy. She straddled over her daughters face. “You wanna eat the doggy cum out of mommy’s pussy baby?”

“Yes mommy please! Sit on my face and feed me Bruno’s doggy cum to me! I want to taste it!”

Rebecca squatted over her daughters face and relaxed her pussy as the watery dog cum came pouring out and into her daughter’s waiting throat. “Swallow it all baby. A good whore always swallows all the cum she can no matter who it belongs to.” Kaylie was gulping as fast as she could but there was so much some couldn’t help but spill out onto her lips. Thankfully Rebecca always believed in cleanliness so she scooped the excess doggy cum off her daughter’s lips and onto her finger which she promptly put into her mouth and swallowed.

Rob still had a hold of his daughters pigtails and was now thrusting harder than ever into his young daughters cunt. His balls were aching for release and he knew it was just a matter of time before he flooded her tiny womb with his sperm.


“THAT’S IT ROB! FILL THIS LITTLE BITCHES TWAT UP WITH YOUR SPUNK! SHOW HER HOW A WHORE TAKES A LOAD FROM HER DADDY!” Rebecca was now grinding her dog cum coated pussy on her daughter’s face.


Rob couldn’t hold on any longer. His cock exploded in his daughter’s tight pussy. The cum literally shooting out of the young girls tight cunt. Kaylie thought cum was going to cum out of her ears, but all she could focus on was the amazing orgasm her father had given her.

A few moments later Kaylie lay cradled in her mother’s arms, her head resting gently on one of the double D tits. She held her daddy’s cock in her hand, not wanting to let go of it ever. Her father held them both unable to believe how well it had all come together.

Kaylie looked up at him with her little blue doe eyes and said, “Daddy do you think you got me pregnant?”

“I don’t know honey? I guess it’s possible.” Rob replied.

“I hope you did.” Kaylie said matter-of-factly.

Rob and Rebecca both laughed together. “Why is that baby?” Rebecca asked her daughter.

“Cause if it’s a girl then daddy will have a new slut to fuck, and if it’s a boy then this family will have another cock for whores like us mom!”

Rebecca laughed as she noticed her daughter’s hand beginning to slowly stroke her father’s cock again. She began to rub softly at her daughter’s clit and said, “I guess that’s true honey. But even if he didn’t there’s still plenty more ready and willing cocks out there and it looks like your father’s about to be one of them again. So let’s keep trying!”

To be continued…

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