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Beaver catches his mother and brother in fucking and it becomes a hot threesome
It was a sunny and mild Friday in Mayfield, the ideal American town where everything was perfect, including the Cleaver family. Ward, the 41-year-old handsome father was hard at work providing for his family. June, the world's most perfect 39-year-old stay at home mother was keeping the house neat as a model home and cooking fabulous meals for her husband and her two sons as always.

Beaver was now 16 and going to school at Mayfield High and his almost six year older brother, Wally was going to the local college. Mayfield High was closed that day for a teacher's conference and Wally did not have any scheduled classes that afternoon. Beaver was at the park playing with his close friends, Larry, Gilbert and Whitey but they had become bored and decided to call it quits.

When Beaver entered the house he did not see anyone home so he decided to go to his room to play with some of his toys. As he walked down the hall he heard noises from his parents room and decided to say Hi. When he got to the room he saw a sight that he had never seen before. June, his beautiful mother was on the bed on her hands and knees and Wally, his brother was on his knees behind her. They were both totally naked and Wally was holding her hips and fucking her doggie style. Beaver did not know it but June and Wally had been having sex when they were alone for almost two years. Beaver stopped and watched. As Wally repeatedly slammed his cock into his mother's cunt, her C-cup tits swayed back and forth. Beaver thought that was the coolest sight. The bed faced away from the door so they did not see him as he watched the incestuous relations going on in front if him.

This was not the first time Beaver had seen his mother being fucked. Several times Wally and The Beaver had heard his mom and dad making love and had snuck down the hall and peeked in the room but it was always with his mom on the bottom and under the sheets so they didn't really see much. They heard more than they saw. This time it was his brother fucking his mother and right out in plain sight. Wally varied his speed, sometimes hard and fast and sometimes slow, but every time he buried his thick 6-inch manhood balls deep in his mother's pussy. June was moaning with pleasure and encouraging Wally on. "Oh Wally I love your cock. Take you time and make it Last. Make me cum before you do darling. Yes, that feels so good. I love it, fuck me good, Son."

Beaver unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out and began to stroke it. He may have been almost six years younger than Wally but he was hung just as well as his older brother and also his father. Jerking off was all that Beaver had ever done. After a couple minutes of masturbating while he watched his mother and brother screwing, Beaver felt that he was getting close and without thinking he leaned against the door causing it to bang against the wall. June and Wally froze and looked back in panic. Wally saw it was The Beav, smiled and started back at what he had been doing.

June looked totally shocked and did not know what to do till she saw that Beaver was jerking off as he watched them. She also noticed how well hung her youngest son was. June licked her lips and patted the bed in front of her. "Come here, Beav." Beaver slowly walked to the side of the bed. "Take your pants off and get up on the bed on your knees." He got up on the bed. His young but large shaft pointed at the ceiling, right in front of his mother's face. June cupped her son's balls in her hand. She smiled as she noticed that he only had a few pubic hairs around the base of his cock and on his balls. It was almost as if he shaved down there. June slipped her lips around The Beaver's rock hard manhood.

June got a rhythm started. Each time Wally would slam his pelvis into her ass cheeks, June would let her body push forward and she would take over half of Beaver's prick into her mouth. Each time she pulled back she would lick around the hot head and she would suck on it. Beaver only lasted about a minute before he couldn't take any more. "Mom, I'm going to squirt" he said almost crying. June didn't stop. If anything, she became more aggressive in the blowjob she was giving her son.

Beaver's cock exploded in his mother's mouth. June couldn't believe how much cum her younger son made. It was thin and only slightly salty but there was so much of it. Some shot straight down her throat. More filled her mouth before she swallowed it and some ran down her chin and dripped onto the bed. This was the first time Beaver had even cum other than by his own hand. "Beaver, I really liked that. Did you like it too?" "That was the most wonderful thing I ever felt Mom. I loved it. Thank you." "There are a lot more things that feel good Beaver. You'll see. Was that your first time?" "Yes Mom."

In the mean time, Wally had been fucking his mother for almost fifteen minutes. "Mom, I'm gonna cum. Where do you want me to squirt it?" "Let me roll over and shoot it on my tits." June rolled on her back. Wally moved up higher above her. June pointed his hard cock at her tits and stroked Wally's shaft till several ropes of cum flew from it. The first one landed on her right cheek and the rest covered her tits. June let go of Wally's cock and lifted her tits up so that she could lick most of her son's man juice off of them. What she couldn’t reach wither tongue, she rubbed into her skin with her hands. June licked the last drop of cum off of each son's cock. Then they shared a shower in the large shower in the hall bathroom, taking a lot of time touching each other all over.

They spent the next hour naked around the house. The boys stayed hard and June often had one or both hands full of cock. "Your father will be home soon." Both cocks had dripped cum on to June's hands and she licked them clean before telling the boys, "We need to get dressed but I know that your father has to work again tomorrow." June kissed both of the boys on the lips. It wasn't a mother/son kiss.


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2015-11-30 00:27:03
Thought that there would be a part 2 to this story and more with the gang

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2011-12-28 00:21:07
Good story. If Wally has been fucking his mom for two years, she or he have been using protection, but I would like to see Beaver get his mom pregnant in future episodes.

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2011-09-25 00:05:22
have eddie and the rest come over and gangbang junes ass and pussy

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