How many men can two girls possibly kill? The blonde and her friend inflict even more carnage on the studs at the Mansion.
The blonde returns to the party, her appetite for male flesh only whetted by the carnage in the basement. She nods significantly to the girl; it is time for them to work together again. The two women begin selecting their studs for the night’s next big event. The blonde leads 3 studs down the Mansion’s long corridor and the girl follows with 3 studs of her own in tow. Handsome, muscular and hung, they are merely meat for the diabolical grinder the two women continue to mercilessly turn. The blonde and the girl lead their sheep into one of the Mansion’s elegant sitting rooms. “OK, guys, get naked!” the blonde calls out as she shuts the door behind them. The studs eagerly strip, while the two women remain in their dresses and heels. “OK, guys, now my beautiful assistant is going to tie all of you up,” announces the blonde, as the girl makes the rounds of all the studs, pulling their unresisting hands behind their backs and snapping on plastic handcuffs. They are so easy, thinks the blonde. If they think they’re going to get pussy, you can do anything with them. “OK, now sit down, all of you,” says the blonde, indicating the elegant antique chairs set up the night’s entertainment. The studs sit in two groups of three, each group facing away from the other, their chairs back to back.

The blonde gets down on her knees in front of the first stud and takes his already stiffening tool in her mouth. To her delight, the organ swells into a full erection with just the slightest oral coaxing. Glancing to her side, she happily observes the second stud’s penis beginning to stiffen. Reaching over, she slowly begins to stroke the second stud’s tool, soon feeling a rock hard shaft in her hand, while continuing to exert her oral efforts on the first stud. On the other side, the girl, confronted with a magnificent 10 inch erection, has already begun deep throat action, heroically forcing herself on against her gag reflex, and eliciting deep moans of pleasure from her stud as a reward. The blonde smiles to herself, as she can clearly hear the girl gagging on the massive pole of flesh. The blonde now lets go of the second stud’s fully erect tool. “Watch what I’m going to do to him, baby,” the blonde says to the second stud. “This should keep you hard!” She now focuses all of her attention on the first stud. The blonde begins bobbing her head rapidly up and down on the stud’s pole, taking him fully in her mouth to the root. The blonde is thrilled as she hears her stud groan in ecstasy. She briefly wonders how she can so thoroughly enjoy bringing both pleasure and pain to men. On the other side, the girl can feel her love juices flowing freely. She is savoring the taste and feel of the massive erect penis in her mouth, precum oozing freely from its slit. She is also looking forward, with even greater excitement, to the surprise that she and the blonde are going to spring on these unsuspecting studs. The blonde continues her vigorous oral assault on her stud, and he can feel the pressure in his balls building. I’m going to hold out as long as I can, thinks the stud. I’m going to make this bitch work for it, and it’s going to be so good when I finally let go! As the blonde had predicted, the second stud maintains his erection, watching his fellow stud’s shaft disappearing into the blonde’s mouth, reappearing briefly, and then rapidly disappearing again. The third stud, watching the blonde head bobbing up and down, and identifying with the low male groaning he can hear, is also fully erect. Finally, the first stud can no longer endure the blissful torment being inflicted upon his swollen manhood. He lets out a deep groan as his balls spasm. Spurt after spurt of his love fluid, hot and thick, blasts into the blonde’s open mouth. Once the tool has ceased to belch its load, the blonde, her mouth full of sperm, looks the stud straight in the eye and closes her mouth. She opens it again, and it is magically empty. The stud has the satisfaction of knowing that every single drop of his liquid protein is on its way to the beautiful blonde’s belly. On the other side, the tool of the girl’s stud begins to gush like a fire hydrant. Like the blonde, she eagerly catches the stud’s liquid love offering in her open mouth. Like the blonde, she swallows the massive load with gusto, looking her horse hung stud in the eyes and lustfully purring, “You taste so good, baby.” Not a drop of precious sperm will be wasted by either woman.

Quickly, they move to their second studs. The blonde gets on her knees in front of her second stud, and after taking him in her mouth reaches over to grip the third stud’s pole. Hard as a rock! Two more cocks are sucked, one by the blonde and one by the girl, and soon, two more loads have been swallowed, as two more satisfied penises explode in ecstatic release. The third pair of studs have experienced the most anticipation. They are ripe for the oral assault that descends on their straining erections, and they succumb quickly. Two more loads are deposited into the mouths of the beautiful and highly skilled oral technicians. Two more loads of protein are swallowed to nourish the bellies of the sperm hungry young women.

No sooner has the last drop of thick love lava been swallowed than the blonde, surveying the studs, their naked asses planted on the elegant antique chairs, asks “So, do you think you guys can cum again?” “Hell, yeah! I can!” replies the blonde’s cocky first stud, his tool still semi-erect. “We’re going to have to get all of you hard again!” the blonde announces, and she and the girl make the rounds of their studs once again, stroking and fondling dicks and balls until all six studs once again have full erections. “Are you guys all ready to go?” the blonde asks. A chorus of “Hell, yeah!” and “Fuck yeah!” ring out in response.

The blonde nods to the girl. Swiftly and simultaneously, with the blonde and the girl working in perfect synchronicity, the large, clear plastic bags are slipped over the heads of the first two studs. The drawstrings are pulled taut around the base of their necks. The movements of the two women are so swift that the second pair of studs have their heads bagged before they can comprehend what is happening. The blonde’s third stud has just turned his head in surprise when he, too, feels the plastic casing being quickly slipped completely over his head. He can feel the drawstrings being pulled closely around his neck. The pressure of the drawstrings does not choke him; it is just enough to ensure that no air can get into the bag. The stud’s immediate instinct is to raise his hands to his head to pull off the plastic shroud. In horror, he feels his instinct thwarted by the plastic handcuffs pinning his hands behind his back, and realizes that his hands will not save him. The girl’s third stud, reacting more quickly, starts to rise from his chair. He is slightly unbalanced due to having his hands secured behind his back, and he has barely lifted himself out of his seat when he feels hands on both his shoulders, firmly pushing him back down into his chair. It is the blonde, standing behind him, sealing his doom by holding him in place as the girl slips the lethal bag over his head and pulls the drawstrings tight. The two women quickly step back to watch the results of their handiwork unfold.

At first surprised and then confused, fear degenerating rapidly into full fledged panic, overtakes all of the studs. The blonde carefully watches her first stud, relishing the terror stricken look on his face as he futilely tries to draw breath. The plastic bag draws in and out around the stud’s nose and mouth as he continues to go through the motions of respiration, inhaling followed by exhaling. Inhalation is now only a crude farce, as the minimal oxygen supply in the plastic bag rapidly dwindles. The bag feels hot on the stud’s head and his hair and face begin to sweat profusely. The plastic bag begins to fog, but remains clear enough for the blonde to delight in the stud’s death agonies. The stud’s breath now starts to get shorter and shorter, as he begins to gasp and pant. His muscular chest begins to heave as his lungs painfully seek to pull in oxygen. The blonde is thrilled that throughout the entire ordeal, the stud maintains his erection! Even in his death throes, the carnal imperative of the young human male cannot be denied! The bag is now suctioning more rapidly around the stud’s nose and mouth, as convulsively he rises to his feet. Now writhing in agony, he drops to the floor, curling up on his side and emitting one final painful gasp as the eternal darkness shuts down his oxygen starved brain. The women watch as all of the other studs convulse and collapse in their turn. The contrast between the two beautiful young women, full of life and wearing their dresses and high heels with the naked, contorted, tortured and dying young men, their human identities obliterated by the plastic sheathings that are also obliterating their lives, is grotesque. The bodies of the studs are now sprawled around the chairs, as they gasp out the last few tortured moments of their young lives. The girl can feel the increasing wetness in her nether regions as she thrills in watching every convulsion, every twitch, every painful attempt to breathe. Finally, all of the bodies are still.

Waiting for a long moment to ensure that all life is extinct, the blonde and the girl walk over to the blonde’s first stud. They roll him over onto his back, straightening out his not yet stiff body. The blonde notes with delight that the one stiff part of the stud’s anatomy is his well developed tool. She looks closely at the face in the bag, the plastic forming a seal now around the wide open mouth, frozen in its final attempt to draw in air. His agony must have been excruciating, the blonde reflects to herself with joy. Her sensibilities offended by the bodies strewn helter skelter on the floor, the blonde says to the girl, “Let’s lay them all out.” They line all six studs up, side by side, on their backs, plastic bags still on heads, toes pointed at the ceiling. All have the extreme suffering of their last moments permanently seared on their faces. All are still fully erect, just as the blonde had hoped for. The blonde and the girl look at the young male corpses lying on the floor. “He was so fucking big,” the girl says in wonderment, looking at the permanently stiffened 10 inch tool of her first stud. “They were all big. It’s no good to any of them now,” the blonde replies with satisfaction. “I love it when they die with hard ons,” she says to the girl. “It is so awesome!” the girl agrees. After a long moment spent savoring the sight of what they have accomplished, the two women exit the drawing room, turning out the light and locking the door behind them.

Both the girl and the blonde now hunger to harvest more young male lives. The crop of studs has been thinned out, but is still abundant enough for the two women to each select 6 studs for the next round of festivities. The women lead the 12 studs out of the front parlor into the Mansion’s dining room. The blonde closes the door to the room and announces to the studs, “Guys, we have a real big treat for you, but first you gotta get the trick! Everybody strip!” Soon, piles of clothing are littering the dining room, and 12 young men stand as naked as the day they were born. Some are already semi-erect, as they contemplate the two luscious young women, still in their low cut dresses and high heels. “OK, now my beautiful assistant is going to blindfold all of you!” announces the blonde as the girl makes the rounds of each of the studs, shrouding their eyes with heavy cloth blindfolds. As soon as the blindfolds are on, the blonde and the girl, working quickly, secure the hands of all of the studs behind their backs with the ubiquitous plastic handcuffs. “OK , I’m going to lead the way guys,” calls out the blonde. “Just watch your step. The treat we have for you is going to make a real big splash, I promise!” Moving slowly and carefully out of the dining room, and then down a flight of stairs, the party reaches its destination.

Unable to see anything, the studs can sense they are in a large, open room. “OK, guys, we’re going to line you up here, “ announces the blonde, and she and the girl position the studs in one long line. They’re being very obedient, the blonde reflects happily. This is going to be so easy. It reminds me of the night at the frat house. The blonde and the girl drop to their knees at opposite ends of the line of studs and begin their oral work. They will each work their way down the line and meet in the middle. The blonde’s stud feels a tongue swirling the tip of his tool, while a small, soft hand massages his balls. “You taste so fucking good, babe,” the stud hears the blonde purr in her most seductive voice as his tool rapidly hardens to rock like firmness. At the other end of the line, the girl’s stud feels his stiff tool being engulfed in a female mouth. There is a brief pause in the cocksucking and the stud hears a sweet voice asking “Do you like that?” “Fuck, yeah!” the stud groans appreciatively. The sounds of fellatio carry down the entire line of studs. Soon, the other 10 penises not being sucked on are also hard, as the sounds of slurping, gagging and male groaning assert their psychological sway on all of the male organs in the room. It is as if the lower head of each of the studs can hear their fellow cocks being sucked on, and begin to think, soon that will be me! Soon, I will be in the mouth of one of these gorgeous sluts! Soon, they will work on me until I explode in ecstasy! Finally, the blonde’s stud can endure no more, and he feels his tool blasting forth a thick jet of sperm. When his tool finally stops spurting, there is a brief pause, and he once again hears the blonde’s voice. “I just swallowed you babe. Every last fucking drop. You taste so good.” “Oh, yeah!” the stud groans, his balls now drained of the precious white fluid. The blonde calls down the line to the girl, “Make sure you swallow! We don’t waste sperm around here!” “No, we don’t!” the girl responds cheerfully and soon her stud is ejaculating into her open mouth. Another load of the male love offering descends to a whore’s belly.

The two women are tireless in their oral assault on the line of cocks that confront them at face level. There is no pause in the sound of penises being orally serviced with constant moaning or grunting punctuated periodically by a deep groan as yet another pair of balls surrenders its load. Finally, the blonde and the girl are side by side, each sucking the tool of her sixth and final stud. Once again, the blonde’s stud shoots his load first, followed a split second later by the girl’s man. Twelve cocks sucked; twelve pairs of balls drained; twelve loads swallowed. Barely stopping to catch their breath, the blonde and the girl move rapidly to their next phase. “OK, guys, now for your big surprise!” announces the blonde. The blonde and the girl again quickly kneel in front of each of their studs. Each stud can feel compression around his lower legs as something heavy is attached to both of his ankles. “Just hang tight, guys, we’ll have everything ready in a minute!” the blonde reassures them, as they hear the clanking of chains. Hearing the chains, the studs are reassured that this is all part of the Halloween party, even as they feel iron manacles being snapped in place over their plastic handcuffs. Finally, their blindfolds are removed. The twelve naked studs blink their eyes in the bright light of the massive tiled room they are in. The blonde and the girl begin to rapidly walk away from the studs, the blonde calling out over her shoulder, “Get ready guys! I’m getting wet just thinking about this!” The studs hear the click of high heels receding further in the distance, and try to piece together just what kind of surprise is in store for them. They are now chained together with the iron links connecting the old fashioned manacles that the women have snapped in place over their handcuffs. Looking down at their ankles, they can’t at first figure out what has been attached to them. “What the fuck are these things?” one stud asks. “Dude, they’re ankle weights,” replies another stud. “What the fuck are these crazy bitches going to do next?’” rhetorically asks yet another boy.

Looking at all the tile in the room, they are further confused, when they suddenly hear a deep rumbling, whirring sound and amazingly begin to feel the floor moving under their bare feet. In unison, several male voices exclaim “What the fuck?!” as they see the floor opening out in front of them, and beyond, the 50 feet of water filling the Mansion’s gigantic swimming pool. The horrified studs are rooted to the spot, unable to move an inch with all the iron encumbering them. One of the studs is an underwater swimmer, and as the opening in the floor relentlessly continues its advance toward them, he calls out “Take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can, dudes!” This has got to be part of the Halloween prank these girls are pulling, he reasons. We’ll just take a quick dunk, and they’ll get us out again. Suddenly, the edge of the floor is at their feet, then drops out from underneath them. Each stud is weighted down with a 10 pound ankle weight around each ankle, and further heaviness is added to the entire group by the iron manacles and chains fettering them together. The helpless studs hit the water with a tremendous splash, and then plummet to the bottom of the pool with lightning speed. Following the swimmer’s advice, they hold their breath on their rapid and terrifying plunge to the bottom.

Now, they feel the floor of the pool beneath their feet, and can also feel their natural buoyancy being denied by the deadweight that embraces them. They form a terrified human island surrounded by an element that thirsts for their extinction. Facing them, they can see through a huge picture window the blonde and the girl. The two women cold bloodedly contemplate the chained, naked men, who are looking at them with panicked and imploring eyes. The studs see two sets of blue eyes staring back at them, and realize, to their horror, that no human connection is being made. Their silent panic mounts. This has got to be some kind of joke! The seconds seem to lengthen into hours as the studs silently pray that their last gulp of oxygen will continue to endure. Lungs begin to ache, as they continue to be denied the sweet oxygen that now seems like a distant memory. The realization spreads that their last moments are being experienced, and the studs cherish every last microsecond of their existence. The great hostile element that they are now immersed in will no longer be denied.

After 90 seconds, one of the studs begins to feel his mouth straining to open. No, please, no! he silently, desperately implores. Involuntarily, his mouth wrenches open, and the two women watch with cruel joy as the gigantic air bubble bursts free from his mouth. The stud’s lungs, crying out for oxygen, gulp desperately for air, and instead are cruelly assaulted by the invading watery element, which bursts into them in a torrent. Now working involuntarily, the stud’s lungs gulp in more and more water until finally, the shutoff of oxygen obliterates his brain and sends him spiraling off into the everlasting blackness. The first stud sets off a chain reaction. Three more studs almost simultaneously succumb, as the water claims more of the human life that it craves. More bubbles break free and make their way to the surface, representing three more lost lives. Another stud follows, and yet another. The dwindling band of survivors realize that their time grows short, and that doom is inevitable. The drowned male corpses remain grotesquely upright, held in place by their iron fetters. After 2 minutes, only two studs remain, one of whom is the swimmer. His training is enabling him to survive longer than the others; for his one surviving companion, it is sheer terror of the eternal darkness now staring him in the face. The two studs look into each other’s eyes, forming a silent bond of human sympathy, creating the final companionship either of them will ever experience. Finally at 2 minutes and a half minutes, the swimmer sees the unmistakable look of panic in the other stud’s eyes. Two seconds later, the inevitable happens as the stud surrenders himself to the unrelenting water.

The swimmer, now alone, endures. He looks at the two women looking at him and his last thoughts are defiant. The longer I live, the less of a victory it is for them, he thinks. The blonde and the girl are impressed, against their will, by the tenacity of the swimmer. Their hearts are too hardened and too nourished on human blood to feel sorry for him, but they can manage a grudging respect for this fighter. Finally at the five minute mark the blonde says “Give it up.” The swimmer cannot hear the blonde’s voice, but he can see the words being formed on her lips, and reluctantly, as if obeying a command, he gives up the fight. The faster I get this over with the better, he thinks. Maintaining eye contact with the two women, he opens his mouth wide and deliberately gulps in as much water as he can. The invading water slams into his lungs like a torrent obliterating a dam. The swimmer’s aching lungs fill up quickly, and he follows his friends into the eternal blackness. The blonde and the girl are well pleased. “I just killed twelve guys by pushing one little button,” the blonde says with cold smugness to her friend.

The obliteration of so many young males only increases the appetite of the two women to take even more human lives. The blonde and the girl make some quick calculations. Returning to the party, the blonde announces “OK, guys the other girls are here! We’re going to take some of you to them, and then the rest of us are really going to party!” The studs burst forth with rowdy cheers, as the blonde and the girl select 7 studs and lead them from the party and downstairs to the basement. Once in the dimly lit room, the studs are confronted by the sight of two beautiful women training weapons on them; the blonde with a 9mm pistol, the girl with an assault rifle. “OK, everybody strip,” orders the blonde. The studs waste no time in complying, even though the basement is cold. “Come on, lose the underwear, too,” she commands. “OK, start tying up the rest of them, hands behind their backs,” the blonde orders one of the naked studs, handing him 6 pairs of plastic handcuffs for his equally naked friends. “What the fuck is this about?” the stud asks. “Just do it!” answers the blonde leveling her pistol at him. When all six have been secured, the blonde takes the assault rifle from the girl, and the girl cuffs the seventh stud’s hands behind his back. “OK, now sit down, all of you,” commands the blonde. Fortunately for them, blankets have been spread on the floor, and all seven take their places. The girl quickly checks the handcuffs of all seven studs to make sure they are secure, and then begins snapping sets of cuffs around the studs’ ankles. “What the fuck are you doing?” one of the studs demands. The blonde silences him with a loud “Shut up!” pointing her pistol directly at his head. The girl now gags all seven studs. Naked, gagged, bound hand and foot, these seven will be devoured later on as a special treat by the two women. They snap out the lights and lock the door behind them, leaving the bewildered studs in the cold darkness.

Unknown to the seven studs, in the basement room next to them lie the bodies of three other young men, the three who had been brutally slaughtered by the blonde earlier that night. All three lie face down. The first stud lies surrounded by a pool of his own congealed blood, his bowels spilling out beneath his slashed open corpse. The second stud lies next to him, the blonde’s axe buried in his midsection. Not far from them lies the handsome, curly haired blonde stud. His agony, pierced in 3 places by the prongs of the pitchfork driven into him to the hilt, had been the longest. Suffering excruciating pain, his guts ripped apart, the stud had finally gasped out his last agonized breath before the cold darkness of the basement transformed into the eternal darkness that eagerly embraced him.

The two women return to the party. The front parlor of the Mansion, once teeming with young men, now seems almost empty, as the blonde and the girl begin to realize what a swathe they have cut through male flesh and blood tonight. It is time to bring the night’s work to its climax. “OK, guys, you’re all going to run a train on us now! I’ll be in one bedroom, and this little whore will be in the other! When you’re done shooting your load into one of us, get the hell out, and send the next guy in!” the blonde announces to a chorus of approval from the now depleted band of studs. “Take me first,” a strikingly good looking young stud says to the blonde. “Today’s my birthday!” Licking her lips as she lustfully eyes the blonde, blue eyed stud, the blonde says “OK, come on birthday boy! I’m going to give you the best birthday present you ever got!” She leads her young prey off to the bedroom, while the girl selects a brown haired, brown eyed stud with a visibly straining erection to another bedroom.

“So, how old are you, birthday boy?” the blonde asks her stud. “I just turned 18 at midnight,” is the reply. Perfect, thinks the blonde. So young, and I’m taking him. She pulls the stud’s sweatshirt off of him, undoes his belt, and then pulls down his jeans and his tight briefs. “So young and so fucking big!” the blonde tells her man approvingly, as she grips his stiff tool in her hand. She drops to her knees and begins working the tip of the stud’s tool with her tongue, tantalizing the slit until precum starts flowing freely. “Do you like that, baby?” the blonde asks in her most seductive voice. The stud groans his approval. The blonde now begins bobbing her head up and down the stud’s shaft while massaging his balls. After several deepthroats, the blonde gets up, and slips out of her black dress, keeping on her high heels. The stud pulls off his sneakers and socks, and then strips off his jeans and briefs. The blonde leads him by the hand to the bed. This is the same bed where she had done the twins’ brother, and later had her airtight experience. It will once again be her arena of lust. “It’s your birthday, and I’m going to be your whore, so fuck me like a whore!” the blonde orders her young stud.

She gets on her back and assumes the familiar position, legs spread, allowing easy access for penetration by her well equipped young stud. The stud slides his swollen tool into the blonde’s well lubricated canal of love, and begins thrusting, slowly at first, but with increasing speed. The stud slams into the blonde with a steady rhythm, and she orgasms as his skilled thrusting continues. She realizes that this is no inexperienced boy she is dealing with. “You are so fucking good,” the blonde moans. “When did you start?” “When I was 15,” the stud grunts in reply, delivering another powerful pelvic thrust that slams the blonde deep into the mattress yet again. The blonde’s high heels, suspended in the air, bob rhythmically with each thrust, as the stud sweats and grunts like a rutting animal. “Come on, harder! Fuck me harder!” exhorts the blonde, driving the stud on to redouble his efforts. The stud continues to thrust violently, even as he can feel the first contractions deep in his balls. Continuing to slam into the blonde as hard as he can, he groans in anticipation of the release so soon to be experienced. The tentative ball contractions turn into full fledged spasms, as a deluge of sperm is propelled from the stud’s nuts, up the rigid pipeline of flesh, and spews out at high velocity from his penile slit. Spurt after spurt of his love liquid is propelled deep into the blonde’s pussy, as the sweat soaked stud groans in ecstasy. “Happy birthday, babe! You were so good!” the well satisfied blonde purrs to her young lover. As the stud leaves the room, the blonde looks forward in anticipation to taking her next penis.

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