Sabina finally breaks his resistance
I woke to the sound of the toilet flushing. Once awake I realized the shower was running too. I got up and knocked on the bathroom door. The girls answered in unison “Come in.” So I opened the door on my side and walk in. Both of them are in the shower. I turn to the toilet and take a leak. I go to the sink and wash my hands. As I depart I tell them I’m making bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I grab a robe and put it on.
I go to the kitchen and pull out my skillet and fry up a half pound of bacon then crack 6 eggs into a bowl mix them up with a spoon then fry them in the bacon grease. The girls come out of my front bedroom instead of their bedroom. They have on bathrobes and slippers The coffee maker had made coffee automatically and as I sip mine Sabrina hands me a little blue pill and says, “Take the Daily Cialis to help you keep it up.” I asked “What do you care, you aren’t getting any anyway.” She replies ominously, “You might be surprised.” The girls retreated to the dining room table so I divide the eggs into three roughly equal servings and split the bacon among the three plates and carrying them carefully out to the table.

I ask Sabrina, “Yesterday you told me you understood what sex is. So how do you define it” She says, “It is a way of expressing love that gives the most pleasure we can have this side of heaven.” I interject, “But you do realize incest can keep you out if heaven” Her reply,” “Since you are not married to Amy can’t fornication keep you out of heaven?” My only response is ,”Touchē”

I ask Amy, “Since Sabrina and I are speaking again, doesn’t that mean we are reconciled?” Amy says, “Until you show her you love her sexually my father won’t consider it reconciled.” I am refusing to do that because I don’t want to go to prison again.” Sabrina said, “Make me come and I won’t file a complaint.” Like Iowa, this state too will charge me when they find out whether you complain or not” She says, “Don’t you mean ‘If’ they find out.” I tell them, “I’ll show you how they’ll know after breakfast.” The two young women look at each other and are bewildered by what I’ve said.

We cleared the table loaded the dishwasher and started its cycle and I told the girls, “ Follow me.” They follow me into my bedroom. I walk into my closet and open a hidden hatch in the floor that concealed a spiral staircase going down. We descend into my utility room and I pull out two T-160 VHS video tapes and replace two that were in the double deck when we came down. I take one of these to another VHS player and rewind it a bit then press play. It shows Amy tied to my bed and me eating her. It cuts away at one point showing Sabrina in bed rolling over. I explain, “That old TRS-80 Model three is connected to motion sensors in every room of the house. Anything that moves will be recorded. The County Sheriff knows I’ve set it up and he can ask for the tapes and I have to give them to them on demand.

Amy asks, ”Does it look in the bathroom too?” “Yes but it doesn’t look straight into the toilet from the front only from the side so it doesn’t show your stuff though it may show mine.” Sabrina suggests,” then turn off the computer.” I explain the power switch has been removed and it is wired directly to the house wiring.
Sabrina asks, ”Does it look down here?” I say, “No” Then she unties the sash of her robe and opens it up. I cannot turn away. I see her in full frontal nudity and she is stunning. Her breasts don’t sag at all. But then I notice faded stretch marks on her abdomen. “Sabrina, you mother claimed her stretch marks were from her two pregnancies. What caused yours?” She says, “Same thing.” You mean you’ve had a child?” She responds,”Not a child, but two children. Daughters.” “Who’s the father?” My ex husband who is now in prison for sexually abusing them.” “For how long?” “Dad, it was two counts of second degree sexual abuse in Iowa that’s life without parole”

I ask “How old are the girls and how are they? She says, “They both say they liked what he did to them and they want to do it some more. That’s one reason I want to work for Amy’s dad. The kids can make good money doing what they like. So can I. We head upstairs

“Dad,” Sabrina says, “you could act with them in re-enacting my original abuse event.“ I say, “But then I’d be making new victims.” Sabrina replies “The Company has a staff psychiaitrist to keep the people on an even keel.” “How does your Psychiatrist get the girls to accept abuse?” He explains their roles as sluts in that all women act like a slut at some time of their life.

How did the report go in?” I ask her. He slapped my youngest when she choked on his penis and vomited on him. She told me. I called Department of Human Services and she misses having his dick to suck, Sabrina answered.

Where are they now? I asked them and Amy answered,” They’re with my mom. “Are they on the web site? “I enquire, ”Yes” and Sabrina goes to the computer logs on to the operating system and then logs into Amy’s dad’s website then to the kids side with a jp extension and shows mw her three year young daughter sucking a grown man and swallowing his cum.” I ask Amy,”How young do the girls start fellatio?” Amy takes over the keyboard and we see a three month young girl with the head of a penis in her mouth and watch her cheeks inflate when the man cums. The baby has red hair; I look at the screen than I look at Amy. She verifies,”Yes, that’s me. Mom said she had to learn to like the taste of semen. By starting me off drinking cum from day one I don’t have a problem with tasting it.” She shows herself sucking men off at least every year. She shows us her seven year birthday party video where she sucked off seven guys in30 minutes.

I ask if my daughter is on the site, she goes to the adult site clicks on auditions and then Sabrina H is on a menu and I see my daughter suck one to orgasm while another is in her vagina, she cums before the men. They cum together.

We all retire to our rooms to put on clothes. I shuck off my robe when Sabrina walks in through the bathroom, nude, and embraces me and starts kissing me with tongue like she did back when I was abusing her. I push her off and tell her to return to her room. Slowly she turned to leave but turns back to me at the bathroom door. She points at my groin and says, “I knew I could still get to you” I look down and my erection is pushing out my robe in an obvious attempt to escape from the fabric covering it.

When the girl come out I feel like its Halloween. Sabrina is painted and dressed like a whore. Bright red lipstick stands out on her pale white complexion and a halter top and hot pants are her only covering, Her hair is in two pig tails making her look almost childlike. Only her 36C chest ruins the little girl look. Sabrins shows me two pictures one girl is about three and a half and is dressed exactly like Sabrina. The second print is a girl of about eight years also dressed just like Sabrina

Amy doesn’t want to be overthrown as an attention getter. She’s dressed as a French maid. Similar makeup to what Sabrina has. Amy, to out sex my daughter, kneels in front of me. She unzips my fly and extracts my penis, still semi-hard from what Sabrina had done. She jacks me for two strokes then licks me up one side and down the other side before taking me into her mouth and by dragging her tongue on the bottom of my prick brings me to an explosive climax within 5 minutes. As my ropes od cum shoot onto her mouth Amy keeps a tight seal on my cock and swallows every drop. As she pulls off she tells Sabrina, ”Maybe you need to just do him.”

I ask Sabrina, “Why do you want to do me so badly, there have to be other jobs you could do.” When I was in the hospital they used hypnotism to find out what happened to me and the other personalities that were generated by my premature entry into sexual awareness. The slut personality liked the sex and it was that one that came to you topless on the cruise and that made out with you in the living room when we lived with mom in Des Moines.”
interrupt her, “Speaking of your mother, how is she?” Her reply, “She’s acting like a bitch.” She dates men she meets at work. As soon as they try to bed her she explodes with anger. So they dump her. Anyway, as I was saying, we also discovered that I did ask you first, to rub me down there and later gave you permission for everything else you did. They didn’t believe you could do everything we did for as we did it for and not slip up and cum in my mouth at least once. Dad, they had me take a polygraph and ask me if you ever came inside me or in my mouth and I said no to both and passed it! They searched records of cases all over the state and no other child lover ever showed such a high level of self control. What’s hurting me now is your rejection. I can swallow cum. I’m no longer a virgin so pain won’t be an issue, I have the same rods in my arm that Amy has in hers so conception is very unlikely. Why won’t you make love with me?”

“I don’t know Sabrina. Since you know you ask I’m telling you I should have walked away. It was still my fault because I was the parent and my guilt for harming you and splitting your personality is great, and hard to overcome. I’m worried I’ll fracture your personality again if I do it to you or if I re-enact it with children at the pornographer’s.

“Dad, you don’t have to re-enact if you don’t want to but such re-enactments Amy tells me will sell extremely fast and at higher prices than ordinary child porn, because they tell the viewer how to seduce the child. In our case I seduced you because you loved me and I loved you. Mother’s rejection of me set that up. Mother never loved anyone but herself, I realized this in treatment

“Sabrina I know you love me. You also need to remember that for nearly four years after the abuse stopped the hardest thing I ever did was to not restart the abuse when your inner slut came on to me. You were maturing physically and becoming much more sexually attractive and when she came on it was very hard to resist. It’s also very hard to refuse you in the here and now. But because I love you I cannot do it with you. I’d be using you”

Amy angrily responds to that,”What have you been doing with me? If you don’t pass every test you won’t be in my life in the future. If we don’t have a future why am I wasting my time with you? I’ll sleep one more night with you if you don’t bed Sabrina; we go the day after tomorrow.”
She leaves the living room angrily and goes to the back bedroom. Sabrina and I look into each other’s eyes and I ask her if she can calm her down. She says,”I think I know what she needs and she exits to the back bedroom, leaving me very alone.

I go to the front bedroom closet, open the hatch and go to the utility room where I turn on the monitor that shows what the recorder is watching. I see Sabrina undressing Amy and sucking at Amy’s tits. Amy’s hands are on Sabrina’s tits so I know it is consensual. Sabrina shrugs off her tank top and removes Amy’s French maid’s mini-dress. Sabrina’s hot pants come off and both girls lose their panties as they arrange themselves to eat each other. They are doing sixty-nine and the recorder is getting all of it. I can’t believe my daughter is into such hot lesbian action but the video does not lie. I see and hear Amy cum as her ass lifts off the bed a couple of inches. Then my daughter gets her climax aand in the spasms she rolls off Amy and then off the bed.

Amy says, ”Sabrina, I’ve eaten you before to climax and you’ve never come that hard for me.” Sabrina’s answer shocks and shames me,” Notice how quiet the house is? I’ll bet Dad is downstairs watching us and that means he does want to see me sexually. He can deny it but I know better.” I immediately turn off the monitor and head upstairs. I just get the hatch closed as Sabrina comes into my room through the bathroom. “Wha’cha doin’ Dad?” “I’m just checking the monitoring system.” Is that monitor down there usable? ““Yeah” “How is it hooked into the system?” “It shows what the recorder is recording.” I have to finish talking to Amy. You might think about lunch.”

So I go to the kitchen to make a simple sub sandwich lunch with chips and big dill pickles. About fifteen minutes later both girls come out in tank tops and hot pants. Both have big smiles on their faces. I suspected but did not know me for sure that these two women had hatched a conspiracy against me.

After about fifteen minutes they come out and we eat the lunch I’ve prepared. I ask Sabrina how old her girls are now. She tells me three and a half and eight. I ask if either of them is still a virgin. She says the company doctor certified both girls still had intact hymens but Beatrice was of the age where in Amy’s Dad’s company virgins become eligible to have their cherries picked. After lunch I clear the table as both women go to my computer to check and send e-mail. When Sabrina checks hers she asks me for my E-mail address. I give it to her. She sends an E-mail then they log into the porn site.

Amy puts up a flash video of an older redhead with a family resemblance. She calls me over and asks, “How would you like to have her? “ “I ask her, “Who is she?” she says, ”She’s my soon to be widowed mother.” I ask, “How long ago was this taken?” “About five years ago when my younger brother was thirteen. That’s him fucking her.” “Is your whole family incestuous?” “Pretty close to all” “Did you ever have your brother?” She clicks out to the same boy but bigger and more muscled seducing Amy.

As the video open he goes to her bedroom where she is studying at a desk. He’s carrying a book. The dialog has him asking for help with math. Amy pulls out a piece of paper and explains how to solve the calculus problem he’s doing as he looks down her blouse with undisguised lust. She then asks him a question on the Oedipus complex.

He answers that while he is attracted to their Mother he feels even more strongly attracted to her. She says “But that’s incest!” “Look Amy I know you have had a few young men make love to you. One did it often enough that if you weren’t using birth control you would have gotten pregnant. The primary reason incest is forbidden is to prevent birth defects when two people with recessive genes mate those genes can assert themselves. Since you’re on birth control that won’t be any problem.. You also know I have had my share of lovers but I really want you so shouldn’t we?

Amy answers, “I can’t think of a reason we should. You seemingly can charm any other girl into bed. Even after I warned the football cheerleaders that you intended to bed each of them in turn just so you could say you did, they still accepted your propositions. I am good enough I almost never lack a date on any night that we don’t have school the next day So I’m not so hard up that I need you.”

His retort, ”Did you ever wonder how I got all the cheerleaders even after you warned them off? Especially, since Peggy is a lesbian who has sworn off all men? It’s because even Peggy admits I eat pussy as well as she does. Once she told the other cheerleaders that I was in like flint!”

Amy stands up, goes to her bed, shucks off her shoes socks, slacks, and panties and says,”Peggy ate me once, let’s see if you can make me cum faster than the two and a half minutes she needed. He says, ”just a minute. Amy smartly retorts as he plays at his digital watch, ”What, you don’t want to put your tongue on the line?” He sharply replies, “No, I was just setting a countdown timer for two minutes and thirty seconds. If you cum before the alarm will you fuck me?” Amy says, “Okay if I cum under your tongue in less than 2 30 then I’ll agree to fuck you once.”

She sits with her butt on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. He kneels in front of her and bends in to eat her pussy. A beep is heard from the watch as the countdown timer is started. In the upper left corner of the screen a timer is displayed counting down the 2:30 as he is shown nibbling her clit after running his tongue up and down her slit. He alternates between going up and down her slit and nibbling her clit. At thirty seconds into it he puts the middle finger of his right hand into her vagina. Amy cries out between gasps of breath, “That’s cheating, no hands, just your tongue.” He pops up and says “Okay if you insist. At the one minute left point on the countdown timer we hear Amy calling out, “Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yeah, Oh yeah! Ah shit as her back arches and her brother grabs her to keep her from sliding off the bed. He sits her gently on the floor. As she comes back from her peak she says “Damn, you are one hell of a great cunt kicker.” She puts her hands up and her brother removes her t-shirt. She has no bra on. Then he steps back and strips. First off is his t-shirt quickly followed by his belt, Shoes, socks, jeans and boxers. Amy climbs up on the bed and lays down on her back, legs spread waiting for he brother. He’s already hard and she’s quite wet from her orgasm so he simply climbs up and puts himself into her. The penetration is covered with a close up shot from between Amy’s legs. So they fuck in missionary position where he can put his mouth on one tit and his hand on the other and use one to support himself.

This is slow easy lovemaking that runs twenty minutes with Amy cumming four times at the two, seven, twelve and seventeen minute marks and ending with her brother cumming solo at the twenty minute mark.
As I look at the girls, they both have their hands down their pants and their tongues hanging out. I take Amy’s hand and walk to the front bedroom. I take Amy’s clothes off and lay her face up with her ass hanging at the side of the bed. I drop pants and my briefs. I only became aware that my daughter Sabrina has followed me into my bedroom when she reaches around and grabs my cock! I immediately back away from her and she loses her grip on me. I say, “Sabrina, I told you I would not do you and I’m not going change my mind.” Sabrina looks to Amy and says, “Help me!” Amy says “Sabrina come sit on my face and I’ll take care of you while your Dad takes care of me. Sabrina strips to her skin and sits on Amy’s face while I slip my cock into Amy’s dripping tight pussy.

As I fuck Amy’s cunt I can see Sabrina’ pussy dripping her juice into Amy’s mouth. Amy inserts her index finger into Sabrina’s pussy and extends it to me. I hesitate briefly considering the implication of tasting my daughter’s pussy even though I didn’t touch her to get the sample. Then I think “Oh what the hell” and take the finger into my mouth. I’m instantly transported back 20 years in time when I was sexually abusing my daughter. She still tastes the same. This incestuous scent increases my arousal and I’m slamming my print into Amy and retracting it with a vengeance. Since the bed is below the height of my penis on my standing body I am riding high in her slot. This causes the labia to contact and then release her clit. She and Sabrina were both breathing hard when we came into the room. One reason I didn’t hear Sabrina behind me was because I too was breathing hard. Since we were already hot and a naked Sabrina was watching her father’s cock violently going in and out of Amy’s dripping cunt Sabrina went into an orgasm and stretched over Amy and locked lips with me. Her tongue urgently entered my mouth and went for my tonsils. My tongue wrestled with hers as I tried to expel her tongue without pulling out of Amy.

Sabrina lifts herself off of Amy. She backed off the bed and came around the foot of the bed. With her left hand she puts her thumb and one at a time her four fingers as far as they will go up her cunt. With all five digits wet with her pussy’s natural lubricant, she offers the digits one at a time and I accept each of them into my mouth and clean them off. Then with her right hand she puts her thumb and one at a time her four fingers as far as they will go up her cunt. With all five digits wet with her pussy’s natural lubricant, she offers the digits one at a time and I accept each of them into my mouth and clean them off. Then she says, “Doesn’t it remind you of when you were eating me?” I say “Yes” She says “Do you like it? I again say, “ yes” She then says, “Then why not accept my proposition.” “If I learn anything at all in treatment it was to practice self control.”

During this whole time I’ve been pumping away at Amy. I bend over her body and kiss her on her mouth. She returns the kiss with tongue and I bring my tongue into play also. She starts to climax and without Sabrina as a distraction I start pumping my cum into her slender body. As my storm subsides I tell Amy, “I think if we keep this up I may fall in love with you.” She says,” Don’t confuse love with lust, Charles. This is just sex.”
She asks me, “Do you prefer a bald pussy or do you prefer your pussy as furburger on thigh?” In all honesty since I had nine years of eating a bare pussy and only a year of furburger on thigh I had to admit I preferred pussies to be bald.

We both get dressed. When we are both decent Sabrina comes in and says, “Dad, check your E-mail.” I ask, “Why?” She says “When I was on the phone earlier my daughters wanted to send you some incentive to do what needs to be done. I go to my bedroom desk and turn on my HP laptop and check my E-mail.
I do get a lot of E-mail from list servers. There are two messages from old friends but there is one message from a domain name I do not recognize. I call Sabrina out and ask her, ”Do you recognize this E=mail address?” She says,”Yes, that is Bea’s E-mail address” So I open an E-mail from my eight year old granddaughter. It says:

Dear Grandfather Charles,

I am eight years old. Here where my little sister and I work that is the age when virgins lose their cherries. My mother says you were very gentle when you had sex with her, because of that I’d very much like you to do the honors with me. I am also very happy when someone eats my pussy and I don’t refuse to give blow jobs to guys I like. I swallow cum.

The paragraph that follows was typed in as my little sister Charlotte told it to me.

Grandpa, I want you to be here to take my sister’s cherry. I’d also like you to take n I’m old enough. I understand that if you take over control of this company you will be able to change the rules so if the doctor approves you could take me younger than my sister. Like her I like to do sex with my mouth and do swallow what comes out, I also like to have people lick my pussy. It makes me shiver, just like it used to make Mommy

From what we’ve be told here to take control you’ll have to have real sex with our Mom, come here and pass a physical, have sex with some child (both of us would like to be the one you pick) and get approval from the boss and his wife Rita who generally are at Methodist Hospital. Hope this helps.

Hoping for your success

Beatrice and Charlotte

I click on “print” and since the laptop is securely networked with my desktop machine in the living room the printout will be waiting for me, as I look I notice there are attachments to the E-mail. So I open the attachments. They are all Jpeg image files. The first is a facial shot of the two girls. It is large enough that I can see the cleft lip closure scars that look exactly like their mother’s. The second shot is a full length full frontal nude picture of Charlotte. Third picture is a full length back shot of Charlotte. The next two shots are just like the last two I described but the subject is Beatrice, the final jpeg is a landscape oriented shot of the two girls sitting legs spread on a carpet holding the lips of their pussies opened to the camera, I don’t dare print this last one. I do print the first one since it’s only a head shot the officer who does the house check won’t object to it.

I bring go out to the living room to pick up the prints and Sabrina has the photo and Amy is reading the E-mail. As I walk in Amy turns to me and says, “They weren’t supposed to tell you what was needed for approval. So are you going to fuck Sabrina?” I say, “I won’t start anything and it would be best if it looked on the monitoring system as if I’m forced into it. Sabrina walks up to me. French Kisses me and says, “I think we can arrange that if you’re compliant tonight and Dad, why you didn’t print all the pictures? I explain to her the house visits the sheriff makes and explain possession of child porn is a federal crime. Sabrina says print them, I’ll keep them in my suitcase. I sit down at the computer and reopen the E-mail from the girls, open the attachments and reprint all of them.

I hand the printer output to Sabrina and she flips through them. When she sees the spread leg and opened pussy shot she shows it to me and says, "Don’t they look cute? And doesn’t that make you want to go to them?” Sabrina, you should paddle their asses for E-mailing child pornography to a sex offender.” She says, “You won’t have to worry if you take the job, you’ll have to register but the sheriff leaves us alone. “
I make Mongolian Beef with rice for supper and we all sit down to eat. Amy says, “So Charlie who is going to sleep with you tonight?” I say, “I plan on you coming in.” “Okay, I’ll be there.” After supper I put the dishes in the dishwasher and start it. Amy comes out and asks me, "Can you stay out of the bathroom for about an hour; Sabrina and I need it private for that long. I say I’ll get bored. She hands me a business card. It’s hers and she lists herself as an actress and producer. But on the back are two phases that are her password for the company’s web sites. She says,”That should occupy you for a few hours at least.

So after answering the E-mails from personal friends then I go to the web site and log in. I browse through the adult side then click on the ink to cross over to the illegal in the USA side. I go through Charlotte’s videos then through Beatrice’s and realize there is nothing I have to teach them to do what their mother did when I was abusing her.

I then go through some other junior porn stars and see one girl at age seven doing a seven man blowjob video but it was marked as posted fifteen months ago. I’ll have to ask Amy about it later. There is one disturbing video on the kid’s web site as a ten year old name Elizabeth is gang banged by fourteen men. I wasn’t rough or anything I just didn’t know if a vagina that young so overused would recover properly.
I log out of the web site and write one to Beatrice where I thanked them for the advise and told them win or lose I would like to meet them. I also told her if I got as far as seeing them I would pick them as two of my audition girls.

About this time I heard giggling in the bathroom and the shower running. The dishwasher was done so I put them away. I went to my bedroom closet and went down and changed one video tape. The second tape had just started running.

He girls came out wearing nighties and dressing gowns. It was much more modest than what they had been wearing all day. I left the computer on but did log off my E-mail account. I then went into the bathroom and showered. I was thinking of what would happen tonight My cock became hard just at the thought but I did not want to masterbate because at this age I wanted to wait to be sure I could satisfy Amy. I will admit some images of my naked daughter did come into my mind but I immediately refocused my intent and thoughts on Amy. Finishing up I dry Blow dry my hair and walk naked into my bedroom. I put on my bathrobe and go to the living room. Sabrina asks me if I’m ready to go to bed. I say, "Yes, but not with you!” her reply is a cryptic, "We’ll see.” Amy shuts down the computer and says, "Charlie, we may have a long drive tomorrow so if it’s okay with you we can go to bed.” I only have one response to this beautiful redheaded sexy freak: “okay.” As I planned Sabrina retires to the back bedroom and Amy and I go to the front bedroom.
Part of what I am about to portray here was not known to me at the time but only came to light when I reviewed the video monitoring systems tapes later. Amy and Sabrina both stripped to the skin in the separate bedrooms. I went to bed with Amy who immediately wanted to tie me up spread-eagled as she had been last night. As she suggested it she reminded me that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. So I let her tie my wrists to the headboard sides and my ankles to the footboard posts. While we were doing this Sabrina was masturbating and getting ready to ambush me. She fingered herself running her fingers up and down her slit and bringing lubricant from her pussy to her clit. She vigorously work her clit until her back arched in orgasm then inserted a small thumb sized vibrator into her cunt.

Meantime, Amy hand jobbed me until I was semi-hard then sucked me to a granite hard condition. Tied up as I was I couldn’t do anything about satisfying her unless she put herself within reach. This she studiously avoided.

Sabrina moved into the bathroom. She was very quiet. I never heard her at all. But as I was feeling the strong urge to merge Amy looked up turn to the bathroom door and yelled, "Sabrina, he’s ready, are you?” Sabrina then came out of the bathroom and removed the vibrator from her pussy. She passed it under my nose and said, "Now I’m going to do something we tried to do but couldn’t when I was younger. She puts the vibrator in my ass hole and climbs up on the bed. Amy steps back and says, "He’s all wrapped up in a bow for you.”

Then she left the bedroom going to her and Sabrina’s room through the bathroom.

Sabrina puts my already erect penis in her mouth and pumps me with her mouth twice. Then she comes off and says, "Watch this!” then she went down on my cock until the head of my organ was in her throat! I asked, "Who taught you that?” She says, "Amy taught me that, and I taught my girls. I could finish you off this way but I want you in my pussy. Then she straddled my midsection and impaled herself on my pulsating organ. She pushed herself up and down my shaft with a vengeance for the abuse I had inflicted on her in earlier years. As she went from breathing hard to gasping for her breath I knew her orgasm was coming. As it hit she screams, " Daddy I love fucking you!” and with that I start pumping my sperm into my own daughter’s cunt. Then she stood up and left by the bathroom door.

Amy re-enters the room and says, "Well was she good?” I say, "Good doesn’t cover it, she’s great” She says, “I’m frustrated. “ Then she climbed on the bed and sat on my face. I applied my tongue to her and took her to orgasm in about three minutes. She then dismounted and Sabrina comes back in and asks.”Will you eat me if I’ve douched?” I say “ I say “Yes” She sits on my face and says, "I just did.”

I eat her pussy and feel someone untying my ankles then my right arm is freed and just a half minute later the left arm is freed. I push Sabrina off my face and turn around to eat as I did when she was younger. That thumb sized vibrator in my as is stimulating my prostate gland and before I can believe it my cock is hard again. I ask Sabrina if she wants to fuck me again and she nods. I pull her down onto the bed and lie on top of her and insert my raging prick into her pussy. I stroke slowly and gently, this isn’t a fuck, this is lovemaking. I keep a steady slow rhythm and she transitions from breathing hard to gasping and moaning. Then she comes. What a strong orgasm! She bounced me right off the bed. I climb back up and as she settles back into reality I put my cock back into her dripping wet pussy. I continued the slow gentle strokes, I want to last as long as possible. She starts breathing hard again and moaning even before she is gasping. I’m playing with her tits and kissing her mouth as out tongues fight for position. Pretty soon she screams out, "Daddy you are so fucking good to me!” as she comes again and I romove my hands from her tits to hold onto her as she arches her back until I’m almost upright, but her contacting pussy muscles hold my prick in place. As she comes down to reality she says, "Daddy, if you want to cum on my tits or in my mouth it’s okay with me.” I keep up the slow gentle stroking and and say, "You don’t have to do that. I’d be perfectly happy to cum in your pussy.” She replies, “Anything you want!”

She loses the power to speak as her arousal increases with my slow but persistent stroking. She’s moaning and breathing hard then transitions into gasping for breath and I know I’m getting close but pull my abdominal muscles tight for control as for the third time she lifts my 166 pound body right off the bed as I hang n for dear life. As she comes down I say, "I’m gonna cum.” She replies, “Take it out and give it to me.” So I pull out and she sits up and puts it in her mouth, looking up and me with smiling eyes she nods slightly indicating she is ready. I release the abdominal muscles and start shooting strings of cum into her mouth. She swallows at least six times to get it all down then she pulls back to clean my cock. She goes out to the living room and turns on the computer. With my cum dripping out of her pussy she E-mails company headquarters to say “full sexual reconciliation is complete.” She sends a copy of it to her daughter too.

She returns to my bed and asks, "Can I sleep here tonight?” I can’t say no. I go to the bathroom to remove the intruder in my ass. I wash it with soap and water and leave It on the sink. I return to my bedroom and go to sleep holding my sexy and freshly fucked daughter.

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QZOtvI I really liked your blog.Thanks Again. Will read on...

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