My hormones went crazy as her long sexy tanned legs wrapped round my backside
It was a saturday midday and my mum and dad were out shopping. I was sitting in my bedroom playing my playstation 2 as I normaly did when the doorbell rang. I was only in my boxers so I quickly put a tanktop and some jeans and went downstairs.
'Hi Johnny' my next door neighbour Debra said as I opened the door.
She was in a very expensive red dress which turned me on even thoe she was in her thirtys she looked very attractive.
'So, what can I do for you?' I said with a smile
'well, me and my boyfreind Daniel are going out tonight to a fancy resturant downtown and we I was wondering if you could look after Joanne for a couple of hours, she won't be no trouble.'
'Yeah, why not. What time are you leaving?'
'Well in about an hour' she replied
'Yeah that will be fine' I said cheerfully
'ok, cya later'
'yeah bye'
and with that I closed the door and went back upstairs to play my ps2.

Half an hour later I began to get ready. As I chose my clothes I tryed to remember how old Joanne was and what she looked like. I hadn't seen since I was about nine. I did remember that she was roughly about two years younger than me so that would make her about 13 now. I hadn't really babysitted before but it couldn't be that hard. As I closed my wardrobe I noticed at the corner of my eye someone in the window next door. As I turned round to see who it was I noticed that it was Joanne. She was in her bra and panties and she looked amazingly hot. She didn't seem to notice me so I carried looking. She was quite thin with small tits, a slim firm waist and a sexy little ass. A bulge appeared in my shorts as she to my suprise slipped her hands into her pantys and her arm moved up and down. I was just pulling my hard and sex thirsty cock out of my shorts when she stopped and quickly changed into a pair of tracksuits that were on the floor. I stopped and froze wondering if she had saw me when her door opened and her mum Debra walked in.
'Phew' I thought to myself.
I convinced myself that she was hadn't seen me and just got changed because she didn't want to get caught by her mum. I carried on looking for a while to see if Debra would leave but she didn't so I went downstairs and made myself a quick snack.

By the time I had finished it was nearing dark. I left a note to my mum and dad and walked next door. As I pressed the doorbell I noticed that Debra's car was gone and hoped I wasn't late.
After a few minutes Joanne came to the door in a short miniskirt and a small plain white t-shirt.
'Am I late?' I asked
'no, my mum just left come in.'
I followed her inside and took my trainers of in the hallway. She invited me into the living room and we both sat down on a large sofa. It was quite a big house a bit bigger than mine because it had been extended and rebult by Debra's boyfreind Daniel.
'Nice house' I said looking at her long sexy legs.
'Yeah, Daniel done it all up. We've even got a sauna upstairs'
'oh cool .'
'So how old are you?' she asked
'15, I'll be 16 in may'
'wow, im 13 gonna be 14 next year, it's so annoying be this young. Your lucky your all grown up, I bet people take you seriously, people still think im just a little girl.'
'Joanne, I said with a smile
'you look alot more grown up than a little girl to me and may I add alot more sexier than eny girl I've seen for a long time.'
She blushed as I said that and looked away.
'What, do you think boys would find me sexy?'
I looked her in the eyes and smiled
'yes I do.'
After that we both fell silent and watched tv for a an hour or so till the ringing of phone from the hallway broke the silence. Joanne got up and walked into the hallway. I tried to hear what she was saying but she was too far away so I just sat back and flicked through the channels. After about a quarter of an hour Joanne came back in and sat on the sofa.
'who was that?' I asked
'It was my mum, she asked if you could stay over for a couple more hours cause her and Daniel are stuck in traffic. But if you don't want to it's ok, I won't tell her.
'No, I don't mind staying, but I'll have to go next door and tell my mum and dad that I'll be staying a bit later'
'Alright, cya later,
I got up reached the front door and said
'cya later Joanne'
she replied saying
'yeah cya later'

As I saw my mum and dad cuddled up on the sofa.
'Hi darling' my mum said poking her head over the sofa.
'So, how was the babysitting?'
'It was alright, were just watching some films'
'good good, theres some dinner in the fridge if your hungry, just heat up in the microwave.'
'No thanks mum I have to go back over there in a minute, I just came to tell you that Debra and her boyfreind are gonna be a while yet'
'Ok darling but make sure you take your key so you can get in if were asleep'
'ok mum!' I shouted as I ran upstairs into my room.
I grabbed my swimming shorts in case we were going sauna and my phone. I then to a quick glance at Joannes window and ran back downstairs into the hallway and out the door.

As I knocked on the door I was near anough straight away my Joanne. As she invited she showed me to the stairs and asked
'do you wanna try my new sauna out?'
'yeah sure' I answered trying to hold my enthusiasm.
'I brought my swimming shorts with me'
'good, its the third door on the right, I'm just gonna get changed I'll meet you in there'
ok I replied as I walked down the hallway looking for th sauna. It was unmissable and I found it straight away. I then put took my t-shirt, put my boxers on and sat in the sauna. About ten minutes later Joanne arrived and boy did she look sexy. She had a tight pink swimming suit which brought out her bum cheeks to enormous proportion and drove my dick into a frenzy.
'I guess your glad to see me' she said smiling at me.
'I went red with embarrisment and tried to control my cock, but I couldn't. She sat next to me and threw some water into the sauna. As the steam rose up from the rocks the heat kicked in and it burnt at my back. I tried to hide my pain but Joanne noticed and giggled.
'Are you alright?'
'Yeah, Its just my back hurts a bit'
'the same thing happened to me when I first went, but I'll show you what makes a bit better.'
She leaned over and sat behind me and started to rub my saw back with her soft hands. As she did so I felt her wet swimming suit press against my body. My hormones went crazy as I felt her firm long legs wrap round my backside.
'Is that better' she asked
'oh yeah thats making it feel much better' I answered in full pleasure.
With that she got up and sat back next me looking a bit nervous. But unable to no longer control myself I faced her and leaned in for a kiss while my hands reached up her firm sexy long tanned legs. And, to my supprise she embraced my kiss and allowed my hands to creep up her legs. She then slowly pulled out of the kiss and felt with her soft wet hands the now large bulge in my swimming shorts. My body filled with excitement and tingled with pleasure all over.
'Eat me eat me!' she shouted as she leant back and spread her legs out.
I quickly pulled my shorts down unleashing my monsterous fully erect cock and pulled of her swimming suit to reveal her hard nipples and and tight yet juicy pussy. I slipped my tongue into her pussy lips first and then forced my tongue into the deepest part of her tight pussy and then covered it whole with my mouth. I continuously sucked and sucked the warm juices out of her moist pussy, sometimes sticking my tongue even further up into her pussy make her repeatly moan with pleasure.
'Now, she moaned 'fuck me, fuck me!'
I gladly obliged and pulled my mouth out of her wet pussy. She then sat up as I placed with my hands my hard cock into her pussy slowly but firmly. She wrapped her long legs round my waist and grabbed my back as I continuously pushed my cock in and out of her now moist and open pussy.
'Oh that feels good, oh yeah!' she moaned
I then suddenly got a sudden rush of adreleline and started to fuck her with all my might.
'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!' she screamed
as I ravaged her, squeezing her small bum cheeks pushing her body harder against mine till, I felt the slow rise of sticky warm cum rise and getting ready to explode in my now monsterous but saw cock.
'I can't hold it in' I said struggling
'I don't care, let it all!' she shouted.
And, with that I my sperm exploded into her pussy making her sit back and moan with pleasure. I pulled my satisfied cock out of her sticky pussy and lay beside and stroked her hard nipples.
'Oh that, that was.....' she said barely able to talk
'I know' I said smiling as the last dribbles of cum slid down my cock.

The End.....


2008-12-30 01:52:44
"Oh, that was...." too damn short! Pretty good, except for the shortness - and the grammar, spelling, paragraph breaks, jagged sentences, ...

Still, 8/10.


2008-01-31 21:08:10
Ya, it kinda happened too fast. I mean, all of a sudden she said eat me eat me? Yeah right. Maybe in a wet dream, but not in real life. 5/6


2007-06-01 21:24:22
Horrible story, grammar sucked, you make no sense with a lot of things. 3/10.


2006-06-10 00:45:00
Good little story. I enjoyed it. but work on the grammer


2005-12-02 12:45:34
Thx for the comments

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