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Moms a member, like it or not.

You may want to read the first part of this story, Moms joined like it or not. It will put some perceptive of the events.

Donna was making coffee when eric her son cam in the kitchen, “hi mom” “hi hon, want breakfast”? “Think I’ll have cereal”. He got a bowl and sat down. Donna got her coffee and sat down when the phone rang.
Hello,” Donald what’s up”? “Your kidding right”? “Well when will you be home, ok I understand call me when your leaving tomorrow”.

Donald’s call was to tell donna he had to stay Saturday for a training session and would be getting home Sunday afternoon and he was taking Monday off to rest.

“Well dad isn’t getting home till Sunday afternoon, so it’s you and I tonight”. “Mom I’m spending the night at paul’s remember there going camping and I was invited”. “That’s right, well I’ll watch tv and read”.

Donna knew she may be hearing from mike and loots and was a bit jittery but thought, it’s the weekend and normally my husband would be home so they probably will not even call. My pussy could use a little action but I’m still a bit tender and another day of rest will be ok.

Eric got up and headed for his room and she heard his cell phone ring as he closed the door.

An hour later she was in her bedroom when the house phone rang, she look at the number didn’t recognize it but answered and said hello.“Hi Mrs.M how that tight pussy”? “ Hi Loots, it’s great”.“ Listen what time are you taking eric to pauls”? “At around 1, why” “Well we should be there by three”. “Oh”? “Yeah, our nut sacks are completely full again”. “Well I can take care of that for you”. “We know, by the way do you have a garter belt and black stockings”? “Yes” “Great ware them, and we likes the way the short you had on the other day show your pussy lips and clit so maybe a pair in pink with a matching bra”? “ I can do that, and please buy condoms, I don’t want all that cum shooting in me.” “ok see you at three”.

Donna looked to see what time it was 11:30, get dressed, drop off eric, go to mall buy underwear home fix up, yeah I can do it by three.

She was in Victoria’s and found the set of boy shorts and bra in pink, shit panties are a little to small, what the hell they like nothing to the imagination anyway. Stocking and garter belt and home she went.

She made herself a strong drink and got ready, 2:45 and I’m set. She looked in the mirror, wow girl you look hot. The black stockings, garter belt and heels set off the pink panties and bra. God I can see my pussy lips perfectly, well they like the look so. The door bell rang.

She walked to the living room and yelled “the doors open come in”.

In stepped three black boys, “wow Mrs. M you are hot”. As they headed for her loots said this is arnet. “Hi” Then she had a tongue down her throat and hands on her tits, ass and clit. The greeting lasted what seemed like five minutes.

“You guys want to sit down” Mike smiles and said?“ Lets sit on the porch” and out they went. They had the laptop with them. They all sat down and loots passed around a joint for everyone which they all lit and smoked completely.

They were all pretty stoned and loots said,“ we showed arnet the video and told him how tight and wet that pussy was and he said he had to have some. He promised not to jerk off if we agreed to take him and so here we are”.

“Well thank you, I assume I’m the center piece of a three man gangbang”?“ You sure are”!

The three stood up and pulled there shorts down revealing three stiff cocks. “Wow they look good” As the boys sat down arnet went to rub his dick, Donna told him to stop as that was her job. They were sitting looking at her and loots said “Mrs.M give us a spread”
She opened her legs about three inches. “No a big spread”, she just giggled and spread wide. “You mean a fuck me spread” Yes that’s got it”. Mike walked over and placed his cock in her mouth. She put the head in, swirled her tongue around it while messaging the nut sack, gave it a deep throat and out he plopped, “next’ Loots was next, “ mike yelled hey keep those legs open”, arnet was last and as his cock plopped out of her mouth she saw his eyes were closed and had a look of I’m gonna cum soon.

“Mrs. M did you like that”? “Well” “don’t bother to bullshit us look at your self”. Here nipples were standing straight out and there was a wet spot between her legs.

Mike smiled, “what say we all go in and do some serious fucking”? Donna response was immediate, ‘Let go”.

Once inside the house loots said “Mrs. M take off the bra we like the was your tits and ass swing”. She giggled and unclipped the bra and handed it to arnet. As she walked she moved her ass and tits with a deliberate motion to show her assets.

They entered the bedroom closed the door she turned and smiled, “who’s first”? They all looked at arnet. Loots looked at arnet, “go ahead” Donna smiled and said “ Socking and garter belt off or on”? “On” She pulled her panties down and laid down on the bed and gave his a big smile and spread come on babe” As arnet get between her legs she asked, shouldn’t he put on a rubber”? Mike smiled,“ let him feel the wet, tight pussy milk his cock first” “ok”
“Go slow baby I want to enjoy your cock”. Each of her nipples was being sucked by a different guy and the cock in her pussy was balls deep and doing a wonderful job. The twitching in her pussy started to build and she knew she was getting close. Arnet had speed his pace and she started moaning with pleasure. Then she felt arnet twitch and she got her first shot of hot sticky cum in her pussy.

She was still breathing heavily as arnet rolled off and loots jumped in, she grabbed his shoulder as he pushed his cock all the way in with the first push. “I love your cock babe but the condom”. “Just fuck me”, “I am”

Each thrust down from him was met by her pushing her pubic mound up to meet him. They fucked for five minutes his pace gaining momentum, the burning between her legs was back, she was moaning with pleasure when she let go a screaming orgasm, he pushed his cock as deep as possible and added another load of hot, sticky cum to her pussy. She felt his spew six times before he stopped twitching. She looked at him,“ that’s was one of the best orgasms I can ever remember having”. “Happy to be of service”

Loots moved and mike pushed his cock in a very sloppy pussy. ‘Oh baby” said donna as the cock started a slow rhythmic pumping motion in and out of her pussy.

Laying there fucking mike she heard loots say,“ when were done we can feed her cum until were ready to fuck her again. Donna thought I guess were all getting what we want, they can empty there nut sacks and I get thoroughly fucked and no baggage.

The fire was building in her pussy and she let go with another screaming orgasm. Mike kept pumping for another few minutes and the she felt the familiar twitch, cum flooded out in to pussy, five loads spewed out of the cock into her soaking pussy.

She stood up, legs a little shaky, pulled up her panties smiled at the boys and said,“ I’ve never been fucked three times in a row by three different cocks and been so happy with the results, thank you guys”.

Come over her and lay down with us, “I will but all you three want to do is feed me cum”. “That’s exactly what we want”, “well you know that’s fine with me”.
She got on the bed in between them and opened her mouth wide, she smiled “well”.
They feed her cum for the next half hour, they also rubbed it in her nipples, in her bush, in her hair and all over her face.

“Mrs. M”,” yes arnet” would you mind if I fucked you again”?“ Not at all sweetie, that’s why I’m here.
He had is dick rock hard and pushed it in to the hilt, go slow baby, “I’m tender”. He fucked her for at least fifteen minutes; she had two orgasms and felt the familiar twitch. Cum plashed into her pussy. As there breathing slowed loots mounted her and slowly started pushing in and out. Donna started pushing her hip up with each thrust to get the cock as deep as possible. “Please go slow I love you cock and the way you use it on me”. That encouragement spurred him on to try to push deeper and the burning was back. “ oh god babe fuck me” she moaned as she came with such force she shuttered for a minute. As she calmed down she was aware he had left cum in her.

As mike mounted her and started pushing down she for the first time started pushing up to meet him as well. She pulled her legs up as high as they could go and started to orgasm as he deposited more cum in her.

After a couple of minutes he rolled off, she cuddled up to loots as it was apparent his cock was her favorite. “Are you guys going to doing this much more”?“ loots looked at her and said “probably why”.“ My pussy may be leaking like a faucet, but it is now very tender, keep in mind I’ve been fucked six times in two hours”. “I need a little time to recover”.

She got up“ anyone want a drink”? Three yeses. “Ice tea ok”? “Yeah” Wow guys look at the front of her panties now, they all stared at her crotch. The entire front of the garment was covered in cum. She headed for the door and stopped, a giant glob of cum ran out of here, she scooped it up with her finger, put it in her mouth, looked at loots.“ Baby that was from your cock I’m getting to know the tastes”. She giggled, wiggled her ass and headed for the drinks.

Before they fell asleep she was fucked six more times and had given three blow jobs.

They spent the night all three in one bed, the next day they got up early and she gave them three good morning blow jobs before they left.

As they headed for the door she leaned over to loots.“ baby if you want to come over alone for a couple of hours it’s fine with me”. “Or I can pick all of you up after school and give you all blow jobs in the car if you’d like” “ but I just want you to know I really want your cock in me as often as possible”. ”I’ll be over soon and let you know about the blow jobs:.

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why do you put black boys in stories I don't like them what wrong with white boys

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why do writers always put black men and boy in stories what worng with white boys I give this story a negative rating


2013-07-26 01:11:00
Another winning entry in this series.

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This is clearly joke, sure it will cathch mist out tough

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whats a "menber" and a "loke"? I dont think those are real words.

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