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Harry and Hermione are captured by the Death Eaters.
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 6
On a chilly, clear early spring morning, Hermione and Harry were once again packing up their tent in preparation to leave their camp. Nearly a month had passed since there narrow escape from Godric’s Hollow and thanks to Hermione’s tender love and care, Harry was as fit as a fiddle once more. Ever since Hermione had rejected his advances, Harry had noticed a difference in his relationship with her. Harry loved her even more as a friend and since they had destroyed the locket with the newly acquired sword of Gryffindor, their friendship was the strongest it had ever been.

‘Ready to go Hermione?’ asked Harry as he playfully offered his arm to Hermione.
‘Sure Harry,’ responded Hermione with a smile as she folded her arm around his. With Hermione holding tightly to his arm, Harry slowly revolved on the spot and felt the unpleasant feeling of being sucked through a narrow tube. Finally, the feeling of grass under his feet announced to Harry that they had arrived.
‘Where are we then Harry?’ asked Hermione who had released Harry and began to fire off protective spells around them.
‘It’s a disused barn near Privet Drive,’ replied Harry as he dropped his bag on the ground, ‘Voldemort will never find us here.’
‘Harry!’ Hermione suddenly gasped, ‘you said his name; it’s jinxed remember!’ In a moment of horror Harry had realised what he had done as suddenly, six cloaked figures appeared around them.

‘Drop your wands filth,’ said one of the figures gruffly as Hermione and Harry reluctantly obliged, ‘so....who we got ‘ere then?’ The man grabbed Harry roughly by his arm so he could get a better view of him.
‘Merlin’s beard! It’’s.....Potter!’ A murmur of shock and excitement rippled around the group of Death Eater’s as Harry felt his pulse quicken, ‘yes it’s him! And look..... this is his mudblood companion Granger. Hope you’re ready for retirement boys,’ cackled the Death Eater excitedly to the group, ‘once we hand him over to the Dark Lord, we’ll be as rich as Kings!’ Suddenly, Harry felt a sharp blow to the back of his side causing his vision to black-out.....


‘Are you sure it’s him?’..............., ‘It looks like him,’............., ‘we have to be sure or the Dark Lord will kill us.’ Harry heard these voices as if they were a million miles away as his eyes flickered open. His hands were tied behind his back and he seemed to be chained to a wooden chair as he looked around the room. He seemed to be in an impressive looking living room, with high windows that were covered by thick looking velvet curtains. A fire was crackling in the marble fireplace and a stone slab had seemed to be recently erected in the middle of the room. It was around 6 feet tall and stood just off vertical high in the air; as if supported by magic. Harry’s chair was positioned to the side of the slab which seemed to be at least a foot thick. Harry heard a groan as he looked to his side and saw Hermione also chained to a chair.

‘Hermione!’ whispered Harry urgently. Hermione’s head however lolled to the other side as two figures suddenly approached him.
‘He’s come round,’ said Draco Malfoy to a hooded figure as they squatted right in front of Harry’s face.
‘Hello Potter,’ said Draco with a wide grin.
‘Please, Draco, let us go,’ pleaded Harry as he fought silently against his bonds.
‘It is him,’ said Draco triumphantly, ‘we should call Master,’ Draco said as he lifted his sleeve in preparation to press the Dark Mark tattooed on his arm.
‘Wait!’ said the cloaked figure urgently, ‘if we call the Dark Lord he’ll kill us.’ Draco looked confused as the Hooded Man addressed Harry.

‘Potter,’ spat the man in a hoarse voice, ‘how did you get the sword of Gryffindor?’ Harry felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he realised they must have taken all their belongings, including their only weapon against Voldemort’s horcruxes. Harry looked straight into the Hooded Man’s eyes, whose face was covered by an elaborate metal mask.
‘Found it,’ said Harry simply. Harry felt the Hooded Man’s fingers grip more tightly around the arms of Harry’s chair.
‘That sword should be safely locked away in my Gringott’s vault along with another item the Dark Lord has entrusted me. If you refuse to talk then we’ll have to make you.’ Suddenly the Hooded Man released Harry’s chair and clicked his fingers, causing the double doors to swing open. Harry gasped as Ginny, Luna and Dean traipsed into the room with their hands tied, flanked either side by Wormtail and Bellatrix.

‘Ginny!’ cried Harry in relief as he looked upon an unscathed Ginny.
‘Harry!’ cried Ginny back in relief as the three of them were forced into empty chairs next to Harry.
‘Bellatrix, untie Hermione,’ ordered the Hooded Man as Hermione suddenly came too. Bellatrix roughly untied Hermione as she pushed her into the Hooded Man’s arms. Hermione felt the Hooded Man give an unusual sigh as she felt his arms wrap tightly round her. Harry and the others looked on in horror as with the help of Draco, the two of them undressed Hermione so she stood naked in front of them all. With an inhuman strength, he lifted her on to his shoulder like a rag doll and placed her against the stone slab, locking her hands above her head with the manacles that were there.

‘If none of you will talk then I’ll shag her,’ said the Hooded Man coldly. A murmur of excitement went out among Death Eaters while Harry and his friends struggled against their bonds to help Hermione.
‘Harry.....Harry,’ said Hermione surprisingly softly, ‘it’s ok, don’t tell them anything.’ Harry stared at Hermione who had set her face to her an almost accepting determination. Even while stood naked and tied up, she looked so brave to Harry.

‘Bad decision mudblood,’ sneered the Hooded Man as he gave her face a forceful slap. As Hermione recovered from the blow, the Hooded Man unfastened his robe and eased the folds aside, revealing his powerful body and his erect, fat cock. Hermione’s eyes widened in fear, as she felt the Hooded Man lift up her slender legs and wrap them round his hips. Ron looked down at his old love with disgust as he felt her breathing quicken. He grabbed hold of her large tits and squeezed and slapped them hard; laughing out loud at Hermione’s pain. Slowly, he lowered his hands from her gorgeous tits and let them stroke her soft, supple tummy. Ron breathed in hard as finally, he brought his hand to the pussy he had used to so long for. Ron roughly jammed in three fingers into her, causing her to moan out loud. Ron circled his fingers inside her pussy; loving the tight wet feeling around his fingers. Hermione watched as the Hooded Man removed his fingers from her pussy and brought them to the gap in his mask where the mouth was to lick them clean.

‘I’m gonna fuck you so hard,’ said Ron as he placed his hands on her firm ass. Harry and the others watched on in horror from the side as they watched the Hooded Man thrust his hips violently forward, so that his entire erect dick vanished inside of Hermione’s pussy. His robes billowed out behind him as he quickly picked up a fast, steady rhythm. Ron squeezed and slapped Hermione’s fine ass hard as with low grunts, he continued to pound Hermione’s tight pussy. Ron watched with satisfaction as Hermione’s large, but perky young tits bounced with each thrust he gave her.
‘You go man,’ whooped Draco, ‘fuck that mudblood hard.’ With a dark smile, Ron picked up his pace, so that his hips were moving like blur. Hermione let out a high pant as she felt the Hooded Man’s cock go balls deep in her.

‘Look at her Potter,’ moaned Ron between thrusts, ‘the little mudblood is crying.’ Sure enough a tear had formed in her eye and was slowly descending down her cheek.
‘I miss Ron,’ Hermione said softly, causing the Hooded Man to stop his thrusting momentarily.
‘What did you say?’ asked the Hooded Man in shock.
‘He was a young man, greater than any of us, but you lot killed him before I got the chance o tell him I loved him,’ Hermione said defiantly as she felt her attackers hands let go of her ass, causing her to drop her legs to the floor.
‘Y-you don’t what you’re talking about bitch,’ said the man suddenly as he released Hermione from her bonds and chucked her to the floor. Instantly, he was upon Hermione once more as he lay down behind her and laid her forcefully on her side. Quickly, he lifted her leg high in the air and stuck his cock deeply into her pussy once more. Harry watched on in disgust as he saw the Hooded Man’s balls slap loudly into Hermione’s violated pussy each time he thrusted. Hermione felt the Hooded Man grab her by her throat while his other hand squeezed and massaged her boobs. Hermione buried her face in the soft carpet of the floor, willing her attacker to orgasm soon. As if by luck, Hermione could feel hear her attackers moaning become prematurely louder and more erratic as she sensed his orgasm approach.

‘Go on, fill that mudblood up,’ shouted Draco eagerly as he heard Ron start to moan loudly in ecstasy.
‘Fuck that, I’m not seeding this whore,’ grunted Ron as suddenly he pulled his fat, 6 inch cock out of her pussy and stood over her. Hermione lay quivering on her back as Ron stood straddled over her, pumping his dick with his silver hand at a furious rate.
‘Ahhhhh fuck!!’ blurted Ron as suddenly, a streak of his young cum erupted from his dick, landing on Hermione’s tummy. Ron felt his knees buckle in pleasure slightly as shot after shot of cum landed all over Hermione’s body. Finally the electric feeling in his body, as well as his groan’s ended, as his dick went limp in his hand. With a final shake of his cock to get rid of the last few juices of cum, he buttoned up his robes once more and stood Hermione up from the floor. With the help of Bellatrix, he roughly re-dressed Hermione and chained her back to her chair next to Harry.

‘So,’ said the Hooded Man dangerously once his breathing returned to normal, ‘are you going to tell me how you got that sword?’ Harry opened his mouth to speak but saw Hermione shake her head defiantly in the corner of his eye.
‘No,’ replied Harry bluntly.
‘If you still won’t talk Potter then you leave me no choice,’ said the Hooded Man coldly. Suddenly, he grabbed Harry by his hair and like Hermione chained him to the stone slab. The Hooded Man kept Harry’s face pressed against the cold stone as he felt his shirt ripped from his body. Suddenly, to the shock of everyone, he then pulled down Harry’s trouser’s and boxers and threw them aside, so that Harry stood chained naked before them.

‘Draco,’ said the Hooded Man as he looked upon Harry’s naked back and bum with hatred, ‘fuck him.’ Harry felt his mouth go dry as a collective gasp went around the room.
‘W-what?’ replied Draco startled.
‘I said, fuck...him,’ said Ron dangerously as his eyes flashed red. Draco gulped as he looked upon Harry; his dark hair, his long smooth back, his peachy bum and his long, slender legs. Feeling an unusual tingling in his groin area, Draco looked back at Ron and gave a small nod.

‘NO!’ cried Ginny desperately as Draco began to walk over towards Harry. In one swift motion, Draco removed his tight t-shirt and chucked it away, revealing his gleaming pale slender, but strong body. Harry gave an involuntary shudder as he heard Draco begin to slowly unbuckle his belt behind him. Finally, Draco stood fully naked behind Harry as the two teenagers stood barely a foot apart. Suddenly, Draco closed in on Harry and grabbed the back of his hair roughly with his fingers.
‘I’m not going to enjoy this Potter,’ whispered Draco through gritted teeth, ‘and neither are you.’ Harry refused to reply, deciding that whatever happened, he wouldn’t let a sound escape his lips. Harry closed his eyes as he felt Draco place his hands around his tummy muscles, feeling Draco’s soft cock rest on his peachy bum cheeks. Harry felt Draco’s hot breath on his neck as Draco’s breathing became faster and shakier as he began to naturally grind his hips into Harry’s bum. Harry could feel Draco’s hands squeeze lustfully into his ab muscles as Harry felt Draco’s hot, slender cock begin to grow in size against his ass. With one hand still on Harry’s tummy, Draco took a forefinger to his mouth and sucked it until it was coated in his hot saliva. Harry let out the smallest of gasps when he felt Draco ease aside his cheeks to begin stroking his bum.

Draco let his fingers caress the inside of Harry’s bum; pleased to find it was smooth and completely hairless. Obviously, Potter kept his private areas well groomed with a hair removal charm for the ladies Draco thought. Suddenly, Draco himself let out a little gasp when his wet finger found Harry’s small asshole. Draco smiled and moaned lightly so that only Harry could hear as he began to circle his finger around Harry’s entrance. With difficulty, Draco began to try and force his forefinger into Harry’s ass. Suddenly, after meeting resistance, his finger slipped in knuckle deep, causing Harry’s eyes to open wide in shock. Draco smiled as he looked over to Ron in a happy disbelief. Potter may have been the enemy, but he was still the most famous wizard of all time and here he was, at Draco’s sexual mercy.
Draco gave out another groan of satisfaction as he felt how tight Harry’s warm ass felt around his finger. Draco lustfully gave Harry’s shoulder a hard bite with his teeth as he began probing his finger around inside Harry’s bum.

‘God you’re so tight Potter, you know.....I think I may actually enjoy this after all,’ whispered Draco menacingly in Harry’s ear. Harry could only bury his face into the cold stone to hide his pain as he felt Draco slip in another finger into his ass. Draco could start to feel Harry’s entrance expanding nicely as he continued to thrust his fingers slowly into Harry’s bum.
‘It’s time,’ said Ron impatiently. Draco nodded as he removed his fingers from within Harry, noticing that his entrance was now a little larger. Harry could hear Ginny and Hermione begin to cry as he heard Draco spit into his hand, no doubt to lubricate his cock up. Suddenly, Harry felt Draco spread his left bum cheek wide as he felt a long, slender cock begin to push eagerly against his entrance. Harry tensed up his bum cheeks in vain as he tried to stop Draco from entering him. Suddenly, Harry felt a sharp blow to the back of his side, quickly followed by a few inches of Draco’s cock entering into his ass.

‘O Fuck!!’ cried Draco as he felt his cock finally break through and enter Harry, ‘O my God.....o my God.......o my God.....,’ Draco began to repeat through heavy panting as he took a hold of Harry’s hips.
‘Harry Potter, the boy who fucked so many girls. Let’s see how he likes to get fucked himself,’ laughed the Hooded Man coldly as Bellatrix and Wormatail cackled in glee. Harry had never felt anything like it, as Draco began to force his hips forward. Harry felt Draco pull his hips backwards slightly, so that Harry had to bend over slightly against the stone slab. Eventually, Harry felt Draco’s sizeable balls rest gently against his bum as Draco finally managed to get his entire 7 inch dick into Harry.
‘Jesus,’ cried Draco, as he let go of Harry’s hips to pull back his shining blonde hair away from his face. Draco smiled as he looked at the sight before him, Harry bent over slightly, his long, strong back gleaming in the dim light and his peachy ass, beautifully enveloped around his long, pale cock. Draco shifted his weight back slightly and took a hold of Harry’s hips once more as he began to slowly thrust in and out of Harry.

Harry turned his head to look at his friends sat to the side of him. Ginny and Hermione were crying into each other’s shoulders, not being able to watch. Luna and Dean were watching, their mouths slightly opened in shock while Wormtail and Bellatrix stood laughing in a twisted delight. The sudden smacking of his ass brought Harry back to his senses as he began to hear Draco pant in pleasure.
Draco looked down at his cock entering Harry’s ass with a sexual lust as he gritted his teeth at the feeling of Harry’s tight ass around his dick. Draco dug his fingers into Harry’s sweet, fleshy bum, loving the feeling of it.

‘Ahhhhh......ahhhhhh.........ahhhhh,’ grunted Draco loudly as each time he groaned he gave Harry’s ass a hard slap. After a few minutes, Harry’s ass had turned bright red from Draco’s spanking as Harry felt Draco slow his thrusting slightly. Draco quickly removed his cock from within Harry and stood closer to him, so that Harry was stood up tall, squashed in between the stone slab and Draco. He then took a hold of Harry’s right leg and forced it upwards into the air so that Harry’s bum cheeks spread slightly. Draco took hold of his cock with his other hand and playfully slapped it on Harry’s soft ass cheeks. With a quick bend of his knees and a forward thrust, Draco entered Harry easily and began fucking him once more. Harry’s ass by now had expanded due to Draco’s cock and Draco began to easily thrust in and out of him.

Draco’s panting by now was more erratic and louder as Harry suddenly felt Draco’s surprisingly delicate hand wrap around his soft cock. Harry’s face turned to that of disgust as he felt Draco stroke and pull on his soft cock as he continued to thrust deep into Harry’s ass. Draco felt like he was in heaven, the combined sensations of Harry’s ass around his cock, his large balls smacking loudly into Harry’s ass cheeks and the stroking of Harry’s dick giving him a massive amount of pleasure. Soon enough, Draco felt his impending orgasm approach as he dropped Harry’s leg to the floor and grabbed one of his peachy bum cheeks.
‘Ahhh God I’m gonna cum!’ Draco announced to the room loudly as he placed his weight onto Harry’s back and began to thrust at a fast rate. Suddenly, Draco felt his cock go into spasm as he felt wave after wave of pleasure overpower him, causing his body to shake uncontrollably.

‘ ahhhhhhh.......fuck!’ groaned Draco suddenly as with an extra hard squeeze on Harry’s cock, he suddenly exploded inside of Harry. Harry felt a sense of shame as he felt shot after shot of Draco’s hot cum, spray into his ass. Draco’s thrusting suddenly stopped as he continued to shoot off smaller amounts of his youthful cum deep into Harry. Draco rested his head onto Harry’s shoulder, giving his neck a little kiss which no one else could see as his hips involuntarily twitched now and then as his orgasm subsided. Finally, once his breathing returned to normal, Draco removed his now soft, pale shaft from out of Harry and gave his ass one final slap. Draco watched as a small amount of his white cum oozed out of Harry’s ass and dribbled onto the floor.

‘Put his trousers back on,’ ordered the Hooded Man as once Draco re-dressed himself, he obliged. Harry felt his arms drop to his sides as his chains were released and he felt Draco return him to his seat, his naked torso shivering slightly despite the roaring fire nearby.
‘So,’ said the Hooded Man triumphantly to Harry, ‘ready to talk now?’ Harry stared ahead, his face blank of emotion as he refused to answer. Suddenly, a loud crack made everyone turn their heads to the centre of the room. To the shock of everybody, little Dobby the house-elf stood before them.

‘Dobby,’ said Draco in surprise, ‘what are you doing here?’
‘You shall not harm Harry Potter!’ cried Dobby as he raised a commanding finger to the ceiling above them. With an eerie creek, the chandelier above them snapped and fell to the ground, causing glass to shatter everywhere. Harry used the distraction to sink a satisfying right punch into Draco’s cheek, causing them both to fall to the glass-ridden floor.
‘Here,’ cried Harry desperately as he grabbed the wands in Draco’s pocket and threw them to their owners. Suddenly, the air was filled with cries and flashes of light as Harry and the others began to fight back.

‘Stupefy!’ Harry shouted at Wormtail, causing him to crumple to the floor unconscious, ‘Dobby,’ said Harry as he ducked and dived his way to him, ‘take as many of the others as you can and go. Take them to Bill and Fleur’s place, I’ll hold them off and then come back for me.’ Dobby nodded determinedly as he raced away to group the others together.
‘NOOOOOOO!’ cried the Hooded Man as he watched Hermione and Ginny disappear with Dobby into thin air. The Hooded Man aimed a killing curse at Harry who managed to duck behind an overturned table just in time. Harry aimed a stunning spell over the table and luckily hit Bellatrix square in the face, leaving himself and the Hooded Man as the last men standing.

‘POTTER!!’ screamed the Hooded Man as he started towards Harry. Suddenly, Harry stood up away from the table, wand raised in defiance.
‘Incendio!’ Harry cried. Hot flames suddenly erupted around Ron’s hood causing him to lower it away hurriedly from his head, ‘stupefy!’ shouted Harry, taking advantage of his opponent’s distraction. As if in slow motion, the spell hit the Hooded Man on the edge of his metal mask, causing it to fly off his face. The hair may have been duller in colour, the eyes may have been more bloodshot and tired looking but there was no mistaking it; Ron Weasley was stood before him.

‘Ron....,’ said Harry in disbelief as Ron looked at Harry with a cold hatred. Just as Ron picked up Bellatrix’s fallen knife and threw it at him, Harry felt a small, loving hand wrap around his own, ready to take him far-away. Suddenly, Harry was falling and tumbling through nothingness, his mind numb in shock until finally he landed on the soft sand of a beach.
‘Harry! Thank goodness, what happened?’ came Hermione’s voice from somewhere near him.
‘Hermione....the Hooded Man, its Ron..........its Ron,’ said Harry faintly before collapsing onto the sand.

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