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I will start by describing myself I am suzanne i'm 15 years old and have a twin brother. I have long wavy red hair and emerald green eyes. I have pale skin and bright pink lips which are full and soft. I am about 5'1" and weigh about 102 lb. I have a slim but curvy figure I have a big bouncy round ass and my tits are a 36c and I have big aureolas and my nipples stand hard at about 1.5cm. I have a hairy pussy but it trim it down to keep it in control, I pubic hair is a darker red to my my but I love it. I have never had sex or had ever put anything in my pussy, my clit is larger than average and I have a very tight pussy. It was the start of the autumn break in October and me and my family went our usual camping holiday but this time we had two small tents after our last one ripped. It was warm for October but not warm enough to lay on a beach in a bikini but I brought it anyway. 

The journey there was long and grueling, we had spent 4 hours in the car uncomfortable and squished by things we had fitted in the car like clothes and other neccesarys. I started to get a little hit in the car and took of my cardigan and my top rose up with above my boobs and I felt a cool chill on them but they were protected by my bra. In my effort to pull my tight top down over my boobs my stomach had a cool chill as my mum opened the window. my belly button bar jewel glistened as the sun burst through the window as I covered myself up my twin brother who looks nothing like me had bright red cheeks and laid a coat over his lap. His brown stylish hair blew in the wind as he quickly recovered it by placing his long beanie hat on his head. He looked at me and gave a small smile and continued to look out the window. 

After another hour in the car we had arrived at a campsite we had never been before in a town we have never heard of I hoped out of the car stretched my arms and legs getting a feeling of the open space. As my dad and my brother set up camp we went to check out the site and found a small football pitch and 15 meter swimming pool not far from it. We checked out the toilet facilities and they were better than we expected. We went back to the tents and had something to eat. After I took Sam my brother for a tour round the campsite and shown him a cool treehouse I had found when I got up Sam got up here with me and it was really Cool. It had NME and other music magazines up there and board games and books and a couple of cushions to sit on. We spent about 10 minutes up there before we decided to get down. Sam went first. 
"your turn then Suzy!" he shouted up the tree
"alright watch out!" I shouted back. On my way down one of the steps on the ladder broke and I fell twisting my ankle. 
"Are you okay Suzy?"he said "looks like the step couldn't take your weight" he jokingly said. 
"shut up and help me up"
"haha, alright just don't have a go at me for this". He puts his arm round my back and one arm under my legs and picked me up and carried my back to the tents. When we got there he carried me into the tent we were sharing and dropped me on my blow up bed and burst. 
"hahahahahaha, that couldn't take your weight either. What have you been eating?" he said
"you idiot where am I going to sleep now?"
"shut up we have a couple spare we always pack them just in case some fat person breaks them" 
"ha ha, very funny now seen as I'm hurt go and get it and pump it up" I say sarcastically. 
"okay just try not to break this one" he walked out and came back with a new one. "move then I can't put this down with you in the way". I didnt say anything I just roled out the way and hopped out the tent. 
"I'm going toilet see you in a minute." I shouted to him. As I slowly hobbled to the toilets I took out my phone out my bag and read the messages. 
"gone for a walk on the beach be back later. Mum x" I read the name of the next contact that sent me a message and it was Harry my boyfriend. I quickly opened up the message and then opened the toilet door and locked it behind me I put my phone down for a second. I grabbed the top of my leggins and pulled them down and then Pulled my red panties down I rubbed my pussy and then sat Down on the toilet. I picked up my phone as I started to pee, I read the text
"I'm sorry but I tried to tell you sooner but we can't go out any more there is someone else who I have been seeing a week after we got together I'm sorry.". As I finished reading the text I started to well up with tears I stopped myself from crying and just ignored it and put my phone away. I the. Stood up and got some tissue and wiped my pussy clean and then got out the toilet and washed my hands and headed back. When I arrived back my brother was gone and I had got another two texts. 
It was from my brother "be bak latr gone to play footie with a couple of lads.". The other text was from Harry " I regret everything I love you and wish we could still be together. I have realized what a mistake I have made. Please take me back". I sent back "no I will never go back out with you I can't trust you that it won't happen again and I don't care we have been going out a month I'm not bothered about you anymore."

Later that evening I got bored and went to find Sam. My ankle was now better and I found him quickly hanging around with a few boys playing football while a few girls sat at the side. I walked over to them and introduced myself. "hi I'm Suzy." I said. One of them replied " oh, hi I'm Sarah would you like to join us, were just playing a game a bit like spin the bottle but instead of kissing its a truth." 
"okay that sounds cool" I replied enthusiastically. As Sarah spun the bottle it landed on me. 
"which boy over there would you like go out with?" she asked. 
"Well it would have to be him the black curly haired one." I honestly said. 
"what you wouldn't have him the one with the stylish hair and the gorgeous face. He is gorgeous and is so cute."
"hahaha. No he's my twin brother I could get him over here if you like." I asked. 
"yes! That would be great."
"SAM! Get over here". As he walked all these girls got giddy and excited.
"yeah, what is it?"he said. 
"we were wondering if all you boys want to come and joins us playing spin the bottle."
"yeah. Okay, one sec I will go and get them."

After an hour of spin the bottle , secret telling and kissing boys we went back to our tent and tried to get some sleep. I woke up in the morning and Sam was outside with mom and dad. I took off my panties and bra and put on some shorts and a t-shirt and left for a shower with spare panties , bra and towel. When I got in the shower I locked the door and striped naked and started to wash my body I felt horny so I sat back and started to rub my pussy and my clit. I caressed my boobs and slowly played with my hard clit and my wet pussy. After about 5 minutes I started to climax I got my wash towel rises the soap off quickly and stuffed it into my mouth and moaned into it as I squirted through my ecstasy. When I recovered I stood up and washed my pussy again and dried off and and but my blue panties and bra on and got dressed and walked back to the tent. As I got there I opened the tent flap and saw my brother sniffing my panties and cumming into my bra. He tried to cover him self up but a load of cum shot out of his cock and landed on my legs. I stood there staring at his huge 9 inch cock and the huge load on my bra. I quickly dropped my things on the tent floor and got out of there fast. The rest of the day was awkward but the next day we went home and I decided to confront him about it after we got home 

To be continued...

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2013-07-29 13:42:38
needs a total rewrite you screwed up the facts and made a lot of STUPID errors. there are missing words and in the first paragraph alone you said she was 5'1" and slim but had 36c tits. 36c tits on a 5'1" frame would make her chubby not slim. you also mixed metric and american measures ( pounds and centimeters) since your from england you should have used kilograms or stones for weight. time for a total rewrite using a good editor BUT DELETE THE ORIGINAL FIRST.

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2012-02-12 10:57:26
uGSDLA I must admit, the webmaster has written cool..!

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Slow down a little. We don't want just an eye witness account. We want to feel it, taste it and smell it. Use all your senses.

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2011-09-26 15:53:05
As stated before, proof read. You may want to elicit the aid of some of the more practice writers of this forum, or from a trusted friend. With their help you'll provide a cleaner, easier to read article, and thus increase your audience's appreciation. That being said, nice article thus far. I look forward to your next piece.

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