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This is a rape role play I created with a friend of mine over instant messaging. The conversation is real. The content is not.

Scott:*you wake up after being hit on the head unable to see or move*

Kelly: I start to scream for someone

Scott: *you hear movement nearby but no voices. From the sounds of it you can tell there is more than one person but are unsure as to how many*

Kelly: I quiet down to see what I can here

Scott: *you hear them whispering among each other you can't make out most of what they are saying but you hear bits and pieces "what should we do first?"*

Kelly: I assess the situation am I tied down and blindfolded or is it physically blind and paralyzed

Scott: *you find you are tied down and blindfolded*

Kelly: I calm down knowing it’s not permanent and relax my breathing and listen closer

Scott: *you hear someone enter the room the call out in an Irish accent* Oi she's wake now...the fun can start boys!

Kelly: I lay really still listening and enjoying the sound of the voice

Scott: *you hear the sound of a zipper next to the bed and someone fumbling around inside a bag.* "no. no. no. AH this'll do." *you feel your shirt ripped apart suddenly and your bra shoved down you can tell it's chilly because your nipples get rock hard as soon as they hit the air*

Scott: *you feel a pair of metal clamps placed on your nipples*

Kelly: moan and struggle trying not to react just yet

Scott: "I think she liked that mate" an Australian accent this time.

Kelly: Holds really still and waits

Scott: "well if she's into pain she'll love this" (Irish) *you feel a small jolt of electricity hit your nipples of a brief second then stop*

Kelly: yelps and pulls away

Scott: *laughter rips for your unknown assailants "I guess not boys"

Kelly: holds still and waits some more

Scott: *you feel another jolt*

Kelly: yelps and ant tries to get away from it

Scott: "ok.ok. Let’s not scare her TOO much right off mate"(aus) "there's still plenty more to do to her for that" *pause. Then you hear a murmur in reply*

Scott: *you feel the clamps come off*

Kelly: waits controlling my breathing and my heart rate as much as possible thinking this could be very very bad or it could get very very interesting

Scott: *you feel a finger tracing up your side very gently and up over your chest tweaking your nipples as they pass over them*

Kelly: moans

Scott: *your pants are ripped away and your panties shredded to bits as someone starts doing the same between your legs. starting at your ankle up your leg brushes pass your pussy, rubbing gently, then back down the other leg*

Kelly: moans and physically relaxes

Kelly: shivers lightly

Scott: *you feel your pussy lips spread apart and another clamp set upon your swollen clit, you can tell the tension isn't set as hard as the others but still quite hard*

Kelly: jumps then settles down

Scott: *A whip made of rubber starts hitting your erect nipples. Softly at first then harder*

Kelly: moans and wiggles trying to avoid the stinging bite of the whip

Scott: *as you wiggle you notice the clamp on your clit stays in place stimulating it with each movement*

Kelly: start to moan her body starts to show signs of slight arousal

Scott: "that's it boys. Work her up. If we're lucky she might squirt for us. *you feel the clamp removed and replaced with two fingers rubbing in a circular motion*

Kelly: moans and bucks towards the strange hands

Scott: "that's it girl. Get into it. Squirt for us" (Irish)

Kelly: ugh shakes head back and forth

Scott: *you hear a buzzing sound as the fingers are removed and suddenly your clit starts vibrating*

Kelly: groans feeling her own juices running down her crack

Scott: *you feel 2 fingers spread your lips and a tongue run from crack to clit licking up your juice*

Kelly: I scream and pull away as much as I can

Scott: *you feel a smack across your face, not too hard but enough to sting for a few seconds* "I said squirt not dribble*

Kelly: whimpers and tries to curl up into a ball

Scott: *you can't due to your binds*

Kelly: I am visibly shaken and what arousal I had left

Scott: "Well now you went and done it arsehole" (aus) "Now what are we supposed to do? You went and fucking scared her"

Kelly: cries

Scott: *to you* "Calm down lassie. We're not here to hurt you. We just wanted to have a little fun.

Kelly: listens to the voice and relaxes

Scott: "that's a good girl" *you can hear a smile in his voice*

Kelly: relaxes and calms down

Scott: "now do you feel you can continue?"

Kelly: nods

Scott: "ok" *you hear the Irish man muttering but all you hear is "whiney" and "bitch"*

Scott: *the vibrating resumes making you realize it had stopped*

Kelly: moans and relaxes

Scott: *you feel clamps on your nipples once again*

Kelly: moans

Scott: "you think you can squirt for us love?" (Aus)

Kelly: whisper not sure never have before

Scott: "take yourself to the best place you have ever been and just release"

Kelly: I will try

Scott: *you feel something rub up and down your pussy, then enter. It feels like a dick but cannot tell if it is real or fake. You can tell there is no condom if it is real.*

Kelly: moans a lil and tries to relax a bit more

Scott: *the vibrating increases as the pumping gets faster* "Say when love"

Kelly: moans loudly feeling herself start to build towards orgasm trying to meet the object in her

Scott: *A hand grabs your boob and starts massaging it*

Kelly: moan louder my body getting rosy with excitement and starting to glisten as I get closer

Scott: *The clamp is removed from your clit and is replaced with a mouth. You feel a tongue flicking your nipple as he sucks gently*

Kelly: I tense and try not to freak out

Scott: *The mouth pulls away*

Kelly: I relax again

Scott: *The object starts pounding a little faster*

Kelly: start to react moaning and bucking my heart is racing in my ears as I start to cum I cry out

Scott: *The object pulls out as you cry out*

Kelly: I feel my release I gush as the object is pulled out

Scott: *you hear a whoop of laughter as you squirt* "DID YOU SEE THAT? IT HIT THE WALL!" You hear the Aussie "told you love" *you hear that smile again*

Kelly: I pant and drift off

Scott: *As you come to you can tell you've been flipped over still bound but are now suspended in air*

Kelly: tests he ties and see its secure and relax

Scott: *still blindfolded*

Scott: *you hear movement* "ah awake now?" *you can tell it's the Irish man*

Kelly: I nod lightly

Scott: *more people enter the room. You hear the Aussie* "Well you had your fun. Now it's time for ours" *your mouth is forced open by a cock soft at first but at first contact it starts getting hard*

Kelly: I let my mouth just feel it get hard at first

Scott: *It starts pumping in and out at full pump it barely hits your gag reflex*

Kelly: then slowly use my tongue to feel its shapes size and texture better

Scott: *you hear a moan above your head*

Kelly: I massage the cock with my tongue enjoying the texture and he taste

Scott: "Oh.....oh god......OH GO--" * you feel a massive load hit the back of your throat*

Kelly: I swallow it as fast as I can gagging at first as it hits

Scott: "Oi this bitch knows how to take a load" *the cock pulls out as another one goes in*

Kelly: I gag at first

Scott: *It starts pumping as the first one did. Hitting about the same spot on full thrust,
but you can tell it is wider*

Kelly: I am gagging here and there

Scott: *As that cock fucks your face you feel the other rub around your pussy, still wet from your squirt, and slide in with ease*

Kelly: whimpers around the cock in my mouth

Scott: *They get into a rhythm as the one in your mouth pulls out the one in your pussy goes in. You feel yourself swinging slightly from the movement*

Kelly: I pull away from the cock in my mouth to say I am getting sick

Scott: *you feel solid ground underneath you and your arms and legs are place into a doggy style position for you as you find you still cannot move them on your own*

Kelly: I put my head down on the floor panting

Scott: *you start hearing a loud moaning from behind you*

Kelly: I listen

Scott: *you feel the cock inside your pussy shoot it's load inside you. Then pull out and shoot a second load on your back* *you hear a whisper* "bugger didn't pull out in time..."

Kelly: moans a lil as the world rights its self and I realize I was just used

Scott: *the cock you were sucking on releases its load on your face you can feel it hit your hair and drip down*

Kelly: I shiver as it hit me skin

Scott: *you blackout and awaken back in your own house wondering if it was just a dream*

Scott: *until you look down and se you are naked and feel the cum still in your hair*

Tell me what you think :) I welcome all comments good and bad

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2012-12-26 17:53:20
Amazing is all that is needed to be said

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2012-11-04 02:50:52
A great story, i agree with the others.

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2012-02-09 14:27:52
Great role play loved it

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2011-12-13 15:48:01
good but could have been in story form,you would have more viewers

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