Things are getting good!
We just started at each other, eyes locked one another. All 6 eyes open wider than possible. Abby had her jaw open and dangling down. I quickly stuffed Summer tit back in and she pulled my shorts back up. She then got off of me and we both stood siting on the side of the bed. Abby did the same. I knew she tried to utter out something, but she staid silent. I finally broke the silence.

"Ugh- Ugh, Abby. I- I- Its not what it looks like."

"Not what it looks like!?" She snapped. "How the hell is it not what it looks like?!?" I couldn't answer I was stuck. "HOW!?!?!?!" Abby screamed. She started sobbing.

"I don't know!" I responded.

"Yes you do!" Abby growled through her teeth. "Tell me!!" I had to make something up fast.

"We- ugh met on the pier." I lied. Abby had a straight face on. She got up, walked over to me, and slapped me... hard. my upper body moved toward the left. I was dumb-founded for a few seconds. Then I jerked up.

"What the hell was that for?!" I yelled

"You know very well what that was for!" She snapped back at me. "You lied and cheated on me, so you so clearly deserve it!!" Then we started arguing. For me I blacked out from anger and sadness. I came back to my senses when Summer intervened. Abby pushed her out of the door and slammed it. She walked back to me and we started arguing again. Finally I broke down and told her how we met. She started in disbelief the entire time.

"What?" She sobbed "You fucked right next to me while I was ina coma?!"

"Yes..." I sighed. She dropped down on the bed and continued to sob. I got up and went over to her. I bent down and wrapped her in my arms. She got up and pushed me away. The she sighed sharply and grabbed my arm. She shoved me towards the doorway, opened the door, and pushed me out. I turned around to run back in, but she closed and locked the door. I banged on it 3 times before I gave up. I stared sobbing violently right there, but I flt a soft hand touch my shoulder. I looked up and saw that it was Summer. She was looking down and smiling at me. I got furious. I started panting heavily and got a killer look in my eyes. I slowly got and wrapped my hand around her throat. I shoved her back and put her against the wall and lifted her off of her feet. She hopelessly tried to escape, but I kept a firm grip on her neck. I looked in her eyes and say true fright. My mood softened and I let her go. She dropped down on her knees and gasped and coughed for breath. She soon looked back up me and I said,

"Get the hell out of here. I never wanna see you again." She got up and left and I never did hear or see her again.

I went over to sob on the couch. My life was in complete shambles. Why did I take to love of my life for granted? Why? Why did I betray the best thing in my life? Why? I just needed to talk to her. Just once so where I could explain it.

Then I got an idea. The balconies were connected. So I went out side, walked over and opened the door. Abby was on the bed, sobbing. I hated my self more than I hated anything that ever walked the earth. I was a giant walking piece of shit.

Abby looked up and saw me. She said calmly,

"Get out... please just leave."

"No Abby, please just hear me out." I responded. She got up and went over to me.

"No Jake. I cant trust you. Anymore." Those words that Abby muttered out were like a million knives straight through my heart. I just stared at her. My entire nervous system shut down. For a few seconds I couldn't move. All I could do was stare into Abby's beautiful hazel eyes, which at once were beautiful, but now because of me, were cold, lifeless, and abused.

I finally came back to my senses and said,

"A-Abby, you don't trust me?"

"No," She sighed. "I don't." I couldn't breath. I had no reason to. "Jake, you betrayed me. You went and slept with another women."

"Abby, you don't understand. She seduced me." Abby just shook she head and hastily went back to her bed. At that point I got mad. I really don't know why, I just did.

"You know you do this all the time." I exclaimed. She just looked back at me with a piercing look in her eyes.

"Do what?" She replied.

"When you jump to conclusions. You never hear me out or hear my side of the story."

"Why should I when its apparent to everyone that you fucked her and liked it. Let me guess she a whore with parents that neglect her?" I couldn't say anything. She was spot on. I sighed and looked down. "MmmHmm, thought so."

"Look Abby," I began, "Please can you-"

"No Jake, I cant." She interrupted. "I cant."

"No, please. Abby-"

"Jake, no."

"Please Abby," I wrapped her in my arms. She started sobbing in my chest. "Please..." I whispered in her shoulder. She pushed me away and was still sobbing.

"Jake," She sobbed "I cant, I'm sorry."

"No. please!"

"I'm sorry Jake." She walked over to the door and opened it. I slowly started walking out. The last thing I saw was Abby's depressed and sobbing face that that turned my heart into stone. She closed the door silently and I went over to the couch. I fell down and started sobbing. Eventually I cried my self to sleep.

I woke up with a gasp again. I had that nightmare again. I was sweating so I got up. The sun was beaming in my eyes. I looked at the clock. 9:00 am. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. My mom was looking at me with her arms crossed and a stern look on her face.

"Mom, what wrong?" I asked

"Oh nothing." She responded, but she just kept looking at me. "Except when we got here last night, we found Abby sobbing. We thought it was from what happened a few days ago, but as it turns out, it was from something that happened a few hours before." My eyes widened and my heart started racing.

"W-What do you know?"

"Everything." She responded. I sighed and she continued. "Jake, how could you do that to Abby shes such a nice girl. Plus that fact that you cheated on her with that bimbo you just met."

"Look mom-"

"No Jake, you look. Abby's parents put her first and do you know what that did to your fathers business?" I was afraid to ask. "Huh?! They split the business up. Your fathers has been at that table all night tiring to see hoe he can stay in business." Her voice started breaking. "We might have to shut down. How are we gonna keep up with the bills and the mortgage? We gonna lose our house and live on the street. How are we gonna eat?" She was in full-blown sobs.


"No, go to your room and start packing. We leave tomorrow morning." I go up and looked over at my dad. He was looking down at his papers and didn't look up at me. I walked into my room thinking, 'What the hell did I do? I put my family in financial trouble and I broke Abby's heart. I truly hated myself.

I sobbed quietly to myself while I was packing my suitcase. When I finished, I fell on the bed and continued to sob. I couldn't get Abby's picture out of my head. Her beautiful body, her gentle skin, and her soft hair, but she haunted me. Her face had a perpetual sadness in it. I hated looking at her, but I hated myself more for causing it.


I didn't get any sleep that night. All I was doing was wondering what I would do with my life. I would never see Abby again and I knew it. Would I ever get over Abby? Was life worth even living? At 3:29 am, I came up With my conclusion. I would commit suicide.

At 4:00 am, I got up and opened the door to see if anyone was there. I saw both my dad and mom sleeping on the table over their papers. I slowly walked out and pulled out a blank piece of paper out from my dads hand. I quietly put my hand on the paper and started to pull it away. I was able to get it and also get a pen. Then I started to write my suicide note

Mom, Dad, and Abby,
As of 6:00 am on June 15th 2011, I am dead. I have realized that if I can't be with Abby, I
can't be with anyone. I love Abby more than life its self and if I don't have Abby... whats the
point of living. Abby, this is not meant to make you feel guilty. I deserve to die. I loved you so
much, yet I still betrayed you and went with Summer. This is neither yours or his fault. Its mine.
By now they might be pulling my body out of the ocean, or it might be completely lost at sea.
If my body is retrieved, my last wish is to be remembered. Everyone can forget me, but all
I wish
is that Abby remember me and find someone who wont make cheat on him like I did. Someone
who will give him the respect he deserves and makes him happy. As for all of my possessions,
feel free to help your self to what ever you want.
I love you all,
Yours truly,

I had tears streaming down my face while I wrote the note. I knew I had to do this. I knew Abby deserved better than me.

I finished my note and went back out. I placed the note the counter top behind my parents and left. I got out to the beach. I sat down on the sand and gazed out at the ocean. I was amazing. Yet I knew how many lives these waters took, and mine would soon be one. I looked around and saw no one so I got up and started walking toward the water. I soon felt the cold water start to nip at my feet. I could already feel the cold grip of the sea on my body.

I soon was up to my neck with sea water. I wanted to stop but I kept going. Soon enough, I was completely submerged in the water. From there on I let the water take me out. I knew I was in a rip tide after a few seconds. Then I let go. I just let go and let the ocean take my body.

I looked up at the surface of the water, I soon saw it going dark. Then... I passed out.

I felt a sweet taste in my mouth. I never tasted anything this amazing before. I tried to open my eyes and move my arms. I couldn't, I was too weak. I wondered if I was in heaven or hell.

The taste still stayed in my mouth. I flowed like the kisses me and Abby had together. Oh Abby. The mear thought of her without me brought tears to my eyes.

I taste soon got stronger...and stronger... It started to get a bitter-sweet, almost salty taste to it. My curiosity got the better of me and I forced my eyes open. I saw Luben (the nerd [I don't know why I called him Jerry in the first place]). He had both of his hand down on my chest, and hes was pumping. I knew immediately he saved me. He also gave me mouth to mouth CPR. I looked at his face. He had a disgusted look in his eyes.

I jerked up and he moved out of the way.

"Mornin' Ariel." Luben said, "What are you doing in the water this early in the morning? You should know that this is the time for rip tides."

"I'm alive?!" I asked

"Yea you are, I saved your life."

"No you didn't! You ruined my suicide!" I yelled. "Oh God! Why did I say that!"

"Suicide?!? Your trying to commit suicide!?!?"

"Yes. I am." I replied calmly "Theres no point of living at this point in my life."

"I know the answer is no, but I might as well ask. Why?"

"I'll tell you when hell freezes over." I said. Then I stood up. "Now if you ll excuse me. I have to go drown myself." Then I started walking toward the water.

"Nononono." Luben uttered getting up. "Under my vision, no one dies. Ok?" He put his hand on my shoulder, but I jerked it off. He did it again. I pushed his hand away, then I slightly felt a pinch on my shoulder. I almost went unconscious, but all I did was fall ot the ground. I felt his start to drag my body back to where we were. He plopped me down on the sand and sat down next to me.

"Let try this again, shall we? Why do you want to kill your self?" I couldn't do anything. My entire body went numb, I had to tell him. I soon told him the entire story. From when Abby and I made out first love, till now. I tried with every fiber of my being not to cry when I told him the story, but I couldn't help myself. I was full on sobbing by the en of the story.

"I was a true idiot. Why I cheated on her is beyond me." I sobbed. I looked over and I saw a bitter-sweet face.

"So, let me get this straight. You want to kill yourself because you cant be with Abby?"

"Yes." I sighed. "Their gone now, Ill never be able to contact her or see her ever again."

"You do know that taking your own life because of someone else... really- just isn't worth it." I shot a heavy glace at him when he said that. Then with a stern voice I said.

"Then you've never meet Abby. She is the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful human being to..." I started sobbing again. "ever walk the earth. She she was all mine but then..." I buried my face in my thighs and bawled my eyes out again. Luben patted my back a few times to get me to calm down. He sighed.

"You love Abby right?"

"With all of my heart, yes."

"Then do you want her to feel guilty for the rest of his life knowing that hes the reason that you killed your self?"

"No." I said quietly. "But I wrote in a letter that I left that its completely my fault, for Abby not to feel guilty."

"Do you think a little piece of paper is gonna stop her from feeling a lifetime of guilt?"

"As a matter of fact, I do."

"Well its a fact that it wont. Look, Abby still has feelings for you. So there might still be a chance for you to get back together."

"I dought it!" David exclaimed. Then the Luben got up.

"Jake, trust me. There is. Wait, did you say that she left and went back home?"

"Yeah, she did.

"Then why did I see her this morning in the lobby and her parents, just wanting to change rooms?"

"WHAT?! Shes still here?"

"Apparently. I heard they got room 1522." I stood frozen. I saw a silver- no, GOLD lining in my foggy life. I bolted away from Luben and went back into the hotel. I pushed the elevator button and it immediately opened.

I ran in and started punching the number 15. The elevator door of course took and eternity to close.

The elevator ride that happened next took no less than a century. The numbers slowly kept going up and up and up..... G.....1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....6.....7.....8.....9.....10.....11.....12.....13.....14.....15-

"Finally!" I yelled. I bolted out of the elevator. I ran down the hall and stopped dead at room 1522. I knocked once before I gabbed my arm with my other hand. I had to stop. What was I going to say? I heard footsteps coming to the door. 'No! They heard me!' I thought. I was about to bolt from the scene, but the door opened. Out came a depressed looking Abby. She was in a robe, her hair was all over the place, her thought and eyes had swelled from sobbing. She saw me and her eyes opened up a bit. She quickly rolled them and started to close the door, but I stuck my arm out and stopped it.

"Jake, please leave." She said. Her voice wasn't as beautiful as it was before. Now it was chocked up with many tears.

"No, not until we have again what we had before."

"How can I do that after what you did?" She started walking back inside. I followed her and let the door shut behind me. I was relived to see that her parents were not there. She walked into her room and lied back down on her bed.

"Abby," I said.

"Get out!" she yelled back.

"No!, Please! Abby, I beg of you find it in your heart to forgive me. I'll get down on my knees and beg 'till times end." I feel down to my knees and cupped my hands together and put them on the bed. "Please Abby, I cant live with out you and I almost didn't. If it wasn't for the nerd we saw when we came here. I would have been dead!" Her eyes widened.

"Jake, you almost commit suicide for me?"

"Yes," I said getting back up. "I would do anything for you Abby. If I didn't have you, what the point of living?"
Then I said down on the bed. "Abagail Janet Wilson... I love you in ways no one but God could describe. If I don't have you, I have no idea what I would do with myself, I probably would commit suicide in the most painful way possible. When ever I see you, I melt. When ever I'm with you, I cant stand myself, and what I did to you, makes me, the most disgusting low-life that ever walked the earth. I need the star shine of your heavenly eyes,
after the day's great sun. Please take me back Abby... please." I felt a tear come down my right cheek. I didn't want for her to see me cry, but what choice did I have? I closed my eyes for a few seconds then when I opened them, I saw that Abby was sobbing. I saw her extend her arms and I knew what that meant. I lunged my self at her and wrapped my arms around her for dear life. She was sobbing into my shoulder. I started doing it in hers,

“Thank you… thank you!” I said

“Jake,” she replied. “I love you, but…” I pulled away.

“But what?” I was scared. Would she take me back?

“Jake, I love you and I want you back, but I still need some time to think…” I got up from the bed just started at her. "Jake, I'm sorry, but, if you really love me, you'll give me some time to think."

"Ok," I said. Then I walked out the door. I stopped and bolted back in.

"Wait!" I exclaimed. She looked back up at me. "If you do decide not get back together, at least convince your parents to keep the business together." She nodded. Then I left.


I was waiting for the elevator. When it got to my floor, it opened and I saw Luben. I pulled him out and begged for him to settle things between me and Abby. He agreed and went over to Abby's suite. He knocked on it, the door opened it and he went in.


I saw him and I stepped out from behind the wall. Luben stopped when he walked up to me.

"Well? Please tell me!" I begged. Luben just smiled and walked away.

"Luben, wait!" I yelled after him as he was waiting for the elevator. The door opened as he look back at me. He just smiled at me and went in. I started running after him but the door closed and the elevator went up. I swore out loud twice and I banged on the wall wanting to kill Luben. I pushed the button on the wall to open the door repeatedly, when out of the corner of my eye, I was a door open. I quickly looked up to see a door in the middle of the hallway open up. I squinted to see the number... 1522. I quickly started running over when Abby walked out and closed the door behind her. We both stopped dead when we made eye contact. Then we just started at each other for a few minutes, but they felt the days. I got tired of just looking at the love of my life in the way she was. I lunged my self at her. Before she could do anything, I had her wrapped in my arms. My love for her was stronger than ever. It grew 5000000000-fold, only when she wrapped her arms around mine. We were both sobbing in each others shoulders. I moved my head over and made our lips meet. The passion exploded like a atomic bomb.

We kissed for about a minute, when Abby broke it.

"MMmm," She moaned when she retracted her lips."Jake, I love you, but...

"But!? But what Abby? What is it?"

"Jake I love you, and I wanna be with you, but I cant."


"Jake I cant tell you!"

"Why? Why can you not tell me!?"

"Jake..." She started sobbing in my chest. I started holding her tighter I kept trying to convince her to tell me.

"Please Abby. PLEASE! Tell me!" I begged.

"Jake!" She sobbed.

"What? Abby, what is it?"

"Jake. I'm moving....?"

"To where..."

"Jake, I'm moving to London!"


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