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Part two in this Chapter I meet Gina.
I felt dizzy and sick as we got to the French doors. I looked out the doors and into the garden patio. The patio area had transform into a lovely outdoor enchanted looking dance floor with the garden as its background. There were people dancing and sitting around in chairs at tables. I heard romantic music coming from the garden. I saw people dancing hand in hand, lips to lips and heads on shoulders as I peered outside.

The two men in suits opened a side of the French doors each as DeRonda and I entered. As we entered the garden patio, there was a huge lovely swan ice sculpture it looked lovely shining with colorful lights illuminating it. It reminded me of the story “The Ugly Duckling” as well as my own transformation a few years back from that goofy little girl into what I had become. Which I had wrote about in chapter three untitled “Janet’s Summer Transformation.”

My eyes looked to the people dancing again as DeRonda led me up to the dance area. The people looked to be enjoying themselves to me. I believe some of them were even in love from how they were dancing. My eyes searched the dance floor until they fell onto a near by couple.

I stopped dead in my track; DeRonda tugged at me as she looked back to see why I had stopped. I paid no mind to her what so ever, my eyes and thoughts were transfixed on the couple dancing not far from us. My stomach churned and I had trouble swallowing to get my breath. My eyes fell upon the couple as they rocked closely together swaying to the music.

It was John dancing with another girl. Well not just another girl was she for she was a very sexy and beautiful looking girl. The girl in his arms was about my size and I took her to be in her 20’s. They looked to be a couple familiar with each other as they danced tightly against each other. One may have thought that they were even in love. Well at least I did as I watched them closely which caused my heart to race even faster.

The girl looked lovely with her face pressed against John’s shoulder as they moved to the music. She had a tanned very pretty face with long jet-black hair flowing behind her. Every now and then, she would raise that pretty face from his shoulder and look into his eyes.

She was wearing a tight red one-piece mini skirt that showed off her long lovely tanned sexy legs very nicely. The dress was low cut but she had only average size tits. However, with the push up bra she had on they still stuck up enough that you could see the tops of her breasts. When the girl would pull herself away from his body to talk, he would be able to peer right at her breasts.

John danced with her and he spun her more toward me. I saw her backside, when I did I thought, damn this girl had a fucking ass on her. To make matters worst my John’s hand was right on her ass. I allowed DeRonda to pull me closer to them both.

As we got closer to her, I saw just how lovely and beautiful she really was. She reminded me of a model or a movie actress. We were now only three steps away from them. I felt this burning in my stomach and then in my chest. At first, I did not know what it was.

That was until the burning increased as I saw this exquisite sexy woman press her lips to my John. She kissed him with such passion, I swear I could feel the heat from their lips being together. That heat that I was feeling, the burning in my chest, I knew then what it was.

That burning was jealousy starting to fill my body. I watched her as she rolled those luscious lips of hers over his. I watched as her kiss became more passionate against his lips as the song ended. I watched as she broke their kiss by drawing her mouth back from his. I saw her tongue leave from deep in his mouth as she drew back from him. That only made my jealousies grow.

DeRonda said, “Janet this is John’s Cousin, my daughter Gina,” as she gave her a kiss on her pretty face and a hug.

I looked to Gina who smiled at me, then to DeRonda who smiled at me, Then to John who just stared at me with no emotions on his face. I just stared blankly back at him. I looked into those lovely hazel eyes, which seemed bright blue against the lit garden. I looked deep into them as they started to sparkle.

I went to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I pressed my lips against his. I felt his arms wrapping around me as he kissed me back. His deep passion filled kiss felt good on my lips as I slipped my tongue from my mouth. I used it to lick at his lips for a second. I could taste Gina’s lipstick as I did. Our kiss ended as I drew my lips back from his as a smile came over his face.

Gina moved to John and as she placed her arm around his back, she smiled as she looked to him and said, “Cugino di lei è molto sexy e bella,” with a heavy Italian accent. (John told me that meant, “Cousin she is very sexy and beautiful.”)

John replied, “Sì, lei è molto bella.” (This meant, “Yes, she is very beautiful.”)

It was both strange and wonderful to hear Italian coming from John‘s mouth. I was a little lost in the fact I knew not what he had said. I was surprised when Gina step toward me and she put her arms around me giving me a big hug and then a short but wet kiss on my lips.

When the kiss was over she looked at me and she said, “Sono felice di incontrare il proprietario del mio cuore cugino.” (This meant, “I am happy to meet with the owner of my cousin heart.”)

About this time, DeRonda said with a very heavy Italian accent, “Parlare in inglese voi due.” (The two of you speak English.)

Gina looked to me and she said, “Sorry my English not real good but my pleasure to meet you,” as she kissed me once again only this time with more feeling.

I broke our kiss and I turned to DeRonda and said, “Please tell your daughter I do hope I am the only one in her cousin’s heart,” “Tell her if she is still in his heart, I will walk away for I can not compete with someone as lovely as her,” as I turned looking at John.

Gina replied, “I no speak English real good but I understand the language quite well,” “John’s heart only beats for you Janet,” as she smiled and once again hugged me very tight.

DeRonda said, “I do not know about the rest of you but I need a drink.”

“I would not mind a drink from Janet’s big bobbies,” Gina replied with a smile.

“That’s BOOBS, Gina,” John said with a laugh.

This made the three of us bust up laughing. With DeRonda, leading the way and John in between Gina and I, we all walked over to a table that sat out from the rest of the tables it had a private sign on it. It had that big swan ice sculpture has its background.

John pulled a chair out for DeRonda and she sat down. Then he pulled one out for Gina and she sat down. John came over to me and he took me into his arms giving me a deep passionate kiss before pulling my chair out for me.

John grabbed the champagne bottle from the ice bucket on the table. He popped the cork and poured us all a glass. He then sat down beside me. John asked us all to join him in a toast, which we did.

John held up his glass and we joined him with ours as he said, “To the life we love with those we love.”

DeRonda and I smiled to each other before we drank from our glasses. It was about that time I noticed those two dam men in black suits again. This time they were but a few steps away from our table.

“Alright enough of this you guys who are those men?” I asked as I looked at DeRonda then to John.

They did not say anything however, Gina replied, “They be my booty guards.”

“That’s bodyguards Gina,” John replied with a little laugh that made us all laugh again.

“Naw they guard my booty as well cugino,” “Sorry cousin,” “So don’t be thinking you getting any kitty from me this time around,” Gina said.

“I think she means pussy JOHN,” I said as I gave him a mean and dirty look.

DeRonda had seen the dirty look I gave him and she said, “Now children lets not have any of that,” as she patted my hand.

“I told you Aunt DeRonda this was not a good idea,” John replied shaking his head.

Gina brought her finger up to John’s mouth as she said, “John, I will handle it.”

Gina looked at me then back to her mom as she said, “Vorrei parlare con il suo mama.” (This meant let me talk with her mama.)

Gina stood up and she came over to me and asked, “Janet would you walk with me?” as she held out her hand.

I took a hold of her hand and we started to walk toward the back of the garden. I noticed those two men were following us. Gina looked back and she saw them as well.

Gina stopped and turned to them as she said, “Ci lasciano da solo.” (This meant, “Leave us alone.”

The two men stopped and then turned around and walked away. Gina and I walked along the stone path through the garden. We walked until we got beside a very lovely rose bush that was growing up and around a small love seat type bench. Gina told me to join her in smelling one of the roses.

I did and the aroma from the flower was exquisite. The rose was sweet smelling, almost like a bright spring day. The aroma was soothing with a slight feminine quality as it was refreshing, not overpowering. The rose’s aroma reminded me of childhood; it is the scent of the innocence of babies.

Gina smiled at me as she sat us down on the bench and she said as she plucked a rose from the bush, “John and I planted this rose bush when I was 13 and he was 10,” as she smelled the flower she had just picked.

“I told him that the rose bush represented my love for him and that as long as this bush grew so would my love for him,” Gina said.

Gina told me that with John being only ten he did not understand just what she meant by that. Nevertheless, each year that she returns for summer vacation she would find that the rose bush was growing and doing well. She told me that John would take care of it during the fall and winter every year.

I took Gina’s hand in mine as I said, “I always wondered why he looked after that bush for he had since I have known him.”

Gina replied, “Janet, as that bush grew some did my love grow for him,” “We used to lie beside our rose bush playing our adult games.”

I replied in a rather sad tone, “I know your mom told me all about your fun with John.”

“Then you know that at one time he did love me and wanted to be with me,” Gina said.

“Yes,” I replied as I hung my head down.

Gina took her finger just like John does and she lifted my head back up and she said, “Janet I give you this rose,” as she handed it to me. “For John’s love for me no longer grows in his heart for you alone live in his heart now.”

I accepted the rose from her as I replied, “What about you Gina does John still grow in your heart?”

Gina smiled as she brought her hand up to my face and she replied, “John did not place this on my hand Janet,” as she smiled.

I looked at her finger on which sat a big diamond engagement ring. In my rush to past judgment upon Gina and John, I had never thought to look upon her hand. The ring sparkled in my eyes and in my heart, as I knew I had no reason to worry about Gina.

“Mama told me you might be a little jealous of me but I am the one jealous of you Janet,” Gina said.

“Why is that Gina?” I asked.

Gina replied, “ Poiché il mio cugino è molto esperto a lovemaking,” “Oh sorry Janet I said “Because my cousin is very skilled at lovemaking,” as she smiled at me.

“He is at that,” I replied as I smiled back to her. “Gina you are welcome to share him with me anytime you like,” I added as I hugged her.

“I want you as well,” Gina whispered into my ear as I felt her give my ear a little lick from her tongue.

Gina then placed her lips to mine as she wrapped her arms around me. Her lips felt soft and sensual upon my lips as we kissed. Her kiss reminded me of the rose I held in my hand. As it was sweet and innocent until I felt her tongue slip against mine. Our tongues touched and the kiss turned to passion.

As Gina kissed me, deep as we sat there on the bench I felt her hand brush against my breasts. From just a brush, it went to her rubbing her hand against my nipples. My nipples harden thru my bra as Gina broke our kiss and she unzipped my leather jacket. Her hands rubbed at the tops of my breasts sticking over my push up bra.

Gina said, “Hai tale seni equiseta,” (Which meant you have exquisite breasts.)

I did not need that translated as I felt Gina kissing softly across the tops of my breasts. From kissing, she went to dragging her tongue across them. Her lips and tongue felt so soft, wet and warm as she went from the top of one to the top of my other breasts. Gina would kiss a little ways across them then drag her long wet tongue back the other way. She did this many times as I felt myself getting horny.

“Mama told me how lovely your big boobies were Janet and I must say she was right,” Gina said as she reached into my bra and skillfully lifted them both from it.

My big breasts heaved up and down in the summer night air. Gina was making me hot as she played with my boobs. She lowered her head to one of my breasts and she used her tongue to trace around my areola. Her tongue caused my nipples to harden more. Gina then used her tongue to poke at my hard standing out nipples.

“AHhhh,” I cooed as I felt her pushing my nipples back into my breasts with her tongue.

Gina took one of my boobs into her mouth were she gently sucked at it. I ran my hand down to her thigh. I slowly worked my hand up her panty hosed covered thigh. I worked my way to the very inside of her thighs, my hand-felt hair as it near her pussy. I knew she must have been wearing crotch less pantyhose.

Gina did not have as much hair down there as her mom did but her pussy lips hung down just as her mom’s did. They were big and meaty as I felt her wetness on her pussy lips as I ran my fingers over them. I parted her lips with a finger as I ran it up and down between them. I slipped my middle finger deep up into her wet pussy.

Gina cooed out, “AHHH Janet che si sente così meraviglioso.” (Which meant ahhhh Janet that feels so wonderful) as I started to run my finger in and out of her pussy.

Gina went to licking at my nipples to using her tongue to make little circles on them. Gina gently started to suck at each of my nipples. She would suck on them pulling them away from my breasts. I felt my own pussy dripping in my panties. I wished now that I had not wore any panties as I felt Gina’s hand running up under my leather skirt.

My panties did not stop Gina as I felt her hand rubbing against them. My juices made them wet and sticky as she rubbed hard and fast against them. I moved my thumb up to her clit as I moved my finger in and out of her now wet dripping pussy. Gina pressed hard against my wet panties as she too found my enlarged clit.

“AHHhh Gina you are going to make me cum,” I screamed out into the night air.

“As you are making me,” Gina yelled into the night air.

My thumb rubbed hard against her clit as I slipped another finger up into her pussy. Gina moved from sucking on my breasts. She was now kissing me deeply and with such passion. My whole body seemed to be on fire as we kissed deeply. Her tongue sought out mine as mine sought out hers. They met deep in each other mouths as my orgasm over took me.

I could only moan in her mouth as a river of my pussy juices flowed against my panties soaking them and her hand. Gina just kept rubbing hard with my hand against my wet panties. I felt Gina’s clit swell against my thumb as she broke our kiss.

“Janet I’m cumming,” Gina moaned out loudly as she hugged me and rocked on my fingers in her pussy.

Gina’s pussy felt like it exploded around my fingers as it opened and her pussy juices shot from your hairy pussy. Her juices shot with force against my fingers that it made me pull them from her pussy. When I did, Gina hugged me tighter as I heard her juices splashing against the patio stones in the garden.

Gina and I kissed once more as our orgasms subsided sitting there on the bench. It was another deep and passionate kiss. Ours lips rolled over the others lips as our kisses turn to little pecks. I licked at Gina’s lips as she broke our kiss.

“Janet, I know now why both my mama and John love you so,” Gina whispered into my ear as we hugged.

I whispered back into hers, “Gina, I know we all are going to love each other before we are done,” as I hugged her tighter against myself.

Gina told me that we had better get back to Mama. Gina and I returned to the party. We both were walking hand in hand laughing and talking as we made our way back to our table. DeRonda and John both looked at us; DeRonda gave us a big smile. John on the other hand just stared at Gina.

I looked at John and then back to Gina as John said, “Hai pipì te cugino” pointing to the front of her mini skirt. (This meant have you peed cousin)

I looked at the front of Gina’s red mini skirt. Indeed, there was a big wet spot running almost up to her tits and it was very noticeable. Her dress must have soaked up both of our juices from our squirting pussies.

Gina ran over to John and she stuck her fingers under his nose and near his mouth as she replied, “Taste and then you tell me,” as she smiled at me.

John licked at Gina’s fingers before he sucked them into his mouth. Gina pulled them out as she bent over placing her lips onto his. I watched as she kissed him with passion. I saw her slip that lovely long tongue of hers into his mouth deeply. I felt DeRonda’s hand grabbing mine.

I turned to her as I picked up a glass of champagne and I said holding the glass out to her, “To the life we love with those we love.”

DeRonda smiled as she clicked her glass against mine. We drank it all and as I sat my glass, back down I saw Gina and John smiling at me as well. Almost in unison, they mouthed the words “I Love You” to me. The four of sat at the table talking. John reached for another bottle of champagne, which he popped. He poured out four glasses handing one to us all.

Gina leaned across the tale and she snatched John’s glass from him as she said, “Cousin you have had enough as you should be in training for the feetball.”

“That’s FOOTBALL Gina,” John replied.

We all busted out laughing at our table. We spent the rest of the night dancing and drinking except for John. He just danced with us and I would say just about every woman that was there. I was a little shocked as when he was dancing with other women DeRonda and Gina both would make little comments.

They would say stuff, as she is not his type. Just look at how she is grinding into his cock and the one I liked the most. I bet she fingers her pussy to John tonight.

The party was starting to wind down late in the night most of the normal guests have left leaving just the swingers. DeRonda and Gina were standing talking to another couple. John and I were sitting back at our table when I saw Angelo walking toward our table. He walked right over to John.

“May I dance with your much beautiful girlfriend?” Angelo asked John.

“Go for it my man,” John replied giving me a smile.

Angelo took me out onto the dance floor. He took me into his arms as if he had known me forever. He pulled me tightly against his body as we danced. Angelo whisper into my ear how lucky John was to have such a lovely and sexy woman at his side like me. I hugged him even tighter as he whispered sweets things into my ear.

I felt his cock growing hard as we danced. It felt like it was rubbing right against my clit. I felt his hands going to my ass as he pulled me even tighter against himself. My pussy started to twitch as I felt what seemed like a nice cock pressing and rubbing against my pussy. It was then I felt something else poking me up against my tit as I shifted a bit against him. I did not know what it was that was poking my boobs.

Angelo said, “Excuse a me for that Jeanette I forgot.” He reached inside his jacket and removed a gun, which he tucked into the back of his pants as we danced.

I do have to say that his dirty dancing was getting me horny. However when he pulled out a gun, I rather lost being horny however I did not show it to him. Hell I thought as we danced he should have whipped out that other weapon that was pressing into my pussy. The song ended and Angelo walked me back to the table.

Angelo kissed me on my cheek as he said, “Grazie a voi la mia bella signora,” (which meant Thank you my lovely lady.)

Angelo also shook John’s hand and patted him on his back before he walked away. John looked at me and seen the look I had on my face. John asked me “What you did not enjoy your dance?”

“John, he has a gun and I am not talking about the one in his pants,” I replied softly so that not every one could hear me.

“They all do Janet,” John replied as he scanned the garden area.

I followed his scan as well. I saw there were six men in dark suit through out the garden area and one close to Gina. I turned back to John and I patted at his chest on both sides of his jacket.

“What was that for?” John asked with wonder on his face.

“Just checking that’s all,” I said as I pulled his face to mine giving him a deep and long kiss.

DeRonda and Gina came walking back to our table. They stood there hand in hand. Gina turned to her mom and she kissed her passionately on her lips. DeRonda returned her kiss by slipping her tongue into her mouth. I slipped my hand under the table to John’s cock he was rock hard.

I felt my own pussy dripping as I rubbed at his cock through his pants. DeRonda and Gina were still kissing as I slipped down under the table slightly. I unzipped John’s pants freeing his hard throbbing cock. It danced before my face. I took just his cock head into my mouth.

I sucked at it and used my tongue on it. I dipped my tongue into his pee hole slit. I felt his hand go to my head as he pushed me down onto his cock further. I started to bob my head up and down onto his cock. My mouth drooled on his cock as I sucked it all into my mouth.

I may have swallowed too much at once, as I had to pull my mouth from his cock. I had started to choke on it. I pumped at his cock with my hand while I caught my breath. I saw some pre-cum ooze from his cock. I took my tongue and I lapped at it as it ran over the head of his cock. I took his cock back into my mouth and slowly worked my mouth down his hard cock.

My nose was in contact with his pubic hairs. When I saw someone lifting up the tablecloth that my head below. It was Gina and she watched me as I sucked at his cock that I had buried in my mouth. I slipped my mouth back up his cock and I popped it from my mouth. Gina kissed me lightly onto my lips.

After the short kiss Gina said, “Mama wants us to join her upstairs.”

My head shot out from under the table, as did Gina’s head. She stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me from my chair. She led me from the table and toward the French doors.

“HEY Janet, Are you going to leave me hanging?” John yelled pointing to his throbbing cock.

Gina turned and yelled back, “Use your hand cousin remember I showed you how,” as she laughed and led me into the house.

Gina and I ran to the stairs and as we got there so did her two body guards Gina stopped and she said, “A meno che voi due siete andando a scopare noi ci lascia,” (this meant Unless you two are going to fuck us, leaves us.)

The two men looked at each other and shook their heads NO and they walked away. I asked Gina as we walked up the stairs if they had ever joined her in any fun. She told me no they are all scared of her papa. We both laughed and ran up the stairs and down the hallway to DeRonda’s room.

Gina stopped and I asked her what was wrong; she told me that if mama’s door is closed she was not to enter. I gave a little laugh and I reached for the doorknob. Gina slapped my hand.

“NO Janet mama will spank,” Gina yelled out.

I laughed again as I opened the door and I walked in. I froze in my tracks as I looked to her bed. There was Angelo on top of her pounding his cock into her pussy. DeRonda’s legs were high in the air on his shoulders.

DeRonda looked at me as she yelled, “Janet get out!”

I back out of the door and as I closed it Gina said, “I told you no open.”

The night had been such fun I thought as I stood there leaned up against the wall. I asked Gina what her mama was going to do to me. Gina told me that mama would not be mad, as you did not know about going into her room unless she is with you. I told Gina that she had told me that before.

Gina replied, “Mamma andando ad arrossare il culo,” (this meant more or less Mom going to redden her ass.) “Sorry Janet I should have stopped you,” Gina added as she gave me a hug.

The door to her bedroom opened and Angelo walked out. He did not say a word as he walked by nor did he even look at us. I watched as he hurried down the hall and down the stairs. DeRonda came to the door and she told us to enter.

DeRonda had on a long lovely lacy robe and I said, “Don’t you look lovely in that,” as I gave her a big smile.

DeRonda smiled back as she replied, “Thank you Janet but wipe that smile from your face before I do,” in her stern voice.

I wiped the smile from my face and hung my head down as I said, “Sorry DeRonda, I forgot about your rule on entering your bedroom without permission,” in a low sad voice.

“I believe you know the routine young lady, now go into my closet and prepare yourself and bring my bag out with you,” DeRonda said. “Gina you may help her as well,” DeRonda added.

As Gina and I slowly walked toward the closet, there was a knock at the door. I heard John say “May I come in Aunt DeRonda?”

DeRonda went and opened the door letting him in. John looked at me as I walked to the closet. DeRonda took him into her arms and they kissed deeply as Gina pulled me into the closet.

Gina and I took our clothes completely off. She was very beautiful, as she stood before me naked. I saw that her breasts were perfect round globes that were perky and sticking from her chest. She had a true hourglass figure as I looked to her waist.

Her hairy pussy lay below I could see those big meaty lips hanging down. Her thighs and legs were perfect and sexy. I stood before her naked as she checked me out as well. She gave me a quick kiss as we told each other how lovely the other was. I turned and I saw DeRonda black bag lying in the corner.

I picked it up and I took a deep breath. I took Gina I was ready to pay for my mistake. Gina put her arm around me and she told me it would only hurt for a short while. I swallowed deeply as I remembered seeing her paddle John.

I walked into the room to find John naked sitting on the bed. Gina walked over to him and she sat down beside him. She wrapped his hand into her as she whispered something into his ear. I figured she was telling him what I had done. I walked over to DeRonda whom was sitting at a table in the chair.

“Here is your bag DeRonda,” I said in a low tone voice. “I am sorry for just barging in like I did,” I added as I hung my head down.

I watched as she unzipped her bag and she pulled her paddle out. DeRonda walked over to me with the paddle in one hand. She took her other hand and she rubbed on the side of my face.

“I know you are my dear but you still must pay the price,” DeRonda said as she instructed me to stand by the table.

DeRonda told me to bend over and lay my upper body onto the table. I did as she asked. She told me to spread my legs a little further apart. I did knowing that by doing that I was giving Gina and John a good shot of my pussy between my legs and below my butt.

“Gina, John Come over here,” DeRonda said.

I heard them hurrying over to her side. I heard Gina say cousin she has a nice big butt. I almost smiled however I knew what was about to happen. Therefore, I just lay there with my face onto the table.

“John, give me a number between 1 and 20,” DeRonda said.

All I heard was 20. 20 I thought dam that was going to redden my ass. I also thought it was a little much for what I had done. However, at the same time I felt my pussy start to tingle with sexual wants.

“One,” John replied loudly.

I lay there thinking how sweet that was; when DeRonda said, “Boy you do love her I see.” “Gina perhaps you could do better,” I heard DeRonda add.

“Eight sounds good to me Mama,” Gina replied.

I braced myself against the table, I was laying flat with my arms spread out as my fingers gripped at the edge of the table. I tightened my butt cheeks up waiting for that first whack from the paddle. It did not come so I relaxed my butt cheeks.

“Gina get the oil,” I heard DeRonda tell her.

In a few second, I felt the oil going onto my butt cheeks. I squirmed as I felt it go from being warm to hot. It stung at my butt cheeks as Gina used her soft hands to rub it into my ass. Even as my ass burnt, my pussy started to drip. I could feel my juices running onto my hanging pussy lips.

“Look cousin her pussy drips at the thought of being spanked by Mama,” Gina said as I felt her hand slip down between my legs.

I was about to say something but it was too late. Gina’s fingers with the oil on it touched one of my pussy lips. My pussy lips felt it was on fire. I squirmed on the table as my hands gripped it harder. It burnt but it also felt good, it is hard for me to describe the feeling I was getting.

I felt a cold wet towel rubbing against my pussy lips as DeRonda said, “That was a little naughty Gina.”

“Sorry mama I forget,” Gina replied with a small laugh.

A loud smack filled the room as DeRonda brought that paddle down across my butt. I jerked my body forward as it landed squarely on my ass. I had not expected it as it landed. I felt the paddle land again; this one caused my nipples to drag across the tabletop. They grew hard as my butt tingled and burnt.

The paddle landed again as I felt my pussy heating up again. However, it was not from the oil it was from being horny. The paddle landed six more times hard onto my ass. I swear the first two hurt like hell but the rest had felt like pure pleasure to both my butt and my pussy.

I lay there across the table with what I figured was a redden butt. I could also feel my pussy juices flowing. I had been giving an orgasm as DeRonda paddled me. I lay there breathing fast and hard but not from my spanking. My pussy was having convulsions as I lie there.

“Dam cousin you got yourself a kinky one in her,” Gina said loudly.

I came back down to earth in a few seconds as my pussy dripped the last drop. My butt was burning and stinging but I knew I had eight more whacks of the paddle coming from the man who loved me. I sobbed a little not really from the spanking more from the feeling of my orgasm as it over took my body.

“John you know what you have to do,” DeRonda said.

John leaned down against my back; I felt his hard cock slipping between my butt cheeks as he did. I tightened them trying to pull it between them. John stroked at my long blonde hair for a minute. He rubbed his cock against my butt some more. I then felt his cock leave my butt as he stood back up.

“Aunt DeRonda I have never told you I would not do something,” John said in a stern clear voice. John added, “Do what you will with me for I will not harm the woman I love,” “Janet get up from the table.”

I lie there for a second then DeRonda said, “You may get up Janet.”

I got up with a few tears in my eyes not from my paddling but from hearing those sweet words coming from John’s mouth. As I got off the table I walked to DeRonda, she took her hand and rubbed at the side of my face.

“I told you this boy loves you more than anything in this world,” “He loves you enough to tell me NO,” DeRonda said with a smile.

I turned to John who smiled at me. I looked down to see that his cock was no longer hard. It just hung down between his legs. I watched him as he got onto the table just as I had. John pulled his legs apart as I watched his balls drop between them. His long arms wrapped under the table.

Gina handed me the oil. I squirted it onto his butt. I rubbed it in with my hands. I felt his butt cheeks tighten as I worked it in. John ass started to turn red from just the oil. I washed my hands with the cold towel. DeRonda handed me the paddle.

I turned to Gina as I said, “In the garden earlier tonight you gave me a rose and you told me that I alone now live in his heart.” I handed Gina the paddle as I added, “I now give you this paddle as a token of not only John’s love for you but for my own love for you,” I gave her a quick kiss and a hug.

Gina got behind John and she said, “Sorry cousin this is going to hurt because I do love you however not with my heart.”

Gina raised the paddle high above her head. The first whack landed hard and square on his ass. His butt turned instantly dark red. John did not move nor did he flinch. Gina brought the paddle down hard and heavy seven more times across his ass. John just laid there with a very red ass.

Gina hugged her mom and handed her the paddle. She came over to me and kissed me deeply on my lips. She hugged me as she whispered in my ear. That man sure does love you Janet.

DeRonda said, “You may get up John.”

John got up and he gave DeRonda a kiss with a big tight hug. She rubbed her hand at the side of his face as she said, “I believe tonight my little boy has finally grown into a man,” as I saw a tear roll down her face.

John looked to me and smiled and then to Gina as he said, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST woman that fucking hurt,” as he rubbed at his butt.

DeRonda turned to Gina and I she just shook her head from side to side as she said, “Then again maybe not,” as a smile came over her face.

The three of us hugged and then we opened the circle for John to join us. We all hugged and kissed each other in one big circle. DeRonda slipped her robe off making it so that we all were naked. We tightened the circle up until there were tits against tits and John’s once again hard cock poking against us all as we took turns kissing each other.

DeRonda and Gina broke from our circle first. DeRonda got up onto her bed on her back. While her daughter just climbed between her mama’s legs. I watched as Gina started to part her hairy pussy with her hands. Gina then started to use her tongue on her mama’s pussy. DeRonda put her hands onto her head.

“Lick mama good Gina,” DeRonda cooed as she ran her hands through her long black hair.

Gina had her ass sticking high up in the air as both John and I watched. I moved my hand down to his hard cock. I pumped on it as we watched Gina eating her mom out. I told John that my pussy was twitching from watching them. It was just about the most exciting thing I had ever watched.

Gina had he mama squirming on the bed in no time. DeRonda was moaning loudly as her pussy got ate. I told John that Gina had the cutest big butt on her. He agreed with me as his hand went to my butt. He rubbed gently at my butt with his hand. My ass was still stinging from the spanking but his hands felt soothing.

“Janet why don’t you get up there under Gina and taste some true Italian pussy,” John said with a smile.

I got up onto the bed and I started to kiss at that big lovely butt of hers. I kissed and licked my way across both of her butt cheeks. I parted her butt cheeks with both my hands. I was shocked to see just how much hair this girl had around her butt hole.

“Lick her asshole, Janet,” John said as I saw him pumping on his cock.

I ran my tongue up between her butt cheeks. Gina moaned lightly and she backs her butt up against my tongue. I licked around her asshole getting her hair all wet. I started to lick up and down against her asshole. I shoved my tongue up her asshole.

“Oh Janet that feels good,” Gina moaned out softly.

I darted my tongue in and out of her asshole as I ran my hand up between her opened thighs. My fingers pulled at her hanging pussy lips before my fingers parted them. I shoved two fingers deep into Gina’s pussy from behind as I licked at her asshole again.

I felt John rubbing at my pussy from behind with his hand. My pussy was dripping juices into his hand as he did. I felt him take his hand and he smeared my juices upward between my butt cheeks. I felt his tongue lapping at my own asshole as I licked at Gina’s asshole.

Gina was rocking her pussy against my fingers and grinding that lovely ass into my tongue. John had his whole tongue buried up my own asshole. DeRonda would moan then Gina, then me as we played with each other on the bed. I could not take John’s tongue in my asshole any longer.

I looked back at him as I said, “Fuck me up my butt John.”

“Yeah fuck her in her ass cousin,” Gina moaned out.

I heard DeRonda moan something out but I could not make it out. I felt John pulling my butt cheeks apart and then I felt a big glop of spit running into my open asshole. John eased the head of his cock into my butt. He held it there for a while letting my butt muscles relax. He eased his cock further up my ass, and then he gently and slowly started to fuck me up my ass.

Ahhhh fuck me deeper John.” I moaned out loudly as his cock felt good sliding in and out of my still warm butt as I could still feel the warming oil on it.

John did as I asked; I felt him ease all of his cock up into my ass. He started to fuck me with deep slow strokes. I started to back my butt up against him on his forward strokes. Soon he was fucking my ass at a steady hard pace.

Ahhhhh GINA aaahh, DeRonda moaned out loudly, I knew she was going to fill her daughter’s mouth with her tasty juices.

I curled my two fingers deep into Gina’s pussy. I was surprised when I felt that rough spot, I knew I had found her special spot. I pressed hard against it and I rubbed my fingers back and forth. I felt Gina’s asshole open even more as I tongued her butt. I moved my two fingers in and out of her pussy fast making sure I still was hitting her special spot.

Gina moaned out, “OH Fuck,” however that was all she got out before DeRonda pulled her face back into her pussy.

Gina’s pussy grasped at my fingers as it squirted her juices. Gina’s juices started to flow from her pussy. I just kept rubbing against her special spot. The more I rubbed the more juices she squirted. Her juices were running down my hand and dripping onto the bed.

“AHHhhh John give me your cum,” I yelled out as I back my ass up on his cock.

I had been feeling his balls banging into my clit and I knew I would be in my own orgasm in a second. John drove his cock faster in and out of my butt. That made his balls smack even harder against my clit. I felt my own pussy twitch as my juices squirted from myself.

I heard John moan as he buried his cock up deep into my ass. I felt his cock throb then jerk. His cock blasted off about four heavy shots of cum deep into my asshole. I had another powerful orgasm as I felt him filling my asshole with his cum; I lost all control as my juices squirted from my pussy.

It was then I heard DeRonda scream out, “Damn you GINA.”

I looked up from behind Gina’s ass. I saw Gina move her face as DeRonda let go a steady stream of pee. Her pee splashed off Gina’s back and onto me. I saw that Gina had her thumb to DeRonda’s clit and was rubbing it hard and fast. I stuck out my tongue to try to catch some of her golden shower as it splashed off Gina’s back and up at my face.

I felt John removed his cock from my ass and his cum flowed from my ass. I had to be blowing cum fart bubbles from my asshole as it dripped out. I could feel the air escaping as his cum dripped from me. I got off the bed next and as I stood by John, he farted.

“JANET,” John screamed.

“Hey that was not me,” I screamed back.

There was silence in the bedroom when another loud fart rang out this time it came from Gina who yelled, “MAMA,” as she rolled off the bed.

We all stood there looking at DeRonda who was shaking her head as she said, “What am I going to do with you KIDS.”

Gina and I crawled back up onto the bed each of us on one side of her. DeRonda wrapped her arms around us pulling us both closer to her. I laid my head against one big tit as Gina laid hers on the other.

Gina asked John, “Hey cugino voi che andate unirli,” (this meant Hey cousin you going to join us?)

John looked at all of us as he replied, “I think I will stand for a wee bit longer cousin,” “As I seem to have a very sore butt thanks to you,” John turned and showed us his bright red butt.

DeRonda, Gina and I looked at each other, and then as John turned around the three of us said, “Only because we love you.” John just smiled at us.

The rest of the night the four of us spent fucking and sucking until the sun came up. John did Gina as DeRonda and I played. John did his aunt as Gina and I played. For the last act of the party, the three of us did John. I do not know of too many guys who have had three hot mouths on their cock at once.

John was the first to fall asleep that night with a smile on his face. Then Gina was next as she cuddled up next to John. I climbed into bed with my back to John, as DeRonda climbed in next to me. We talked for a while and I told her I had never had so much fun before. I asked DeRonda about the man Gina was going to marry.

DeRonda told me he was just a regular man with a normal job as she smiled. She told me they would be getting married next year or the year after. As Gina wanted a long engagement just to be sure, he was Mr. Right.

DeRonda reached across me and she picked up Gina’s hand with the ring on it and she said, “Who knows maybe next year or the year after one of these will be on your hand as well,” as she hugged me and gave me a kiss.

“I sure hope so,” I replied as I cuddled up to her.

“I know so,” I heard DeRonda reply as she stroked my long blonde hair as I fell asleep in her arms.

That will end this two-part chapter. There is more fun with Gina on down the road as well as with DeRonda. In my next chapter, Kim returns.I hope you enjoyed it and as always let me know if you did.


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