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A meeting with a kinky couple
I originally published this in the Sex Stories part of the Forum, but I thoughhI'd repost it here.

I met this nice couple in their 40s. He is over 6', handsome, well-built. She's about 5'4", a little heavy, but with a very pretty face. They advertised on Craigslist for a man he could give a blowjob to while she watched. I thought that was something I'd never done, and who knew where it could lead, so why not? I replied to their ad, sending a picture of my full body and one of my erect cock. He wrote back that that he was interested, sent a clothed picture of himself, and said his wife didn't like pictures. He was handsome and clean-cut, so I was good.

We set a date for the next afternoon, and they showed up on time. I knew when they pulled up that they wouldn't be any problem - they were driving a Prius. After quick introductions, I said to the wife, "I understand this is your show, what would you like me to do?" She said, "Actually, I just sit back and watch while he does his thing." I was pretty well set - I had a porn film up on the big screen, paused, and was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt - so I just stripped and lay back on the couch, hit "play" and let him do what he wanted. He got down on the floor between my legs and quickly engulfed my limp cock. She took a chair at one end of the couch, then moved to another one where she had a better view of my cock in his mouth.

Damn, that was one of the best blowjobs I ever had. He was fantastic. I don't generally get that hot when a man blows me, but he very quickly had me at full mast. I was really getting into it. I was watching a cute little brunette get assfucked on the monitor. He was sucking harder and harder, really pulling on the bottom of my cock with his mouth and tongue. Soon I lost total track of the movie and forgot that his wife was watching from 5 feet away. I warned him that I was going to cum soon, and he kept going. My hips arched involuntarily, and I exploded into his mouth.

He kept sucking, getting every drop, until I was soft again, and it fell out of his mouth on my thigh. I complimented him on his ability, said I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. He smiled and said it was his favorite thing. I said thank you to both of them, and the wife laughed and said, "I'll be thanking you later tonight." They gathered up and left, less than 15 minutes after they arrived.

Interesting, weird, fun, and a bit kinky. A week later I sent an e-mail saying that I had enjoyed myself, and wouldn’t mind doing that again. He wrote back that they had enjoyed it too, and would be in touch about meeting again.

They came back last week. Again, they were on time. I set up some porn, the wife took a seat, and I got naked and lay back on the couch. He went right to work. He had me hard pretty quickly, and kept sucking. I relaxed and concentrated on my porn, a video of a pretty little brunette with b-cup tits working with a guy with lots of muscles and a big cock. After the usual oral and vaginal preliminaries, the video got down to the part I like, anal sex. She was on all fours, and he was pounding what must have been a thick 9” all the way up her ass. Between the porn and his talents, I was soon coming. He didn’t stop sucking, just swallowed and kept on. The porn continued with great anal, and amazingly enough I stayed hard. I told the wife there was a camera on the table if she wanted to take pictures. They said it was something they had wanted ask about, so she opened the camera and began shooting him with my cock in his mouth. The whole scene - the porn, the couple, the blowjob, got me going again, and after a while I was getting hotter and hotter. My hips bucked almost on their own. He was playing with my balls and stroking behind them almost to my asshole. I had a 3” long pyrex butt plug in, and I thought he could feel it there. I got hotter and hotter, and told him I was coming again. He sucked harder and stroked my balls and perineum, and I shot another load down his throat, the second in ½ an hour. He kept me in his mouth until I was almost soft. I told the wife that he was the best cocksucker I’d ever met, and she smiled and said, “He’s good at everything.”

They gathered up and went on their way, and I edited the photographs to eliminate clues to my identity and sent them to them. He responded after a while that they had really enjoyed it again and were looking forward to another visit. He asked if he could finger my ass next time, saying he had wanted to during this visit, but didn’t know if I was into that. I responded with an LOL that the butt plug would have gotten in the way. He wrote back that he hadn’t noticed it, but that sounded like fun, and next time he might wear his butt plug too.


They've been back a few times now. It's usually the same drill, but we've been exploring more. He likes putting it in my ass. I enjoy it too, but can't take it for very long. She has taken up sucking him to get him good and hard. The last time we got together, he had some trouble coming inside me, so he walked over to where she was sitting in a chair, and she took him in her mouth and sucked him until he came. I got some good pictures of that.

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2013-01-16 05:26:58
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2011-09-27 13:02:51
This story is totally lame. Not worth the time it took to read.


2011-09-27 09:22:45
It was a fine story for what it was about - could have used a few more adjectives and perhaps a sequel instead of the last paragraph being short - but we are nitpicking.

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2011-09-27 01:39:28
This story was awful. Fuck where is yor imagination at?

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2011-09-27 00:09:57
so where are the pics? like to see them

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