Part 3 of the story
I woke up what I figured to be a few hours later in Ricky's bed alone. I looked
around to see if I could find a clock anywhere. I saw an alaram to the side of his bed.
It read 8 o'clock. I had slept for roughly 3 and half hours. I started to get out of the
bed when Ricky walked in.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty. Here, I brought you a brownie." He handed me
the brownie with a smile. I smiled back and took a bite.

"Woah, thats amazing. What did you put in it?" I asked him. He smiled and
sat next to me on the bed.

"It's a secert." was all he said. Of course it was. I stood up and
started to stretch out.

"Where's your bathroom at? I really gotta pee." He lead me around the corner
and into the bathroom."Thanks." I walked in and started to pee. It was only 8 and we
had a late start. We could easily stay up until midnight and have no problem waking
up the next day. I wondered what else he had planned for us that night.

When I walked out of the bathroom I didn't see Ricky. "Ricky?" I called out.

"I'm over here," was the response. It sounded like he was in the kitchen
area. I got dressed and walked out there and saw that he was in the living room. He was sitting
on the couch watching TV.

"What's on tv?" I asked him.

"The first 48. Not my favorite show, but it's not bad." Content to
just veg out for awhile I sat down next to him and put my arm around him.
He leaned into me, and we watched the idiot dectevies try and solve the murder
of some white trash crack whore.

By the time the show was over it was 9, and I was pretty hungry
becuase I hadn't eaten a formal dinner yet. "Do you have any plans for food?"
I asked him.

"Hmm. What are you in the mood for. My mom went to the store before
she left. We're well stocked on food." I thought for a moment.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked him.

"I can grill some burgers if you want." That sounded good to me, and he
put the meat in the microwave to defrost. Once the meat was done in the microwave
we wandered out to the patio to grill them. I sat at the plastic table out there
while he put them on the grill. He came and sat next to me while we waited to for
them to cook.

The smell coming off the grill was intoxicating. Ricky stood up and flipped
the burgers over then sat back down. He looked at me like he was thinking pretty
hard about something. "Everything all right over there?" I asked him.

We locked eyes. "I just never thought I'd see you on my porch. I'm still
kinda blown away by it." I smiled and probably blushed a little pit.

"Well I never thought I would be on your porch. I like it here,
its so calm." He smiled at me as he got up to grab our food. We went inside and
prepared our hamburgers, mine with cheese, his without. We sat at his kitchen table
and ate while making light hearted chatter, about this kid or that kid or the dumb
ass in tech who made us deep clear the board.

After we finished eating and put our dishes away we went back to the couch. We
were watching some tv show about storage lockers when we heard a key in the door. We looked
at each other for a second, then I bolted out the back door. I walked around to the side window
so I could see who it was. It was his mom. Fuck.

Luckily I had left most of my stuff in my car, including my phone. I walked to
my car and sent him a text asking what he wanted me to do. I climbed in my car and
sat for a few minutes while I waited for a response. When it came I read it eagerly.

"Better go home. They drove back early because my aunt fell and broke her arm."
Great. My night was pretty much ruined. I texted him back "Fuck. Well I hope your aunt
is ok, and I want the rest of those brownies tomorrow."

I drove home in silence, wondering what I was gonna tell my dad. I decided to just
say some bs about my friend's mom having a mood swing and told me to leave. I walked in my
house and mumbled my story to my dad. I walked into my room, shut the door, and went to bed,
despite my four hour nap.

When I woke up the next day I took a shower and changed, per my usual rutine. I drove
to school at 11:20, pretty happy that the day was short. The day dragged by until 6th hour finally
rolled around. I went to my usual seat, not by Ricky, because I didn't wanna arouse suspicion.
Since it wasn't a full day, FC decided we were going to sketch light plots and put us into
groups. As luck would have it, I was in a group with Khyla, Ricky, and Austin.

As we made our chairs into a circle Austin walked up and hugged me. The guy was fake gay
for me and thought it was funny. I thought it was at first, but it got annoying.Khyla laughed when
she saw who our group consisted of, then sat quietly. Ricky took the lead and sketched a standarded
wash with a few specials here and there.We all pitched a few ideas and finished it up. When the bell
rang Ricky handed me another note.

The note read "Wait for me by your car." I decided I would, then I would ask him why he
didn't just text me. Standing by my car I got more impatient as the parking lot slowly empteid,
then I saw Ricky walking towards me. He was holding something in his hands.

"Hey," Ricky said. He had a big smile on his face. "I brought you the rest of the brownies
I made," he said.

"Thanks. Why didn't you just text me?" I took the brownies from him and waited for an answer.

"I just like passing notes, much more personal. And sorry I made you wait for so long,
I got held up talking to a teacher near my locker. The asshole was asking for a brownie. Anyway
I was wondering you if you could give me a ride home."

"No problem, hop in," I said. Ricky lived like 20 minutes away from school, so I was gonna
be home around an hour late. I would have to make up some excuse for my dad. I started up my car and
waited in the long line to get out of the parking lot, which was the reason I always made a b line
to my car.

"How did things go with your mom last night?" I asked him.

"Mmm, fine. She didn't suspect anything and pretty much just went to bed. It was more annoying then
anything." We finally got out of the parking lot and rode in silence for a minute. I glanced over at Ricky
and noticed him looking at my jeans.

"Is something wrong with my jeans?" I asked him.

"No," he smugly replied. I got the feeling that he was about to do something. He looked straight ahead
as he put his hand on my crotch, and squezeed it a little bit.

"Fuck not while I'm driving," I said. He didn't pay attention to me and unbuttoned my jeans. He pulled
my dick through the opening and my pants and started to rub up and down the shaft. "Dude, seriously I can't
focus," I protested. He ignored me and started moving his hand faster and faster as grew harder and harder.

It was everything I could do to drive straight. He was pumping up and down, and it felt really good.
Next thing I knew he took off his seat belt, leaned over, and I was getting road head. I made several
unitelligable sounds and tried to drive. The feeling of his moist mouth never got old.

He went right until the point where I was about to cum, then stopped. He put my dick back, and rebuckled
his seat belt. "Hey what the fuck? Your not gonna finish?" I said as we pulled up in front of his house. He chuckled

"Your gonna have to come inside if you want that." he said. He had me by the balls, what could I say.
I followed him into the house and as soon his bag hit the floor I tackled him to his couch. I violently kissed
him and tugged his shorts off. I ripped of my shirt and his without breaking stride. I pulled down his boxers
and mine followed.

I grabbed both of our cocks in one hand and started pumping my hips back and forth. "That feels so
amazing..." he groaned. I didn't break and kept going. He whipped me into a sex frenzy and I wasn't stopping.
I kept pumping our dicks through my hand, and pretty soon Ricky was making several diffrent faces. I kept going,
and he covered my and a dick in cum.

I wasn't done yet, and put his legs on my shoulders. I rubbed his cum on my cock and plunged it into his ass.
He grunted loudly and was clearly in ecstasy. I humped hard and fast, and was sweating. His ass felt so tight, so
great. I leaned down and kissed him as I went, drawing nearer and nearer to the end. I went as hard and as fast as
I could, then pulled out of his ass and stuck my cock into his mouth. I came bucket after bucket, and he swallowed
it all.

"There, now you tasted my cum, your cum, and your ass all at once."

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What? Amazing Story? I think you had one too many brownies.

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What an amazing story!!!! More!!!!

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