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My girlfriend, Ashley, and I live an hour and a half apart, so as you can imagine we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. When we are together we like to have as much sex as possible, as well as other things. This time was different however.
She didn’t know I was coming, thought I had to work. I don’t like to lie to her but in this case I made an exception due to the situation. I had worked it out with her parents beforehand and they were on board with the plan. She works late so I knew I had plenty of time to prepare. Her mom helped me set things up a bit but then left so we would have the house to ourselves for a few hours. At 10:15 I hear Ashley’s car pull up. She’s right on time.
“Mom? Dad? I’m home” She calls as she walks in the front door. There’s no response as they aren’t home.
“Where is every—“ She stops dead as she walks in her room and sees me sitting at a small table I set up with 2 lit candles and soft music playing in the background. The table is set with two place settings of her favorite meal, Spaghetti, which I had cooked. In the center of the table is a vase with 12 roses I had purchased earlier that day and her bed was sprinkled with petals.
“Scott? What is this? I thought you had to work?” Ashley asks with a strange look on her face.
I simply smile and say “Surprise baby”
Ashley walks over to me and embraces me tightly. We then sit down to enjoy our meal. We make small talk as we eat, I can tell Ashley is happy about the first part of her surprise but little did she know there was more to come.
After dinner comes dessert on a covered tray, brought out by our “waiter” for the evening. The top is removed and Ashley sees a pile of homemade truffles, made by her mother, which are her favorite and along the edge written in chocolate are the words “Will you marry me?” Her hands fly up to cover her mouth and I get on one knee with a box in my hand and start my speech.
“Ashley, the time I spend with you makes me happier than I have ever been. I look at you and realize I am the luckiest guy in the world. Words cannot express how much I love you.” I open the box “Would you please do me the honor of being my wife?”
At this point Ashley is crying and after about 5 minutes, that felt like 5 hours to me, she finally nods her head, unable to speak, and I put the ring on her finger and hold her.
I pull Ashley off her seat and bring her to the bed and we lay down cuddling and kissing. Her body starts working its way down my body until she’s eye level with my crotch. She undoes my pants and pulls them, and my boxers, off allowing my dick to pop out at half-mast. She then starts teasing the tip with her tongue and stroking the shaft until I’m fully hard before she fully inserts it into her mouth and starts bobbing up and down.
I let out a moan as she engulfs my member working her tongue around the shaft and head, squeezing my balls gently. It’s not long before I’m ready to cum but I tell her to stop before I do and lay her out on the bed.
I start by kissing her soft, red lips before moving down her body. I unbutton her blouse and remove her bra to let her nice C tits hang out. I take one and play with the nipple with my fingers and put the other in my mouth. I can hear her start moaning as I lick, suck and bite the nipple. My hands wander over her body, gently caressing her stomach and sides; I enjoy feeling her flinch as I tickle her stomach.
My next move is to kiss my way down her stomach and undo her pants, sliding them and her slightly damp, I notice, panties down past her ankles and off her body. I then position myself squarely between her legs and deeply inhale the sweet scent of my Fiancé before licking her pussy lips lightly, feeling her shudder.
I then plunge my tongue deep inside her as she gasps for air at the feeling washing over her and wiggle it around. I play with her clit using both my tongue and my fingers. I use my free hand to massage her breasts tweaking the nipple sending shocks of pleasure throughout her body.
I hear her breathing get shallow and her moaning get louder and I ready myself for her you cum all over me and sure enough she releases with a wave of juices I have never seen her cum before. I drink up as much as I can just letting the rest cover my face.
I work my way back up her body and kiss her so she can taste the result of her orgasm. I cradle her head with one hand and stroke her hair with the other as she grabs my cock and guides it to your pussy lips. I tease her a bit by just rubbing her clit, which makes her restless and she tries lifting her hips to make me slip inside. I laugh and lift with her so I stay on her clit.
She places her hands on my ass and shoves down so my full 8 inches penetrates her hot pussy and we both let out a moan as it has been too long since the last time we had been together.
I start out with a slow shallow pace just enjoying the feel of Ashley’s cunt wrapped around me, but it’s not long before I start going deeper and faster. I nibble on her neck and she moans and I feel her pussy contract and get wetter. I stop so I don’t end up cumming quite yet and pull out kissing her lips.
I roll her over and she gets on her hands and knees and I finger fuck her for a few minutes. I playfully take my index finger and start to insert it in her ass, expecting her to tell me to stop, and she starts moaning louder. So I fully insert it and wiggle it around and I feel her cum again around my hand.
I can’t take any more at this point so I take my hand out and replace it with my penis and grab her hair as I start rapidly going in and out of her. Ashley screams as she is over taken by yet another orgasm. As she cums on my cock I thrust in as deep as I can go and release my hot, sticky cum inside her as we both moan in pure ecstasy.
We lie there, both panting, and kiss.
“I love you, Scott. And will forever.” Ashley says with a smile on her face. “And thank you for tonight. I was the best thing anyone has ever done for me.”
I smile back. “I love you too Ashley and you’re welcome”
We both fall asleep, looking forward to the rest of our lives together.


2011-09-27 07:06:34
Sexy and romantic - well written. . . .Thank you

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