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brother and sister
my sister Katie and i are twins. we were used to each other's company and we always would hang out with each other we didn't have time to make frineds becasue our father was always moving aroundand my mother died when we were very young so it was only the three of us. one year when me and my sister were 15 we moved to a small town in maine. our house was the only house on a 3 mile long road. our house was at the top of the hill so we could see if anyone was and my sister would often experiment with things because our father was rarly ever home. it was usually stuff like smoking ciggarettes, weed and drinking booze. her and i would do that alot. we had been living in maine for about 2 years. we had grown marijuana in the back of our house next to a pond where we would swim. one day we were swimming and i went up on shore and dried myself off. my sister followed. i had never really looked at her sewxually but fo some reason she caught my eye that day. she was a very attractive young women. she had fairly nice sized breasts, not too big not too small i think she was a large B cup small C. she had long dirty blonde hair and a nice clear complextion. her ass was a nice plump prize at the end of her perfectly toned legs. she came out of the water in a thong bikini. iwas memorised by her until a thought came into my mind " dude it's your sister" my mind said to me. but with all the moving around i do i don't get to see too many hot chicks or at least get to bang them. i was still a virgin my sister as well. as i stared at her more my cock started to swell thinking about her hot wet pussy. i looked down at my dick purtruding out of my shorts.boners are notciable in light weight clothing. so i got up and went into the water again. my sister followed me in

"hey i thoght you just go dried off" she said

"well i was hot again it is july you know" i said to her

she ran toward me and flung herslef at me. i caught her and lifted her up i pulled her rite to the level of my face i looked into her deep brown eyes she was so beutiful. we stood there in the water staring into each other's eyes until she broke up the moment by letting out a girlish giggle.

" put me on your shoulders" she said to me

" ok" i replied

she waded around me her hand grazing my hips. she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled up i grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up. my dick started getting bigger knowing that her crotch was rubbing my head and that i was rubbing her legs.

"ooooo big strong man" Katie said in her playful voice

i started to wade into deeper water until i was over my head. and i kept going until we were both submerged. i let go of her legs and turned around and swan to the surface my face brushing up against her crotch and breasts while doing so. i broke the furface and gasped for breathe.

" wanna go smoke" i asked her

" exactly what i was thinking" she replied

we swam ashore and got our towel. we shared our towels we always had it was sort of a tradition whenever we went swimming we only brought one towel. we hudded up together face to face, bodies against each other. i was praying i didn't pop a boner rite then or i would have poked her with it. after we huddled there for a while we went and got dressed. i threw on some jeans and a shirt and shoes while she put on some short shorts and her flip flops. she then put on her jewlary. she had 4 earings in her ears a necklace a gold braclet and 2 anklets. 1 gold 1 hemp i reached in my pocket and took out 2 joints and i lit one. we sat there and smoked for a while and then walked home.

my dad usualy worked 7-5, but tonite he called us and told us he was sleeping at his work. we still didn't know exactly what he did for a career but we thionk he may work for the government. so me and my sister stayed up all nite watching movies and eating and smoking. it was about 1:00 in the morining and my sister had passed out. i looked at her,her head leaning on my shoulder she was still in her bikini top i moved it over to one side, exposing her small, hard, pink nipple. i started to rub her nipple, i heard a small moan com out of her in her sleep. i then placed my fingers under her breast and i cuped the rest from around the rest of it. her tit was so soft and smooth.

fast foward a few months. it's december, christmas vacation. my father gave us our christmas present early. we got a snowmobile for all the miles of trails in our woods. one morning 5 days before christmas my sister woke me up.

"wake up look outside" katie yelled

i jumped up, still in my boxers and looked outside to see fresh powder. my father had already left for work.

" lets go take the snowmobile for a ride" katie said

"ok" i replied

katie never wanted to drive it but she always wanted to ride. it was a brand new sled 2 person with a back rest for the passenger and handwarmers and all the bells and whistles. we got dressed and took it for a spin we were going fast and her hands were rapped around my waist and her hands were rite on my dick. all i was wearing was long-johns and jeans. we were goin fast and then we hit a large bump her and tightened up around my crotch.

It was about 7:00 at nite and my sister and i were alone... again. i was making dinner when my sister came in wearing a long t shirt that came up to the middle of her thighs. her hair was pulled into a pony tail and she was wearing her two anklets that i had given her. she came behind me and gave he a hug from behind, she nuzzled her head into my back.

" you smell good" she said

"yeah i try" i joked

"you're making me dinner.. how romantic" she said

and i didn't really didn't think she was kidding, when you only have each other and you go to a high school that has under 300 students, you start to love and want and what you already have. all of a sudden i heard a bang come from the basement and then the heat went off. the heater had blown so now we had no heat.

"god damnit this sucks" i said

"hey it's not that bad, i mean at least we ahve the power" she said

later that nite it got really cold, i mean cold. my sister and i were on the couch huggin each other and wrapping the blanket around us.

"well im gonna got to bed and watch tv in my room" i said

" well im so cold by myself... so ...uhhhh.. can i sleep with you tonite?" she asked with such innocence in her voice

" sure you can get your blankets too so we can be even more warmer" i said.

we went upstairs and gathered all the blankets onto my king size bed. i stripped down to my boxers, grabbed the remote, and i crawled in. my sister walked in from the bathroom. she was looking very sexy in only a teeshirt. then to my amazment she took the tee shirt off. she was totaly naked!

"i hope you don't mind me sleeping in the nude" she said with a sexy smile.

"thats fine" i replied still gazing at her

" you like?" she asked

i paniced! i didn't think she knew i was lookin. things raced through my mind what do i say will she think im a freak will she hate me

"umm.. i .... uh.." i stammered

"it's won't make me mad if you say yes i mean i do like your body" she said

she climbed in and nuzzled her naked body up against me she turned on her side and put her arm on my chest. i responded by putting my arm around her waist i felt the top of her naked ass. i started to pop a boner and the sheets rose up high.

"my my somone wants to play" she said with a giggle

i blushed and put my hand over it trying to make it go down

" oh im sorry i didn't mean to embarass you" she said "i mean i've never seen one before"

"what a penis" i said

"no a boner" katie said

"oo... well you can see mine any time you want" i said half jokingly

she smiled and nuzzled her head into my shoulder. i leaned over and gave her a kiss on the head. we watched tv for a while and i then i shut it off and went to sleep. later that nite i woke up after somthing nudged me in the side.i woke up and i looked over at my sister. she was squirming around i noticed on arm was down the covers and the other hand was in her hair. she was moaning and panting with pleasure. she was finguring herself in my bed i couldn't let this oppertunity go to waste. i slowly moved my hand to where hers was. i put my hand on hers and looked at her and smiled. she looked startled

" i thought you were asleep i didn't mean to i just had to get off" she said and she started to sob.

" it's ok" i said as i moved my finger to the opening of her slit

sh moaned as i pushed my finger inside her warm pussy. she was so warm and wet she then took her hand and slipped it around my waste she pulled off my boxers.

" uhh i've never done this before" she said

"it's ok.. i'll help you" i said

and i guided her hand to my cock. her hand was trembling, i looked at her

"it's ok" i said

i brought her hand to my cock her soft hand felt so good on my cock as soon as she touched it she pulled back a little bit

" it's so warm and big" she said " and i don't know what to do i don't want to dissapoint you"

"don't worry you can't dissapoint me especially now" i said as i moved my finger around into her pussy.

she maoned louder. i pulled out my finger and then i put it in again. i then added another finger she squealed louder and louder.

"oh my god oh my god" she squealed she was then bucking up and down i then pulled out my middle finger and just left in my index finger

"i've never used two fingers before" she said "oh my god that was great... i want more"

"ok you'll get more" i said

i still had her hand in mine. i took my thumb and stroke the back of her hand i then started to guide her hand to my cock. she touched it with her fingers and then she gripped it.

"now what do i do?" she asked

"stroke it" i said

and wioth that a took her hand and started to mov it up and down my shaft. i let go and she continued. it felt so good. i continued to finger her and i grabed he breasts with my now free hand.

"wait wait stop" i said

"what?" she asked

i slipped under the sheets and i moved over toward her. i got between her slegs and spread them.

" be gentle" she said

"of course i'll be gentle i don't want to hurt you" i replied

i could tell she was nerveous she was trembling all over. i moved my hands up and down her legs and under to her ass cheeks. i then moved them up to her breasts while i started to kiss her thighs. i could tell i was making her more and more wet. i slowly lick around her pussy and then up toward her belly button. and i then went back down, teasing her. i finally sliped my tounge in her pussy. she felt so was and sticky with juices. i started to move my tounge up and down, side to side. i increased the pace as she increased her maons and screams of pleasure. i then started to move to her clit. she gasped for breathe, moaning and bucking she let out a scream and she came. juices spewed everywhere, she calmed down moaning and sinking into the sheets i licked around her pussy drinking up the juice. i had gotten her off i was hoping she could do the same for me. i crawled back up to the top of the sheets. i layed on my back and took her hand and moved it toar my cock.just then she pulled away

"i have my own plan" she said

she dove under the covers and started to make her way to my throbbing cock. she took it in her hand and kissed it on the head. she then took her tounge and lapped at it like a dog lapping up water. she then stuck it in her mouth like a lollipop. the feelin of her wet soft mouth and tounge almost made me blow my load into her but then she did somthing. she slid her head down until she was almost gaging on me, then she started moving her mouth around and sucking hard, i couldn't take it anymore and i busted a nut right in her mouthshe pulled my cock out of her mouth and came up.

" sorry about that" i said she had a little bit of cum on her chin i grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and wiped it off.

"that was amazing" she said as she layed down on my chest, i could feel her tits against my body.

she was rite on op of me and then she started to move around so that she was strattleing me. she grabbed a drink off the nitstand to wash down the cum with. then she leaned in and started to kiss me and the lips. she laid on top of me and kissing me like that for a good half hour. we stoped making out and she laid down on top of me. this made my cock hard again

" where did you learn to suck cock like that?" i asked

"i've been practicing with bottles and popcicles. she replied.

all of a sudden she let out a squeal, my cock had poked her in the pussy.

"sorry but i can't get him down" i said

" well i think we'll have to" she said as she leaned over to my wallet on the table beside the bed. she pulled out my condoms. i had four in there

she gave one to me and then leaned down and started to kiss me. i put tha condom and an we rolled over, now i was on top.

" are you sure you want to do this" i asked her

"yes i am" she replied

i reached my hand down and guided my cock toward her pussy. i poked her pussy and she let out a moan.

"go easy on me" she said "it's my first time with andthing beside a finger"

" it's my first time too" i said.

and with that i slowly pushed my throbbing member into hershe was so tight and warm , even through the condom i could feel her juices. she let out a gasp and a yelp of pain and extacy.i had just my head in when i stoped to give her a break. i then began again and this time i kept going until all of my cock was in her tight body. i gave her a kiss to le her know that it was ok. i slowly moved my cock in and out of her. now her moans of pain were changed to moans of pleasure. i started to pick up the pace a little bit. she loved it. then the did somthing with her pussy. her muscles contracted and made her really tight and much more wet she let out a scream as she started to come, rite then i felt myself cuming i pumped faster into her warm depths and i gave one more final thrust and i came.we both just froze, panting and looking at each other. my cock was still inside her. i felt her muscles start to twitch and her pussy seemed much warmer with all the girl cum.i pulled out and rolled over and lied there on my back

"we need to do this more often" she said

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2013-12-05 10:23:04
delete and have a GOOD WRITER rewrite it. you jump around so much it is distracting, that and all the extra words and missing words totally killed the flow and the story. don't quit your day job you will never be a writer.

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2009-01-03 09:33:41
Good story.


2007-10-24 06:14:01
Hmm, a young virgin male, who rarely has an opportunity to meet (let alone fuck) any girls, yet he carries four condoms in his wallet? Wish my brother had been that well prepared when he took my cherry. I worried for weeks about being pregnant.


2007-01-05 16:54:11
Go buy a 99 cent dictionary and while your at it...take some english lessons. Other than that the story was fucking awesome!!


2005-01-30 16:52:43
It was a alright story, but check the spelling the next time.

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