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This is not a continuation of the previous story, but another story involving the same girl. This is a relatively violent story, so if you're not into that kind of thing...don't read it.
It was late at night when Lia heard a banging on the door. It was frantic and loud and crazy. She slowly made her way out of the bed in her pink and black boy shorts and black cropped tank top. Lia rubbed her eyes slowly and started out of her bedroom. She rushed down the stairs towards the door, she was tempted to open the door immediately, but she thought better of it, grabbing a knife and from the kitchen before answering the door, barely cracking it open. Before her was a large heavy set black man. He had short hair and handsome features. He was wearing a black track suit with a black hood. He was clutching his stomach as blood poured from it.

“!” the man said as he stumbled against the door. Lia stepped back and grabbed the mans arm, after she'd dropped the knife.

“What happened?!” Lia asked, panicked but starting to regain her composure. Although this was a terrifying situation, Lia had grown up in a family full of doctors and had seen her share of blood. “Keep pressure on the wound. I'll go call 911.” she said, starting to run off.

“Close the door!” The man said in a panicked voice. “He might come back!” That thought terrified Lia. She was fine with helping this man who'd apparently been injured, probably shot, but she didn't count on being but in danger herself. Lia rushed over and closed the door, locking it hurriedly before starting for the stairs. That's when Lia felt the man grasp her thin ankle and pull hard, yanking her to the floor. Lia immediately rolled on her back and thrust her foot backward as hard as she could, as she struck the man in the face. He let go and she scrambled to her feet. The man followed suit, allowing the blood pack to fall from his hoodie, spilling the blood onto the polished oak floor. Lia again scrambled towards the stairs, the man just a few steps behind her. Rushing towards her room, she knocked over a stand with a bouquet of plastic flowers sitting on it. The man tripped over the stand falling on his face. Lia quickly closed and locked the door. She looked around frantically, but she didn't immediately see her cellphone.

“You better get outta here! I'm calling the cops...and my dad should be here soon!” Lia called out.

“Your dad's out of town for the week and I doubt you're calling anyone.” the man said confidently, thinking about he cellphone jammer he'd placed outside before he started knocking. He'd been planning this for quite some time. He had all of his bases covered. There was only one way Lia could escape him. Or atleast that's what he thought, before he heard the window break. The man violently kicked the door open and rushed to the window. Looked around down on the ground but didn't see any sign of Lia, surely a fall from that height would've broken something in her tiny little body. “Clever girl.” The man said with a smile. “But I know you're still...” was all he said before he felt a hard impact against his knee as Lia smashed it with a baseball bat. His knee collapsed and Lia took off out of the room. The man quickly got to his feet and started limping behind her.

Lia got to the door and started to undo the lock when she heard something flying towards her. She ducked out of the way right as the stand came flying towards her. The man limped down the stairs much quicker than Lia had anticipated. Lia took off towards the back door. She could hear the man behind her as she impacted the door. Lia quickly unlocked it and started to pull the door open, but it wouldn't budge. It was stuck. She pulled on it with all the strength her 93lbs body could muster, but to no avail. Fearing she'd taken too long at the door, she rushed into the kitchen. She didn't hear the man pursuing her immediately, but that didn't matter. All she had to do is get into the basement, there was a cellar door from which she could escape. She hated going down into the cellar. Although it was relatively clean, it just always seemed spooky to her. She grabbed another knife from the kitchen and started into the cellar, locking the door behind her.

The man looked at his work and smiled. The front door was now completely sealed. Now Lia had no way to escape. He'd already secured the back door and the cellar door, apoxy. He his leg had started to feel better, the padding taking most of the blow, but he was still quite impressed with the young girl. Had he not been as well prepared as he was, she'd have surely escaped him. He walked into the kitchen, then looked at the knife holder. Two knives were missing. One he'd seen on the living room floor. He assumed she'd taken the other one. He'd knew he'd have to be careful. As sure as he was that he could easily take Lia, she'd bested him twice already. He kicked the door open and waited. It was dark, he knew Lia was down there armed and terrified.

Lia cringed as she heard the door fly open. She knew she wouldn't be able to trap him down here, not after he'd probably just broken the lock. She knew all she could do was fight. She almost wished the stairs leading down into the cellar weren't full stairs, so she could hide under them and slice his Achilles tendon, making it very easy for her to escape. She saw him going back with his flash light. She knew all she had to do was get close enough. She could feel her whole body tremble in terror as she watched his flashlight. As the man got closer Lia fingered the knife waiting. “Just alittle bit closer” Lia thought as the man drew near. Lia looked down at the screw driver she'd picked up to try to unscrew the door. She then immediately threw it across the room. It impacted a tool box and made a lot of noise. “NOW!” she thought as she started to lounge. Suddenly she couldn't see anything, only the blinding light of the flashlight, then a sudden impact against her tight stomach. She folded bent around the man's fist as he buried it deep into her stomach, coughing as the air was driven from her body. She quickly regained her composure and weakly swung the knife at the man. He jumped back, but fell over some junk. Lia immediately took off, sprinting towards the doorway. The man got back up and started after her. Lia's face dropped as she neared the front door. She knew she had a key in the inside lock of the dead bolt so she could get out in emergency, but she saw the lock was in the locked position and part of the broken key shined on the floor. Lia looked around frantically. Even if she did escape from the window, the houses were so far apart he'd have plenty of time to catch her before she could get anyone's attention. She steeled herself for what she'd have to do. She turned around in enough time to see the man walking towards her. She brandished the knife, glaring at the man in defiance. As he neared her, she made a short controlled swing. The man smiled.

“Good girl.” he said, “If you swing wildly I'd just catch your arm and take the knife from you.”

“Why are you doing this!” Lia said trying to keep a distance between them.

“This is want you want.”

“What!” Lia said. It was a brief moment of confusion, taken aback by what the man said, but it was just the moment he needed as he lunged for her. Lia recovered just quickly enough to make a careless swing. The man grabbed her arm and then her throat..

“Let go of the knife, before you get hurt.” The man warned. Lia clawed at his wrist with her free hand and tried to reposition the knife in her hand so that she might be able to cut him. He start pushing Lia backward, easily overpowering the tiny girl. He hefted her up into the air, then released the hand she had the knife in, quickly grabbing her legs and pulling them from under her. As Lia started to stab at him with the knife, she felt a hard impact as her petite body was driven through the coffee table.

Lia's bounced as she impacted through the coffee table, the air driven from her body. The man's hand was still firmly around her throat as he lifted her back into the air and gingerly tossed her over the couch. Lia flipped over the top of the couch and landed roughly on her back. Lia screamed as she felt her arm pop out of the socket from the rough flip and painful landing. She started stand up, but the sudden sharp pain her her leg made her think better of it. She glanced down to see a shard of glass poking from her leg. There were several lacerations where the glass was dislodged by her rough impact. She could hear the man walking slowly. She scrambled backwards back towards the kitchen. She came from round behind the couch and that's when she saw him. He had the knife she'd dropped. Panic gripped her body as she redoubled her effort to retreat.

“Please...please don't kill me.” Lia pleaded, her eyes locked onto the knife. The large man didn't respond. He walked slowly towards her at a very deliberate pace. Lia slid against the wall and forced herself to her feet. The man seemed to be giving her plenty of room. Lia knew what he was doing. She knew he was simply toying with her at this point. He could've taken her at any point and she knew it. Lia also knew that she could this. Lia backed into the kitchen, using the wall as support until she reached the knife stand. She grabbed one of the remaining knives and held it behind her back. She back against the corner, leaning heavily against the wall. Lia trembled in fear her hand shaking around the knife that she clutched for dear life. She knew she would only have one shot, but she was tired, exhausted from the entire ordeal, and she was in tremendous pain, her arm just barely in it's socket, her body bruised and bleeding from the assault.

The man had given Lia plenty of space, plenty of room to launch what would probably be her last assault. He could see that Lia had taken one of the knives from the cutting block. He'd been careful to take note of how many knives were there. There was only one left now. Lia looked panicked and scared, but there was a fire in her eyes. A fire he'd soon extinguish. He slowly made his way to the cornered Lia. One of her arms hung limply by her side. There was a fair bit of blood dripping from one cut on Lia's legs. I'll have to stitch that one up. The man thought as he continued his approach.

“Please...don't. I'll give you anything you want!” Lia pleaded, only half serious. If the man had asked for anything, she would've given it to him, but she was moreso trying to lure him into a false sense of security. Any lull in his defenses would give Lia her shot. Her one chance to kill this man. There was no more escaping. Lia was too hurt and too weak for that. Even if she did manage to hurt him enough to get past him, she'd still have to make it through the door and draw enough attention so that someone would come and help her, before he managed to get to her again. The man suddenly lunged at Lia, much faster than she'd thought he'd come, closing the distance before Lia could even react. Suddenly there was a knife sitting against Lia's throat, his eyes locked on to hers, his position prevented her from using her knife. “Don't hurt me.” Lia mouthed, releasing the knife. The man instinctively glanced down, seeing the knife laying on the ground. Lia took her shot, driving her knee roughly into the man's groin as hard as she could.

The man felt a mild pain as the cup impacted his pelvis. He always knew there was a chance any woman would take this shot. He smiled. Had he not been prepared, Lia probably would be stabbing him right now. His “Baby Girl” sure had made him proud.

(Two years prior)

William looked stood over the dead man, looking him over. He looks close enough. he thought, The man was roughly William's size and stature. He was also a homeless man, that William was pretty sure no one would miss. He'd killed several other people, leaving them featureless, their IDs the only things left to identify them. He placed his ID into the pocket of the dead man and kicked him into the lake where near where most of the other bodies were. The bum would be ID'ed as William and William would be gone. He looked at several pictures of a girl. She was a tiny little thing, with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. “I”m coming for you Baby Girl. You will be mine.” he said with a smile as he walked away. He ditched the shoes and he started his life as a homeless man. It didn't take long for the police to find the bodies. Using the ID's they'd positively identified several of the victims, then finally they identified William Hubert. He smiled knowing he was now officially dead. He did end up going to his own funeral. A tear trickled down his face as he watched his family and friends say their last goodbyes. As he glanced around the service he noticed someone. Someone he never expected to see. Amongst the people there was a girl. She stood just under 5ft tall and was very petite. She had long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He watched in horror as tears streamed down Lia's face.

Lia was shocked when she heard the news that William had been murdered. She had just recently heard that she was in full remission and that the drug she was taking would keep her that way. She had planned to take a few days to process everything before she'd call him. She had told him previously that everything she'd said had been a lie and that she never cared for him at all. She was just using him to get through. She didn't mean any of what she said and infact cared for him deeply, but she was dying and she didn't want him to have to watch her slowly waste away, so she drove him away. But she wasn't dying anymore and she was going to tell him the truth and everything would be fine...would've been fine. Lia immediately took a plane up to North Carolina. Her cousin offered to go down with her for support, Kayla had also become close friends with William while Lia was in sedation, but Lia insisted that she go alone. Lia didn't introduce herself to anyone, knowing William probably would've told his friends how things ended. She didn't want any drama, she just wanted to pay her respects. She could barely contain herself as the goodbyes were said. She could only stand there and cry.

William shook with rage. Why is she here! He thought. He saw the tears pouring down her face as she nearly collapsed. He resisted the urge to comfort her. William was always pretty decent at reading people. Much of his and Lia's conversations had been virtual, which made Lia incredibly hard to read, but he was reading her loud and clear now. She was in agony. The man she apparently loved was dead. A single tear feel down William's face, knowing that there was nothing he could do to bring her lover back. He'd gone too far. Anything he'd do now would only land him in prison. All he could do now is leave, regroup, and figure out how he was going to live his life, banished from his friends, family, and the woman he loved. Banished over a lie that she'd told.


William now shook with anticipation. His game was over. Lia's throat was in his hand. He could feel the life draining from her tiny little body as he held her in the air, pressed against the wall. Lia violently clawed and scratched at his hand, but Lia kept her nails short, so they did little damage. Lia's body started to convulse and twitch uncontrollably as the life slowly drained from her.

Lia gasped as the loosened it's grip and lowered her back to her feet. Lia could see the rage in the mans eyes. She knew he would kill her and even worse, there was nothing she could do to stop him. “I'm...I'm sorry.” Lia mouthed. Lia didn't know much about this person, but she knew one thing, that this was very personal. She didn't know who it was or what she'd done, but she knew this was too well planned to be anything but personal. “I'm....soooo...sorry. I...don't know...who you are...but....I'm begging you...please...forgive me....” Lia managed to force out. For a moment the man's eyes softened. He stepped back and caught Lia as she collapsed to the floor. Lia breathed a sigh of relief. She'd already decided she wasn't going to press charges or anything. Whoever this was she'd caused a lot of pain and she didn't want to compound it. In her mind, they were even.

William looked down on Lia's petite, exhausted form. For a moment, when he caught her, everything was okay. He was William and she was Lia, vulnerable, spunky, beautiful Lia. But as he watched her the rage began building. He'd never have her. She'd never be his. She'd taken everything from him. No, not that easy, William thought. He slowly removed his belt. He looked down at Lia just laying on the floor, trying to recover, he drew back.

Lia screamed in pain as the first lash fell against her barely covered butt, leaving a long welt in it's wake. A second one followed, then another one. Lia sprung to life, scrambling away from the assault. Strikes landed on her back, on her butt, and across her legs. Lia collapsed onto her face as her shoulder dislocated from her frantic retreat. William quickly straddled her back as Lia tried to scramble from beneath him. He quickly looped the belt around the young girl's throat, pulling it tightly and then latching it. Lia struggled frantically to get the belt off of her, but he'd latched it too tightly. William grabbed the far end and dragged Lia back towards the stairs. By the time William had finished tying the belt to one of the post, barely lifting Lia from her feet, Lia had almost passed out, weakly flailing her arms as her blue lips parted to expose her swollen tongue. He took a deep breath and pressed his lips over hers before loosening the belt slightly. Lia was still hanging, but she could breath alittle better. Lia inhaled deeply, sucking the air from his mouth as she slowly began to revive. William lifted Lia just enough so that the belt wasn't choking her any longer. Lia's bloodshot blue eyes fluttered open as she was face to face with her attacker once again.

“Just...just kill me.” Lia said weakly. She wasn't a quitter by any means, but she was too weak and too tired to fight him and she didn't want to be hurt or tortured any longer. William lowered Lia down and the belt, once again, began to cut off her air. William then brandished a knife, it was more of a dagger like the ones used for sacrifices and blood rituals. Lia's eyes widened when she saw the dagger. It wasn't fear. She'd seen the dagger before. Once when her and William were talking about him visiting her, before she'd gotten sick again, he'd mentioned, that he might use a knife. He wasn't going to hurt her with it, but he'd planned on terrorizing her with it. He said the knife was called “The Scorpion” she'd looked it up online and it was the exact dagger the man who was attacking her was wielding.

Lia trembled as the blade of the knife traced the contours of her pretty face. Lia tried not to jump not wanting to get cut as he traced her lips with the knife. Lia struggled too keep from peeing herself as the man continued to trace her delicate features, slowly running the knife down her throat, the knife making a light scraping sound as he slid it down her throat. It was only slightly painful, but Lia was terrified to move, knowing one slip and the knife would plunge into her soft tanned flesh. William lifted Lia slightly, allowing her to take in a quick gasp of air before lowering her again. William slowly cut the straps from her tank top and pulled it down her trim little body, now exposing her pert little breast. Lia turned away as much as she could as the man groped her breast, roughly pawing them and twisting her small pink nipples until they were engorged with blood. Then he brandished the knife again, this time tracing it's sharp blade down her breast, the point scraping her soft skin, leaving red trails behind it. Tears poured from Lia's face as the man began tracing her areola with the tip of the knife. Lia did as much as she could to steel herself, knowing the slightest jump could make the blade pierce her. William started flicking her nipple with the tip of the blade until he drew the slightest bit of blood. Lia bit her lip to keep from screaming as the blade scraped against her sensitive nipples. Trickles of urine dripped down Lia's thighs as she struggled to contain herself.

Lia's nipples were rock hard and super sensitive as William flicked them with the knife. Lia had started to get light-headed when she felt his warm mouth wrap around her engorged nipple. Although Lia was terrified, just the shock at how good it felt was enough to bring a slight moan from her lips. Blood trickled from the sides of her tortured nipples as William continued to lick and suck them, Lia closed her eyes slowly as moans of pleasure began to escape her lips. William lifted her once again enough to allow her a breath or two. Images of the scenes her and William had played out floated through her head as the man continued to stimulate her breast. Lia's eyes sprang open when she felt the blade slide down her tummy. Her blue eyes locked on his eyes as he began tracing her her hip bone with the blade, stopping just above her panty line. The blade made quick work of her panties and now Lia was completely nude. Having stripped Lia bare, the man continued his work, tracing Lia's pubic “V” with the blade, being ever so careful not to cut her.

William had long dreamed of playing this out with Lia. It would be under much different circumstances, but this was something he'd always wanted to do. As terrified as Lia was, he knew Lia was enjoying this on come deep level. She loved having the control stripped from her. She loved being scared and helpless. He knew all of these things about her. He'd taken the time to not only find her, but to perfect his “technique”. Most women weren't as strong or couldn't be as steady as Lia. Many of them would panic and end up loosing nipple. Not that it mattered much, since he'd killed them all anyways. Online was a great way to meet women, prostitutes, and cops. He'd killed all three before moving on to the next city. He'd left a path of death in his wake all culminating in this night. The night he'd take revenge against the woman he loved. William traced Lia's “V” with his knife so carefully. He didn't want to hurt her yet. He wasn't done “playing”. His cock was rock hard as he continued the torture.

This was driving Lia crazy. She was torn between pleasure and terror. She knew this man would probably kill her, but he was hitting all of her buttons. As much as this scared her, she was living her fantasy. The man was using the knife just right. Running the flat part of the cool blade around her hot dripping cunt. “I...I...I'll fuck me!” Lia squeaked out breathlessly. A smile crossed the mans face.

“If you don't cum...I won't kill you.” William said with a smile. Lia took a moment to steel herself. All she'd have to do is not cum and she'd survive. William slowly unzipped his pants to reveal his modest 7” cock. It was pretty thick, but nothing that would shock anyone. Lia's eyes lit up. Lia had always been extremely tight, preventing her from having intercourse in many cases. William lifted Lia up and Lia took several deep breaths attempting to relax as much as possible. Without warning William shoved his comparatively massive cock straight into Lia's wanting pussy. It felt just like William had always imagined it feeling. She was incredibly tight. Almost like a virgin, but Lia was experienced. Her pussy gripped his cock like a warm velvet glove as he drove her tiny little body onto his cock, smashing it against her cervix every time he'd thrust.

Lia cried out in sweet agony as his cock tore her open. Lia was nearly driven to orgasm by the immediate shock. William continued to roughly pound Lia's tiny cunt, slamming her body downward against his upward thrust, slamming his cock painfully against Lia's cervix. Lia wrapped her legs around his waist and began bouncing on his cock. Her being up on his cock kept the belt from choking her. After eight minutes of hard fucking William could feel Lia's body starting to succumb to orgasm. Lia started to moan loudly as her pussy began to adjust to his size. She kissed and sucked on his neck as her body started to betray her. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on something else, anything else, but her mind started to drift to her fantasies and her fantasy encounters. Lia began moaning and groaning her body ripping control from her mind. Lia gripped his shirt as her toes started to curl. William could feel her pussy start to spasm as her tiny body tensed up. Lia bit into her lip hard trying desperately to keep from cumming, but her pussy was soaked and all she could think about was this man cumming inside of her, pussy gripping his cock, literally trying to suck the cum from him as Lia fell to orgasm. Her tiny body tightened around him as she spasmed uncontrollably. Lia's body was on fire even after her first orgasm. As William continued to fuck her Lia continued to fall deeper and deeper into her own body. Nothing mattered anymore, just cumming and cum she did. William managed to rip three more orgasms from her increasingly exhausted, cum drunk body before he started to lose it. William hammered Lia even harder than before, smashing his cock against her battered cervix until it finally gave way, immediately driving Lia to orgasm. Her dripping, near cramping cunt, gripping and spasming, squeezing his cock as Lia frantically bounced on him. William started to withdraw from her sopping fuck hole, but Lia held on as tightly as she could.

“I want you to cum inside of me!” Lia begged. “Fill my dirty little fuck box with your cum!” she continued. Lia's eyes locked on to his pleadingly. “You can do whatever you want to me, just please give me this.” William, closed his eyes and for that moment, she wasn't the woman who ruined his life. She wasn't the woman who'd banished him from his friends and family, for that moment, she was Lia, the woman he loved. William gripped Lia's ass, pulling it apart as far as it would go as he drove himself into her. His thrust got harder and harder and then....

Lia smiled as she felt wave upon wave of hot cum shoot into her waiting womb. Her thoughts immediately went to with her hands rubbing her distended stomach. She and William were smiling as she was with child, their child. Lia hitting the floor shocked her from that fantasy. The man stood stone faced over the battered cum filled girl. Lia looked at him pleadingly as he lowered down to her level. Lia jumped as he brandished a gun. The gun had a silencer, but it was unlike any other silencer she'd seen. Lia closed her eyes, succumbing to her fate when she felt something enter her pussy. She felt the cool steel of the vibrator inside of her burning cunt. The man began to fuck her roughly with the gun. As oversexed as Lia was, it didn't take long for William to rip an orgasm from Lia's exhausted body. The man then spun the cylinder on the revolver and pulled the trigger. Lia's heart jumped as she heard the empty click sound. William brandished a vibrator and began to vibe Lia's pussy. Lia had dried up pretty quickly after William had pulled the trigger inside of her pussy, but the vibrator was very strong and William had had much practice in forcing a woman to cum. The second orgasm met with the same result. “Please stop!” Lia begged. “Just kill me...please.” Lia pleaded, tired of the torture she'd been forced to endure.

“The revolver has six cylinders and one bullet. I'm gonna shoot four more times, perhaps fate will smile on you...perhaps not.” William said as he began his machinations. Lia cursed herself for being so weak and so orgasmic, William literally ripping orgasms from her at will. The third and forth shot went off without any results. Just two more shots. Lia thought. Lia's pretty little pussy was trembling as William tortured her. He raped her continuously with the pistol. Lia had managed to hold out for ten minutes, praying that the man would get tired and he would just let her go. William's arm had started to cramp up from raping her with his gun. His eyes lit up as he redoubled his effort to force an orgasm from Lia's body. He managed to get Lia right at the cusp of orgasm, but she managed to maintain herself. Without warning, he released the gun and shoved his finger up Lia's virgin asshole. The sudden shock combined with the continued vibrating ripped yet another orgasm from Lia's broken body.

“No more...I'm...sorr...” was the last thing Lia was able to say before she heard the loud bang.


2011-09-27 09:14:09
so many mixed feelings from that story. excellent writing yet i feel sick at the same time and a little upset. i still hav 2 give it a positive

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