“My Disgusting Experience With Daddy: Part 11- Finale”

[Note: This is a violent and graphic tale of abuse, rape, and incest. If you do not like this kind of thing, please don’t read. This is not about lovey-dovey incest. If you do like this kind of fantasy (yes, fantasy) please enjoy!]

(Recap: I had been raped and abused by my father and oldest brother, Kevin. I had been licked clean and brought to orgasm by our dog, Corky (plus Kevin’s finger), and then forced to suck off my other brother, Jakey, while sitting on the toilet, until he shot gobs of sticky cum across my tongue and down my throat. I was beyond humiliated, and completely exhausted!)

Jakey had finished cumming and had pulled his penis from between my lips. He was still gasping for breath and didn’t look at me as I coughed and swallowed over and over, trying to get that taste and feel out of my mouth.

Daddy and Kevin had watched Jakey fuck my face and were pulling on their hard cocks once again.

Daddy sort of shoved past Jakey and grabbed me tightly by the wrist, pulling me to my feet and out of the bathroom. I hadn’t even had a chance to wipe after peeing, let alone clean up the rest of the mess that was between my legs! He pulled me along behind him, going so fast that my feet could barely keep up, while my pussy continued to slip and slide against itself, slick with the juices from everyone in my family. Kevin followed, and then Jakey.

None of them had noticed that my cell phone was on the edge of the sink.

Daddy’s grip on my wrist was strong and vice-like as he pulled me through the house, winding his way to my bedroom. He burst through the door, dragged me in, and flung me (yes, flung is the appropriate word) onto my bed. Being somewhat small it wasn’t too hard to do, and I landed with a bounce on my back.

Before I could gain any composure, Daddy practically jumped on me, straddling my chest, with his knees on the bed on the outsides of my arms, pinning them to me, with his testicles resting on my breasts. He was so drunk now, he had absolutely no inhibitions. “Enjoy it, Asshole!” I thought. “Enjoy it while you can, you FUCKER!!”

Daddy reeked of alcohol and vile body odor, and his voice was almost animal-like. “Ok, baby…” he rasped. “Time to suck Daddy’s cock… suck on it… you slut… suck it like you sucked you’re brother’s cock!” He grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my head slightly, and then rammed his disgusting penis into my mouth. He shoved it deep inside, until I started to gag. He pulled out then, but seemed to like watching me struggle. He pushed it back in and started humping my face, his dick going all the way to the back of my throat and slightly down it, in and out, each stroke evoking my gag reflex. I willed myself to relax, instinctively knowing that the more I resisted the more I would feel the need to vomit. I could taste his old cum on him, somewhat dried up and crusty. I made my mouth and throat muscles relax as much as I could, knowing that sooner or later this, too, would be over.

While Daddy pushed his cock into my face, I felt hands on my thighs, pushing them apart, and felt a new weight on the bed. I realized my eyes were shut tightly, but they snapped open. I couldn’t see who was behind Daddy, but then I saw Kevin off to the side and knew it was Jakey who was between my legs.

My legs were pushed apart, and I didn’t even resist. I felt a hard penis touch my pussy lips and slide through them, up and down over my swollen labia and clitoris. Suddenly the penis between my legs entered me forcefully, filling me up with the hot flesh of my own sibling.

Both of them fucked me, Daddy in my mouth and Jakey in my pussy. The sounds of groaning, breathing, and the bed creaking filled the room. I was disheartened that Jakey, who had been reluctant to partake in this nightmare had given in to his own carnal desires and was now the third member of my family to rape my vagina.

Next thing I knew my position had changed! Daddy had pulled out of my mouth, they had flipped me over, and now Jakey was on his back, with me on top of him, his cock still deep inside me. Now I was straddling Jake! His hands gripped my hips and pulled me to him, then away, then back again. “Where did Daddy go??” I thought vaguely.

Suddenly I realized Daddy was still on the bed, but behind me. I felt his hand on my upper back push me down towards Jakey until my tits were pressed up against him and my mouth was very close to his. Daddy spread my ass cheeks. Jake grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to his, kissing me like I was his girlfriend, pushing his tongue into my mouth coated with his own seed.

I heard Daddy yell “YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!”, like a drunken cowboy, as he placed his slippery cock up against my only virginal hole. I started to scream as Daddy put the head of his penis to my asshole and pushed! I tensed up again, but it didn’t stop Daddy from forcing his cock into me. He pushed so hard as his muscle sunk into my ass cheeks.

I screamed into Jake’s mouth, feeling both Daddy’s dick in my virgin asshole and Jake’s cock in my pussy, rubbing against each other through the thin wall between the two orifices.

Jakey let go of my head and I lifted it up to scream again. The pain was all I could think about!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kevin stepped up next to the bed. All I could see of him was his long, hard cock pointed at my face with his tight hairy balls swaying below.

Kevin pushed himself into my mouth, and now I had 3 cocks in me, all of them related to me by blood.

I had no control of my own body. I was just being used as a fuck toy for all of them. I felt hands all over my tits, pulling at my nipples, pinching them, pulling them, and squeezing them roughly. Jakey pushed himself in and out of my cunt, Daddy raped my tight asshole, and Kevin fucked my mouth, all of them pumping in and out at different rhythms. I gasped for breath when I could, my eyes watering from the pain and shock. There wasn’t a single part of me that wasn’t on fire!

Daddy had been continuously “talking”… saying things like “Yeah, fucking yeah, your asshole is so tight… You are such a whore… you love it, slut… take these cocks… we’re fucking you….”

Finally, Jakey stopped hammering my pussy, gripped my hips, and held my pelvis tight against his. I could tell he was cumming in me, and with Kevin’s penis in my mouth I looked at Jake’s face and saw his head back against the pillow, his eyes closed, and his mouth open.

Almost right away, Kevin started to shoot his load down my throat. Once again I gagged and coughed, and I hated that my coughing made my asshole clench up tighter on Daddy’s cock in my ass.

Jakey and Kevin came inside of me almost at the same time, one in my mouth, the other in my pussy.

Kevin’s semen mixed with Jakey’s previous cum in my mouth, and squirted the back of my throat like a fire hose. Once again, my mouth was filled with that sticky, foul tasting liquid, but I had no choice to swallow it while Kevin’s penis was still deep down my throat.

Slowly, Kevin and Jakeys’ pumping slowed down. Jakey’s cock was still in my pussy, and I could still feel Daddy’s cock moving in and out of my ass, pushing my vaginal wall against Jakey’s pulsating tool.

Just then, the reprieve I had been waiting finally came, as 4 armed police officers burst through the door, guns pointed. “Police!” someone yelled… I think it was one of the cops.

None of my family knew that on my way to the bathroom I’d stopped briefly to pick up my cell phone and had called 911.

Kevin and Jakey froze, their cocks still shooting the last of their seed into me. All of a sudden there was a lot of shouting. Things like “Move away”, “Get on the floor”… it was instant chaos!

Kevin and Jakey somehow pulled out of me and were on the floor. Immediately they each had a cop on their backs, shouting at them and pulling their hands behind their backs. I heard the sound of handcuffs, and I knew they were being restrained.

Daddy, however, was not deterred. He continued to fuck my ass, in spite of the new, uniformed company.

He held my hips to him, pumped two or three more times, and right there in front of the cops, he shot a heavy and hot load of cum deep up inside my asshole.

Daddy threw his head back and laughed as he came. Two of the cops were busy restraining Jakey and Kevin, but one of the two cops remaining hurled himself at Daddy. He tackled Daddy and knocked him off of me, ripping his cock roughly out of my asshole, which hurt just as much as when he’d first put it in there, and I screamed out, again, in pain, while my ass cheeks drew back towards each other.

That third cop tackled Daddy and had him in cuffs in no time. I turned over on the bed, laid on my back, and put my arm over my eyes. There was so much commotion, it was hard to comprehend. I could feel semen in my mouth, dripping out of my swollen cunt, and oozing out of my now widened asshole.

I kept my arm over my eyes until things quieted down, and I knew that all three of them… Daddy, Jakey, and Kevin… had been taken out of my room, naked and handcuffed.

I heard one of the cops say “Rizzolo, stay with her… there’s a bus on the way!”

“Oh, an ambulance” I thought. “A dear, sweet, ambulance!”

“I got it chief!” Rizzolo replied.

The sound of chaos grew muffled and distant as my family was taken out of my room, out of the house, and for the first time in what felt like forever, I felt relief.

I rested for a minute, then pulled my arm down and opened my eyes. At first I just saw the ceiling, but then I looked around and saw Officer Rizzolo.

I realized I was still on my back on my bed, cum dripping from my puffed up vagina and leaking out of my gaping asshole, and smeared across my face and cheeks. My eyes, met Officer Rizzolo’s. He was coming toward me with a blanket!

“Please!” I pleaded in my head. “Please take care of me!” I heard Corky’s collar jingling nearby.

Officer Rizzolo started to put the blanket on me, but paused when his hands got near my breasts.

He had that look on his face. He smiled, or smirked, slightly. His hand reached out and pinched my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched it hard and said “It’s ok, little girl… everything is going to be just fine…”


(Hope you enjoyed my story!! I hope to write more in the future!)

(Please feel free to email me at Note that my previous email- is no longer valid!)

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