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Like BOAM-MOAM and several of my other works, this story focuses more on romance and the story than sex. Basically, it's called The Forest Nymph, not The Forest Nymphomaniac.

I collapsed to the ground, exhausted and racked with pain. For three days and three nights, I had been running without pause. On the horizon behind me, a pillar of smoke wafted up into the heavens, letting the world know that the city of Troy had been destroyed. On that fateful night, the armies of Greece had broken through our mighty walls and set the city ablaze.
While my body was as dry as sand from thirst and blood loss, I couldn’t help but cry in misery and agony. It was only last season that my family celebrated my twentieth birthday, I had reached the league of manhood, but I was unable to protect my parents or my siblings.
I remembered waking up to the sound of our front door being smashed in as the soldiers broke into the city. My father and brother were killed without mercy and I was stabbed in the side, a near fatal blow. I remembered falling to the floor, unable to stand or move as blood poured from my wound. Like savages, the soldiers took turns violating my sisters and my mother in front of me before killing them all and leaving me for dead.
With the fires of the burning buildings illuminating the dark night and smoke tearing at my throat, I staggered out of my home and fled the city, running past the horrors of the soldiers slaughtering my fellow Trojans. I was supposed to be a soldier of Troy, a valiant warrior that ignore all injuries and fight to death for my city and its citizens. But not once had I thought to put on my armor or even lift up a sword. Not once did I think to go into battle to fight for Troy and all the people within its crumbling walls. I just ran, ran like a coward.
Ignoring my burning thirst, the blood oozing from my side, and the rough ground slashing my feet after my sandals broke and fell away, I ran beneath the searing lantern of Apollo during the day and the pearled scythe-like moon at night, unaware of my surroundings and lacking the knowledge of why I was running at all.
Now I was here, sprawled out on the ground of a forest and unable to take another step, with my only relief coming from the cool night air and soil beneath me leaching away the intense heat burning within my aching body. I was more tired and in more pain than ever in my life, but the only relief I desired was the relief of death. My family was dead and my home was destroyed, what was the point of living? Now I could only hope the ferryman Karen would pity my poor soul and bring me across the river Styx without payment.
As I prayed to Apollo for a quick death, the sound of footsteps reached my ears. They were so soft on the forest floor that I wasn’t sure if it was truly a person or an animal. All I knew was that I was not alone.
“Please don’t help me. Please, just leave me here to die.” I murmured with my voice raspy.
The stranger crouched down and placed their hand on my cheek. From just that small touch, I knew it was a woman. She had the softest skin I had ever felt and the tender care that seemed to radiate from her palm and fingers eased my pain and calmed my shaking muscles. The woman leaned forward and her long soft hair brushed against my skin, making me shiver. As her face approached mine, I desperately wished I had the strength to open my eyes and see her face before my death.
“It is not time for you to leave this world, you still have a life to live.” She whispered softly in my ear, speaking with the most beautiful voice that I had ever blessed my ears.
She wrapped her arms around me and gently rolled me over with my head on her lap. I strained to open my eyes, just to get the slightest glimpse of her. All I saw was a green and blue glow and the silhouette of her long hair. She pressed her fingers against my lips and poured water into my mouth from her cupped palm, quenching my burning thirst. It was the sweetest water I had ever tasted, cooling my aching body and calming the fires of agony within me.
“Sleep, sweet soul. Let your mind and body rest and heal so that you may continue to enjoy the bliss of life.” She cooed, brushing her soft hands against my face as my mind fell into warm darkness.

My eyes slowly opened and I gave a soft sigh. My whole body felt like I was bathing in warm wine, and while I was so exhausted that I couldn’t move, I did feel more rested than before I fell asleep. I looked around, having only the strength to move my eyes.
I was lying at the base of a tree on a bed of moss, as soft as pillow and covered in a sheet of some mysterious material that was as smooth and flexible of water, but did not feel like it was made of animal skin or a woven material. I was wrapped in a blanket of the same material, and while it was quite thin, it held in more warmth than my old bed.
Up above me, the branches of the tree were bent down towards the ground and interlaced, forming a tightly knit canopy of wood and leaves, thorough enough to keep even the most persistent rain from leaking through. The canopy was so extensive that it formed two walls with the tree as the third, forming a small egg-shaped bedchamber, almost like an animal den.
It was still night, but the forest seemed different from any forest I had ever seen before. Every tree and leaf seemed to have the faintest of auras, while the stars and moon glowed brighter than ever before. The air was filled with fireflies, further illuminating the forest and constantly moving around the lush fruit that hung from every tree. About twenty paces away was a babbling brook, giving off the soothing sound of water on rock. This place was a true Eden.
My body wasn’t so much exhausted now as it was peacefully tired, and every ounce of pain that had racked me before was now gone. While the night air was cool, it was in no way chilly and uncomfortable. The bed of moss I was lying on was incredibly warm and soft, and with the blanket over me, it felt like I was wrapped up in my own bed.
My eyes widened as a figure of light came into view, walking through the shallow brook. The figure approached and the light around them became dimmer and more focused, letting their features be distinguished. It was the woman from before, the woman who had saved me, and she was far more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined.
Her skin was a light greenish-turquoise shade, while her long hair was of a much deeper and more bluish hue. Her eyes glowed like the stars above us and the smile upon her soft lips was more beautiful than a sunrise in Troy. She had the face of a goddess, with features that were illuminated seemingly by Apollo’s lantern. Her body was quite shapely, with a narrow waist but large round breasts and full hips. She was wearing a dress of the same material as the sheet I was laying on, but it was covering her body so that her smooth thighs and slim belly were exposed, letting me see the tribal-style tattoos on her body.
She stepped out of the creek and walked towards me, with the plants glowing brightly around her with each step of her bare feet. I held my breath as she crouched down beside me with her tender smile, completely hypnotized by her beauty. She placed her soft hand on my cheek and I couldn’t help but shiver from her touch.
“You are safe, weary traveler. I am Serenity, the forest nymph, and this is my paradise. Rest and recover without worry or fear.” She said sweetly.
Her voice washed over me like warm rain. I tried to respond, but I was too tired to even use my voice. After running for three days without food or rest, my body was still half-dead from exhaustion. Serenity’s smile brightened and she stood up, grasping on of the fruits hanging above and plucking it from the branch. She crouched back down and sank her teeth into the fruit. I watched her smooth cheeks contract and inflate as she sucked the juices from the fleshy orb. With her mouth full, she relinquished the fruit and crouched over me.
My heart fluttered as she slowly leaned down and pressed her lips against mine. This was the first time I had ever kissed a woman, and the experience was better than I could have possibly imagined. Her lips were softer than rose petals and were as warm as sunlight after a chilly night. With our lips connected, she transferred the fruit juice from her mouth and into mine. It was the sweetest nectar that I had ever sampled, and the second it touched my tongue, I could feel an addiction to it forming.
Once I had drank it all, she ended the kiss and sucked more juice from the fruit, then resumed transferring it to me. She did this several times with several more fruits, draining them of all liquid and then giving them to me with a soft kiss. Through her efforts, my thirst was quenched, my hunger was removed, my body was resupplied with the nutrients that it had been deprived of, and I gained enough strength to speak.
“What is your name?” The nymph whispered.
“Felix.” I said softly, making her smile.
Serenity then moved over to my side and gently lifted the blanket and my bloody tunic to examine my injury. I jerked and writhed in pain from the fabric touching my wound, which had gone all the way through me and nearly tore my organs. While the twin wounds had clotted and were no longer bleeding, the skin around them and the wounds themselves were dark from infection. I would be lucky to last a week before rotting from the inside out.
“Why do the gods despise me so? Everything in my life is ripped away in one fell swoop, but the sweet embrace of death will only come in exchange for time and agony…” I cursed with tears falling from my eyes.
“The gods do not despise you, they took pity on you by letting us meet. Do not despair when your life is far from forfeited.” Serenity murmured.
I turned to her and saw tears rolling down her cheeks like liquid pearls. She held her face over my wound and let her tears fall onto the infected flesh. I jerked as a mix of pleasure and pain surged from the wound, partnered by the sound of hot metal being dipped in water. Serenity’s tears pelted my wound, curing my infection and mending my flesh all the way through. The intense sensations that filled my body were slowly snuffed out and I became limp, drained of what little energy I had.
Serenity moved up on top of me and placed her hands on my cheeks.
“Do not despair Felix, do not try to escape your pain by forsaking your life. Just sleep dear soul, sleep.” She hummed. She then leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead.
“Sleep.” She whispered again. My eyelids slowly lowered, and in the moments before I fell into the realm of dreams, I could feel Serenity lying down beside me with her arm across my chest, holding me in her tight embrace as she pulled the blanket over us.

Shining brightly through my eyelids, the sun woke me from my deep slumber. I gave a yawning sigh as my body slowly fell back under my control. I was still alive, but had what I seen really happened? Finally able to move, I sat up and looked around, hoping that my encounter with Serenity had not just been a sweet dream. I was still on the bed of moss beneath the interwoven canopy of branches, and twenty paces away was the babbling brook I had seen from the night before. I looked down and spotted one of the fruits that she had bit into before kissing me. So she did exist…
I slowly stepped out of the tree nook, struggling to maintain my balance and wincing in pain from the scars under my feet. After my sandals broke, the skin had been nearly torn off the bottom of my feet from the running. I staggered into the brook and collapsed, breathing heavily. A red streak could be seen running away on the surface of the water as the dried blood from my injuries and clothes were washed off.
I rolled onto my back, letting the cool water run over me while I gazed up at the sky. What was I supposed to do? Was I just supposed to keep running once my injuries healed? Find a new home or city and try to start a new life? Would I ever see Serenity again?
I thought back to when we had kissed and the euphoria that filled my mind from that blissful touch, the sweet taste, the softness of her lips, and the tender care that seemed to radiate from her. I opened my eyes as the sound of a soft tune reached my ears. I rolled back over and looked up the river, gasping as I saw her.
Serenity was walking down the babbling brook, humming a soft tune and dancing with each step. With a smile on her face, she sat down when she reached me and gently kissed me on the forehead. The sensation of her lips against my skin made it feel like the water around me was as warm as tea.
“Good morning.” She said sweetly as she moved my head onto her lap.
“Serenity…” I murmured, unable to believe she was real.
“I’m glad to see that you are alright. As a nymph, I am unable to leave this forest, and I have never had company before. It is so nice to have someone with me.” She whispered with a tender smile.
I was still unable to believe this beautiful woman was real. Here I was, saved from an agonizing death by a forest nymph, more beautiful than any goddess and as sweet as the fruits that hung in her orchard.
“Once you are fully healed, will you dance with me? I love to dance and I would love it even more if you joined me.” She hummed as she brushed her hands against my cheeks. I shuddered as a wave of pain coursed through my veins like sludgy poison.
“How can you dance when Troy is nothing but ashes? How can there still be happiness in the world when so many men have been killed, women violated, and children enslaved over the course of a few days? How can I go on when the monsters of Greece tainted and destroyed everything that I held dear? There is nothing for me left but pain and misery and nothing in this world but war and loneliness.” I cursed as painful memories returned, drawing tears from my eyes.
“Shhhhhhh” Serenity hushed as she wiped them way.
“There is still so much in your life for you to cherish; this beautiful world full of wonder and happiness, your life and the majesty of life itself, and the gift you have of being able to see the years go by and watch the world in its eternal metamorphosis. Your life is not fated to hold only pain is misery, it is a cascade of choices for you to find your own path to happiness.
And if there really is nothing in this world other than war and loneliness, then stay here with me. Live with me in this forest so that we can banish each other’s loneliness and be together and happy for the rest of our lives. Please Felix, don’t leave me.” She cooed, wrapping her arms around me and holding me tightly.
At that moment, I could not imagine anything outside of Serenity’s embrace. Was there honestly anything in the world that could bring me more bliss than being held by this gorgeous woman? Was there anything in this world that could make me happy, other than Serenity’s sweet touch? Besides, I was still alive when I should have died. I possessed a life that should no longer belong to me, what right did I have to selfishly do what would make me happy when I didn’t deserve to be happy. If I were going to continue living, I would not live for myself; I would live to make others happy. And if staying alive and staying with Serenity would make her happy, then that was my new reason to live.
“Serenity, I will stay.” I said softly. The nymph smiled and kissed me again on the forehead.
“In these woods, your only worry is healing so that you will have the strength to dance with me. Thank you Felix, I know the life we will live together will be a beautiful one.” She hummed.

We were lying on the bed of moss, enjoying the cool shade of the interwoven canopy right above us, while everything else cooked under the midday sun. I had my arm around Serenity, and the nymph was leaning her head on my shoulder with her arm across my chest.
“Who are you Serenity? I know only your name and that you are a forest nymph, nothing else. Please tell me more, I want to learn more about you.” I asked. Serenity hummed in reply and pressed herself against me tighter before replying.
“I was born in these woods as the daughter of Apollo and his human lover. I was conceived and brought into this world in secret, for fear of what the other gods might do to me when they found me. Wherever a nymph lives, they can never leave, so my parents searched the world for the most beautiful place for me to live. They came here and I was born under this tree. Out of love, my father granted me a great gift; the Light of his lantern. Everything that the sunlight and moonlight shines upon is in my sight, letting me see the world from this forest. I’ve been here ever since, waiting for company.
What about you? Tell me about your life.” She purred. I looked up at the branch and shuddered as the memories came back.
“I was a warrior of Troy during our struggle with the armies of Greece, having been recruited into the army at fifteen. Originally I had wanted to be a poet and knew nothing of fighting, but with the skills the army trained me in and the thought of protecting my family and home, I had the strength and resolve to slay my enemies and survive every battle.
I had a younger brother, four years my junior. I also had twin sisters, both barely in adolescence. My parents loved us all and were proud of my accomplishments in the war. When the news finally came that the war was over and our enemies had left our shores, I was so happy. I was happy that I would no longer have to fear for my family and have to kill to keep them safe.
On the night that we retrieved the wooden horse left for us by the Greeks, everyone in Troy celebrated the end of the war. For ten years, the city had been oppressed by the fear of death, with families praying every night for the safety of their members and love failing to bloom as people strayed away from each other, either afraid to get married one day and become a widow the next, or too busy training and honing skills for survival.
Late into the night, everyone sang and drank as we celebrating the veil that had been lifted from Troy, freeing us from fear. That night, I was awoken by the sound of our front door being kicked in and soldiers streaming in. Before I could get to my feet, I was stabbed through the side by an enemy spear and left to bleed out. In a pool of my own blood and in too much pain to move, I could do nothing as the troops beheaded my father and stabbed my brother to death.
Then they made their way through the house, knocking over all the furniture and walking all over me. I could hear the screams as they found my mother and sisters and the soldier’s laughs as they dragged them into the den. My sisters… they were so young and so innocent… they screamed the loudest as the soldiers ripped off their clothes and violated them.
I struggled to move, but one of the soldiers was standing on me with his full weight and my blood loss was making me delirious, pouring from my side like fluid from a torn wineskin. Once the soldiers had their way with my family, they killed them and left, leaving me for dead. A torch was thrown through the window, landing next to a rack of scrolls. It seems like the whole house was burning in a matter of seconds, with me lying among my butchered family.
With the smallest spark of strength in my bleeding body, I got to my feet and staggered out of my home. Everything after that point became a blur of pain as I ran out of the city, past hundreds of people being raped and killed by Greek soldiers. I remember the sun searing my back as I ran during the day and the cool air giving me some relief as I ran at night. I don’t remember the changing scenery, but I remember my sandals eventually breaking away and gripping my side to stop the bleeding. Finally, I remember being found by you.
I shouldn’t be alive like this, I should have fought through the pain to protect my family, and either gotten them out of the city or died with them. I didn’t do anything accept lie on the floor and then run. I’m a weakling and a coward, and it’s my fault that my family is dead.” I said with a raspy voice as tears began to roll from my eyes.
Serenity raised her head and looked at me with an expression of deep sadness on her face.
“Do not say that Felix, it is not your fault. What happened to your family was out of your hands. Mourn the loss of your loved ones, but don’t blame yourself for their deaths. Don’t try to heal your wounded heart by stabbing it with the blade of self-loathing and misery. Do not doom yourself to a life of self-pity and suffering, work and hope for a future where you can be happy.” She murmured.
“All hope of happiness died with my family and was burned with my home.” I said dryly.
“Then let that hope grow anew, with me as your family in this forest as your home. You have to let your wounds heal or else you will never be well and you will be poisoned by your own hatred forever. You have to stay alive and be happy; I need you with me. I don’t want to be alone again.” She whispered as her own tears began to fall. The sight of her tears extinguished my own pain and filled me with hers. I slowly reached out and wiped them away.
“I will be with you and you will not be alone. By all that I am, I swear to you that you will not be alone.” I promised. Serenity regained her smile and moved up, gently kissing me on the cheek.

The next few days blurred together into a torrent of relaxation. All day and all night, Serenity and I would lay in our moss bed, snuggled up tightly and holding each other. The days and nights were filled with napping, talking, and eating the sweet fruits that hung from the trees. With Serenity in my arms, I could feel my body being rejuvenated far faster than it would be normally.
Serenity was the most incredible woman I had ever met. While she had the youth and beauty of a woman my age, she had lived the lifespan of a human many times over, and with the gift of outsight, she had watched the goings on of the world for hundreds of years. Many of our conversations were about history and the past; I would tell her about my childhood memories and she would recant the incredible things she had seen in the world.
Serenity was also very complicated, with several attributes within her mind. On one hand, she was the sweetest and most gentle spirit I had ever met, but in her heart, I could feel the flames of passion and the resolve to fight for what she cared about, much like myself. She was also incredibly patient and nurturing, nursing me back to health and always at my side, rarely separating from me for more than a few minutes.

I stepped out of the tree chamber, wincing slightly with each step. Every day I would walk around and test my limits. Each day brought far less soreness as the day before, and I knew that I would have regained my full health and strength by the next morning.
I had woken up by myself and was looking for Serenity. Having to lean on every tree for support and putting what little strength I had into each step, I slowly staggered through the woods. I finally heard the soft coo of her voice and stopped dead in my tracks, leaning against a large tree. I looked out at the shallow brook and saw Serenity, lying in the water amidst the smooth zones. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that she was naked.
Serenity had nothing on her body but a thin sheen of water, making her turquoise skin glisten in the sunlight. She was writhing and stretching in the water as she worked her fingers between her legs, massaging the soft lips of her slit. She had her long smooth thighs clamped tightly around her hand and every movement she made caused her round full breasts to bounce and shake. She was giving a very soft but high-pitched moan as she touched herself, rolling her head from side to side while she ran her fingers through her long silky hair.
It was in all honesty the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen in my life. No god or goddess could ever hope to create a piece of art as awe-inspiring as the scene before me. The memory would forever be imprinted in my memory, but to me, that wasn’t good enough. I wanted to have the image of Serenity in this state tattooed on my eyelids so that I could always see her this way. Not to mention the fact that I had the greatest erection in my life…
Serenity began to pick up speed, rubbing her slit with more energy and enthusiasm. Her moan increased in volume as her whole body trembled. Finally, she released a scream of ecstasy and arched her back as she achieved an orgasm. In that few moments of bliss, her body was wrapped in a glowing aura, her long hair seemed to merge with the water and become like liquid, her skin shimmered like light through glass, and her voice seemed to carry a hypnotic chime that made my every square inch of my body shake in euphoria. All of the plants on either side of the brook began to sway and bend as they were vitalized by the energy Serenity was emitting.
Finally the forest nymph became still and silent, lying in the shallow water with her chest heaving. Her body was so beautiful that I just wanted to run my tongue along every square inch. Reluctantly, I decided I should go back. The sensations she had been giving herself had mostly likely distracted herself from her ability of outsight, but now that she had calmed down, the world would again be under her view. I had to get back to the tree chamber before Serenity found out that I had been watching her.
As I silently made my way back through the forest, I could have sworn that I heard Serenity whisper my name.

The rain pounded the forest in a relentless torrent, forcing every leaf and blade of grass into submission under the weight of each drop. Serenity and I were curled up in our tree chamber, completely dry and warm. I held out my hand into the open and felt the rain. It was incredibly warm to the touch, much warmer than I had ever felt, and every drop seemed like it was as large as a grape.
“I think I’m fully healed.” I hummed with a stretch.
“Then will you dance with me?” Serenity asked with a tender smile.
“Now? In the rain?” I asked.
“When it’s raining is my absolute favorite time to dance. The rain is one of my favorite aspects of nature. No matter how bad things may be, when the rain begins to pour, all the sadness and grief in the world is washed away. It’s just so pure and soothing, and when I dance, I feel like I can release my soul and let the rain wash it the way it washes the land.” She purred. I gained a small smile.
“Very well, let’s go out.” I replied.
With the same smile, Serenity stood up and grasped my hand, pulling me to my feet. We stepped out into the rain, instantly becoming soaked as the drops drummed on our bodies. Serenity’s simple outfit clung to her body from the wetness, giving me a distorted view of her nude form. We moved out into the creek and began to dance, with Serenity guiding my movements and me enjoying the chance to finally stretch my muscles.
True to what Serenity described, a new sensation infatuated my senses as the rain fell down on us in warm sheets, one that I had never experienced before. It felt like my soul was leaving my physical form and floating up into the sky above us, letting me look down on our bodies from a bird’s eye view. My limbs seemed to move without my directions as I forsook my physical existence for a transcended one, as naught but a glimmer of light or a wisp of steam floating in the air.
The rain seemed to pass through my soul, sending ripples and shivers through every aspect of my sentience. All the pain that had been tormenting me since I fled from Troy was now leaving me. Serenity had healed my physical injuries, and now the rain was healing my emotional ones. I still missed my family, but no longer did I blame myself for their deaths or have a hole in my chest in place of my heart.
Floating and twisting through the sky as a transient specter, I looked down and could see Serenity’s soul leaving her body as well and float up to me. With our physical forms continuing to dance like empty puppets, our souls began to wrap and bind around each other’s, twisting like twin vines desperately reaching for sunlight.
This was it; this was where I was meant to belong. I was truly home. When I originally told Serenity that I would stay and never leave her, I said it because I didn’t see a point in leaving, as I didn’t think there was anywhere in the world that could make me happy and I didn’t deserve to be happy at all. But now, I didn’t want to leave because I was happy, happy to be living in this beautiful forest with Serenity.
Finally, our souls retreated back into our bodies, which were lying in the shallow brook in a tight embrace. I shook my head from side to side and gasped from the returning feeling of my physical form. Serenity just had a sweet smile on her face.
“You felt it as well?” She asked.
“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Is that how you feel whenever you do this?” I panted.
“Yes, but the feeling is only half as jubilant when you don’t have someone to share it with.” She hummed. Then she slowly leaned over and kissed me, filling every corner of my mind with a physical and emotional euphoria, a thousand times greater than the first kiss we shared.
“I love you Felix.” She cooed.
I was just about respond, but a well of cold sorrow began to form in my heart. A memory kept on flashing in my mind, keeping me from speaking. It was what I had heard about the mystical nymphs from the bards of Troy.
“No… you don’t.” I whispered. Serenity lost her smile.
“You are a nymph, a being of pure sexuality. It doesn’t matter who I am, you would be feeling these same exact feelings. No matter who arrived in your woods, let it be a half-dead wanderer like me or one of the soldiers that destroyed my home, your feelings for that person would be exactly the same as your feelings for me. It is in your nature as nymph to love whoever you meet and give yourself to them. I’m not the man you love, I am just the man that showed up.” I said with my voice raspy. For several seconds, the only sound was the pelting rain and the running water of the creek. Finally, Serenity slowly reached up and placed her hands on my cheeks.
“No my love, that is not true. The way I feel about you, I could never feel for someone else. Felix, I’ve been lying to you. Every question I asked about your life, I already knew the answer to, even when I asked you your name. I have the gift of outsight, and for the last several years, the only thing I have watched is you. Ever since I first saw you behind the walls of Troy, I felt something that I had never felt for anyone else; adoration.
I watched your life, your heart, your words, you actions, your emotions, and everything else that makes you who you are. You are a man who is willing to fight with every ounce of strength he has for what he cares about, a man that is willing to carry the weight of his family and city on his back in the battlefield, and yet a man with a heart so kind and pure as to be a poet.
I could not take my eyes off you Felix, not since the first day I saw you. And with every day that I watched over you, my feelings became stronger and stronger. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I loved you with all my heart and soul. Every night, I dreamed of someday being with you, of being held by you in the bed we would share, and the warmth of your love.
On the night that Troy was ransacked and you fled, I guided you across the empty landscape. The Light of my father’s lantern lets me see all of the world and it also let me reach out with my soul and link it to yours, drawing it to me so that we could finally be together.
I love you Felix, I love you in a way that I can love no other.” She whispered. Her words shook my entire world and erased the cold doubt in my heart, freeing me to finally say the words that I desperately desired to speak.
“I love you too Serenity, I have loved you since the moment I saw you. Not only did you save my life, but you also gave me something to live for, and that desire is a treasure that I thought I had lost in Troy. I love you Serenity, and I want to spend the rest of my life here with you.” I murmured.
We locked lips, kissing passionately for several seconds. Serenity eventually pulled away, shivering in arousal.
“I saw you yesterday, I saw you watching me. For so long, I have wanted you to see me that way, to be so exposed and so open to you. Do you want to see my body again?” She asked coyly.
“More than anything else in the world.” I replied before giving her another kiss.
With a smile, Serenity rolled up on top of me, straddling my lap. With a coy smile on her face, she slowly pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders, exposing her large luscious breasts. They seemed to be even fuller and more beautiful than I remembered, as perky and energetic as she was and with nipples like pinky joints.
We rolled over again, this time so that I was on top of her. We kissed for several seconds, letting our tongues slip past our lips and wrap around each other. After several seconds, I pulled away, kissing her several times on the cheeks and forehead. I began to move down, running kisses along her smooth neck, around her collarbone, and the middle of her chest.
With one hand massaging her left breast, I began tracing my tongue around the nipple of her right, making her moan and gasp in arousal from the stimulation. Wrapped my lips around the nipple, sucking on it like a drunken man trying to empty the last drop from his wineskin. I switched between her breasts, lathering them with my tongue, massaging them with my hands, and sucking on her nipples hungrily. Her breasts were so warm and soft that I wanted to fall asleep while using them as pillows.
Finally, I relinquished her welcoming breasts and continued to move down, dragging my tongue down her flat belly and licking the rain off her soft skin while I pulled off her dress, revealing her womanly slit. I wanted to taste her insides so bad that I couldn’t think straight, but I also wanted to savor this. Before I moved to her slit, I continued kissing her body, running my lips along her long smooth legs, while relishing the feeling of her soft skin with my hands.
After I had kissed every square inch of her voluptuous thighs, I moved back up to her slit. It looked like a rose in mid-bloom and smelled as sweet. I finally reached in between the hot lips with my tongue, making Serenity arch her back and give a shrill whine of euphoria. I reached farther up, kissing her lips with my own while I sampled her essence. Her juices tasted like the juices of the fruits in the trees; sweet and addictively delicious. The inside of her slit was so warm and so soft that it felt like I was tasting her innocent soul itself.
With each flick of my tongue, Serenity would give another moan. As I orally explored the interior of her body, she was rolling her head from side to side, chewing on her hair, running her fingers through mine, and gripping the riverbed for dear life.
Finally, I pulled away from her slit. I was done with mere build-up, I wanted to truly demonstrate my love for her in the only way a man can. I sat up and undressed, revealing my throbbing erection and making Serenity purr with anticipation. I suspended myself over her and we kissed for several seconds.
“Are you ready for this?” I asked. Before replying, she wrapped her arms around my neck.
“I’m not ready, I’m desperate.” She said with a kiss.
I kissed her back and grasped my throbbing manhood. I pressed it against the lips of her slit, taking a few moments to savor the anticipation and the intimate feeling. I slowly began pushing it in, inch by inch. Serenity wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her fingernails into my back, moaning like a banshee from the feeling of me penetrating her. I slowly worked myself into her, coming to a stop when I felt her hymen.
“I’m ready my love, take me.” Serenity whispered in my ear.
I kissed her neck several times in response and pushed the last few inches of my phallus all the way into her, rupturing her hymen and deflowering the sweet nymph. Serenity screamed in both pleasure and pain as I took her virginity. I pulled my manhood out almost the whole way, exposing her blood on the shaft. The golden liquid seemed to glow as it rolled off into the river.
I slowly pushed it back in, causing Serenity to give a second moan. Moving back and forth, I began to establish of rhythm, driving my manhood deep inside her beautiful body. As the rhythm became more and more inscribed in my memory, my mind began to wander and take note of the sensations of our surroundings.
In the midst of our consummation, our minds began to unravel. As the warm waves of rainfall and the thin creek held us with their shallow hold and lapped at our skin, it felt like the ground was shifting beneath us. It was as if we were on the trembling ocean, but we could not penetrate the surface. The rain fell down on us with gentle thumps and the waves of water flowing down the shallow creek were like a warm blanket of liquid, sealing us in pure bliss.
As we linked ourselves physically, we opened the bond between our minds. Our souls again reached out and began to wrap around each other like serpents. In an endless number of spirals, our souls intertwined over and over again as we desperately tried to show the love we felt. It was a futile attempt, because there were no words or actions that could express how much we loved each other. The volume of our affection was incomprehensible. But regardless of the impossibility of that feat, the spiritual proximity I felt with my darling Serenity was a form of emotional ecstasy that I had never experienced before.
The two strands that were our souls began to unravel like string, and split up into countless smaller threads. These threads too wrapped around each other over and over again, twisting endlessly as we made love. Our souls repeatedly dove into each other as if they were vapors, in a desperate attempt to fuse into a conjoined dyad of sentience.
As every last barrier between us was broken, we began to break away from our physical forms. Our perceptions of reality were warped, as our senses were switched between us. Sometimes I would view reality through my senses, then it would switch and I would perceive everything through Serenity, using her senses.
I could feel the warm rain running down my back, then it switched, and I could feel the rain dripping off of her pointing nipples through her senses. I could feel my lips against hers and I was looking into her beautiful eyes, then it switched again, and I shared her sense of touch as the water and wind kissed her skin. I could feel her heartbeat as I held her shapely frame in my arms, and I could feel my heartbeat through her as we held onto each other for dear life. It would even switch between me feeling her soft warm insides with my phallus, then change so that I could experience the feeling of being penetrated over and over again through her senses.
Serenity was experiencing the switching of perception as well, and was feeling everything through both her senses and mine. With our minds being shuffled over and over again, I was amazed that our bodies were able to maintain the rhythm of lovemaking. Not only were they maintaining the rhythm, but they were constantly changing positions. I would be lying on top of Serenity, then we would roll over and she would be bouncing in my lap, then we would completely separate and I would enter Serenity with the nymph on her hands and knees
At last, we both experienced a simultaneous climax, and the physical joy in our minds overwhelmed our brains. I could feel thick jets of semen being launched from the head of my manhood deep into Serenity’s womb and the nymph’s beautiful body glowed with a breathtaking aura. Like when I saw her touching herself, the area around us reacted to Serenity’s climax. Branches and grass shifted and stretched; leaning towards her as they tried to absorb the vitalizing energy she was giving off.
After what felt like hours, our interlocked orgasm came to an end. We both collapsed, lying in the stream with our faces barely out of the water. We were holding onto each other tightly and gasping for air.
“I love you.” We both murmured.
“I think it’s time for us to get out of the water and dry off.” I said tiredly.
“Me too, I want to go to sleep, but only with you holding me.” She purred in reply.
I sat up and reached under her. With one arm against her back and the other under her knees, I picked her up, relishing the warmth of her naked body against my bare chest. Serenity buried her face in the side of my neck and held onto my shoulders as I carried her back to the tree chamber.
I laid her out on the soft moss bed and got down next to her. With her back against my chest and my arm around her waist, I wrapped us in the blanket. The second the sheet reached my chin, I could feel any chills from the water taken away and my body drying.
“That was so beautiful, I’ve been dreaming of us being intimate like that for years.” Serenity purred.
“I just wish I could be immortal like you so that we would have all of eternity to relive that moment.” I hummed. Serenity rolled over and brushed her fingertips against the side of my face.
“You can be. All I have to do is think about life without you and the tears that will rise will heal you and restore your youth.” She whispered. I clutched her hand and gently kissed it.
“I would fight against Hades himself to keep my youth, just so that you wouldn’t have to cry.” I murmured with my lips against her hand.
“Besides you promised that you would stay with me.” She mused.
“I did and I will make that promise again to convince you that I will always be here to make you happy. By all that I am, I swear to you that you will never be alone.” I promised. Serenity smiled and kissed me.
“I love you, Felix of Troy.” She whispered.
“And I love you, Serenity of the nymphs.” I replied. Then my dearly beloved rolled back over and I wrapped my arm around her, holding her close as we both drifted to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed the story. But please, if you don't like it, please keep your comments and opinions to yourself.

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2015-02-22 23:10:36
I never thought I'd say this about something on this site, but that was fairly adorable...UwU

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2014-06-15 08:46:10
You are very talented at turning myth and legend into beutiful stories of romance. I have an idea for one; how about a story centered around Aphrodite, the Greek godess of love?

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2013-11-15 01:44:08
You should make a story with one of the gods and Artemis. It would have to be as well thought out as this one though, since she took vows of chastity. You could do a rape one, but I think a sweet romance would work best with Artemis.

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Helios was not Apollos father. Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis, are the Sun and Moon, the children of Zeus and Leto.

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It's rare to find a story so sweet and pure on this site, and this fit the bill perfectly. :3

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