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Last night was a night to remember! I came home after a hard days work
to find you sitting on the couch naked reading your favorite magazine. Sipping on wine, listening to the smooth sounds of Barry White, I
noticed a look in your eye that I haven't seen in such a long time.

Suddenly fatigue wasn't even a factor anymore, as I felt the strong
vibes your were sending me with your eyes. You asked me, "how was my
at work". I reply, "tough, but now it feels so good to be home". Those
words must have sent a spark or something, because you immediately
drenched yourself with the warm wine you were drinking, then invited me
to come and taste you. I don't know if it's the wine, or the warmness
your body, but something is tasting awfully goddam good! I slowly suck
every inch of you and leave no trace of the wine that once drenched
body only a few short moments ago.

I lick your belly button as my
has now dissolved every drop of wine that once covered your naked body.
I move my way back up to your lips, and give you a kiss that made you
quiver. You look at me with a lustful stare and say, "it's time to go
bed." I lift you up in my arms and carry you upstairs to the bedroom.
this room could talk, it would have so many stories to tell. But now
it's time to include another chapter into the most romantic novel,
anyone could have ever read. You begin to undress me........The slow
movements of your hands makes me very horny, as I feel teased from your
slow motional actions. I can barely catch my breath as you begin to
my bare chest with soft and sensuous pecks. Still kissing me, you begin
to unbuckle my belt, unzip me, pull down my pants until all is

A hard cock bulges out from my underwear, as it gives revelations of
sensation I feel, from your soft kisses. As I began to thank the good
lord for this delicious treat, you slowly pull down my underwear and
kiss my big dick, which continues to grow with every soft blow. "Mr.
Cool", is now loosing his once assumed moniker, as I now have a look of
intensified pleasure written all over my face. Sorry baby, I didn't
to shoot so much cum in your face, but you made me so excited! Now I
want to return the favor. "Lie down for me dear", I say to you in a
commanding tone. You spread your legs and dare for me to pleasure you
like you did me.

Up for the
challenge, I begin to lick your clit as if it was cotton candy.
Simultaneously I lick your clitoris while my finger goes in and out of
your pussy, making you squirm with pleasure. My tongue has now moved
it's way down to your pussy hole. Before I stick it, I must lick it.
Having a long tongue is very useful, cause I can deeply lick the inside
of you to make you cum like no other man before me has done. "Are you
ready for me", I ask...... Not a word leaves your lips, you give me
approval with a divulging nod. You reach your arms out to me, and we
embrace. With your legs open, unguarded, I slowly but surely infiltrate
your domain. Wow, what a perfect fit, I can truly tell that you were
indeed, meant for me.

Our fuck fest starts off slowly, but increases
speed with every stroke. We move together in harmony, as you let out a
moan, to reveal the ecstatic pleasure you feel with my hard cock inside
you. I tongue kiss your lips, then your neck, as you become excited and
increase our love making speed to a vigorous pace. I feel your breast
pressed up against my chest. I feel them as they bounce with your hard
nipples giving me a tickleling sensation.

"I wanna ride your dick", you
tell me! One of my favorite positions, because I love the way you ride
my cock while I play with your breast, or just simply rub my fingers
through your soft hair. I also love to suck on your titties when your
facing me, as you love to bite and nibble on my chest while fucking me
passionately. We both let out sounds of pleasure, as this is
becoming one night we'll remember for a long time. We did every
we could think of. When I fucked you from behind you couldn't help but
to scream my name several times.

I gently played with your clitoris,
while hitting you from the back, making you cum(I believe two times or
more.) I can feel the scratch marks on my back, from your nails digging
into my skin, when fucking you in a missionary position. Even though
you're a good girl, I still must spank your ass while I fuck you hard

"Is the pussy good", you confidently asked. I gave a quick
reply, "yes", as my voice became louder with every deliverance of the
word. Hours later, as were both drenched with sweat, we continue to
love. I now have you elevated in my arms since I'm definitely strong
enough to fuck you with your feet off the ground. The bed became way to
wet for us, so I now make love to you standing, with your legs wrapped
tightly around me. My knees begin to buckle because you have taken so
much out of me. We came together, which completed a sexual escapade
no other.

We camped out on the floor and fell asleep in each others
arms. I awoke in the middle of the night and kissed your forehead and
held you tight. Damn, what a night! Every now and then, a night like
this is needed to let each other know, that even though we've been
together for quite some time, the love we feel for one another still
runs very deep.

Years down the line in our up and down relationship, I
still get the hots for you. You complete me, and until death do us
I'll always love you. I whisper "good night baby", as I once again fall
into a deep coma like sleep, and dream of the wonderful time I just had
with you :)
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