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When taken hostage by pirates I did not expect to find romance or love; but you can be easily surprised by what you find in some situations.
The year was 1725 and I was a young woman of my father's household, bound to sea in the following week to travel across the North Atlantic and into the Caribbean where my father had purchased a small amount of land for a new plantation that would secure the family's wealth. I was but eighteen, a young woman at that age and considered the pride of my father, though my mother had died some time in my early youth. I was spoiled and doted upon with my every whim attended to, my ladies dressed me and kept me and my father paid my way in every venture. Schooled and more than appropriately educated to the world I was ready for adventure and freedom that my father would never permit, in his eyes I was little more than his daughter and a woman.

I was not what you would call feminine, though in many ways I was. I wore dresses and cared greatly for the state of my hair, in which I carried so much pride. Groomed to perfection it was, shone in the light with shades of pale blonde and light brown. It was my eyes that my father always said he loved, a pale grey-blue, but they changed in the light. Sometimes they looked as pure blue as the sky above them; for they only showed that particular shade when the sky was clear and the sun was bright. However with the English weather I endured they showed a steely grey far more often. I was proudest still of my figure, I had remained slim enough to fit into the most well designed garments of the season, which seemed to get tighter and tighter with the passing weeks, but I did not struggle with them, even my firm, perky breasts could fit comfortably enough into the well-formed costumes.

So when the time came to prepare myself for the long journey that would take me from my beloved London home across the North Atlantic Ocean, into the Caribbean Sea and onto some unknown island with a small plot of almost completely undeveloped land, I of course selected the best and most expensive outfits to go into the bags that would stay with me on the ship, and the others to be put into a storage facility there. If I was going to be stuck on some God-forsaken boat for several days, if not weeks for that matter, then I might as well enjoy myself and look good.

At first the journey was uneventful; I soon become bored of wandering the ship as there was simply nothing to do. I was reminded regularly by the captain that he didn't like having women on board because it made them greater targets for pirates; I and my ladies were to stay below deck in our cabin. My father told me the dangers of the sea whenever he saw me at a distance he considered to be too close to the railings. A few days into the journey I was positively fed up, my ladies and I had no privacy away from one another, almost always confined to our cabin. Conversation fell low quickly, I grew to have nothing but pity for my ladies, the two of them had both left behind husbands, of whom they spoke fondly and regularly, and my father had called them to join me on a journey none of us wanted. The only thing we could still speak of were my plans for our arrival, which I told to them on our fourth night aboard the ship after discussing it with my father. When we landed in our new home they were to join me at the house for a single day and night, to help me settle, then my ladies were to return to England with the ship and join their families once more.

Spoiled though I might be, I would not tear them from their husbands so that they might tend me. No, I would have other maid servants that would be native to my new home.

I needn't have bothered making plans for my arrival, because I didn't arrive. It was my eighteenth night aboard the ship and a storm had blown up. It made little difference to me; I remained in my cabin with my ladies as always, completely unaware of the struggle that went on above our heads. Little did we know a fight had broken out on deck, pirates had boarded the ship not moments after the storm had started and took an instant home field advantage, but we remained ignorant to this with the shouts and the clatter of swords drowned out by the thunderous roar of the waves and furious battering of them against the ship.

As the night drew to an end and the storm softened a little I got to my feet and shifted about the room, something felt strangely uncomfortable. Every other night several men would come into the room to check on myself and my maids, I would have thought with a storm they would look in on us more often to ensure our safety. But I had not seen anyone that night, not my father with soft words of comfort and reassurance, nor the captain with sharp words of warning, nor the cook with his bright smile and delivery of our supper, not even the cabin boy, who would look in to tidy our cabin and give us hot water bottles and fresh linen and most nights provide us with a dashing tale about brave soldiers and their battles at sea with pirates and great sea monsters. It was for this reason that I couldn't help but to feel strangely alone and concerned, I would have left the room right then and headed above deck to check on things, had it not been for the knock at our door just as I had turned to move towards it.

I hesitated slightly and glanced at my ladies, one moved forward briskly to open the door, but no gentleman stood there, not my father with his kindly face and misty blue eyes, not the cabin boy with his thin little body and messy arrangement of dark hair - this man was quite obviously a pirate. He stood there proudly with a white silk shirt half open across his torso, a tight pair of pants pulled in at the waist by a thick belt of black fabric and at the calves by a pair of dark and slightly tattered looking leather boots. I was instantly aware of the pistol that lay in a holster around his upper leg and the long curved sword that had been stuffed into his belt. I know I probably shouldn't have thought this, but hell he was hot and it showed. His wasn't exactly what you'd call slim but he was built, the half open and thin silk white shirt displayed that. He had a pair of sharp green eyes that shone like emeralds, glinting in her direction, a white toothed grin that emerged and locks of dark brown hair that fell down almost to his shoulders.

I stepped back, or rather I leapt back. There was a stranger in my cabin, my ladies had moved to my side and he was approaching us quickly, not the slightest hint in him of hesitance just an unknown and intimidating confidence that radiated about him. He wasn't about to get the better of us, I stepped forward and glared, I knew my eyes had flashed dangerously at him because he stopped and looked at me with an insolent smirk that I would be all too happy to see beaten out of him. "How dare you enter a lady's room!" I spat at him furiously, though even I couldn't help but notice the fearful quaver in my voice. I clenched my fists and forced myself to face him in the way a proud young lady should. "State your business here, rogue!" I snapped, my glare never leaving his eyes.

He said nothing though his smile broadened and I saw his gaze flicker from the maid at one side of me, to the maid at the other then snap back to meet my glare. His voice came at last, steady and deep like the slow lapping of the waves themselves; "I am, I suppose, to take it that you are the lady Katharina?" I froze, he knew my name? What interest did he have in me? Should I be worried? I was so confused in that instant that I said the first thing that came to my mind, "that would be lady Parkson to a creature like yourself. I demand that you tell me where my father is and why you have boarded our ship uninvited." Good, he seemed startled by my sudden authority, though no more than I was.

He simply raised a single eyebrow at me and smirked. "Well my lady," he spoke taking a step towards me, "I am here to welcome yourself and your father into the Caribbean with our own true style. However, your father refuses to pay us for our trouble and for the right of safe passage through our waters, and we both know how rude it is to insult a pirate's hospitality. I think however that he may prove a little more co-operative when he finds his daughter in the clutch of sea bandits, don't you?" My eyes widened, how dare he? He would take me captive to gain money from my father, I couldn't care less about what hospitality he thought he was showing my father, I wasn't about to stand for this behaviour. I quickly found however, that I had no choice. Myself and my ladies were bustled from our cabin and pushed up to the deck with a dagger at our backs. I hated this young man already, nothing about him seemed at all charming or kind all of a sudden, where I might have thought it of him before.

On deck things looked no better, I fell into silence as I found the majority of the crew surrounded by the scruffy looking men that were most obviously a pirate crew, a few of the brave men my father had hired lay dead or injured at one side of the deck, my chest tightened as among the dead I spotted a small, scrawny looking young man with a mess of dark hair and pale skin, his jerkin torn and stained red with his own blood, they had murdered even the cabin boy; the harmless young man who had befriended me and provided myself and my ladies with companionship and thrilling stories. I felt sick, was killing and taking so easy to these men that they could kill a boy who had never done harm to anyone? A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me forward, towards my father. He hurried forward, the hand released me and within a moment I found myself in his arms. His embrace was strong and reassuring and I felt that I could relax and trust in him to deal with the situation, but no soon had his warmth and strength reasured me was it taken away, the embrace broken and my father pulled back from me while I in turn was held back from him.

My eyes narrowed on the man who had once again taken my arm, it was the same intruder who had entered my cabin. I couldn't help but to be disappointed with my father's desperate pleading, he a man in whom I had so much respect was no all but on his knees begging for my release, offering up money and jewels. I was of course understanding, after my mother's death my father had felt as though I were all he had, but to simply abandon pride in his pleas for my release, it simply wasn't done by any gentleman, no matter the circumstances and even these cut-throat bastards knew that. Their laughter carried across the vast empty sea and I was pulled sharply backwards by my captor. I was surprised to find that unlike his peers he was not laughing but looking at my father very seriously.

"Well then, My Lord Parkson," he said at last with that same wicked, cunning smirk across his lips and I distinctly had the feeling of wanting to punch him right in that smug little face of his. His gaze remained solidly on my father and his eyes grew brighter, glinting a deep emerald, I thought that his eyes were like the sea the way their colour caught the light of the sun and shifted like waves. "We will ensure your further co-operation by taking young lady Katharina aboard our ship with us; we will escort you to your destination, take our bounty and leave you in peace."

My arm was released and obediently I remained where I was, watching apprehensively as the young man stepped forward and held out his hand to my father, who shook it and looked nervously to me. There was a sound behind me, before I could turn around to see something struck me hard and I fell, there was a cry that I knew distinctly to be my fathers but my world was dark and for a short while there were muffled voices, then only silence.

When I woke I was sore, my shoulders, my head and I was unsure where I was, the place seemed to have been plunged into darkness. It tried to shift only to find my hands had been tied tightly behind my back and my ankles were bound together in front of me. I was still aboard a ship; I knew that much thanks to the slow and gentle rocking of the waves beneath me. I sighed lightly and looked about me, squinting into the darkness in my desperation to see something of my surroundings, the dark shapes of barrels and cases. I was in some sort of storage cabin. I could hear movements above me, the heavy footfalls of men striding about on the deck, they called to each other every so often but the instructions were too muffled for me to understand, I could do nothing but sit in wait.

I might have been waiting hours, maybe not so long as that, I wasn't sure as I had no means of keeping time, but I reasoned that the day had settled into place because it was early morning when they had boarded our ship, and all of the people above me were already in full swing hard at work. Which probably meant that I had found myself in mid-afternoon, I was surprised that I remained so cool and calm considering my predicament, but surely they could do me no harm while I remained an asset to them, the only thing that stopped my father and his men from letting the canons loose on these rogues was the fact that they held me in the bowels of their ship. Or at least I liked to think so, because that secured my safety and gave me hope that I would eventually be handed back to my father to forget the whole ordeal and enjoy my life once again.

I let my thoughts waver about in my hopes, my dreams. I dazed in and out of sleep and was finally awoke by a large and gruff looking man who grabbed my arms and lifted me to my feet so that he could undo my bindings more easily. My questioning did no good; he answered only one of my questions, "where are you taking me?" I asked after already having asked his name, his position, the where about and condition of my father and even my own where abouts. He grunted leading me from the room and into a dark passageway, "you are to join the captain at his request." No more was said and I was half lead half dragged up the passageway and out onto the deck, across it and into a small cabin at the prow end of the ship. A table was laden with fine silver and food set across it, the captain sat there waiting for me, it was the same man from my father's ship.

As I entered he got to his feet and moved forward, the larger man did not release my arm and stood obediently in wait. "Will you permit to join me for an evening meal lady Katharina?" I glared at him and resolved to decline, shaking my head and looking at him with no more than disgust and contempt. He shrugged, "well, it was worth a try. However, I cannot have you starve, you will join my crew for your meal this evening and will perhaps reconsider tomorrow night." He nodded to the man who held my arm and I was tugged back, I struggled not daring to imagine what he meant, though it was quite clear from the way he spoke that I would not find the crew to be pleasurable company at all. Nothing I did deterred my captor, he held firmly to my arm and though I tightened my eyes and screamed with the effort of trying to pull free from him I ended no better off, I turned and managed to sink my teeth into his arm and he struck me hard across the face, stunning me into silence and threw me forward. We had ended up in a large cabin, at the end we had entered was a long table set out with wooden bowls and a long bench at either side where the majority of the crew already sat. At the other end of the room was what I could only assume the sleeping quarters for the crew, several dozen hammocks slung up in rows.

These men were horrid, their attention instantly upon me their eyes raking my flesh with savage intent behind the gaze. I panicked and moved to flee, only to find myself struck hard again by the same strong hand as had struck me moments before. I was knocked off balance by the strike and cried out as I stumbled and fell down against the damp wooden floors. The crew advanced on me, hands found their way to where no man had any right to place them; disgusting grimy fingers pulled at my dress and fumbled my flesh. I screwed my eyes tight shut and tried to wake myself, this wasn't happening, it had to be some awful dream. A hand had reached for my most private of places and a fat finger had penetrated me where nothing had ever penetrated before, I shrieked and scrambled free of their hands, running as though my life depended on it, my aches and pains forgotten as I fled and leapt wildly across the deck, I lurched myself over the railings and felt the ice cold shock of the cold water strike me and envelop me. The crew shouted above, let me drown; let me die, anything but return to them.

The cold of it, the saltiness of the water that rushed into my mouth and burned my throat with every gulp of air I tried to take, the roughness of the water despite the calm seas. Darkness had surrounded me now, just the light of the lanterns on the ship somewhere above my head and the impending darkness of the black waters and the midnight blue sky. Something grabbed my arm and I cried out in the shock and pain of it as I was wrenched upwards, strong arms wrapped themselves around my waist and I was lifted free of the water, air whistled past me and chilled me to the bone and suddenly I was on solid ground again, or as close as I came to it, the sway beneath my feet told me I was back aboard a ship, but the darkness didn't lift and I felt myself falling into subconscious.

I had fainted, the excitement, the fear, the cold. It was all simply too much and once again I was succumb to the darkness. When I woke this time it was not in a dark storage cabin, it was in the captain's room that I had seen briefly not long before. I knew she couldn't have been out too long, for my dress was still soaked and dripping ice cold water, my skin still prickled with the cold and I still shivered. My eyes flickered open to see the captain half-dressed and facing away from me, he was lifting a wet silk white shirt over his head, his hair was damp and the trousers he still wore were obviously drenched because they clung to his legs and looked darker and glossy. His hand had just moved to the black fabric belt when I coughed, my chest heaved uncomfortably and for a moment I could not breath at all, he turned instantly and moved towards me, placing a hand at my back and rubbing gently. The coughing subsided and I gasped greedily for breath, recovering quickly enough to pull away from his touch and glare at him.

He just looked at me and smiled, I couldn't help but to find him strange before he shook his head softly and muttered gentle words, "throwing yourself off the ship like that, not a clever move. You might have drowned." His hand moved to my cheek, I was still sore from being struck and apparently my face had bruised already because he brushed it and murmured more gentle words, "and look. You've banged yourself up a bit, how'd you manage that?"
"I didn't! Your crew did that!"
He stopped suddenly and looked at me with a very convincing surprised expression, but I wasn't about to fall for that, I simply continued to glare at him, spitting more hateful words as my fury grew to its highest point. "Don't you dare act like you didn't know. You put me with those bastards and let them touch me!"
"I assure you lady; they had no permission at all to strike you."
I hesitated, his tone was beginning to convince me that he spoke the truth, but I couldn't allow him to taint my judgement with his acting. My eyes narrowed on him, "so I suppose the assault was fine, so long as they didn't hit?"
This seemed to be the final straw, he practically leapt at me, lifting my dress to show the smooth, white flesh of my inner thighs, I shrieked but he lifted it no higher, he had no need to. There was all the evidence he needed to confirm what I told him, the red marks they had left on my perfect white skin during their lustful frenzy to touch me, and the dirty marks that looked like oil smears, apparently I hadn't been in the salty sea water long enough to wash away the dirt they had left on me. I shuddered as he pulled my dress back into place and leapt from the bed, making a quick paced walk towards the door.

I couldn't help but feel suddenly alone, nor could I help but doubt that this was an act. Could it be possible that this pirate actually cared about my modesty? I didn't wait long before the door opened again and he returned to the room, looking flustered, his chest freshly dampened by the sea spray so that his muscles seem to shine in the light of the dimly flickering oil lamps. He stalked towards me and I attempted feebly to move back on the bed and put a little more distance between us, he perched himself at the edge of the bed and dropped his gaze, he looked suddenly grave. "I never intended harm to come to you here my lady, you were to be treated as my guest and only to be made uncomfortable by the manners of my crew, it seems I have overestimated their self-control, you should know that it will not be permitted to happen again." His voice was low, gentle and ashamed, I could not help but to nod and accept the apology.

He nodded too and got up from the bed, glancing at me. "You will spend the night here, though I request that you remove your clothing." I glared at him and grabbed the hem of my dress defensively, there was no way I was going to accept a request like that just because he had apologised on behalf of his crew. He smiled at me, how could he possibly think that it was appropriate to smile at me in that humoured way after making such an impertinent request!? He shook his head lightly in a disarming manner that made me hesitate in my hastiness to judge him, "I am sorry my lady that you misunderstand me," he murmured softly, "I meant only that your dress is soaked through after your adventures tonight and I wish to be able to have it dried properly before you need it again tomorrow. You shall catch your death otherwise and I believe you will find you have no need of it tonight."

It was true that wearing the soaked dress I would, likely as not, become ill with the cold, however I saw no reason why I would not be requiring clothing that night. He simply nodded to me and turned his back to face the other way. I undressed quickly leaving my dress and underclothes folded neatly on the floor before crawling under the covers of his bed silently, it was marvellously warm and it felt unbelievably wonderful to be out of the wet dress and into a dry bed. Not sure what to say I just muttered a brief thank you and he turned slowly to see my head just poking out of the covers, he nodded again gathered my clothes up and left. He seemed to be gone for ever, or at least it seemed it to me because I fell into sleep quickly and didn't notice him return.

He woke me early the next morning, I opened my eyes to find him sitting on the edge of the bed beside me, shaking me gently by the shoulder. He had changed into a pair of navy trousers and was wearing brown boots now with a blue fabric belt, though he still wore no shirt. I was dazed for a moment by the light of the sun that shone on my face, realising it had been two days since I had seen sunlight. I sat up and frowned at him, almost forgetting my lack of clothing until he quickly looked away with a brief smirk and gave me a chance to cover myself, he handed me a tray with a small breakfast laid out upon it, two slices of toast, three boiled eggs and a slice of some salty meat that I ate quickly and without speaking. When I was finished he took the tray and laid it down on a small table a pace or two away and sat back down beside me. "Alright my lady, you will be staying in bed today, for your health. My crew will not bother you, you should get plenty of rest and eat and drink well. I will come to check on you when I can." I watched him and nodded, he got up to go but I grabbed him, suddenly realising something and he stopped and turned back towards me, looking at the point where my small dainty hand held his wrist.

I withdrew my hand slowly and looked up into his strong emerald green eyes nervously, how handsome he looked with the sunlight on his face. I saw now how tanned he was, how his long black hair had been smoothed back away from his eyes and dampened with sea water to keep it in place. Most of all I had to appreciate his build; a strong chest accompanied by a pair of strong arms, his slim but well build stomach was rippled with muscles and already there was a masculine tang of sweat about him. Had I not been his hostage I would have thought very differently about him, but I was and I hated him for that, or at least I tried to hate him for it. "You haven’t even told me your name," I muttered weakly and he smiled at me.
"Captain Alexander Hawkins. Most call me Captain Hawk."
I noticed the tone of pride in his voice, but didn't know what to say, showing manners towards him felt like it would have been treason to myself, so I just leaned back against the headboard and looked away from him, he seemed to understand and left me. Throughout that day I drifted in and out of sleep and dreams, never quite sure of what was going on around me, but I didn't see the captain again, I was asleep every time he came to check on me, and I was usually sleeping peacefully at these points. But my dreams were catching up with me and as the day progressed they grew worse, seeing the cabin boy dead; how could I forget what they had done to that innocent young boy? Seeing my father plea for my freedom, and worst of all was the final dream I had that day, seeing myself knocked to the ground, men advancing on me. I watched the events unfold as though from beside the railings, I watched myself as I closed my eyes and tried to pretend it was not happening, I watched as a large man inserted a chubby finger among the chaos of hands, I saw myself as I shrieked and pulled suddenly free, taking them all by surprise. I even moved out of the way to let myself pass and watched as I fell down into the water.

Drawn out by the cries I watched as the captain came from his cabin to find out what was going on, how quickly he came to understand. I saw as he flung a rope up and looped it to a cross rail about half way up the mast, I watched as he tied it about his waist and leapt into the water, grabbing me from the icy clutches and swinging me back to safety. I watched him catch me as I fainted and carry me away. I woke with a start, the captain was stood over me, a hand on my shoulder looking down at me with a supposed look of concern, my eyes widened and I jumped. I wasn't used to waking with men in my face and he backed off a little, seeming to understand. "Wouldn't have woke you, but you seemed to be having a restless sleep."
"You saved me..."
"Excuse me?"
"When I jumped, you saved me."
He seemed to hesitate a moment and was frowning as though trying to figure me out.
"You would have been no good to me dead," he said at last.
Now it was my turn to frown at him, trying to figure him out. In the dream, which I just knew was real, he had seemed to care, really care. Now he seemed indifferent.

Days passed and no real change had been made, still we escorted my father's ship but progress was slow because of the damage the pirates had done to it in their initial attack. Captain Hawk had returned my clothes to me and as often as I could I stood at the prow of the ship and looked across the vast ocean to the ship that was always in sight of Captain Hawk's. Though we were never close enough for me to distinguish my father among the other faceless forms that moved around the ship, I like to think every once in a while that I was looking at him, and he at me. Over time I learned more about the ship and the crew I currently played guest to, the ship was a magnificent vessel that Captain Hawk had stolen with a small collection of his friends when he was just eighteen years old, it had been named 'The Queen Daughter', but they had painted her black and renamed her, across the port side in stark white scrawl sharp letters indicated the name 'The Midnight Raven', though most of the crew had taken to giving her the pet name of 'Raven' which is what she was often referred to when they discussed her.

The crew had been punished sharply by Captain Hawk for the incident of several nights ago, they were now instructed that I was to be their guest and most remained polite and charming, attempting some gentleman behaviour in my presence, though Captain Hawk said it was good for them to learn some manners from me. For a while life was good, but it became obvious later that my father's ship, 'The SeaLord's Pride', had been undergoing some major repairs in my absence. They were gathering speed and had changed direction to head directly for us and The Raven. Captain Hawk noticed quickly and while preparing the ship for battle and instructing the crew he ordered me back to his cabin where it was intended I would be safer. Once more a battle started above my head, the thunder of cannons was short lived, I knew that the ships had drawn side by side and my father's men now fought above me with the pirates. I was torn, who did I want to win this battle? I certainly didn't want anyone to die.

Several hours had passed and the door to the cabin opened. I leapt up from the bed where I had been sitting and spun about to face the door, there stood Captain Hawk, his hand held to his side and his face pale. My eyes widened suddenly, he had been injured, blood shone crimson between his fingers where they locked over the wound. I leapt to him and touched his side, he winced and hobbled towards the bed where he seated himself. I was so grateful to him for keeping me safe, and keeping me well in his care aboard the ship that I couldn't bring myself to allow his injury to go untended. He had slept in a hammock at the other side of his own cabin every night so that I might have the bed, he had ensured good meals were provided in his cabin three times a day for me and he had always been charming and polite with me. The least I could do was treat the injury he had gained in protecting me. I know it might seem odd that I would think his keeping my father and my father's men from the ship was protecting me, but I knew that in a way it was, because him having me was the only reason his men hadn't killed everyone aboard The SeaLord's Pride and myself.

I lifted away his shirt and he looked at me with mild surprise, but it was obvious how much pain he was in and how he was trying to hide it. I found a cloth, wash basin, needle and thread with his guidance and set about first cleaning the wound then sewing it. It stung him and one of his men came in with a bottle that the captain instantly took several gulps from. When I had finished his hand was shaking and I took it in my own, his hands were so strong by comparison and yet it was mine that held steady now. I smirked at him, I couldn't help it, it just seemed so strange that a wound could make him suddenly so weak and vulnerable. The bottle of rum was a little over half empty now and each mouthful seemed to steady him a little more.

He looked at me with those powerful green eyes and smiled, "going soft on me Katharina," he muttered, he took his hand from mine and placed it to my cheek, rubbing lightly with his thumb before leaning slowly forward. I should have stopped him, should have moved away, but I did not. I stayed and allowed him to shift forward and press his lips to mine, there was nothing rough about him now, his hand held my cheek lightly, the other abandoned the rum bottle and placed itself at my back, pulling me into him. This was bliss that I had never known and that frightened me more than anything, I pulled back and he released me at once looking concerned as I panted for breath. My eyes took in his, he looked worried about me, more worried than I think even he knew, I smiled at him and shook my head. "I'm sorry," I murmured, he shook his head and placed a hand against my arm.
"I'm the one who should be sorry. I should never have done that, forgive me Katharina?"
I smirked and moved towards him, "I'm not sorry that you did it. I'm sorry that I stopped you," my words came almost of their own accord and I could not stop them, nor could I stop myself from pressing my lips to his and closing my eyes, though even if I could have stopped myself I would not want to. His arms wrapped around me, his lips met mine and somehow I had managed to end up on top of him, my body pinning his to the bed, his hands exploring my hair and stroking my back, I felt his excitement growing against my leg and felt his moan against my lips. He grabbed me by the shoulders and without breaking the kiss rolled me over so that he could take the position on top. His kiss finally broke only to meet my neck and make me shudder. His hands were so gentle as he undressed me and worked his way down my body, tugging my dress down with it and leaving me naked, as they had not felt the need to return my underclothes to me and I had not felt need for them.

I moaned as his lips found one nipple and his fingers found the other, rubbing them, teasing them. It seemed he liked to hear the sounds of my pleasure, the soft moans and incoherent mutterings because I felt his excitement grow a little more against my leg each time a sound escaped my lips. He worked further down, kissing across the near flat surface of my stomach and down into the little nest of my pubic hair. No man had ever touched me like he did, with the tenderness of a lover he planted a succession of small kisses against my private lips and gained the reward of my moaning, I couldn't help it, the blissful pleasure of his actions drove my mind blank of propriety and left me hungry with lust. My back arched and pelvis shifted upwards like an instinct, my head pressed back into the bed clothes and his tongue darted inside me, flicked my insides then flicked a spot on the outside that made me quiver. I gasped and grabbed the bed sheets as he continued, his tongue flicked that same sensitive spot again and again while his fingers slowly pushed inside me, first one then a second. At first it hurt, but that quickly subsided as his fingers stroked my inside and his lips wrapped around the sensitive bud, he sucked it and I screamed, my back arched and my hands gripped more tightly at the bed clothes, I remained like that for a moment or two, my mouth open in a silent scream then fell back against the bed sheets, biting my lip to stop me from crying out again.

I looked down and saw him there, sucking my juices from his fingers, licking them from my body. I moaned again and sat up, taking his chin to guide his lips to mine. I could taste myself on his tongue, our passion overwhelmed us both and while the kiss continued my hands found the fabric of his belt and pulled it away, my fingers found the waist of his trousers and tugged them down. He broke the kiss and pulled away for a few moments, returning to me as naked as I was. Our lips met again and he fell into place crouched over me, my body already wanting more of him. I could feel his erection probing at my entrance and murmured softly, lifting my hips to allow him entry. He sat back and took my hips with both hands, lifted them from the bed and eased himself into me; I bit my lip so hard that I could taste the blood I drew. I couldn't cry out, I had to endure it or else displease him, once his full length was inside me he leaned forward over me and kissed me, my mind melted away into his kiss, his embrace as he pulled me into him so that we sat together, me in his lap with his shaft buried deep inside me and my legs wrapped around him.

His kisses and the gentle caress of his hands took my mind off the pain and soon enough it had diminished completely I was left with only a satisfying fullness and the urge to hear him moan too. I rocked back and forth a little in his lap and we both moaned into the kiss, he broke the kiss and gasped. "You're so tight my lady," he murmured in my ear as he took my hips and began to lift me up and down on him slowly, steadily. The longer we went the more comfortable I became and the faster we got, soon enough we found ourselves lain across the bed once more. I was beneath him, one of his hands held mine down, the other was placed to my side to support his weight as his strokes thrust in an out of me deeper and faster each time. I moaned and gasped loudly, my back arched as quivers of pleasure ran through my body. He pushed a final stroke deep into my body, buried within my walls, I could feel his seed shooting into me with hot spurts that made me squirm but he held me so firmly against the bed that my writhing pleasures were limited. He quivered, shuddered and shook against me then came to a rest against my breast.

His eyes were closed and his breaths were drawn out in long, ragged gasps. The scent of our sweat and passion surrounded us, but it was like a sweet perfume to me. So rugged a man had taken me into his bed that evening, he had made me writhe with the pleasure he could give, and made me cry out with the pain. I could hold nothing against him for he had been the perfect lover, and even now as we lay together his lips did not rest; already he was making his recovery, teasing my nipples with his tongue and teeth. I could feel him growing harder again inside me and I knew that the night's celebration would not end so soon. It was after all, still some time until I could expect to arrive in my new home.
What would my father say? When he found out his daughter had fallen in love with a pirate?

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, if the feedback on this is good I may be tempted to write a sequel - I did enjoy writing it.

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2013-03-22 09:54:45
I couldn't agree more! Amazing detail.

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2012-03-14 04:01:21
Amazing work of fiction! So arousing! And I love your name, Ryuzaki, your writing certainly lives up to his genius.

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2011-11-15 18:58:08
This is absolutely one of the most arousing things I've come across on this site. I hope you have the intention of continuing this or starting something similar.

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2011-09-28 00:43:40
A refreshing break from the shit that is often posted on this site. Would be interested in seeing your take on other genres.

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