A guy gets the girl of his dreams. Constructive critisism please.
I am a senior in High school; I am Caucasian and have short brown hair and a light tan. People usually see me as just another normal guy, and it was just another normal school day when I was walking into my next class; I was pretty early as usual so I sat down at my table. While I was waiting for class to start I saw Rachael walk in who is also in the twelfth grade like me, now normally Rachael is totally hot, she has long brown hair and a very nice tan. Her body is skinnier than others but not too skinny, with perfect curves and D sized breasts. Not to mention a very nice butt. But today she was wearing a pair of super-tight sweatpants, skin tight even. In fact it looked like she had nothing on from the waist down and had blue skin that was the texture of fabric, that’s how tight it was. They hugged every curve of her legs and boy did she look sexy in them.

As she was walking to her table I eventually saw her backside and immediately took the opportunity to look at her ass, and was I surprised to see what was down there. The pants had ridden up her ass crack as if someone had given her a wedgie, and you could very clearly, and I mean very clearly see her panties outlined on her butt. I was staring like crazy, and I took every chance I could to stare at her butt during class.
When class was over I decided to wait to leave until she had gone in front of me so I could walk behind her and stare as much as I could, as I was staring I started to get a hard-on, but it wasn’t quite hard enough that you could tell I had one; Luckily enough since I was surrounded by several other students in the hallway.
As I was following her and watching her she suddenly turned around, I have no idea why but she defiantly saw me looking at her butt even though I looked up as fast as I could. Fuck! I thought to myself. Now she’ll just think I’m some weird perv. I could feel my cheeks heating up and could tell that I was blushing; I don’t think I’ve ever been this embarrassed before.

I decided to pick up my pace and hurry past her as she was walking past me. She had to have seen me looking down there, her eyes were on mine as they came up and I could tell there was a bit of shock on her face. I didn’t see her expression after that because I went past her but I could imagine it wasn’t good.
The whole rest of the day all I could think about was her extremely hot ass, I replayed the memory in my head of her sexy ass swaying as she walked. I couldn’t get it off my mind and when I got home I masturbated furiously thinking about that totally hot ass of hers and how you could obviously see her panties outlined, and I cummed like never before.

The next day she walked into class again with the same type of pants but this time they were green. Damn that is so fucking hot. I thought to myself again. When class ended I was apprehensive to take the risk of following her, and decided to just go without her in front of me since she stayed behind to talk to the teacher.
As I was walking to my locker I was surprised to see that she caught up to me and started to talk to me. “Hey, I saw you looking at my butt the other day,”

I was completely thrown off guard by her sudden bluntness. “Uhh.. umm.. yeah well…” I said.

“Do you think I have a hot ass?” She said right as I could feel my cheeks getting warm, and yet again I was surprised about how she just threw it out there. I decided to just wing it and tell her the truth since she brought it up.

“Yeah totally, I couldn’t help but stare every chance I got; you really know how to showcase your butt.”

“Well maybe you can see some more later after school today,” She said as she handed me a slip of paper with a smile on her face. “Call me.”

I was so happy and surprised from this happening that I froze in place as she kept walking to go to her class, and she was purposely wiggling her ass as she waked off. Only then did I realize the next period had started and the hallways were empty. Shit! I thought as I ran off to my next class.

I could absolutely not wait until the end of the school day and when it ended I immediately went right outside of the school building and called her on my phone. Once she picked up I immediately spoke, “Hey it’s me, you said something about getting to see a little more?”

“Yeah,” She said. “Come down to my car and we can go to my house. My parents are going to be gone so we can do whatever we want.”

I looked at the parking lot with the phone to my ear to see her waving from what appeared to be her car. “Okay I’m coming.” I said as I hung up. I speed walked to her car and got in as she was starting it up. The car ride was quiet but short, she lived fairly close to the school. We got into her house and I could feel the tension between us.

We launched at each other and started kissing like crazy, kissing her was like heaven, and those soft luscious lips of hers had always been a dream of mine. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced around between our mouths. As we were kissing I put my hands on her ass cupping her ass cheeks with each hand. She moaned into my mouth right when I did and her ass felt better than I thought it would.

She stood back and took off her shirt and bra, her boobs didn’t even fall one bit, they popped outward as much as they always did and I think it was the hottest pair of tits I’ve ever seen in my life. I rapidly started to fondle them and put my mouth over her nipples, going from one to the other, she moaned as I sucked and licked one of her nipples while I played with the other one in my hand.

She turned around and wiggled her ass as she took off her pants; she then was slowly waving her ass in my face back and forth. If I wasn’t hard already I had gotten a super hard-on right then.
I ripped her panties down for her to reveal her extremely sexy ass and pussy. She turned around and I got down onto my knees and shoved my mouth into her plump and juicy pussy lips. I licked her clit and shoved a finger into her tight hole. “Ohhhhhhhh yesss.” She said.

After a while I don’t think she could take not seeing me naked and she backed away and took off my shirt for me, I finished by taking off my pants and boxers to reveal my eight inch dick. She went onto her knees this time and shoved it into her mouth. “Aww yeah baby.” I said.

I put my hands on the top of her head as she bobbed in and out, her warm wet mouth felt awesome and I started to take over for her and fuck her face. When she realized I was going in and out of her mouth she put her hands down and sat there as I rapidly shoved my dick into her pretty little face. “Im going to cum soon babe.” I said as I saw her put a thumbs up while I face fucked her.
I started to go faster and shove it down her throat, I could tell she couldn’t quite take it all but was trying, after a few seconds I could feel my dick explode into her mouth, rope after rope of semen emptied itself from my dick into her mouth.

Once I pulled out I could see her swallow, and I was still as hard as ever. “You ready for whats to come next?” I said.

“Oh yeah I am.” She said as she nodded her head.

We walked to her room and laid down onto her bed. I got her into the doggie position and aligned my dick to her pussy; once I got it in I started rapidly fucking her. I could tell she wasn’t a virgin and she very quickly started moaning in extreme pleasure.“Ohh yes! Fuck me like the little slut I am!”

“Fuck yes I will my sexy little whore.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh!” she said as I was fucking her. She was playing with her clit while I was shoving in and out of her and playing with her tits, and I could tell the just had an orgasm. I felt the gush of her pussy juice flow over my dick as she squeezed it with her pussy.

She had collapsed a bit from the pleasure but soon got back up for me to fuck her again. As I was slamming into her sexy ass I turned her around onto her back and bent down to kiss her again while I fucked her.

Our tongues did the dance of lust in our mouths while I shoved my cock into her deep tight and deliciously wet pussy. She continued to play with her clit while I was fucking her like crazy. I could feel myself climaxing soon. “You ready for my load baby?”

“I want you to fill me up like the cum dumpster I am.”

“I knew you would want that you sexy little slut.”

I picked up my pace and grabbed her ass to lift per partially up as I shoved my cock deep into her, she was furiously rubbing her clit and my dick stared to explode yet again. “Ohhh yeah! Take it you whore!” I said as I exploded with the most mind-boggling orgasm ever, I sent rope after rope after rope of cum into her tight wet pussy, and suddenly she also climaxed squirting her sexy juices all over my dick, and this only seemed to draw out more cum. It seemed to never end as I kept emptying my load into her hot pussy, but finally I was done, and I collapsed next to her in her bed, exhausted, and we fell asleep.

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2011-12-11 17:38:00
I stopped in the middle of it, i could not read anymore, it only talks about 1 thing, it going on and on about her ass. And, there needs to be more of a followup the the sex

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2011-09-27 23:27:35
A few typos, but other than that it was good.

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2011-09-27 23:27:15
A few typos, but other than that it was good.

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