this is pt 3. you might like to read pt 1 so you will know whats going on.
This is part 3 of the true stories of trying to spice up our sex life for me and my wife. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you might want to so you can understand what is going on. She likes to get really kinky sometimes and as we have a very open marriage, we have done a lot of off-the-wall things together. Please leave me a note if you would like to hear about more of them.

It’s Friday, time to pick our fantasy choices for next week. This is working out great for us as we are both getting to experience many things we both have wanted to try.

I took off a couple hours early from work today so that I could get home early enough to add a few extra choices to my bucket . Plus, I had to stop by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of our favorite drink to make the night more pleasurable.

As I entered the front door, I called for her, but received no answer. This was strange because she is almost always sitting on the couch watching tv or reading a book.

I walked to our bedroom door and found it almost all the way shut. I peeked in and saw her leaning over her makeup desk writing on some pieces of paper. I smiled as I thought she was also adding a few extra ideas to her bucket. But when she finished, instead of dropping them in, she dumped her bucket into the trash can and replaced it with all the slips she had just written.

“What the hell is she doing?” I asked myself. Then she got up and turned the shower on and stepped inside. While she was in there, I looked in her bucket to find that every slip of paper had the same topic written on it. She was stuffing her fantasy bucket!!! “How long had this been going on?” I wondered.

When she stepped out of the shower, I was standing there holding her bucket, smiling at her. “Busted, huh?” she said to me with a shit-eating grin on her face. “I think so!!” I replied. “Just how long has this been going on?”
“Since about the fourth week,” she said. “Well, hell,” I thought to myself,” so much for the element of surprise.”

So now that she knew in advance what was going to happen, I took one out and looked it over. And since all my fantasies revolved around her, I decided to get rid of mine altogether. Now I had a week to prepare for hers.

It’s now the next Saturday night and we are leaving for our big night out. All she wanted to do was hook up with a couple other couples at the local swingers club for a good time. She really loves that place and always has a great time when we go.

After an hour or so sitting at the bar and talking to new people, we decided to head upstairs. We undressed and
wrapped ourselves in our towels and headed for the second floor.

There were already many couples up there engaged in some kind of contact, so we had a seat on one of the couches to watch. Soon we spotted a couple named Steve and Susan that we met at the bar and moved over beside them on a huge mattress. They were both naked, him lying in front of her twisting on one of her erect nipples while she gently stroked his half-hard cock.

My baby touched her shoulder and asked” Can I help?” “Absolutely” she replied smiling as my baby reached out her hand and circled his now hard cock. Together they brought him to full attention and it was respectable. I moved behind his wife and cupped both her ample breast in my hands. She leaned her head back on me and told me how good some strange attention felt to her. My baby then slid her free hand between her legs and found her beautiful hairless pussy.

After several minutes of this, the two girls started paying more attention to each other. Her husband and I backed off to watch them having fun with each other. My baby loves to eat pussy, and soon became obvious that his wife did too. They knelt in front of each other and wrapping up in each others arms, engaged in some very long, passionate kissing. I get really turned on watching my baby kissing another woman, and judging form his actions, so did he. They continued kissing while now slowly lowering themselves to the floor. Lying down, facing each other, their legs parted enough to allow each to feel the other up.

My baby was of course the first to insert a finger into Susan’s pussy. She probed around inside her, hitting all the right spots, making her moan slightly. Susan was getting really wet which prompted my baby to remove her finger and move it up to their tangled mouths. They both stopped long enough to lick all her juices off my baby’s finger before she inserted it again. After a moment, my baby looked my way and again withdrew her finger, offering it to me. I knelt beside her and with both hands, took her hand and sucked her finger as deep into my mouth as it would go. Susan tasted great on my baby’s finger, and within seconds, it was clean.

Not to be out-done, Susan found my baby’s pussy and inserted two fingers. They both lay there finger-fucking each other, every few seconds either licking each other, or offering their wetness to us. They both tasted great, and I knew this position wouldn’t last very much longer.

They parted and turned to put each other in a 69 position, now both faces buried between each others legs. I know how much my baby loves eating pussy, so I figured that Steve and I might as well go down and refresh all of our drinks.

When we returned, they took a quick break for drinks. My baby said that Susan’s pussy tasted so good that Steve and I might go home frustrated. “Bullshit,” I said. Steve agreed. We sat them on the couch and parted their legs while they sipped on their glasses. Steve dove into Susan and I followed suit with my baby and began to eat like it was our last meal. Susan cums very easy, so wasn’t long before she was holding his head with both hands ,grinding him into her, flooding his face with her juices. My baby began to actually “squirt” all over me as she experienced the first of many huge orgasms she would have tonight.. I have a full beard, so when my baby let go, I remained soaked.

I rose from eating her; my beard all but dripping. Susan looked up and said “Holly shit; look at that!!” She cupped my face with her hands and began sucking the wetness from me. “You should get down here and try this. She really tastes good.” Susan hinted to Steve. We swapped places and dove into each others wives.

Susan did taste great and let me eat her long enough to get her off a couple of times. Steve managed to get my baby off once before she pulled him by the ears and stood him in front of her. His cock was sticking straight out in front of him, only an inch from her face. She looked up at him, licked her pouting lips, and kissed the tip of his cock. The next thing I knew, she had his entire thing engulfed down her throat. My baby gives the best head I’ve ever had, so I knew Steve was enjoying it.

Steve ran his fingers through her hair and held her head tight to his body. He was basically standing in front of her fucking her warm mouth. I quit eating on Susan and we both just watched them for a few moments. The only thing more exciting than watching my baby suck my cock, is watching her sucking on someone else’s. I couldn’t control myself any longer and offered my hard cock to Susan to do the same.

The ladies sucked on us until I had to stop. I was getting very close and wasn’t ready to give up a hot load yet. Steve agreed, so we decided to take a break. I really needed another drink, so he and I left for refills. When we returned, the ladies lit up a smoke to relax for a moment.

When they finished, they stood and grabbed our still hard cocks and led us to an empty mattress. Again the ladies got themselves into a 69 position in front of us with my baby on the bottom. This time we had a little more room so Steve and I took advantage of this. He slid his cock into his wife’s wet pussy, letting my baby give it a good licking as it penetrated her. I offered myself to Susan who promptly swallowed me into her hot mouth. After a moment I withdrew my cock, and lifting my baby’s legs, slid my cock deep inside her. Her pussy was so warm and tight I felt like I was getting one of her fabulous blowjobs.

I again had to break the feeling so I asked Steve if he would like to swap ends. Didn’t have to ask him twice. He withdrew making a suction noise pulling out of Susan’s tight pussy. We changed and I enjoyed his wife as he enjoyed mine. As I stroked into his wife’s pussy, my baby would stop eating her and run her tongue all over my balls.

Several minutes of this and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I asked Steve if it was ok if I unloaded in his wife since we weren’t wearing condoms. He told me not to worry, that she loves the feeling of a big load of hot cum splattering inside of her. She couldn’t answer because she was now paying more attention to him than my baby’s pussy.

He held her head and fucked her mouth until finally he screamed and flooded his wife’s mouth with so much cum that she couldn’t swallow it all. It dripped from the corners of her mouth onto my baby’s bald pussy which she tried to lick up. Watching this ended things for me as I shot wave after wave of my cum deep inside Susan. As my cock began to deflate, it slid from her pussy allowing my cum to trickle out into my baby’s open mouth. I sat back to watch and motioned for Steve to join me. String after string of my sticky cum oozed from Susan’s pussy only to be captured by my baby’s tongue. Susan raised her body slightly to see what was going on. She raised up off my baby enough to see a big glob of cum land square on my baby’s lips. My baby took her finger and smeared it all over her mouth like she was applying some kind of lip gloss. She knows she drives me crazy when she lets me watch her do things like that. My baby loves to put on a show with excess cum, and nobody does it better.

After my baby finished cleaning out Susan’s pussy with her fingers, Susan turned around to give her a big kiss. Some of Steve’s cum was clinging to her face, but my baby took care of it quickly. They cleaned each other up then sat back on the couch to have another smoke. Their actions over the past few minutes had Steve and I so worked up that we were both starting to get erect again, but it was getting late so we decided to call it a night.

To this day, we still all see each other on occasion at the club and often talk about the first time we got together. His wife has turned as kinky as mine, so we have done some pretty wild things together. You should see the movie I made of the two of them turning into banana splits.

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I enjoyed the story . . . . and the experience!!

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