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Part 2:
So after I caught my wife cheating on me with my then best friend, I started looking into more of what she has done or was doing. I hired a private investigator to follow her around for a month. I wasn’t sure what would come up, but I wanted proof of whatever it was.

I hadn’t decided if I wanted to leave her or not. She had been begging me for forgiveness and had basically been my sex slave every night. She said she doesn’t know why she slept with him. He would complement her and tell her how sexy she looked and she loved the attention. She swore he was the only one she ever cheated on me with.

I really just have an “I don’t care” attitude towards her. The sex is good and I will take it until I decide if I want to throw her to the curb.

She tries to make sex the best she can now more than ever, since she doesn’t want a divorce and to lose her pretty much endless supply of money. I guess I didn’t realize what all she would do to keep “me” until one night a couple of weeks later.

I came home from a normal day at work and found candles lit up to our bedroom. I get up there and find a note on the door reading “I have a surprise for you. Come in when you are ready for a night you won’t forget.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, this surprise better be better than the last, that’s for sure.

I went to the guest bathroom and cleaned up a bit and decided to go see what “surprise” awaited me. I open the door and find a woman I recognize from a party we attended, I admit I was drinking and had flirted with the woman. She was a blonde haired beauty. She had c-cup breasts that were perfectly shaped and as perky as they come. She had an hourglass shaped body that looked like it was made for porn. Her face wasn’t extraordinary like my wife’s, but she was still beautiful. I think I recall her name being Katie.

So Katie is on her knees on my bed facing my in a red and black corset licking her red lips. As I looked my way down her body my cock began throbbing. My wife wasn’t anywhere to be seen though. It was a surprise I must say.

“Do you want to play with me?” Katie asked as I entered the room.

I responded with “What do you want to play?”

“Well I heard you love sluts and I would love to be one for you. Can I be your whore?” she said in an almost perfectly rehearsed voice. “Your wife told me you would love to use me. “

About that time my wife came out of the bathroom in an outfit matching Katie’s. She looked so good. She made her way into the bedroom and stood facing me. She started unbuttoning my shirt while dancing around. I watched her boobs bounce as she moved. Then she unbuckled my belt while kissing down my chest and stomach. I took finished taking off my pants when she went and joined Katie on the bed.

It didn’t take but a few seconds before they were kissing each other. Seeing my wife make out with this gorgeous girl was amazing. Katie moved her way down to my wife’s breasts. As she pulled them out and started sucking on her nipples I could see my wife start to play with herself. So much was coming out here lately. If you would of asked last year I would say my wife was in no way attracted to other women. Katie then kissed down her stomach and made her way to her pussy. She licked her pussy on each side; spread her pussy lips with her fingers and began sucking on her clit. My wife was really enjoying this.

As Katie did this she positioned herself so that her ass was in the air facing me. I could see her shaved pussy, that looked so good, and you could tell she was getting wet. I walked up behind her and grabbed a hold of her ass. She moaned a “mmhmm” kind of moan. I slapped her ass a couple of times just to watch it move. I ran my hand over her pussy and heard her moan. She started bucking at my hand and I knew she needed to be fucked.

I was beyond horny at this point. I took my cock and started easing it into her pussy. She was readily accepting me, even bouncing her ass bucking at me to try to get more in. I took a firm hold of her hips and shoved my 8 inches straight into her pussy. She kind of gasped as I did, but didn’t stop eating my wife’s pussy. I hadn’t been in any pussy but my wife’s in what seemed like forever and it felt great. She was tight and wet. I loved the feel of her pussy and her body as I ran my hands from her hips to her ass.

My wife was moaning so load I could tell she was going to be cumming soon. Katie was moaning equally loud. I felt a hand touch my balls and realized why. My wife was playing with Katie's clit as I fucked her.

Finally it all got to me and I grabbed a tight hold of her ass and thrust into her pussy a few good times and filled her with my cum. With the way she was moaning I could tell she enjoyed it. My cock kept throbbing and I didn't want it to be done.

When I pulled my cock out of her pussy, Katie turned around and began sucking the cum off my cock. Her lips were so full and soft. My cock hadn't fully gone limp, and at this point I don't think it could. She ran her tongue down my cock and back up the other side. She used her tongue to circle the head of it before putting it all in her mouth. She could take it all in her throat. She even went down and sucked on my balls.

While she was doing this my wife was laying under Katie in a 69 position. I could see Katie grinding against my wife’s face. She was lapping my cum out of Katie’s pussy and being the cum slut she is, she was enjoying it.

“Yeah you suck my cum off her pussy.” I pretty much commanded to my wife “You like eating pussy don’t you slut? You like to eat cum?”

“Yes honey” she replied in between licks.

“You are a fucking slut” I told her as I pulled Katie off my growing cock.

"I know baby. I am your fucking slut"

I don’t know I managed to get hard again so fast, but I was grateful. I told my wife to scoot to the end of the bed, so that her legs were hanging down. She had a couple pillows under her so that her pussy was angled to me. I stuck a couple fingers in her pussy and it surprised me how wanting her pussy was. Then I had Katie lay on top of her. Katie’s shaved pussy was a good sight. I leaned in a bit at it teasing ly and gave her goose bumps. They started making out and playing with each other’s breasts. After seeing, my wife play with another’s woman’s breasts my cock was fully hard and ready to fuck.

I looked at the sight I had in front of me, two pussies, one on top of the other. I couldn’t wait to get started. First I shoved my cock into my wife’s pussy. I thrust in and out a few times before pulling it out. I wanted to get her juices flowing and they were. I then shoved my cock into Katie’s pussy. It felt so nice. I fucked her for a couple of minutes. This was awesome. I loved the thought of their pussy juices coming together and them both wanting my cock.

They were making out and playing with each other’s tits as I took turns fucking each one. When I shoved my cock back into my wife’s pussy she started trying to grind into me. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and heard her displeasing sigh as I went back to Katie’s pussy. Katie was so wet that her pussy juices were dripping onto my wife’s pussy. Seeing them grind against each other as I fucked them both was such a turn on. Each pussy wanted my hard cock inside it. You could feel and hear how much they like it when it was their turn. It almost seemed like they wanted their pussy to be better than the other.

I fucked them each hard and when I got ready to cum I moved by their faces and let my load go all over both of them. They were trying to catch it in their mouths and began licking my cum off of each other.

I went back down to their pussy and began rubbing them both. They both moaned and when I stuck a couple fingers in each pussy they began fiercely making out again. It wasn’t long before they Katie started cumming. I watched her cum drip all over my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t help but to start licking it off. Within a couple of seconds from my tongue hitting my wife’s clit she was cumming too.

That night was awesome. It was probably the best threesome I had ever had. My wife even went out of her way to pick a woman she knew I was attracted to. I have to give her credit for that, but it didn’t really change the fact of what she had already done.

It was about a week after this incident that the private investigator got back to me. I couldn’t believe some of what I saw in the photos he handed me. Basically everytime I had to go out of town for business my wife was taking another man’s cock.

Apparently it didn’t matter to her if he was white, black, rich, or poor. She truly was a cum slut and I was going to find out how big of cum slut she was, I just had to get the right guys together first…

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2014-09-08 11:27:20
Mate, you really need to get a grip on your whore.
Even after your night of a threesome with another women, in her mind you are as bad as she is.
She is treating you like a piece of shit on the bottom of her shoe, you really need to wake up to what's happening.
Now you know how much of a whore she is behind your back.
Either you make her your whore alone, meaning she dose what you arrange etc.
0r you might as well get her out the door and let her be a whore elsewhere.
Perhaps you should send her to a discipline school for wife whores, just a thought.

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2011-09-29 10:11:59
Change up the story soon like having her made to go to a slave school by her husband. That way she only fucks him and other women in his presence as a good little slave should do.

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