Part 3 of these stories. Check out the first 2 for a full background. All comments welcomed!
Part 3:

As you recall, I caught my slut of wife sleeping with my then best friend and while waiting for the PI to come back with his report she surprised me with a threesome with a woman who she knew I thought was hot. Then come to find out my wife truly is a whore who has been sleeping around every time she gets a chance.

My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life. We had sex at least once a day. Most people I talk to think I am exaggerating, but I’m not. That is how our relationship started and really one of the reasons I married her. The only days we don’t have sex are days I am out of town, which may be 1 night a week. That’s what it takes to be successful though and she knows she loves the money.

That is why I was so surprised to see how many guys she slept with when I was out of town; sometimes 2-3 in a day. She SWORE my then best friend was the only guy, which is just about laughable now.

So I made arrangements to see how big of a cum slut she is. I rented out one of the local clubs downtown. It happens to be a swingers club and is by invitation per party. I had 75% of the invites sent to men. I decided not to tell her where we are going, but once we get there if she tries to leave, I will not stop her.
I told her Saturday I was taking her someplace she would love. This excited her. She has been nervously waiting to see if I was going to leave her after catching her in bed with my friend and so this helps to ease her mind.

Saturday night she dresses in this short, low cut green dress. I don’t know much about fabric but I would say it was made of spandex the way it stretched and showed off her every curve, just like her workout pants. She had her hair put up and had on some shoes that made her legs look like the went on forever. She looked great.

When we got to the club she asked “Where are we?”

I told her “Some place I may be investing in. I think it’s your type of place so just enjoy it.”

She shot me a huge smile as we got out of the car. We get in and notice the lights are dimmed and the music is kind of loud. A lot of people were dancing around and grinding on each other. Some were making out. It was a very sexual place. I told my wife to go get a drink while I talked with the owner and that I’d be right back.

As I went to get a drink a guy came up to her at the bar and asked her to dance. She said yes and they moved to the dance floor. I could see them from the booth I was in, but fairly certain they couldn’t see me. Soon he grabbed her close and she started grinding on him. He was a decently built guy, looked like he worked out. He grabbed a hold of her ass and she kind of smiled. Soon she was rubbing her ass all over him. He slid her dress up to where you could see her ass poking out the bottom and she didn’t stop him. He felt her up and she just smiled. She would say some things, I couldn’t hear, but never stopped him.
I went back up to the bar after the song. She came back with her dress fixed.

“I want to show you something.” I told her with a grin on my face.

“What?” she asked still flirty.

“Come with me” I grabbed her by the hand and led her toward the back. I opened the door to a room and there was a bed in there with all sorts of mood lighting, music and such. I sat on the bed and asked her “How about we fuck?”

“Here?” she asked kind of giggling.

“Why not? It’s actually what goes on here.”

That brightened her eyes. She started stripping to the music as she responded with how bad she wanted me. She was down to nothing but a thong when someone else came in. I grabbed her hand and pulled her on top of me. We started kissing as this guy watched. She loved it.

She was grinding on me and started trying to undo my pants. After she got them undone I took them off. She stood over me and removed her thong. Her pussy was almost dripping wet. She glanced at the guy watching and noticed that he was stroking his cock and she shot him a smile.

She took my hard cock in her hands and shoved her pussy down on it. It felt so good. As horny as I was, I am sure she was 100x more so. As she started riding my cock she motioned for the guy beating off to come over. She reached for his cock and brought it up to her lips. I grabbed a hold of hips and started thrusting into her as I watched her suck this guy’s cock.

The way she moved on me as she sucked his cock made me wonder if she had done this before. She took his cock so deep that she gagged on it a couple times. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits so that he played with her nipples while she sucked his cock and fucked me.

I couldn’t believe we were here or that this was happening. As we fucked more people came into the room. A couple of guys came in and started jerking off around her. She grabbed one and beat him off while still sucking the first guy. The first guy pulled his cock out of her mouth and exploded all over her face. She started bouncing on my cock harder. One the guys who had just came in walked up behind her and pushed her down and started rubbing her ass. He stuck a finger in her ass and she just moaned. She began to rock back and forth like she wanted it in her ass more.

She was like a completely different person. That guy then lubed up his cock and shoved it slowly into her ass while I fucked her pussy. She started cumming right then but that didn’t stop her. She started sucking on the guy she was beating off. My slutty wife had a cock in every hole and was loving it. I started cumming so hard into her pussy it almost hurt. Within seconds of me filling her pussy with cum the guy fucking her ass filled it too.

She got off of me and lay on the bed. She motioned for guy who had come in to start fucking her. I stood there for a minute watching my wife get her pussy filled with a big black cock as she moaned in ecstasy. You could see the way her pussy stretched to allow the big cock in and she was loving it. She had a cock in each hand and one in her mouth. I never thought this would be something I would love to see but it was hot. The way she tried to take all the cocks, she was a cock hungry slut.

I was so lost in the sight and in thought that I didn’t notice the woman who came up to me until she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth. She wasn’t exactly my type, but I couldn’t object to getting the cum sucked off my cock. This lady knew how to give head. The way she went down on my cock and then rubbed my balls was amazing. I grabbed her by her hair and started fucking her face. She took my whole cock down her throat without gagging. She had me hard again and ready to cum within 15-20 minutes.

The closer I got to cumming I stopped her and went over to my wife, who now had a different guy fucking her, a cock in each hand, and cum on her tits and face. I decided to shoot my load down her throat. She saw me come over stroking it and opened her mouth wide. She didn’t swallow as I filled her mouth with cum, but let it pool up in her mouth and swallowed it all together.

After fucking my wife and getting off twice I really needed a drink. I went back out to the bar and got one. I took some time to gather my thoughts. I couldn’t believe my wife was in there happily taking cock after cock. I also couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to see her do it. My wife was the center of a gangbang/orgy type thing and it was so fucking sexy.

I stayed out there a few minutes and watched these two girls making out on the dance floor. They rubbed their bodies against each other and looked really into it. The blonde started taking off her clothes as the brunette went down on her. The blonde grabbed the brunettes head and pushed it into her pussy. They had their own little show going on when I realized I was missing out on mine.

I walked back into the room with a major hard on. My wife was on all 4’s in the floor. She was eating the pussy of some woman and taking a cock in the pussy. Some guy was cumming on the pussy she was eating and my wife was just lapping it up. I saw two more guys do this within the next few minutes.

She had cum all over her body, some dried, some not. She looked great though. There were a couple of girls licking some of the cum off of her. People were starting to finish up and leave. I stayed there watching until it was just me and my wife left. My cock was throbbing hard. I asked her “Care for one more cock?”
“Well I am your cum whore aren’t I?” she replied with a smile.

I smiled back at her and started to fuck her used pussy. It was wet and messy but it felt so good. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. She started cumming all over my cock and when her pussy squeezed that was pretty much it for me and filled her with one more load of cum.

I don’t know if I will be able to forgive my wife for sleeping around behind my back, but one thing is for sure, I love her being a cum whore. If she would have told me this from the get go, we could have been having this much this much fun all along.

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2014-09-08 11:44:52
So letting your whore have a gangbang, will that mean she will stop fucking around behind your back ? I don't think it will stop this whore I'm afraid.
I think you will have to make a decision, send her to a whore school, for whore wives, to teach her some respect for you, that's just for a start.
You really need to make her your own whore and nobody Else's. Or you will end up loosing her as she will eventually leave you.

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2011-11-13 23:43:40
Great story!! :) I hope you write another story about a different couple!

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