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How I became a guyrl
I'm straight acting until dressed and then I change into the slut-girl role that I have wanted to play for so long. I have had a handful of m/m experiences, but always yearned for more. While girls are absolutely beautiful and sexy, they are also a whole lot of work! They are so used to being girls & therefore don't really appreciate being the object of desire. And as a guy, who knows better what guys want but another guy? Actually I consider myself a Guyrl, which is an otherwise normal str8 acting guy who sometimes likes to play the role of a girl. The best of both worlds is of course she-males offering both tits and a cock, but that is a whole other level. To each their own, but for me when you start taking hormones & adding or removing body parts, then I believe you are taking things too far. I just want to occasionally play the slut role for a night and otherwise lead my normal straight life. How it started for me... When I was young, my friend & I started to play the "I dare you" game which quickly evolved from looking at each others privates, to touching, to licking, to sucking. We would take turns sitting in a swivel chair in the middle of the room while the other sucked our cock for one minute intervals. Surprisingly I enjoyed sucking his cock just as much & if not even more than having mine sucked! And I could tell he didn't because he was just doing it so I would do it back, plus I would go well over the minute time and not even care, but he would stop right on the mark. Because I really enjoyed it and I would suck him longer, he would soon say "Oh my god that feels so good, please don't stop!" So I would gladly keep sucking until his throbbing cock shot loads of hot cum down my throat. After swallowing his cum I would go off into the bathroom and it would only take me a few stokes to cum so hard myself. Although we both felt awkward afterward, I would tell him not to feel weird because we were both doing it. The next level for me was to dabble in girls clothes. One day when no one else was home except me and my "play friend", I told him to wait here until I called him. Then I went in the other room & stripped down naked putting on nothing but high heels and a fur coat. I felt so naughty, nervous, kinky & slutty standing there with my rock hard cock rubbing up against the full length fur coat. Then I dimmed the lights and said "If you're horny, then come on in". Without hesitation he came in and I walked up dropped to my knees & undid his jeans. I began sliding his thick manly cock in and out of my mouth but instead of sucking him quietly like I used to, I was moaning each time I slid my mouth toward the base of his cock. I know he felt the added passion from me and in no time at all he was holding the back of my head while thrusting & moaning with each load of cum that shot down my throat. Since then I have fully dressed in secret and have often fantasized about being a total cock slut for a night. Though we grew apart shortly after that, I continued to fantasize about more encounters. Here is one of my favorite fantasies: I went back to visit him one day to see if we were still friends, only this time I was wearing thigh highs, garters & a corset under my clothes. I tell him I will never tell anyone about our "fun" and that we can just go our own ways and that's cool. He says he feels too guilty after he does it, but no matter how hard he tries he just can't stop because it feels so good. I tell him I understand as I notice his cock growing in his pants. I look down at his bulge & say "do you want me to take care of that for you, one last time?" He closes his eyes and says "Please yes, just this last time!" I take care of him and like before go into the bathroom to finish myself off, only this time I strip down to my girly clothes and finish myself off. It's so kinky being dressed so slutty in my friends house after just sucking his cock dry. After finishing I get dressed and he is no where to be found, so I just let myself out. The next day I get a call from his father asking if I would like to work for him in his warehouse this coming summer. I say sure and he says he will pick me up after school for the job interview. He picked me up the next day in his van and it smelled a bit funny in there. "What's that smell" I asked & he said some paint remover had spilled in his toolbox. Then he shocks me by saying "I know what you were doing with Ken", I just stared straight ahead and did not know what to do. I have cameras throughout the house and I saw everything. "Don't tell my parents" I blurted out! "I will do anything you want, just please don't tell my parents!" We didn't even look at each other, he just reached out his hand and said put this on. It was a blindfold and since out of embarrassment I did not want to look him in the eye, I quickly put the blindfold over my eyes & he asked me again, so you'll do anything I want as long as I don't tell anybody, right? I nervously answered yes. He then pulled the van over somewhere & shut off the engine. He led me to the back of the van and told me to kneel down. I was very nervous to say the least as he says, now take a deep breath, close your mouth and sniff in as much as you can through your nose. I did as he said and realized it was that strange smell but much stronger. Within seconds I felt unbelievably relaxed and high. I felt his hands on the back of my head pulling it towards him & then felt the tip of his cock in my mouth. Yes, that's what you want, don't you? You want some more cock don't you? He asked. Yes, I mumble. Call me sir he insisted. Yes sir, I replied. He continued to coach me on, adding that I was going to be his little fuck slut to use as he pleases. He gave me more of the stuff to inhale and I went back into that total state of submissive arousal once again. I devoured his magnificent cock and before long was holding both sides of my head so that my ears were covered and all I could hear was the slushing sound of his cock going in & out of my mouth. Then he filled my mouth with his hot cum and and I swallowed every drop. He kept his cock in my mouth until it ceased throbbing and started to soften. He then said I was a good slut & that tomorrow to start my new job I would need to get off the bus near his work after school and go straight to his warehouse. That night I jerked off at least 3X thinking about what happened and imagining what might happen in the future. After school the next day I showed up at his warehouse as requested and nervously walked inside to be greeted by a hot receptionist. She knew who I was & said she was told to show me the ropes. The office was nothing to look at for sure and she unlocked a door with a keypad and led me upstairs. Now upstairs was a whole other story... Unbelievable room with a whole wall of windows overlooking the huge storage warehouse down below. There was a big screen TV, full bar, king size bed, couches, dining room table, kitchenette, pool table, plush carpet, you name it & they had it! You like, she asked? Absolutely, I responded. Well good because this is where you will be working she stated. Master told me that you were his now, is that true? Um yes, I replied sheepishly. Don't worry she said, I will be taking good care of you so that you can be the very best at your job. Um what will I be doing Mrs.? Tress, you may call me Miss Tress. And your new name will be Danni, Danni Neels understood? Yes Miss Tress, I replied. Good then let's see here as she looks at her tablet, okay according to Master I am to make you into the hottest little suck & fuck slut ever and have you ready to service all your clients. My stomach dropped and I was in total shock. No worries she said, I know you are going to love your job and your new look, as she walked away saying now take off all your clothes and follow me into the bathroom. "But" is all that came out of my mouth and she was already turned around and in front of me. It states here that you will comply with everything I demand or we were given permission by you to tell everyone how you want to be a little cock slut. So undress now and just do as I say! To me there was absolutely no choice, so I stripped naked and followed her into the huge bathroom. She looked me up and down and let out an Mmmmmmm, this is going to be so much fun. Lay down here she said. It was a massage type table and without wasting a moment she was lathering me up and shaving my balls, ass & arm pits. Here, take a whiff of this & I did so then realizing it was the same stuff Master had given me. I was immediately relaxed and quickly got a stiffie as she fondled me to get a close shave. Feeling better I see, she teased. She told me to rinse off in the shower and lay back down with my ass in the air. I did and she gave me another whiff and I completely relaxed and felt something enter my ass. She said I am now giving you an enema to clean you out and from now on when referring to your ass you must only call it your pussy-ass, got it? Yes Miss Tress. She gave me a few enemas and left the room each time I had to expel & then told me to scrub up real good in the shower. After getting out of the shower she told me to get dressed and pointed to the clothes on the table. She said don't worry I am going to make up that pretty face and give you a whig so no one will ever know who you are when you are working. She helped me into the black thigh highs, corset with garters, high heel shoes, a black mini-skirt, pink satin panties and even pink press on finger nails. Then she sat me down facing me with her make-up kit, gave me another whiff to relax me and started to go to work. She pinned my hair so it was close to my head and placed a long dark head of wavy hair on my head. When she was finished she handed me a mirror and said "well what do you think?" I was completely shocked at how fucking hot I was, I wanted to fuck me! Wow I answered, thank you Miss Tress! You're welcome Danni, now your first client is going to arrive soon, so listen up. Your clients will arrive through the same door we came in, except they have an outside door code so they can come in discretely. On their way up the stairs they will pick out an eye & nose mask to conceal their identity. When they knock you will greet them and simply be the slut you have always yearned to be. You will do everything they ask except they must wear a condom if they want to fuck your tight little virgin pussy-ass, got it? Um, yes Miss Tress, I replied as I swallowed so nervously. Oh and I will leave a bottle of that sniff stuff open so the whole room will make you feel good. And I will be watching from this little room's 2 way mirror in case you get in any trouble, just scream help and I will come to the rescue... But only if you are in real danger, got it? Got it, I reply. Before I could ask any questions there was a knock at the door. Oh my gosh I said, is that... She confirmed yes, that is your first client sweetie. Now go and have fun you hot little whore, as she smacked me on my butt cheek and closed herself in her room. I walked over to the door glancing at my hot self in the mirrors as I walked by them, feeling so nervous yet oh so happy with how hot I looked. I turned the knob and a big burly guy walks in and gives me a kiss on the cheek. He held my hand and twirled me around saying my, my, my you are fine! Why thank you, I replied. He was dressed in a nice suit and was wearing a white nose/eye mask so I could only see his mouth. He said well why don't we get a drink & get to know one another? Of course, I say as he escorts me over to the bar. He pours 2 whiskeys and raises them up to toast, "to us" he says. I cheers him and he asks now do you mind unbuckling my pants and giving my lonely cock some needed attention with that beautiful mouth of yours? I take a big swig of whiskey and move in to unbuckle his pants. As I am fumbling with his belt and zipper, he leans down and starts to kiss me on the lips. I am in shock as it never occurred to me that guys would want to kiss me! He was mumbling how hot I was as his pants dropped to the floor and I immediately went to my knees and took his thick cock between my lips. Oh yes baby that's it, suck it you little cock slut. Suck it good! I was moaning going as deep as I could and looking up at him for his approval. That's it get me nice and hard so I can fuck you. Do you want me to fuck your little ass? You'd like that wouldn't you? Oh yes, I want you to fuck my tight pussy-ass, I replied. I couldn't believe what was happening, yesterday I was just a horny boy touching a friend and today I am a hot fucking slut guryl, pleasing some strangers cock for money and loving it! He then fully undressed and sat down on the couch and guided me on my knees beside him. Then he put one hand on the back of my cock-sucking head and I felt his other hand lubing my asshole with his finger. It felt so fucking good having his cock in my mouth while my hole was being massaged. His finger slowly slid inside my tight hole and I was breathing heavily and moaning with enjoyment. He then handed me a condom and told me to put it on him. I placed it over his engorged cock head, slowly rolling it down his 7 inch shaft. There was lube on every table that I hadn't even noticed until now and he sat back on the couch and said now get it nice and lubed up. I slid my now guyrly finger-nailed hands up and down his thick condom covered cock and he grabbed me by my waist saying come here girl, and guided me so that my knees were straddled on either side of his waist and with the tip of his manly cock at the entrance of my waiting pussy-ass. Then he reached over and took a big sniff of that good stuff and then held it in front of my nose for me. He smiled big watching as I took an extra long sniff, and then said "now why don't you slide down onto my big hard cock". I reached down and guided the tip of his cock into my tight hole, waiting to get used to the intrusion. Then I started to slide down further and further and I could not believe the feeling. Quickly realizing that the only thing I wanted was this mans entire cock balls deep inside my pussy-ass. I had my arms on each of his shoulders and I was breathing so heavy from his cock intrusion. My head was leaning back in ecstasy as his cock was all the way inside me, then I leaned forward and we were face to face. Again he inhaled more stuff and gave more to me. At that moment I became a complete and total cock-slut. I felt so good and full of cock, he was holding my waist guiding me up and down on his long manly cock. Then he once again kissed my open mouth, except this time I welcomed his tongue as yet another intrusion into my yearning slut self. We were full-on making out and fucking hot and heavy. Moaning and groaning and grinding. If it wasn't for all the pre-cum oozing out of my dick, then I would have forgot I even had one! I was in fucking heaven and so was he. We both wanted more... I wanted more cock & he wanted deeper inside of my warm pussy-ass. So he re-arranged us so that I was kneeling on the floor with my upper body on the couch, and he made his way around behind me. At this point my pussy-ass was so used to the intrusion that I actually felt empty awaiting re-entry. He grabbed my hips as I felt his marvelous cock re-enter me and proceed to go even deeper than before thanks to our new position. He kept fucking faster and faster to the point that I couldn't feel or think of anything but his huge cock ravishing my virgin pussy-ass. I was then actually screaming with each thrust "Oh my god fuck me, yes fuck me, fuck me deep!" At that he reached forward and grabbed my wrists and I his, so he was now pulling me as deep and thrusting as hard as possible and pre-cum was now continuously dripping from the tip of my gurl-cock like that of a leaking faucet. He tells me he is getting close to cumming and asks "Do you want to finish me off with your mouth, do you want to swallow my hot load of cum? Oh yes, I reply "I want to taste you!" So he pulls out and proceeds to sit on the couch in front of me. Remaining on my knees on the floor between his legs, I take his engorged cock into my gurly pink lipped mouth and squeeze the very base of his shaft, while I try to give the best head of my life. He takes one last big sniff of the popper stuff and once again holds it for me saying this will open your throat more. Then he pulls my mouth back to his cock and coaches me the whole time, which I enjoy oh so much... Oh yes, your hot little mouth feels so good... That's it, take that cock deep in your mouth you little cock-slut... You're going to make me cum so hard... Here it comes, and then he grabbed either side of my head controlling the speed and depth of my mouth on his engorged cock. I was moaning with pleasure and surprise from the now more forced intrusion as he yells yes, oh fuck yes as each shot of hot cum erupts into and down my throat. Some cum oozes out of my mouth and down his throbbing shaft and I continue to lick his balls and up and down his shaft and suck him again repeating over and over until his cock is licked completely clean. Then while sitting back on the couch he puts his knees together and instructs me to sit on them straddling his legs and to stroke my cock and cum on his now soft cock. I do as he says and my cock is so hard from having experienced such an amazing time. Sitting on his legs I look up to see my hot slutty self in the mirror and he gives me another hit of poppers to sniff. He grabs my balls and pulls down on them and leans forward forcing his tongue in my mouth. My head is spinning from arousal and he tells me to look in his eyes when I cum on his cock. I feel a rush in my balls like never before and shoot porn star loads all over his cock. "Now clean all your hot cum off my cock with your beautiful mouth again" he mumbles as he is sipping at his whiskey. You are a great little slut, and I can't wait to have you again. I finish cleaning his cock with my mouth and he gives me a 50 dollar bill. I thank him and he heads out the door.

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I don't have the patience or aspririn to read all of that.

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awesome story, soo fucking hot, but it was a giant wall of text, paragraphs please

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