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Well the day has finally come. I've been secretly dreading this day for
the last few weeks now, but it's finally here. Our marriage has been a
little shaky lately, so as an idea, we decided to bring more excitement
into our relationship. My best friend who had always wanted to sleep
with you will finally get his chance this evening.

Back in college, we
were both infatuated with you, but I guess I just had the gift to gab or
something, considering he was the better looking guy. For years he would
always tell me how lucky I was to have a women like you in my life. Even
you would make your slick little comments about how handsome Jay was,
and that if you weren't married you would .... I took those comments as
jokes, but deep down I knew that they weren't. But anyway, me and my
friend Jay, came home to find red rose buds leading it's way up my
bedroom. I'm thinking, damn she never did anything like this for me
before, but of course I couldn't let him know that. We followed the
trail of roses to my bedroom as I sneered at the little smirk my friend
Jay had on his face. You see, this was strictly for your enjoyment only,
I did not want to go through with this. I slowly opened up my bedroom
door and found you waiting for our arrival. You wore a robe which I
assume nothing else was under it but your naked body. No sexy garments
were needed to get Jay going. I could already see his hard cock bulging
under his tight jeans. You slowly took off your robe to unveil the body
to my friend that had eluded him for so long.

Jay wasted no time in
getting undressed as his muscles flexed and his cock fully erect,
basically he was ready for action. You then grabbed his dick and placed
it in your mouth. You sucked and you sucked and I must admit, I got a
serious hard on watching your "slutty" ass work. You had his dick deep
in your throat, as my buddy's once cool facial expression was starting
to show signs of enjoyment. I got undressed and starting playing with my
dick as you sucked on his. I couldn't help but to feel a little jealous
seeing that Jay's cock was bigger than mines. You looked over to me and
gestured me to come over and join the fun. I couldn't believe my wife
now had two dicks in her mouth?! Sucking on them as if you were a pro, I
looked at Jay, as Jay looked at me. Telepathically we read each other's
mind, that this "slut" could definitely suck a dick! I tried to force my
dick down your throat like you did Jay's. Oh gosh, you did it, and it
felt so good! One by one you sucked our dicks making us both feel
ecstatic pleasure. Then there it happened, for the first time I saw
someone buss nut all over your face. Jay came so hard, as your face
became drenched with his cum.

Not letting him out do me, I jerked my
dick until I began splurging cum on your face and tits. You were loving
it, but who were you loving more, him or me? I watched as Jay stuck his
big dick inside your pussy. You looked at me as Jay began fucking you
very very well. Damn, look how that "asshole" was rocking my bed, giving
you pleasure that I could only imagine doing. You started screaming out
Jay's name as Jay looked at me and gave a little wink. The hell with
this, if you're going to pleasure him, then you MUST pleasure me as
well. "You better suck this dick bitch", I said commandingly! You
grabbed it and put it in your mouth while Jay steadily continued to
pound your pussy. I never seen you so excited.

Do I feel gratified, or
do I feel angry. It was very hard to decide with your wet tongue sucking
on my dick with more force than you've ever had previously. Jay placed
his hands on your big breast and played with your bouncing titties,
pulling on your erect nipples making you even more excited. "Fuck me
Jay, fuck me", you yelled! I held your legs open and let him get deeper
penetration. His face began to grimace as he got deeper and deeper into
your pussy. Your hands grabbed the bed post as you yelled and screamed
for more. I watched as you gave him all the pussy he could handle. Your
legs wide open, throwing much pussy his way making him proclaim your
twat as the best he's ever had. Just look at that "slut's" hands, just
latching onto Jay's ass, with their bodies pounding together non-stop.
I'm excited as well as annoyed while Jay fucks the shit out you, and I
occasionally get you to suck on my dick and balls. Jay turns you around,
I guess he now wants to hit it from the back. Good, because that will
allow me to fuck you as well. You got on top of me, "finally", and began
riding my dick, while Jay fucked your asshole. Jay extended out his hand
to me for a high five. Since I was now getting some, we high fived each
other like the good friends we still are. Jay was yelling and screaming as
you did the same. You called out my name, then his, taking all the dick
we had to offer.

I sucked on your titties, while you looked up at Jay
and began tongue kissing him. What a fuck fest this was turning out to
be! I will admit, I began enjoying myself as I felt my dick slide in and
out of your wet pussy. Jay came first, and began to buss off on your
ass, leaving the two of us to continue our love making. Jay became
"Johnny bench", as he watched us fuck and cheered us on. " Fuck her
hard, harder", he would tell me! We haven't had good sex like this in
quiet awhile. With you still on top, Jay began spanking on your ass
making the action turn even more strenuous. A look of intensity was on
my face as I was determined to fuck you better than Jay did. You sat on
my dick and began riding my cock while Jay stood beside us and watched.
I nibbled on your hard nipples as your double D tits smothered my face.
Still determined, I once again got on top of you and fucked at a
vigorous pace rocking our bed out of position. "Who's pussy is this" I
asked! It's yours, it's yours", you said incessantly. Jay held your legs
open for me while I bombarded dick inside your pussy like I did when I
was younger. I pulled my dick out and watched the cum just ooze out from
your pussy. Whew, I haven't seen that in awhile either! I could tell Jay
was now ready for more, so we invited him to come get another taste of
this good, sweet pussy.

You got on top of Jay and began making love to
him, while I fucked your rear.
Two people, together in unison giving you
pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. You looked up to me teary eyed, and
gave me a look of seduction, something I haven't seen in awhile as well.
All three of us, letting out sounds of enjoyment, which made me realize
how special you really were. What a women, giving two well hung guys
pleasure and taking two dicks at once. Jay yelled out to me, "I'm
cumming, Sam. I'm cumming!" I stopped to let him take out his dick and
cum in your face. Once again, not letting him out do me, I jerked my
dick and squirted out cum about two feet away into your face. You seemed
to really enjoy your cum bath. This time I gave Jay a high five, as if
to say, "job well done." You began to suck the cum off our dicks,
swallowing babies right down your throat. This night was still far from
over as all three of us washed up, with me and Jay both cleaning your
wet body down ever so gently. We even took turns licking your pussy
until you came once more. I licked your clit while you sucked on Jay,
and we took turns, making you feel very satisfied and fulfilled this

Later on that night, before Jay left, you gave him a kiss and
thanked him for his time. I walked my best friend downstairs as neither
of us said a word. We gave each other a simple hand shake which was all
that was needed. Once again we could telepathically read each others
minds...... "What a great fucking night this was". Indeed it was, but my
night was just beginning. Seeing you fuck someone else made me feel the
desire for you that I had once lost. I went upstairs and saw you look
upon me like the stud I use to be. Tonight we played a good game, but
like all games a instant replay was needed. Except this time, me and my
wife made love just the two of us, giving each other pleasure we haven't
felt together in so long. Maybe we'll never need to go through another
night like this to find our lost desires for one another, but who knows?
Right now, I'm loving my wife like never before, and I will no longer
take her for granted. Especially after seeing that there's others just
waiting in my shadow for her love. But tonight, as well any other night,
you will belong to me, and only me, and hopefully forget about he!!!

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2012-01-28 01:09:27
bullshit, you got her started now you asshole and she's gonna fuck your buddy every chance she gets behind your back ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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