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I Never Knew His Name

….A lonely wife…. a house in the country…. a handsome repair man…. a storm…. a flooded road that leads away from the house…. a continuing downpour storm…. the lights go out and there is nothing to do but wait. The house gets cold with no electric heat. What can they do to keep warm while they wait? A wife’s mind begins to fantasize.

….Her sea captain husband only comes home twice a year. She gets a big blanket to put over them as they wait on the couch. It’s getting darker outside. She has candles…but the darkness is very erotic to her and doesn’t bother lighting them for now. She scoots closer to him.

....He slowly put his arm around her. He asks if she is warm enough. She whispers...’now I am’….she snuggles closer to him. He pulls her tighter to him. Her fantasy get wilder as she wishes he would make the first move on her. She feels his warmth and his strong heart beat. She slowly starts to rub his leg slightly. She asks if he is warm enough. He pulls her to him on her side. ’Now I am’ he says. Her tits are up against the side of his chest.

.... He pulls one of her legs over his outstretched legs on the coffee table. He feels the tiny trembling in her hand on his leg. Her breathing is labored on his neck. His hand slowly rubs her back and neck. He hears her purr as she takes a small gasp of air. She is very aroused and tries not to show it, but yet…hopes he’ll make the first move of some kind on her. He can’t stop a big erection from rising in his jeans. She can feel his pants tight up and wants to feel it so bad.

... He turns towards her. His erection now is resting on her hand. She continues to rub his leg, but slowly includes a little of his tenting jeans. He asks if she is getting warm. Her breathy talk tells him she is aroused as she says she likes ‘this kind’ of warm. They cautiously let their hands do what hands do when hands get excited. His hand begins to rub behind her neck as they adjust the blanked and themselves to turn and lay down facing each other. Only a flash of lightning now and again let’s them see anything much in the room. More close snuggling as he boldly kisses her forehead.

....She automatically squeezes his erection as she jumps a little at his kiss. They take turn advancing their desires little by little. His hand goes inside her blouse gently as her hand feels for his pants zipper. Their lips get closer and closer to meeting. Their hot breath from them both is making them feel the desperation of natures draw to each other. He unbutton buttons and un-hooks her strapless bra. Out it comes and is dropped to the floor. She find his jeans zipper and the big snap button of his jeans. Snap and zip and in goes her hand to feel what she wants to feel. His big hands gently feels her big tits. She teases his lips with hers. She wants to feel his kisses and her tongue is ready to go for his. A crash of lightning flashes close by. They both get a quick look in each others eyes.

....Their lips slam together in a burst of passion. Their tongues go for the lusty feeling of kissing a new lover for the first time. She jacks his erection as his hand goes up her skirt and down in her panties. He feels the wonderful feel of a warm wet pussy. She lifts one leg to give him access to feel it all he wants. She aims his cock at her pussy, rubbing the head on her soft bush. He rolls on top of her. A crash of thunder just adds to their passion. She moans in his mouth as she guides his cock to her pussy, pulling it across her clit to send a huge hot flash in her pussy.

....She gasp for air as she moans and spreads her legs and guides his cock in. He drives it in deep and they start what is going to be their time to get what they want. She moans loud and he squeezes her tits firm as they breathlessly kiss and hold each other tight. She locks her legs around his and pushes her pussy up to drive him deeper into her hot pussy.

....He begins to fuck her with the fury that had built up in him. She joins him and they slam their bodies together, skin banging together as she starts the biggest climax she’s ever felt. He tries to breathe as he feels his balls pull up tight. He yells with her in unison as a flood of cum slams into her moving pussy. She feels the hot cum shooting in her and fucks as fasts as her pussy will go. Shot after shot as she climaxes and shudders a long moan. Grinding together they savor every drop of high they can get. Their bodies tremble as the cum keeps coming. She moans long…. like a young girls first climax. Her body is locked to his as thunder… is all they hear in the darkness.

…She blinked, as she stared out the front window at the sunshine and dark clouds rolling in. She heard thunder and saw some flashes of light from lightning close by. It began to rain.

…”Mam, your hot water heater is fixed now. I’m all done. I should get going I just heard on the radio that a big storm is headed this way.”

… She looked up…and it was him.

…. She stared at that wonderful face and the hot feelings began inside her. Now it was a downpour outside. She said for him to have seat by her. She smiled at him as he did her. She reached over and put her big blanket beside her. She said for him to watch the road out the window and at the little bridge over a creek. They watched as the water began to cover the bridge and the bridge soon disappeared….under water. They jumped as a crash of lightning hit close by. The lights blinked…and then went out. She put his arm around her and said in a low and sexy voice:

“Let me tell you about this fantasy I just had….”
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