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Story of my life as it is right now
This is my first time writing and I hope you enjoy. Positive criticism would be greatly appreciated, if you want to see more feel free to leave a comment. The people in this story are real and the deions of them and myself are accurate but the names have been changed for privacy reasons. Some events have been altered to improve the story. P.S everything happening is extremely recent.


Okay I can do this, I can do this I thought to myself. I stumbled out of the city bus packed with high school students in a rush. Everyone was suffocating in there. My friend Nicky got off right after me and we stopped on the grass to shove our iPods and books in our already overflowing backpacks.

“Oh my God I’m so nervous Stacey” Nicky mumbled to herself while looking at the ground shyly.

“Hey, don’t worry about it! You should be excited it’s our first day of high school. Grade 10 is gonna be sweet!” I answered back while putting my arm around her until I could feel her start to relax slowly.

She trudged behind me while we approached the front door. People surrounded us on every side. Everyone was being unusually friendly saying hi as we passed by. I wasn’t very surprised, because this school had the best reputation for it’s students being extra caring and helpful. I was thankful of choosing to stay in the Catholic system. The atmosphere is much lighter compared to public schools.

As I pushed through the front door heads started to turn towards me, which slightly startled me. I was still getting used to people checking me out. They must have liked the way my tight skinny jeans showed off my long legs and nice ass. My blonde hair flowed down my back, perfectly straightened and smooth. Every so often a pair of curious eyes would meet mine and I’d smile and walk away.

Everyone needed to meet in the gymnasium first thing in the morning for a 2-hour meeting. Almost all of the bleachers were full with about 700 new students. Nicky and I grabbed a seat next to a girl we knew from our old school who smiled shyly and appeared to be just as nervous as most of the other guys were.

The Principle gave us a basic run down of how the school works and where we needed to go. It’s a very unique school because its self-directed learning and none of us are tied down by a schedule. We work where we want, with whom we want, whenever we want. A pretty sweet deal if you stay motivated and do all of your work on time. All of the smarty pants like myself aim to finish grade 10 in a semester. That way we finish early and can spend all of our time partying and having a great time in grade 12.

The teachers continued to drone on and as my attention span ran out my mind started to travel to more interesting things. My mind darted to this morning while I was at home getting ready. I had picked out a nice pink V-neck shirt to match my pink Pac Man ghost belt buckle. I brushed my teeth and put on a bit of mascara on. I liked the way it looked on my green eyes.

Being forgetful I had to run up and down the stairs to gather all of my stuff I kept leaving in my room. I live in a nice large bungalow in a cul-de-sac. I could see cars pulling onto the street with parents taking their kids to school. I didn’t have to leave for a while because our first day didn’t start until 10:30. I love getting as much sleep as I possibly can in the morning.

My mom greeted me warmly as I walked into the kitchen, my arms full of school supplies and my hair straightener. I dropped everything on the counter and went in the pantry to get all of my vitamins and supplements. I finished swallowing all of them and made myself a protein shake that I have everyday for breakfast and sometimes for lunch just because it’s convenient and I can easily throw a shaker and a package of powder in my bag and forget about it.

My brother Marcus came up the stairs and I teased him by sticking my tongue out at him. He was starting grade 8 today and I was glad that I wasn’t in his school anymore because he’s so annoying. He wasn’t nearly as bad as my other 2 brothers though. They were sitting in their high chairs watching Dora and making an excessive amount of noise. Our lives completely revolve around them. I’m always babysitting and between homework and playing girls hockey I don’t have much time for myself.

Link just turned 3 and we celebrated his birthday at home with our family that lives close. He is such a little tease and can be really sweet the odd time. It’s impossible to get mad at him when he flashes his big brown eyes and gives you a big hug. No matter how much he aggravates me he will always be my little buddy.
Matt is almost 2 and loves to play games. He looks just like me with blonde hair except his eyes are still bright blue. Whenever I take him out for walks people give me dirty looks. They obviously watch way too much 16 and Pregnant. I always want to tell them “I’m just babysitting for my parents, he’s not mine, trust me.”

I gelled the little guys’ hair up nicely for them so they looked super cute. Link was going to preschool for the first time and Matt was going to daycare. Both are right across the hall from each other of the entrance to the large recreational facility that’s a 10 minute walk from my house. We all have memberships there and I regularly work out if I’m not on the ice. I try to stay in tiptop shape at all times.

After my dad left the house for work I straightened my hair and made sure I looked nice for my first day. My mom left with the babies and my brother to drop him off at the junior high school down the hill. I was all alone in the house and I was thinking about what the people were going to look like at school.

I was really hoping that there was going to be at least a couple drop dead gorgeous girls and some tall sexy guys as well. I’ve been bisexual since the previous summer when I went to an all girls overnight hockey camp. It was in a town right in the middle of the mountains and it was beautiful. While I was there I met an extremely good looking girl with blonde hair and a smile of perfect white teeth and slight dimples. Within 2 days of first seeing her I knew I liked girls just as much as I like guys.

I snapped my head up as I came back into reality when I saw people next to me getting up and walking to the middle of the gym. I grabbed my backpack and found my Teacher Advisor (TA) and everyone else in my TA was there too. I had met him the summer and he was really nice, I knew that I was going to have a fun 3 years in his class. Only the grade 10’s were there in the gym, we were going to meet the 20 grade 11’s and 12’s in our TA later. Everyone is mixed together which makes it easy to socialize with anyone. I had a bit of a thing for older girls so I was glad to be meeting some.

We went up the stairs to the level 5, the very top of the school. It’s actually only 2 stories high with a basement but the layout of the levels goes left and right making it very easy to get lost. When we finally made it to the top we turned left and headed for the math resource center. The room was quite large and has around 120 big grey desks with pull out chairs that allow you lots of room to lay your books out. Our class met up in the back right corner and took the seats with our names on them.

I found my desk at the front left corner when I read a sheet reading “Stacey Woods” and sat down while throwing my backpack underneath the desk. I peaked to my right and saw a cute boy with a brown faux hawk. Behind me sat one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen. He had short dark brown hair and serious eyes. He looked like a Greek God sitting in his chair. He had the face of a male model and I could visualize myself tracing my fingers lightly across his cheek. He appeared to be slightly anti social so I figured he was just nervous or annoyed school was starting again. After a minute I recognized him from Facebook and remembered his name was Brent.

As my eyes wandered further I caught sight of a stunning girl with long, straight brown hair and a slightly upturned nose. I could tell she was quite tall and skinny and when her brilliant green eyes met mine my breath was knocked away. I envisioned myself staring into her gorgeous eyes and softly tucking her hair behind her ear. As I snapped out of it I promised myself I would talk to her today or tomorrow at the latest.

Mr. McDonald our TA stood at the front of our group and called us to attention. He went over the information package that we had spread out on our desks and explained what to do with each form. We were all given an agenda as well. When he was done going over the learning process at our school he got each of us to stand up and introduce ourselves. We were also supposed to say which Junior High we went to the past year. Two guys stood up and introduced themselves to the class and said they were from the same school. I was already losing interest until I saw the gorgeous tall girl stand up gracefully.

“Hi, I’m Rachel, and I went to the All Girls Academy.” She said quietly, her eyes peaking out from her long lashes. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she sat down, giving them a glow that made her look very cute. Her eyes darted away as she acknowledged the next girl introducing herself.

She said her name is Brook and as the introductions went on I noticed that everyone was from different schools all over the city except for the 2 guys who went first. After all 10 of ourselves finished introducing ourselves we were called to the center of the room where the other classes were. I took my agenda and pencil case over to a different desk and sat down noticing that Brent took a seat behind me right after.

The teachers rambled on and on about rules and the dress code. I was hoping the teachers weren’t going to actually make us change if we wore short shorts. The rest of the lecture went by painfully slow as we wrote down our orientation times in our agendas. I was trying to focus on what they were saying, but hot images of Brent and Rachel kept flashing through my mind.

I could see myself slowly pulling up Brent’s shirt to reveal his perfectly sculpted sun-kissed abs. Then fully removing his shirt to show his body in all its glory. I ran my fingers through his hair as he leaned in a kissed my lips softly parting them. His right hand caressed my face as his left rested on the small of my back, pulling me in close. I loved the way he kissed me softly yet with passion. Nothing else mattered except the feel of him against me. His hands slid up the back of my shirt as his fingers traced patterns across it.

“Ding! Ding!” the bell sounded annoyingly. I slowly came back to down to earth as I saw everyone getting up around me. I grabbed my backpack and headed to my locker in a daze. The school was having a barbeque lunch outside so I found a group of old friends in the hall and headed downstairs with them. We made our way outdoors and found out they were serving hotdogs I decided to pass and have a shake instead. I didn’t feel like waiting in a massive line for something I don’t even like.

A couple people I recognized had their food already and I walked over to the grass they were sitting on. I slumped down with my shake and said hi to everyone. They carried the conversation while I drank my shake smiling, my mind still unable to come off cloud 9. I kept stopping myself from thinking about Brent and tried to focus on what my friends were saying. They didn’t seem to notice anything different about me. I was glad I didn’t display my thoughts across my face for all to see.

Everyone finished up their hot dogs and I got up to go to the bathroom. I needed to rinse out my shaker right away so that it wouldn’t get gross. When I opened the door to the bathroom my friend Izzy came into view and I smiled. She was one of the sweetest girls I knew, despite our mini rivalry of getting top marks in our entire grade for math and science. We said hey and chatted for a bit until she dried her hands and walked out.

As I left the washroom I remembered that I needed to attend an orientation for Science/Math. I found a group of people on their way there and walked to the gym with them. We went midway up the bleachers and took our seats. The orientation was quite dry and I had to use all my effort just to keep my eyes open. When the bell rang signaling the end of the class I hurriedly made my way back to the halls.

I spent the rest of the day hanging around doing nothing in particular, just killing time until checkout. After the excruciatingly boring hour passed we went to go sign out. I jogged down the stairs to meet up with Nicky in the main foyer. When I spotted her I walked over and started asking about her first day. She was glad school was over because she didn’t like most of the people in her class. We kept talking as we made our way towards the bus stop.

When she asked me if there was anyone cute in my class my eyes travelled towards the ground as I smiled. “Well yes, um there’s this guy Brent and he’s smoking hot. I talked to him a little bit today and I hope he likes me too.” I said while blushing, remembering my earlier fantasies. She smiled at my reaction and mentioned that she hadn’t seen any hot guys today.

We kept waiting for the bus for 20 minutes and then it finally showed up. Everyone was crammed inside again, the door barely shutting behind us. Nicky jokingly asked me if there was “any sexy bitches” that I saw. “Yes, Rachel from my TA is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in my life” I told her truthfully while biting my lip.

“Damn girl, you need to try and get with Rachel, it seems like you’re really into her!” She said while winking at me sarcastically.

I wanted to be friends with her so badly. She had such a strong hold on me that it was inescapable. Ever since we locked eyes I wanted to be with her. I knew that I should keep my distance from her a bit of first so she wouldn’t know the intensity of my attraction for her. The slight sway in her hips as she walks is enough to get anyone’s attention.

I’m always frustrates about how I can care so much about a person that I would do anything to help them, when they barely even know that I exist. They could be the only one on my mind, and they barely have the faintest idea. I needed someone that I could look out for and love everyday that we were together. I’d do all the little things that can bring a smile to someone’s lips.

I looked around the bus that was slowly starting to empty and took a seat beside Nicky. She wanted to know what Rachel looked like so I described how she has silky long brown hair, gorgeous green eyes framed with long lashes, a stunning smile with smooth curved lips and a cute upturned nose. Every time I thought about her I saw countless things I love about her. I hoped that she had a great personality too, because then she truly would be perfect.

My thoughts were interrupted as we neared our stop and pushed the button to alert the driver that we needed to get off. The door opened and when I stepped out my foot caught on something causing me to fall forwards out of the bus. I cursed at my clumsiness, why couldn’t I be graceful like most other girls? The bus drove off right away; we had to wait for all the cars to go by before we sprinted across the road to get into our neighborhood.

I walked to my back gate backed onto a path and said bye to Nicky as she walked in the other direction. She had another 15 minutes to walk and I was grateful I lived close to the bus stop. My backpack was so heavy from my Mac Book Pro and all my other stuff I brought back from school. Looking around my large backyard I could see toys scattered all over the grass and I figured the boys must’ve been playing there today. It was really hot out, so I took in the sun remembering the feeling knowing that winter would be here soon. I wasn’t excited for mountains of snow and terrible road conditions, some of the downsides to living in Canada.

I climbed the stairs and went through the other gate to the front of the house to get in through the garage. I punched in the code and waited for it to slowly make its way above my head before ducking under. I fumbled around looking for the key and let myself inside. My mom was gone with the babies but I figured she would be home soon. I turned left at the bottom of the stairs and saw my brother Marcus in his room as I made my way to mine at the end of the hall to the right. Link’s room was at the end on the left and in between us was a bathroom that we rarely used because it wakes him up whenever he’s sleeping. Me and Mark have to cram ourselves in the half bath at the bottom of the stairs to get ready for bed.

It wasn’t fair we had a big rec room downstairs with a large flat screen TV and couches but we never have a chance to use it. We also have a really nice pool table but it’s always covered in laundry that my parent’s are folding. The only thing we do put to good use is the hot tub right out the door. We’re going to get a wall built at the bottom of the stairs so we can actually have friends over and make a bit of noise without waking the entire house up.

I pulled out my laptop and school work out my backpack and spread it as far as I could on my desk. It was just big enough to fit all of my stuff on it. I decided to do a bit of science and went on my laptop to use the school website D2L to get the PowerPoint I needed. I worked through the whole thing, only taking my half an hour. I could hear voices and people walking around above me and figured I should go upstairs and help my mom out.

I ran around the living room chasing after my little brothers for awhile and then put them in their chairs in front of the TV to give them a snack. I was happy that they weren’t screaming and being annoying as per usual. Sitting on the couch made me a little tired so I got up and poured myself a glass of water from the cooler. I hung around and helped out upstairs until supper was ready. My dad got back from work right before we sat down. The babies started freaking out with excitement because they love our dad a lot and are always fighting over his attention.

I know that my dad cares about me a lot but we aren’t extremely close like me and my mom usually are. Being an engineer he’s very to the point and isn’t easily amused like I am. I enjoy all the little things in life and it isn’t difficult to make me smile. Whenever I’m bored or mad I go on random funny websites and usually kill myself laughing. I appreciate when people work really hard and do what they love. I have some friends who actually appreciate me and care about me for who I am now.

Grade 7, 8 and 9 weren’t very good years for me. I had no social life and people would always attack me on Facebook. I didn’t let them bother me very much and managed to hold my ground somewhat. When I finally got really good looking at the end of grade 9 it gave me enough confidence to stand up to everyone who made my life shitty for 3 years.

I didn’t see many of my friends over that summer though because I was at hockey camp and in Mexico for 2 weeks. Tryouts for hockey also started mid-August which took up most of my nights. I didn’t get drafted Midget AAA girls but I was close and hoped to make it next season. I wasn’t excited to re-do all of my tryouts again though so I could play A. I met lots of girls at tryouts though and got most of their numbers or BBM (Blackberry Messenger) pins.

I constantly text my best friend Sarah from a different high school in the city. We hadn’t been in school together since grade 6 but we continued to stay really close despite everything. Her insane schedule only allowed us to hang out a few times a year until this summer when we managed to get together 3 times. Last summer she was in Portugal the entire time with her family. I always poke fun at her for being so short. She’s super pretty though with long black hair that falls nicely past her shoulders. Her smile and energy can light up a room and she can make the worst situation better. She’s just as smart as me, maybe even smarter, and still does french immersion.

I can tell her absolutely anything, she’s the one person who I can trust to never judge me. I can text her about my crazy sex fantasies and she isn’t even bothered by it and laughs right along with me. The whole time I was upstairs we were texting each other about how our first days were and I gave her all the details on Brent and Rachel. She creeped them all on Facebook and thought that Brent was extremely sexy texting me “I approve 200%!!!” She thought Rachel was beautiful as well and told me to go for it. I knew she would support me in whoever I chose but it helps when the people I pursue are extremely hot.

She has a loser boyfriend who ignores her but she said she’s breaking up with him soon anyways which made me smile. She deserved so much better than him. I know she’s going to find someone way better at her new school. She didn’t need to be tied down right now anyways. I’ve been forever single, probably because I used to be anti social and unattractive. Now I’m waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet except I’ll probably back out at the last second because of my slight commitment issues. I’ve been able to commit to everything strongly, even friends, just not romantic relationships. I needed to let go and enjoy myself. I over think everything and just need to find someone to have a good time with.

We grabbed ourselves some plates and served ourselves some food. We were keeping it simple tonight, just having pasta with meat sauce and a salad. We talked about our first days of school at the table and my parents were happy to hear that I liked my new school. Marcus got a teacher he hated for homeroom but he didn’t have him for any subjects other than Religion. Link had a good day at Pre School and he was excited to go back in 2 days. We finished up our dinner and put our plates in the sink.

Me and Marcus were about to run downstairs but our dad stopped us and got us to help give the little guys a bath. They were clean and in their PJs in half an hour and after I went back downstairs to my room. As soon as I entered my room I flipped on my laptop instantly turning it onto my lock screen. I loved having a passcode on my computer preventing anyone from using it other than me. No one should use it since I bought it with my own money. It took awhile to save up 1300 bucks for a new MacBook Pro. My old laptop was a Windows Vista and it completely sucked ass. Now I had a cam and mic built into my laptop and a keyboard that lights up that’s handy for using late at night while I’m “sleeping”.

I logged onto Facebook and randomly scrolled through my newsfeed. I decided to search for Rachel and found her easily discovering her full name was Rachel Summers. I sent her a friend request so I could creep on all of her pictures. I love looking at gorgeous girls, even when they aren’t naked. I also realized I already had Brent even though I didn’t know him until today. He unintentionally looked extremely sexy in 2 of his pictures and I could see myself standing beside him snuggled up close.

After an hour I opened my textbooks and got down to work. I started getting a headache from math because I hadn’t done it for 2 months so I took a break to get ready for bed. It was already 9:30 so I put some shorts on and a tank top with no bra. I have a habit of wearing socks to sleep because it’s so damn cold in Canada during the winter so I continued to wear them anyways even though it was quite warm. For some reason I had a tough time falling asleep without them, the only time I take them off is when it’s plus 30 or someone is sleeping over.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face and took the pill. I’d been on it since I was 13 to clear up my skin, my mom wasn’t worried about me having sex at all. I finished up and trudged upstairs said goodnight to my parents and went back to my room. I crawled into bed later and turned my iPod on while making sure my alarm was set for 7. I loved my “beats” headphones but over ear headphones suck for lying down because you can’t roll onto your sides. I changed the headphones and relaxed grabbing onto my long pillow I had beside me.

A montage of fantasies danced under my eyelids ranging from tracing my tongue across Brent’s abs to running my hands all over Rachel’s perfect body. I favored the fantasy of Rachel because she was special. There were plenty of hot guys but no other girls stuck out as much as she did. Her smile and the way she peeks up under her eyelashes looking shy is enough to get anyone to fall for her. She could get me to do absolutely anything and I’d like it. I wanted her to beg me to ravish her even though I would do it voluntarily any day, any time. My thoughts drifted to a close as I fell asleep blanking out immediately.

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2011-10-02 14:52:03
Most of the backstory is unnecessary. The start sounded good, but then you wandered aimlessly from the part we're all here for: sex.

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2011-09-29 23:14:50
I got bored, did something happen in this story? The writing isn't bad, but work on pace. Too much detail, not enough action.

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Great story keep them coming

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