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First I would like to take this opportunity to appologize for the way I wrote my first 2 stories and I'm going to have them deleted.

Jims bored, he has everything a man could ever want and what he doesn't have he buys, that's the curse of being filthy rich so how does a rich guy combat the boredom? most rich bored people turn to drugs but that almost always ends with an early death and at 40 Jims not ready to die yet. After a lot brainstorming Jim figures out how to beat the boredom and he comes up with an plan.

Over the next few weeks Jim puts the final touches on his master plan and sets out to find the first of many victims. Jim starts hanging out at unemployment offices when he see the perfect target, Jessica is a single mom of 2 teenage boys who just lost her job and burned through all of her savings and now she can't make the rent. Over the next few days Jim finds out everything about her from where she grew up, wich schools she attended, wich jobs she's had, etc, etc and he follows her around staying out of sight watching as she applies for jobs and fortunately for Jim she isn't hired for any of them.

It's the end of the month and rents is due so Jim enters her apartment building and from a distance sees Jessica crying asking the land lord for a few extra days to pay the rent, the land lord says " I'll tell you what honey maybe you and I can work out a deal, if you take care of me I'll pretend you payed the rent this month ". The land lord is in his late fifties, extremly fat with a small hunch on his back, in other words " not attractive ", before Jessica says anything Jim interupts the conversation and say " Jessica? oh my god it's been so long, it's me Jim don't you remember me? we used to be neighbors, what's wrong Jessica why are you crying? " the land lord say " Jessica here can't pay the rent so we are trying to work something out " Jim offers to pay the landord Jessicas rent for the next 5 months in advance wich the land lord quickly accepts.

Jim offers to takes Jessica for a coffee to catch up and a grateful Jessica agrees, while drinking their coffees Jessica thanks Jim at least 50 times for paying the rent and promises to pay him back but Jim says " no, no there's no need to pay me back I'm just really glad to see you again after all these years and I'm more than happy to help an old friend " Jessica says " I'm sorry but I can't for the life of me remember you " Jim uses everything he learned about her and tells her how they grew up together and how they went to elementary school together for the first 5 years before he had to move away with his family. Jessica feeling more comfortable now tells Jim about her 2 teenage boys James { 16 } and Joshua { 17 } and everything that's happened to her up to this point and Jim tells her a fake story about his life.

Over the next few days Jim doesn't give Jessica any money but he pays all of her other expenses and that's when Jim makes his move, he says " It's too bad that nobody is hiring these days, I know you would be a great employee " he then says " like I said you don't have to pay me back but I wandering if you can help me with something, I've been looking for an actress to work on a project " before Jessica can say anything Jim says " It's an hour of work and I'll pay you $2000 dollars " Jim explains that he makes a lot of money doing erotic videos for couples who want to see certain acts on film. He tells her that she would wear a mask so nobody would no who she is and the only ones who will watch the film are the couple who ordered it, he then says " you don't have to answer right now, take some time and then give me your answer " but Jessica say " $2000 dollars for 1 hour of work and I'll be wearing a mask so no one will know its me, ok you helped me so much so I'll do this for you ".

On Saturday Jim brings Jessica to a studio where she sees a large camera and a couch, next to the couch is a divider wall with a small hole in it. Jim tells her that for this particular video the couple wants to see a masked woman sit on the couch and that 2 men will be on the other side of the divider wall. the 2 men will also be wearing masks, 1 of the men will place his penis through the hole and all Jessica has to do is stroke and suck it until the man cums, then the second man will place his penis through the hole where again Jessica will stroke and suck it until he cums. Jim says " my only rule is that neither Jessica or the 2 men say anything " then he tells Jessica " you don't have to naked if you don't want to be " and he gives her $2000 dollars in cash. Jessica says " she'll take everything off except her underwear " putting the money in her purse she puts on a mask with 3 holes, 2 for the eyes and 1 for the mouth then takes off her clothes and sits on the couch.

Jim makes a call and a few minutes later 2 men alreay wearing masks enter the studio and he says " remember boys you can't say a word " and the 2 men take their positions on the other side of the divider wall. Jim gets the camera and moves so that he can film both sides of the divider wall and says " action " one of the men takes his pants off and places his already hard cock through the hole where Jessica starts to stroke it with her hand before placing it in her mouth and sucking it. She sucks it until the man cums in her mouth wich Jessica spits out on the floor. The second man takes off his pants and then places his cock through the hole and once again Jessica strokes it then putting it in her mouth starts to suck it for a while until the man cums in her mouth wich she again spits out on the floor.

Jim stops filming and after the 2 men get dressed they leave the studio, Jim then goes to Jessica who takes off her mask and he says " wow that was a great, the couple who ordered this video are really going to be happy with your preformance " Jim says " I hate to do this but just for legal purposes I need you to sign this contract wich states that I didn't force you to do this and that you were payed for your preformance " after getting dressed Jessica signs the contract. Jim smiles and thanks Jessica and says " Here's a bonus for doing such a great job " and he gives her another $1000 dollars, he drives her home and says " I have to take care of some buisness so I'll be out of town but I'll see you as soon as possible " and after saying goodbye he drives off.

A few days later Jessica recieves a pre-payed package from UPS, inside the package is a portable dvd player with a dvd already inside and a note that reads from your old friend Jim. She goes to her bedroom and watches the dvd wich shows the studio where she made the movie but the time counter shows this dvd was filmed 1 hour before she got there. She see's her 2 sons James and Joshua standing outside the studio and then putting on masks, the screen then goes black for a second and then it shows the inside of the studio with the words hidden cam in light blue on the bottom of the screen. Jessica watches herself put on the mask and then remove her clothing and sit on the couch, it then shows her 2 kids enter the room.

With tears in her eyes she watches herself sucking her older and yonger sons cocks and spitting their sperm on the floor. The screen goes black again and then it shows a page of the contract she signed with a section highlighted in yellow that states that the moment she signed the contract she gave up her right to take any legal action against Jim. The dvd then goes black but Jessica hears a boy speaking, the boy says " hey James and Josh, you won't believe this but I know this chick that will suck anyones cock for free do you boys want to meet her? " and she hears her 2 sons say " hell yes, if she sucks for free then we definately want to meet her ".


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2011-10-04 17:41:14
Be proud of every story u wrote just keep it on here


2011-09-30 21:53:31
Your first two stories aren't bad don't worry about it.


2011-09-29 23:43:38
I have sent several messages and an e mail asking to have my first 2 stories deleted but there both still there, is there another way to have my first 2 stories deleted?.

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2011-09-29 18:27:15
hmm, why tears? interesting that you left it up to the reader to figure out what she is feeling. will she open to offering herself to others, to her two boys who seemingly had no idea? what lies ahead for this mother? stay tuned!

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2011-09-29 08:46:32
omg that was so cruel BUT FUNNY AS HELL

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