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My friend is 12 and she has always been older than her age. She always gets tons of Hookups at dances had stuff. She was going out with this guy, he was really sweet and nice. And during the holidays she dumped him. She told me and him that she hooked up with two other guys and felt guilty. The next month he asked me out and we dated for about 3 months. My friend started telling me she thought she was pregnet. But I told her if she hadn't had sex she wasn't. We left it at that. The next day in a religion lesson she told me and my friend she had sex and that's why she dumped her boyfriend. We went quiet and didn't know what to say. Mostly we were worried about her. Me and my friend were convinced that she was forced into it. The following day we decided to ask her what happened and if she was ok. She told us the story:
Angus and I were at a party in Logan and we had never met eachother before, we were sitting in the lounge room and started talking. I found out he was 16. We kept talking and he started making out with me. He grabbed me and asked the a girl if we could use her room. She said it was fine. we went into the room and we undressed eachother and had sex (I didn't ask her about details because we are 12 and it's awkward.) people started knocking on the door so we got dressed and I went home. I never saw him again.
I asked her if she had protection
And she said no
I was so worried about her. Ecspecially when she told me she thought having sex at 12 was normal.
We eventually had a massive fight and we arnt as good friends now. I can't even look at her the same way. It makes me so sad. And when she told me she didnt want my help made me so angry. I ignored her for a few days. She never told anyone only me and my friend. I wish I didn't know. She also told me it hurt. I feel so behind because I haven't even hooked up with a guy.
So maybe I'm just jelous of her

I have read a few stories on here about how fun it is and what happens and I think it's really gross and I disagree that anyone could enjoy it at such young ages. if I was going to loose my virginity it would be to someone who I know and trust. Not some random person who I met at a party. I still havent told her what I really think of her, a stuck up whore slut. I'm not even joking. And she was my best friend I can't even believe she would do that!!

Also reading other people's stories I don't understand why people would be inlove with someone who wants to pressure you to do things ur not ready to do. If you don't love them in that way you should tell them and then decide if you really do accually like him.

Now my friend told me that her mum is going to let her have a belly piercing. She wants all of these piercings and tattoos done to her when she leaves school (private school -.-) and I don't know how to tell her not to. Because I'm jelous of how pretty she is and I know alot of other people are too. And I don't know why she would want to ruin it.

I want people to comment if they are in the same sort of position as me, because I have no idea what to do. She told me that If I told anyone about angus I would ruin her life. She also has alot of boyfriends and never tells anybody only me. ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!! It makes me so angry when she cheats on guys. I've only ever had one boyfriend and that was a fricken ex! She gets all of the guys. It's so not fair.

As we go to a private school theres a big academic thing. She always gets A's she would be the last person you could ever think of to be a nerd!!! WHY IS SHE SO PERFECT!!!! I'm so jelous of her. I wish I could have the guts to tell her what I really think of her. But she so popular all her friends would back her up because they don't know the truth about her. Friends she has known forever have been lied to by her . but me, who has known her for 2 terms, seems to know everything. Even too much. I'm really sick of hearing her problems and about all her shit. But she's in all of my classes so there's no escaping it. I can't even stand being with her. I changed lunch groups. I wish she would tell a few more people about angus so I would have someone to talk to it about. It's horrible suffering in silence and I'm too scared to ask about details, ( blowjob, anal, finger) whatever happened on the night that I wish she would relise she should regret! She doesn't understand. She always says age is a number. I know that is true. But loosing ur virginity to a 16 yr old stranger when ur 12 is just too far. Comment if u agree.

Also if anyone could suggest ways of telling her what I think of her.

Now I'm just trying to fill up the word limit lol lol lol lol lol lol lol l. F f f f f f. F s s f. Gh. E s x g rS z c h h g r s x d d s a d f f f. S e. G g f d x c c g g r. D c c. H g. F d d f g g g g g g. F f. F d d d w d gh. H. G r d d d d xx. F f. F d d. D f d f f f f f f f f. G h. T s d c h h f x c v. D x c g d d g g gh s s ch g. S c b h. D s x h f s z x. B r aa ch s x b d z ch d df bb g. D x g gh. D D's


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2011-09-30 14:43:27
how stupid, are you really asking for advice on a porn site?

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2011-09-30 05:06:26
pretty if i met her um yeah nothing pretty bout someone like that and a girls looks arent in the equasion of weather or not shes pretty at this point ive been with and dealt with many types of girls a ex of mine got pregnant after leaving me and expected my help course i declined me im waiting for that special someone in any case who cares if shes supposedly smarter or pretty you cant be too smart if you get yourself pregnant at 12 or anytime before your an adult the truly smart ones wait or atleast use protection

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2011-09-30 02:26:59
2 young 2 b on this site grl

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2011-09-29 14:49:32
Here sorry t9 got me on the last word

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2011-09-29 14:48:00
Ok please wait till you are old enough to drive before writing gets

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