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Chapter one - Meeting my Father
Chapter 1
I was raised by my mom and grandmother. I never knew my father. I am from mixed race parents and it seems my mother, after a one night stand with a white man, became pregnant with me. She decided not to tell him. When I turned 15, I started asking questions. I really wanted to know who my father was, what kind of person he was, what he looked like. One day, my mother walked in to my bedroom and told me that she had been talking to my father. It seems that she made contact with him and had a long talk, mostly about me. She didn't want me hurt or upset if he didn't want anything to do with me. But, to my mothers surprise he was thrilled (her words). He wanted to meet me and get to know all about me. She told me that she was shocked at how well he took the news.
My mom told me that he lives about 20 miles away, he's owns his own very successful business, he's recently divorced, and has 2 other children also in their early teens. She quickly set up a dinner date with him so that we could all get together and I could meet him in person. I was so nervous that I could barely eat or sleep! Thank goodness that I only had to wait for 2 days, I would have never survived anything longer than that.
We were to meet at Applebee's, my favorite place to eat. I think mom chose it to make me feel a little more comfortable, but I don't think it helped much. I spent the entire afternoon trying on different things and trying to fix my hair and makeup. Nothing seemed to work. Everything I put on made me feel too fat or too skinny. Every time I looked in the mirror, I just looked awful! It was finally time to go and my mother had to force me away from the mirror. She said I looked perfect, but mothers will tell you anything to try to make you feel better, and I was very aware of that fact.
We met him in the parking lot, I guess it was better that way... no big weird scene in the building. I could hardly speak. Not only was this the first time meeting my Father, he was nothing like I had imagined. I had pictured him as a middle aged, balding, unshaven, fat guy. I expected to see a ball cap, old jeans and flip flops or work boots. Nothing could have been further from reality. He was tall, muscular, clean cut, and polished. He had jet black thick perfect hair, jade green eyes, full sensual lips, and a smile that just melts you from inside out. His voice was deep and masculine, but smooth, melodic, and warm. He didn't have an accent that I could pick out, but he spoke with confidence. He carefully chose his words and reminded me of a math professor I once met. He reeked of intelligence. He wore a black suit with a very nice black and red silk tie, and drove a Lexus. All these things together were a little overwhelming to say the least. My nervousness went into overdrive and I could hardly form a sentence. Mercifully, we went inside after a very brief introduction. I had started to shake a bit from being so nervous and I don't think I could have hidden it for much longer.
We ate then talked for several hours. Luckily it was a very slow night, so nobody complained that we were there for so long. I stopped being a nervous wreak after a while and answered every little question for him. He also filled us in on the last 15 years of his life. I watched his closely as he talked, he was the most attractive man I had ever seen. I wondered if he was the same way when he was younger. I convinced myself that he wasn't, after all, my mother had slept with this man. If he was anything back then like he was now... there was no way she could have stayed away from him.
"Jessica..." he began, the sound of my name coming from his mouth sent cold chills down my back and made my toes tingle. I've never had that happen to me before. "If you want to, and if it's o.k. with your Mother..." he paused to look at her and smile as if he understood she was totally in control. "I would love nothing more than to get to know you. I've missed so much of your life and it would make me the happiest man in the world if I could spend some time with you. I'd love for you to come and visit me." My stomach twisted in a knot and my heart felt like it was going to jump from my chest. This was a dream come true for me. I looked at mom, searching for approval, and she nodded letting me know that she was fine with the idea. "YES!!" I exclaimed as the biggest smile I've ever had exploded across my face. We made our plans, which were for me to come to his place and stay the upcoming weekend, then ended the evening with a big long hug in the parking lot. I didn't want to let go. It felt so incredible to feel his arms around me.
I watched him drive away then got in the car with mom. My heart was still racing as if I had ran a hundred yard dash. My mind was filled with thoughts of him. His beautiful face, his voice, that incredible smell of expensive cologne, the muscular build of his chest and stomach that felt so good pressed against me. I suddenly realized that my Mother was talking to me and I hadn't heard a word she was saying. I also realized that my panties were absolutely soaked. Now, that was a bit of a surprise.

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2013-11-17 16:00:02
v8UdUE Really appreciate you sharing this post. Will read on...

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2013-10-25 15:10:44
clKAog Very neat blog article.Thanks Again. Want more.

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2011-12-23 15:16:19
What the fuck was that. Don't get me wrong it was a good
Heartfelt story but what nothing in this story had anything to do with the tags that were listed for it

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2011-09-30 12:57:52
Well written. You have a gift for story telling. Bring on Chapter two!

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2011-09-29 19:19:35
Nice First Story, I like the Mix. Space between Paragraphs, XNXX gives us all the room we need.

Content is good works well. I will just assume that the Mom is a successful Black Womeen. Education, Job and all that.

Most are these days. Hunger and wanting it does that to some people of all Races.

We have a Japanese Women who in in the U.S. House, came to America at 7 right after WWII wiith her mom. I hate her and her views and have worked against her in every election and will continue on doing so. She is a Pro Choice Pig. What I do admire about her is guts and sucess. She lost the Gov Election years ago but learned from her mistakes.

Hawaiians Block Vote Dem, and the party think you can put up anyone. But if a strong moderate runs and the Dem is Vile like she is the Repub can Win and thats what happened. This women is Vile.

Grown Hawaiian Men cryed when the came out of the Booth having crossed lines for the first time, To strong Women went at it the Repub Won.

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