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A month has passed since Jim played Jessica like a harp and recorded a video of her sucking her sons cocks and he still can't believe his plan worked so well. Everytime he thinks about it he gets this rush that no drug on Earth can replace and he realizes 2 things: 1.} he now has the perfect way to beat the boredom that comes with being filthy rich, 2.} he really likes watching people have incestous sex. An added bonus is that he sold a copy of the video of Jessica and her 2 sons to one of his rich friends who has an incest fetish for $60.000 dollars { wich for a rich guy is pocket change }.

Over the next few days Jim comes up with a new plan and once it's perfected he sets off to find his next victim. Being rich has its benifits and one of those benifits is having connections at Police Departments so he has one of his cop buddies e mail him a list of local prostitues with crimal records and after reading it Jim finds the perfect target. Sonia is a 26 years old woman who turned to prostitution to feed her drug habit, her drug of choice being cocain, according to her records Sonia has 3 brothers, 2 older than her and 1 who is a year younger than her. A few days later Jim finds Sonia walking the streets and after parking next to her he tells her that he'll pay her $1000 dollars for an hour wich obviously is a lot more than she charges so she gets in the car.

They arrive at a really nice motel and Jim pays for the nicest room they have, once inside the room Jim pours her a drink and then pulls out a bag of cocain wich he puts on the table along with a $1000 dollars and he says " this is for you " she chugs her drink, puts the money in her purse then pours some cocain on the table and snorts the whole line. Jim says " I'll give you $2000 dollars and 3 bags of cocaine if you agree to make a special video for me " Sonia dazed and high says " yes, for 2 grand and 3 bags of cocaine I'll make all the videos you want " Jim tells her that he'll meet her on the same corner in 1 week. Jim then pulls out a contract wich he tells Sonia to sign that basically proves that he will pay her for the video wich Sonia quicly signs, Jim smiles and tells her that he has an appointment and has to leave so putting the bag of cocaine in her purse he drives her back to the corner where he found her and drives away.

1 week later Jim finds Sonia working the same corner and says " It's time to get paid " she gets in the car and they drive to another motel. Inside the motel room Sonia sees a camera and a bag on the bed, he pours her a drink and puts $2000 on the table and then pours a line of cocain beside the money, she chugs her drink, puts the money in her purse and snorts the line of cocaine. Jim tells her that he'll give the the 3 bags of cocaine after the video is finished, he opens the bag on the bed and pulls out a gag ball, a mask and ear plugs. Jim tells her to strip naked wich she does, once naked Jim puts the gag ball in her mouth, the ear plugs and then puts her mask on wich completely covers her face and he places her on the bed.

Jim makes a call on his cell phone and a few minutes later 3 men enter the room, the 3 men are already wearing masks that completely cover their faces, Jim greets all 3 men and pays them each $1000 dollars then Jim grabs the camera and he tells the men to strip naked. Once all 3 men are naked Jims says " Action " and the 3 men move towards Sonia, 1 of the men gets inbetween Sonia legs and starts to eat her pussy, the second man stands to the left of the bed and grabs her left breast and Sonia grabs his cock and begins to masturbate him with her left hand. The third man stands to the right of the bed and grabs her right breast and Sonia grabs his cock and masturbates him with her right hand.

The man who was eating Sonias pussy gets up and grabbing her ankles slides his cock deep inside her and starts to fuck her, because of the gag ball Sonia lets out a muffled moan as she keeps masturbating the other 2 men who are squeezing her tits. After a while the man pulls his cock out of her pussy and another man lays on the bed with Sonia getting on top of him, grabbing his cock she slides it into her pussy letting out another muffled moan. While riding him she masturbates the other 2 men who both stick their fingers in her anus, one of the men says " This fucking whore really knows whats she doing doesn't she? ' and the other man says " yeah she's a real slut " becuse of the ear plugs Sonia can't hear a word the men are saying.

Sonia gets off the guy she's riding and he gets off the bed with another man taking his place, Sonia gets on top of him and grabbing his cock slides it in her wet cunt letting out a muffled moan. One of the other men gets on the bed behind Sonia and she slides his cock into her ass and starts to fuck her causing Sonia to let out an even lounder muffled moan as she masturbates the third man. Jim continues filming as the 3 men take their turns fucking Sonias cunt and ass while she masturbates the third man, after a while the 3 men get on the bed with Sonia and they all cum on her, the sperm landing on her tits, stomach and some falling on her hairless pussy. Jim stops filming and says thank you to the 3 men who get dressed and leave the room, Jim then removes Sonia mask, ear plugs and gag ball and he says " wow that was a great video, I hope you enjoyed it as much those 3 actors and I enjoyed it " Sonia says " yeah that was fun I've never has a threesome before ".

She takes a shower to wash off all the cum and after getting dressed Jim gives her the 3 bags of cocaine he promised her, he tells her that he will definately pay her to act in more movies in the future. She has a few drinks and does a few lines of cocaine before Jim drives her back to the corner and tells her that he'll see her soon and drives off. A few days later Jim finds Sonia and parking beside her he gives her a present, says goodbye and then drives away, Sonia opens her gift wich is a portable dvd player with a dvd already inside and a note that reads Hope you enoy the movie, it's called " The Bang Brothers ". She plays the dvd wich shows shows the hallway of the motel where she made the movie and the words hidden cam in light blue on the bottom of the screen, then she see her 3 brothers in the hallway and one of them says " I can't believe were going to get paid $1000 dollars each to fuck some slut " and they all high five eachother. She then watches her brothers put on their masks and after one of them gets a call on his cell phone they enter the room.

The screen goes black for a second and then it shows Sonia wearing a mask, naked on the bed with her 3 brothers moving towards her, in shock and with tears in her eyes she watches and her 3 brothers taking turns fucking her pussy and ass until they all cum on her. The screen then shifts to a page of the contract she signed highlighted in yellow it states that when she signed the contract she gave up her right to take any legal action against Jim, the dvd ends with the words " You really should stop doing drugs, that shit will make you do some crazy, crazy things "..


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2012-02-16 02:16:18
i've read the first two of this series, and i'm done, this is the stupidest shit i've ever read

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-07 16:31:12
In my mind's eye. The boys were wearing masks with eye holes in them. Her's was the only mask that was a blind fold. Where she could not see anything. It reminds me of a video I saw on xxnx were this girl states in the pre-interview that she does not like black men as a sex partner. So they blind fold her and the black guy with a 9 inch cock fuck her brains out for about 30 mins. While she still has the blind fold on, they ask her if she enjoyed the fucking. She said ''yes'', so they asked her if she wanted meet the guy that gave her such a good fucking. She said ''yes'' again. So when she took the blind fold off, she freaked when she saw it was a black guy. She left the room cursing up a blue streak. I wonder if the author of this story was the same guy that shot that video? Good story anyway. I wonder if all the other stories are the same like this? I'll find out.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-04 17:52:19
Try make ur stories bit longer
In the sex part and story line
When i write about sex u can like write 2 sentences about a cumshot and a few moans

Overall i like ur stories
Not the best but far not the worse ;)

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-29 18:59:51
okay, after the first, this was expected, but a signed contract? really? what for? seems trite and doesn't add much to the story. where's the danger and thrill in that? maybe you should write another and as they start to cum inside of her, he has them take off their masks one by one, but leave hers on.

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