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Jims is one happy man, he got two women to have sexual relations with their own family memebers and from a legal stand point they can't touch him. Jim hasn't been this happy since he made his first billion dollars plus he just made another $100,000 dollars selling a copy of the second video to his rich friend, the same friend with the incest fetish who bought the first video for $60,000 dollars. Jim wants to do it again, not to beat the boredom of being rich { he killed that when he made the first and second videos } but because he really like the rush it gives him and he loves watching people have incest sex. Jim begins planning for the third of many videos and over the next few days when he perfects his plan he starts looking for his third victim and after some trips to adoption centers and paying for some information he finds his next target.

Julia is a 40 year old stripper, she's in great shape for 40 but being an older woman she doesn't make as much money as the youger strippers who work with her. According to the info Jim received from the adoption centers when Julia was 20 she gave up her son for adoption claiming that she didn't know who the father was and that being alone she didn't have the money to raise a baby. After some investigating Jim finds Julias now 20 year old son Simon who's working a minimum wage job as a dishwasher in a restaurant to pay for his school expenses. Jim goes to Julias strip club ignoring the other strippers he chooses Julia to danse for him and to sit and have drinks with him, by the end of the night Julia has made more money then all the girls working at the strip club put together.

Fortunately for Jim Julia is a greedy, greedy bitch so when Jim offers her a way to make $5000 dollars for an hour of work she says " yes " Jim sweetens the deal by giving her a bag of cocaine and telling her that he'll give her 2 more bags when the job is done. Jim tells her that he wants to film her getting fucked and that when the video is done he'll pay her the $5000 dollars and give her the 2 bags of cocaine, Julia says " we'll pay me the $5000 now and we have a deal " Jim says " ok but to make everything nice and legal I want you to sign this contract that proves I paid you in advance for your preformance " doing 2 lines of cocain she signs the contract. Jim smiles and gives her the address where the video will be shot and tells her what day and time to show up and after saying goodbye he leaves the strip club.

Julia arrives at a studio { not the same one from the first video } entering the studio she sees Jim holding a camera and talking to Simon. She says hi to Jim and introduces herself to the Simon and she says " I can't explain why but I feel like I know you " Jim laughs and says " I guess he's got one of those faces ". Jim talks to Julia and he says " I know I already payed you in advance but here's a bonus " and he gives her $1000 dollars he then talks to Simon and says " remember kid if you do this I'll pay all your school expenses and when you graduate I'll get you a job at one of my companies and don't forget you signed the contract " Simon says " than so so much mr Jim I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you for all you have done for me " Jim says " don't worry about it Simon, I'm just a really nice guy who likes to help ".

Jim tells Julia and Simon what he wants to see and after they both strip naked Jim says " Action " Julia and Simon start hugging and french kissing eachother rubbing their hands all over eachother until Julia holding Simons large 8 inch cock leads him towards the bed. Simon and Julia get on the bed where Julia starts to suck Simons cock, he puts his hand on the back of her head and puts more of his cock into her mouth while she fondles his balls. After a while Julia lays on her back and spreads her legs and Simon starts to lick her wet pussy and squeezing her large tits while Julia rubbs Simons head with her hands. Simon stops eating her cunt and then places Julias legs over his shoulders he slides his cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her, slow and soft at first but then faster and harder.

One of his hands grabbing her waist and the other hand squeezing her tit he fucks her very hard and fast, Jim can hear Simons balls slap against Julias ass. Simon keeps fucking her like this until he says " Oh fuck I'm going to cum " Julia gets on her knees and puts Simons cock in her mouth and he shoots his load in her mouth with Julia swallows every drop. Jim stops filming and he says " wow that was amazing, good job " Simon and Julia takes a shower together and after getting dressed Jim says " wow you guys make a good couple, infact here Simon take this $2000 dollars and show her a good time " Julia says " we'll he's pretty good in bed so what do you say kid you want to come back to my place and fuck again? " Simon says " yeah I would really like that and again thank you so much mr Jim " and they leave together, Jim sits on a chair laughing.

A few days later Simons walks into Julias bedroom holding a package and he says " this was in your mail but it's for the both of us " undressing and getting into bed with an already naked Julia who starts strocking his cock. Simon opens the package wich holds a portable dvd player with a dvd already inside and a note that reads I hope you enjoy this as much as I did from your friend Jim. The dvd shows a document with Julias full name highlighted in yellow, another section of the same document also highlighted in yellow showing that Julia gave up her son for adoption when she was 20 and the reasons why. The dvd then shows a second document and a picture of the woman that adopted Julias baby, Simon says " ANNA, that's my step mother Anna " the dvd then shows a current picture and the full name of Julias now 20 year old son the young man in the picture is Simon. In shock Simon looks at Julia and says " MOM? are you my birth mother ? before she could say anything a bell rings on the dvd wich now shows 2 contracts with both sections highlighted in yellow that read that when they both singed the contracts they both gave up their rights to take any legal action against Jim.

The dvd ends with the video of Simon fucking Julia on the bed, with tears in her eyes Julia says " my god what have we done, I've spent the last 2 days being fucked by my own son " Simon says " it's not our fault we didn't know, we couldn't have known.


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2011-12-10 22:16:24
I'm so glad that the inrtenet allows free info like this!

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2011-10-15 06:14:38
I met my biological mother by accident one night in a wild party. She was 38 yr. and very sexy. I saw her nake and was washing her pussy after having sex with some guys..I stepped in and fucked that mature juicy fat pussy 3 times that night..she was the best cunt that I ever I hooked up with her ever since and we had good relationship physically...and 3 months later...I found out that was my mother who disappeared after gave birth of me...but....since I got her back this way and enjoying her pussy as a man...I have no complaint at all.

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