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I love you.
My beloved little Aiden, delightful one,

your beauty is the sweetest ray of light

from the cool, morning air which heals

the wounds my nightmares inflict.

I will dominate your body, little pet,

as you dominate my mind with every thought

and dominate my soul with the desire to

drink your every drop and please your every fiber.

Your dark little cavern, I shall explore

and taste every depth you have to plumb.

Every inch I shall inspect and know its taste

searching to devour your soul with mine.

Tender little screamer, your gasps enrich

my life with every bite and buck,

I shall please you with pain, and then lather

your wounds with ever-deeper love.

My fiery vixen, your nectar is my elixir

a bittersweet splash that makes my life

an everlasting miracle. It dances through my blood,

destroying disease with radiance.

Shining star in my night, be who you are

and never stop twinkling with your ever special

hue that I know out of all of the trillions of specks

of nothing. You are true light.

Sweet soil, take my seed and grow.

Aiden, I give my life force to you

as I drink your life force into me.

We are one endless rhythm - thundering heartbeats.


2011-12-21 15:55:41
that is a very well told story :)


2011-10-06 14:25:54
Please, people, stop voting this negative without some kind of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I worked hard on this, and it's a sincere expression of how I feel for a very special someone in my life, someone who has been hurt a lot by the people he loves the most. The idea is that he can feel pain and still be happy and loved. He doesn't have to get off to pain and still suffer from someone who is abusing him or neglecting him. Most of you can't understand that kind of love, but that doesn't mean you get to vote it down when others have it. I put the voting on here because I have pride in my work. Probably should have turned it off.

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