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"Wow," I said as I was awaken by my mom for school.

She seemed more excited than usually that day
She knocked me out of bed saying, "WAKE UP!!!"
One thing you need to know is that my mom is CRAZY and gets excited over anything.
"YOUR GOING TO MISS THE BA US." (She sang out bus) "Ok mom, Fuck" I get up
Put my clothes on, And left out the door. At my school i am the most athletic on this Scoreboard a kid started.
We have an advanced gym class that i take, i even instruct some times. I get back to my house (A pretty big house, You know, A Foyer, 2 Floors,5 Bathrooms And Bedrooms) My mom and dad were sitting on the couch waiting for me I assume. They Where smiling, "Whats going on..." As i shift my stuff down on a nearby Couch "We have a surprise for you" She was beaming directly at me.

My attention was directed away as I saw a girl come walking down the stairs, Wearing a red shirt with a vest over, Bennie cap, and Skinny jeans,And had pinkish red hair.
"Hey this place isn't that bad" She walked lower to the main floor "And Wheres the bathroom" Soon she stares at me with these eyes that could kill. "Say Hello To Your New Step Sister" i tried so hard not to say 'DA FUK' So i nicely looked at her and said "Um why are you here" Ive Been an only Child for my entire life, My mom and dad where trying for a girl But i guess it wasn't working to good.

"Hey!" my mom steps in the tension "Greet her nicely, She your new sister you know" I flinch "Hello my new sister, I'm sure i will like your STAY here" (STAY, as in she not going to be here any longer) "I will" she says as she drops down on the couch "Ohh I'm also taking your room" "WHAT!!!" I Say Directed toward mom. "You will have to sleep on the couch until we clear out one of the bedrooms"

That night i watch her as she goes in my room, She sticks her tongue out at me, and closes my door,MY DOOR!! I walk up the stairs and open the door to MY room and go for my dresser, i take my clothes and before walking out see her in bed, she was sweating, Having a bad dream i hope. I look closer and see her in a Grey Tank top With The top of her boobs showing, "No' i hear her say but i saw her sweating even more. She twisted and twirled Around until i finally Woke her.

She launched up out of her her bed, Her Boobs Jiggle as she does. 'What" She says Breathing Real hard "I think you had a bad dream" "What were you dreaming about" She comes back at me with a "Your Face" "Ouch" I said acting as if she hurt me "Why are you in MY room" "To get my clothes" i got ready to leave until i heard her let off a sigh. I turned and said "Whats Wrong?" I walked back over to her as she said "nothing" "AWWWWW Do You Need A Hug" I said Holding out my arms.

She Lifted up and gave me a hug "Can you sleep up here j... Just for tonight" "Ok" i say as she Moves over so i can get in. In the middle of the night she woke me up and said "Its Hot in Here," "Don't worry its not that hot, Go back to sleep" i say, She then said "But I'm Hot" "Ok ill turn the cool air" "I want to feel warm down here to" She grabs my hand and puts it on her Wet vag.

"Touch me" she said as she moved my hand up and down Her cunt. 'WOW' i said in my head 'DA FUKS going on' "AHHH" she moaned out as i moved my fingers. "AGHHH" Soon she was laying on my arm drooling, She put her hand On My cock and rub up and down. "AHHHHHHH!!!" She jizzed her pants along with me, Then she Whispered to me "i want to feel you this time ok?" she was breathing hard as she unzipped my pants.

She lifted herself up "Wait" i said "I Can't right know" "Don't worry" she says Then lays on my stomach
"Stick it in me slow, This is my first time" She stuck it in and I held her up. I Could feel her hymen With my dick, "Are you sure" "Yes'' I pushed myself in deeper and then it finnaly broke "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She screamed as She took me in Deep inside her, She let off a moan as we both screamed and passed out..

We Wake up to my Mom Screaming And Brenna was still on top of me naked still.
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