This is a two part story that differ only by whose perspective it is written. His or Hers! Everyone knows males and females see the world differently
Tying Up at a New Marina (His Perspective)
by Horseman919 - Copyright September 29, 2011, All rights reserved.

One of the interesting things about moving a boat to a new Marina is discovering who you have as near neighbors. The pure proximity of boats in slips makes the activities and personalities of the next door boat owners everyone’s business.

I had moved our boat into the new marina late on Sunday a time when most marinas are being vacated prior to the work week and I had only met Ken the owner of the 63 foot Hatteras directly off of my stern. Ken and I had introduced ourselves, and as he was a newly retired who lived aboard his boat, I gave him my cell phone number asking him to call me if he saw anything wrong over at my boat.

The rest of the marina, near my boat, had been vacant, and aside from a few “live aboards”, I assumed it would be that way until late Thursday when the working class arrived for their weekenders. So, as I drove up to the boat late Monday morning to wash it down I had my first surprise noting that the low slung SeaRay Express Cruiser next to mine was now sporting a boatman’s trophy deck decoration.

I didn’t want to stare at my new neighbor, but even a glance told me the string bikini clad 30 to 40ish sunbather lying on the foredeck was eye candy. Snatch like that is rarely without company, so I decided I had better unload the dock box and get to washing the boat before some muscle bound boyfriend caught me leering at his squeeze.

After positioning the dock box on the sea wall in front of the boat and laying out a hose line, I went down the walkout between the boats to change clothes. As I walked by I glanced over and saw that the cutie had her head turned away. I also noticed that lying on her stomach; she had untied the stings of the top to get a line free tan.

Suppressing an urge to shout “BOO!”, so I could get a peek at the nipples belonging to those boobs, I climbed aboard my boat to change. Switching to a bathing suit and deck shoes, I went out on deck to start the wash down.

Washing down a large boat is more complex than it might appear. Some cleaning agents do not want to get near certain surfaces and as there are almost no flat surfaces on a boat a soapy deck can be as slippery as an ice skating rink. Those facts alone, not to mention expecting to see the Hottie’s bodyguard appear any moment, kept me from sneaking much more than leering glances at the eye candy next door.

I never saw her even glance my way. But, after a while I began to notice that she was putting on a little show for me. She would roll to one side, theoretically to even out the tan, but not bothering to re-tie the tops strings she would let a little of the pink area around her nipple show as she draped her arm over the nipple itself. Then the arm would flick down to pull a wrinkle out of the beach towel providing a brief full view of the whole breast nipple and all. It was always a flashing glance but it became more and more bold.

Then she began to stretch and flex her legs, parting them a little and pointing her toes so her cute little butt would flex like she was wearing high heels. “Nice ass!”, I thought, trying heard to keep my mind on washing the boat.

Then the little tart did something I never would have expected. She untied the strings on either side of the bikini bottom and flipped the part covering her butt down between her legs. I waited a moment, noticing that it was indeed a nice ass, to see if she was gong to take it of all together.

She stayed like that for a long time sunning her cheeks. I did notice that there wasn’t the light to dark contrast one expects to see from swim suits. Shit! She must sunbathe nude! This is going to be an interesting new boating vista.

Then as if a bug of some kind had landed on the back of her leg she pulled her knee up a bit and swiped the back of her other calf with the side of her leg. The move opened a flashing view of a hairless cunt exposed to the world and just as quickly it was gone. This happened a couple of more times before she just left the one leg remain over the other so the sun shown down on a glistening slit.

“This little tart is getting off on my watching!”, I thought.

“Shit!”, I said.

“What is the matter?”, she said opening one eye and looking up at me!

“I just poured chrome cleaner on the fiberglass!”, I said quick to pour soapy water on the blue chemical and start spraying it all down with clean water.

Eyeing the bulge in my bathing suit she said, “Your little friend there seems to paying attention to other things!”

‘Hummm!”, I said, ‘He has a mind of his own!”

“I’m quite sure he does!”, she replied rolling just enough on her side to let the front corner of the bikini drop down to show me her pussy was little girl hairless and smooth as a virgin.

“Dose your snatch ever get sunburned exposed to the sun like that?”, I asked.

“Noooo!’, she said rolling on her back and parting her legs a bit more. “It just likes to get hot!”, she added with a cat like smile.

“I’m going to fall on my ass and kill myself if you keep putting on that show!”

“Then you’ll just have to decide what to focus on won’t you?” With that she rubbed her finger along the top of her slit right at her clit and moaned as a drops of liquid formed along her cunt lips.

Shaking my head I said, “Well I’m going to get something cold to drink. Do you want anything?”

Pulling her long dark brown hair over her shoulder to let the air reach her neck and shoulders she said, “What are you offering?”

“Well if you want a cold drink, there are several kinds of cold bear and some wine coolers in the fridge on the back deck.”

“Are you inviting me over?”

“With or without that bathing suit!”, I said heading for the back.

I hadn’t much more tan gotten to the back of the boat before I felt a slight lean as she stepped onto the gunnel and then onto the deck.

Looking up I noticed she had tied the bikini bottom back but had just draped the towel around her neck without the top. He also noticed she was a pixie. The package was so well proportioned that I was just now, standing there in front of me, aware she was only about 5’ tall.

“I’m Dan!”, I said smiling at her.

“Lori!”, she said. At the same time making a line with her finger and then a heart shape to dot it - with both hands, “With an ‘i’!’

“It fits!, I said and holding the cooler open, “What will you have!”

“A lime cooler!”, she said pointing with a manicured finger. “They are good on a hot afternoon!”

Taking a beer and glancing at her ring finger I said, “Look don’t you think you better get your top before your husband comes over and beats the shit out of both of us?”

“Never until the weekend – if then!”, she said with a little pout. “He is to busy making money to pay for his toys – me included I guess! When he dose come to the boat he is more interested in hearing the diesel engines roar than a kitten purr!”

With that Lori dropped the towel from around her shoulders and moaning, “Its hot!” rubbed the damp wet side of the wine cooler between her breasts and then over the nipples. The reaction was instant as what had been ½” long hard nipples grew immediately to 3/4ths of an inch and if anything they got harder.

Pulling her long hair up with one hand and rubbing the cold cooler bottle across the back of her neck with the other so her raised arms brought those twin volcanoes up to point at me she said, “What about your stud? Is the wifey going to show up any moment and stab me in the back?”

“Hardly! Same deal, only the object of focus is politics! She might come up on the weekend – if someone doesn’t ask her to serve on some fund raiser or campaign!”, he said grinning at the sight before him.

Smiling at the bulge in his swim suit she sat back on the aft deck lounge next to the extra dock lines coiled neatly along the inside of the gunnel wall. As she sat there in the shade bear breasted she began to finger one of the dock lines, and my cell phone rang.

I took my focus away to locate the cell phone sitting above the lower helm.

Picking it up I said, “Dan!”

“This is Ken off your stern!”

Looking up I and noticed Ken sitting on his upper fly bridge. When he saw me look up he gave a slight wave!

“Be careful of your new neighbor! She has been the marina cock tease for over a year and a half!”, with that the line went dead.

“Your wife?”, she asked now running her hands and arm through the coils of the dock line.

“No Ken across the way!”, I said gesturing in his direction.

“And, what did Kenny have to say?”, she asked glancing over at Ken’s boat.

“That you are the marina cock teaser!”

“Ha! Like he would have the courage to see me any other way!”, still snaking her one hand and arm through the soft coils of the soft new braided dock lines Lori threw back the last of her wine.

“Are you?”

“Am I what?”

“A cock tease?”


“Because if you are I would probably strip you naked and tie you to the bow railing to serve as a live version of an old figure head. And then tour the marina so you could really show off!”

“Now you’re the one who is teasing!”, but I noticed her hand was now wrapping the coils of the dock line around and around her wrist.

Leaning over and selecting another line, I quickly freed it and flipping it around her and over her head so that one coil caught just under her breasts. Saying, “Am I now!” I began to pull in a bit of slack and then release it which caused the soft rope to slide up from under her breasts and then jump over her nipples – then back again only to be repeated.

Her breath caught each time I made the rope dance across her chest and her eyes glazed over a bit. Then about the forth time she leaned forward and I thought she was going to get up and leave.

But, then I realized she was making it easier for me to coil the rope around her body.

Quickly taking the longer end of the rope I wound it around and around her body and then around her neck twice and pulled it snug. She shivered and for a moment I thought she was going to faint.

I leaned in and pulled her hair back to expose her ear as I said softly, “You want to be bound and taken don’t you?”

She looked at me with the biggest soft brown eyes I had ever seen and hissed, “Please! Just don’t hurt me!”

“On your feet bitch and spread your legs!”

She almost leaped up eager to obey the command.

Turning her around I bound her across and between her breasts and through her arms and then untying her bikini bottoms I let them drop to the deck.

I stared at her naked pussy and reached out and rubbed the back of my fingers over skin as smooth as I had imagined it earlier.

She danced a little and I passed a rope between her legs once then again on the outsides of her cunt lips. Bringing the line up taught I tied it in the back as she kept drawing in little short breaths.

Taking another rope I threw it around the railing to the upper fly bridge and back down then lifting her off of the ground I hung her there at about the right height for a tongue lashing and a standing fuck.

She looked at me with doe eyes and a panicked smile crossed her lips.

“Do you have any time restraints?”

“I have to pick up my daughter at school at 3:20!”

I glanced at my watch and smiled noticing a small but gathering pool of pussy juice dripping down onto the deck. “Well we have about 2 and a half hours then for you to play the Pirates trophy wench!”

I pulled off my swim suit and was just getting ready to kneel down to give her a tongue lashing when the cell pone rang.

“Dan!”, I said picking it up.

“You need any help over there?”

I looked up and saw Ken up on his fly bridge with his field glasses out looking back at us.

“Not at the moment, but maybe later. You know how hard it is to dock one of these and get the dock line set by yourself!”

He paused and the asked, “Do you have a camera?”

I stammered, “Camera!”

“Good bring it over!, he said into the phone.

He snapped the cell phone shut and with that he spun me around for Ken’s full inspection.

I snapped the cell phone shut and with that I spun Lori (with an i and a heart to dot it) around for Ken’s full inspection.

In her ear I said, , “Just a little something we can show your husband if you ever forget your new status as the marina fuck toy!”

“Oh God!”, I heard Lori murmur and she threw her head back letting her long soft hair dangle as I reached under her parted legs and spread her cunt open letting her juices run freely down onto the deck.

“You’ll have to lick the deck clean you know!”

“Yes sir!”

“I think I’ll tie up here all the time!”

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