This is a two part story that differ only by whose perspective it is written. His or Hers! Everyone knows males and females see the world differently
Tying Up at a New Marina (Her Perspective)
by Horseman919 - Copyright September 29, 2011, All rights reserved.

I don’t know what had gotten into me. I was in a very bitchy mood, feeling old and pissed at everybody about it! Part of it I knew was my daughters fault. At fourteen, Emily was developing into a first rate sarcastic little bitch in her own right. And, she delighted in telling me I was “too old to understand” because she knew I didn’t like being called “old”!

Last night strutting around like The queen of the May, Emily had slammed me with that line four different times. Stung by her “you’re old!” jabs and the fact that my husband has been paying less a less attention to me, except for a once in a while “get you’re rocks off” screw ………….. I was in a deep funk!

Emily had gone to bed and Rob was out of town, so I slammed around the house alone and feeling like my personal view of myself was being challenged. I had always been petite and had been called a pixie and little princess, so I guess those images of myself had stuck in my head. Shit, only a few weeks ago someone had asked my daughter, “If her sister was going to come as well?” Sister damn it – not “old” or “mother”!

I tried to take my frustrations out watching TV and then the getting on the internet. Finally, not able to concentrate, I went to my big bathroom to take stock of myself.

Stripping naked I stood in front of the mirror and did a careful appraisal.

• Skin still smooth and with almost no veins on the surface – Check!
• Chin and neck firm and not sagging – Check!
• Tits – after that expensive boob job – not bad! Not as perky as my daughters but then mine are bigger and fuller and the area around the nipples and the nipples themselves were appropriate for a woman – Ok!
• Arms – well there was a bit of sag to the back of the upper arms – note to self “Start going to the gym to tone up!”
• Stomach – a little sag there as well every since becoming a mother – the gym would help but it wasn’t bad!
• Waist – narrow enough that it makes the stomach bulge a bit more apparent – ok girl - take the small waist and work on the stomach!
• Hips – well they were broader, but again that was a product of child birth and with the bigger boobs looked in proportion to the whole – Check!
• Legs – nice actually jogging had kept them and the butt firm and tight, plus there were no varicose veins to suggest age – Check!
• Hair – luscious, naturally dark brown and log – A great feature and always had been!
• Face – smooth with only small laugh lines at the corners of the eyes and mouth – Ok! Might need a tuck in a few years!
• Eyes – Well, ass and eyes had always been what people commented on as those eyes are brown and huge! Being a petite people had commented that she looked like the reality of a painter from the 1970’s who had become popular for his huge brown eyed young girls. – STILL Check!
• Lips – Ok! You have always wanted to have thicker pouty lips – might just have to make that happen – consider talking to a doctor!

Getting out the bikini I had bought as an enticement for Ron on our anniversary a few years ago, she tried it on. Not bad! But, looking at my crotch in the mirror as I turned sideways I noticed the pooch made by my thick crotch hair at the front of my bikini. “Crap!”, I thought and stripped of the swim suit bottoms.

Looking at my very thick thatch of cunt hair I saw it made a narrow triangle then almost a straight line. Several years ago, tired of getting a bikini wax every month I had gone to the Plastic Surgeon, who later did the boob job, and had him laser remove the side hairs permanently. My hair had grown to fast to look good wearing a bikini so it was a constant battle.

Knowing that my daughter was proud of the mature looking thatch she was developing I grabbed a hand full of cunt hair and remembered how I looked years before as a little girl.

“Old huh?”, I muttered and started running water and getting out a razor fully intending to shave it all off! Then I thought about it and realized I would have a shadow of stubble by the next afternoon. That would never do and would just make me feel like I had failed “at playing younger”!

“Shit, do it right!”, I muttered to myself and then spent until well after 1:00 in the morning waxing off every bit of hair on my crotch. Looking at myself again in the mirror I was pleased! My pussy was bright pink from the hair removal, but as I ran my fingers over the skin I knew it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Putting the bikini bottoms back on and turning back and forth in front of the mirror I smiled and said, “Good!”, then stripping I headed to bed.

The next morning after waking my daughter I stood again in front of the mirror preparing to shower. I noticed almost all the reddish-pink skin from the hair removal had faded, and so I smiled at my image. Taking stock I imagined myself as the pixie seductress about 18 years old again!

Dressed and ready to take my daughter to school we sat at the kitchen table. Emily glanced at me and said, “So, what is the old lady going to do today?”

Shocked I said, “Don’t ever call me or your father my old lady or old man! It’s not polite or respectful!”

“Sorry!”, Emily said but smirked as she looked into her cereal bowl.

“That ungrateful little bitch!”, I thought as I went back to my bathroom to brush my teeth! “Old lady – my ass!”

Noticing the bikini still lying on the bathroom counter I knew instantly what my ego needed. Grabbing the bikini and stuffing it into my purse I thought, ‘Go out to the marina and see how many guys you can give a stiff one to!”

I dropped my daughter at school and went straight to the marina. Changing and going out on the foredeck to sun bathe I noticed how quiet the marina was. “Oh well it is early yet.”

After about an hour and a half I realized that there was nobody about and then it occurred to me, “Shit, it’s a weekday! You can’t even do a seduction right!”

Dejected I was about to give it all up when I heard the sound of tires approaching so I lay back and pretended to dose. The sounds stopped right by the boat and I thought it’s the people with the new boat next to ours.

Through almost closed eyes I watched as a guy got out of a pickup wearing slacks and a polo shirt. I couldn’t tell much about him without opening my eyes but I did notice that he took a long glance in my direction looking me over.

“Well that’s something at least!”, I thought.

He spent several minutes taking a dock box out of the truck and arranging it on the seawall. Then he took out a water hose and set it up throwing the end over onto the deck of his boat.

I noticed that he kept glancing in my direction and I thought, “He is going to wash the boat and he has certainly noticed you!”

When she sensed he was about done setting up and had his back turned I reached up and untied my bikini top. “Lets see how he reacts to that!“ I smirked.

I was aware that he was walking down the walkout between the boats toward the back of our boats and then he paused. Even though I had my head turned away I knew he had noticed the top of my bikini was untied! I smiled to myself thinking, “Maybe not such an old lady after all!”

I was reveling in the idea that I could still turn a head when I heard our new neighbor come back out on deck. I turned my head and kept my eyes almost closed. I could make out that he had changed into a swimsuit and deck shoes and could tell he was a fifty’ish guy that who balding on top. I couldn’t see him clearly without opening my eyes, but he wasn’t bad.
I thought to myself that even though this wasn’t the local lifeguard stud muffin, maybe it was time to consider quality over the stamina of the tennis pro.

For the next half an hour or so, I moved around on the towel exposing and covering my left breast to see if he would get a woody. Clearly I was having an effect on this guy even though he would only steal a glance now and then. I tried hard to make my movements look innocent by playing with the towel.

Recalling one of the arguments I had had with Emily recently about acting mature and not like a little tart, I chuckled to myself realizing I was in fact acting like a first class tart. I thought to myself that if you’re going to play the tart you might as well really play the part.

I waited until I caught him glancing over and untied the strings of the bikini bottoms and flipped the back piece of cloth off of my butt. “Well that certainly got his full attention!”, I thought as I noticed he didn’t turn away this time.. I watched him stare at my ass and then slowly shaking his head he returned to the boat washing process.

I noticed the bulge in his swimsuit grow and I thought, “Well honey what can you do to top that!”

I open my left eye enough to take an apprising look as he worked and noted the thick gray hair on his chest. I had a vision of myself from the bathroom mirror and thought, “I could show him my soft little girl pussy, but that might give him a heart attack!”

I couldn’t get the image of myself playing the little girl seducing her father out of my head and so thinking, “If he had a heart attack looking at my pussy he would die happy!”, I spread my legs a bit and rubbed my left ankle over my right calf.

I could almost feel his eyes roam over my slit and ass. “Yum!” I played this game a couple of more times thinking of myself as a little girl running my fingers through his chest hair and then feeling the hair tickle my nipples. Rubbing my chest against the towel I climaxed from the images floating through my head.

I was only vaguely aware of my legs parting in relaxation when I heard the guy say, “Shit!”.

Opening my left eye I saw him stumble a bit so I said, “What is the matter?”

“I just poured chrome cleaner on the fiberglass!”, he said, quickly pouring soapy water on the deck and then spray it all down with clean water.

I said, “Your little friend there seems to paying attention to other things!”

‘Hummm!”, he said, ‘He has a mind of his own!”

“I’m quite sure he does!”, I replied rolling just enough on my side to let the front corner of the bikini drop down to show him my pussy was little girl hairless and smooth as a virgin.

“Does your snatch ever get sunburned exposed to the sun like that?”, he asked.

“Noooo!’, I said rolling totally onto my back and parting my legs a bit more. “It just likes to get hot!”, thinking, ‘What is it about a hairless pussy that makes men so hot?’ ‘Probably the same image of my playing a little girl that just gave me a climax!’, with that thought I grinned like a cat.

“I’m going to fall on my ass and kill myself if you keep putting on that show!”

“Then you’ll just have to decide what to focus on won’t you?” With that I rubbed my finger along the top of my slit hitting my clit, I moaned and climaxed again as my juices seeped out along my slit. ‘God girl you’re acting like a total whore ….. and you’re loving ever second of it!’, I thought to myself.

I heard him say, “Well I’m going to get something cold to drink. Do you want anything?”

Pulling my hair over my shoulder to let the air cool reach my neck and shoulders I asked, “What are you offering?”

“Well if you want a cold drink, there are several kinds of cold beer and some wine coolers in the fridge on the back deck.”

“Are you inviting me over?”

“With or ……….. without that bathing suit, I guess so!”

I retied the bikini bottoms as he disappeared toward the back of his boat and started to grab the top when I thought, ‘Who gives a shit!’, and draped the towel around my shoulders like long hair. ‘You’ve shown him your tits, why not tease him some more?’

I went to the back of our boat, stepped across the walkout and down onto his boat moving quickly as the surfaces were hot under foot. Slipping under the shaded area where the deck was cooler I looked at him. He was just under 6 feet tall and while he was not a young stud she felt her breath shorten as she took him in.

“I’m Dan!”, he said grinning.

“Lori!”, I said. “With an ‘i’!’

“It fits!, he said and holding the cooler open asked, “What will you have!”

“A lime cooler! They’re good on a hot afternoon!”

He looked at my ring finger I said, “Look don’t you think you better get your top before your husband comes over and beats the shit out of both of us?”

“Never until the weekend – if then!”, I said with my best little girl pout. “He is to busy making money to pay for his toys – me included I guess! When he dose come to the boat he is more interested in hearing the diesel engines roar than a kitten purr!”

To emphasize my frustration I dropped the towel from around my shoulders and to help justify my action sighed, “Its hot today!”

I don’t know where the thought came form but I rubbed the damp wet side of the wine cooler between my breasts and then over the nipples. I smiled as I watched my already hard nipples grow by a ¼” and get as hard as little erasers. Watching Dan’s eyes widen I thought, ‘Wow, you’ll have to remember that trick!’

I pulled my hair up with one hand and rubbing the cold cooler bottle across the back of my neck with the other. The nice thing about store bought booms is that they remain perky and so I aimed my nipples right at his face and asked, “What about your stud? Is the wifey going to show up any moment and stab me in the back?”

He licked his lips but said, “Hardly! Same deal, only the object of focus is politics! She might come up on the weekend – if someone doesn’t ask her to serve on some fund raiser or campaign!”

I smiling at the bulge in his swimsuit and sat down thinking, ‘We might just be the answer to each others frustrations!’

I was contemplating how far I was going to let this go when his cell phone rang.

Picking it up I heard him say, “Dan!”

He listened and I saw him glance across at the boat behind his.

His eyes shifted to me and I knew I was the topic of the conversation.

“Your wife?”, I asked pretty sure it wasn’t the wifey!

“No Ken across the way!”, he said gesturing in that direction.
“And, what did Kenny have to say?”, I asked glancing over at Ken’s boat.

“That you are the marina cock teaser!”

“Ha! Like he would have the courage to see me any other way!”, I was thinking, ‘Where dose that old fuck get off calling me a cock tease. I’ll show him!’

“Are you?”

“Am I what?”

“A cock tease?”


“Because if you are I would probably strip you naked and tie you to the bow railing to serve as a live version of an old figure head. And then tour the marina so you could really show off!”

I took a short breath and as the image of that filled my mind I could feel myself having another small climax. I gripped the dock line hanging next to me with my hand to steady myself and to cover the moment I said, “Now you’re the one who is teasing!”

He leaned over and took another coiled dock line, and then flipping it around and over my head so that one coil caught just under my breasts saying, “Am I now!”

He began to pull in a bit of slack on the line and then release it which caused the soft rope to slide up from under my breasts and then jump over my nipples creating a wild mixed set of feelings and sensations.

He did that trick over and over again making me catch my breath as caught each time I felt the rope dance across my chest. I felt a little dizzy and I could feel the heat of a lust I had not experienced for years boil up in me.

I don’t know what it was about the feel of that rope but it was driving me crazy with lust. I realized I was acting like the village harlot but I had to experience more so I leaned forward wiling him to bind my body.

I thought I was going to have to beg him to bind me, but then he seemed to realize I was making it easier for him to coil the rope around my body.

I felt the soft woven rope wind around and around and around my body and then around my neck – and then he pulled it snug. I almost fainted - it felt so great!

He leaned over and pulled my hair back and whispered into my ear, “You want to be bound and taken don’t you?”

Everything I my body was twitching with fire and I head myself say, “Please! Just don’t hurt me!”

“On your feet bitch and spread your legs!”

My needs taking over I felt myself jump up eagerly to obey the command.

He turned me around and bound me across and between my breasts and arms and then untying my bikini bottoms he let them drop to the deck.

I watched as he stared at my little girl naked pussy and then he reached out and rubbed the back of his fingers over my smooth mound

Hearing his soft whistle somewhere in the back of my mind I thought, ‘Thank God you didn’t just shave it clean!’

I danced a little as he passed a rope between my legs once then again on the outsides of my cunt lips the ropes friction and the pressure spreading me apart a bit.

Bringing the line up taught he tied it in the back as I kept taking in little short breaths letting my mind and body surrender.

Taking another rope he threw it up over my head and then lifting me off of the ground I felt myself hung there about three feet off of the deck.

Suddenly I felt myself start to panic – yet at the same time this felt so right! What was I becoming? I could feel myself leaking from the excitement.

“Do you have any time restraints?”

“I have to pick up my daughter at school at 3:20!”

He glanced at his watch and smiled then he looked down noticing a small but gathering pool of my pussy juice dripping down onto the deck. “Well we have about 2 and a half hours then for you to play the Pirates trophy wench!”

I watched as he started to pull off his swimsuit and thought, ‘You’re about to become this pirates bound fuck toy!’, when his cell phone rang.

‘Shit!’, I thought. ‘What a time for the wifey to call’

He grabbed up the phone as said, “Dan!”.
He listened and then I saw him look over at Ken’s boat.

Then he said, “Not at the moment, but maybe later. You know how hard it is to dock one of these and get the dock lines set correctly by yourself!”

He paused and the asked, “Do you have a camera?”

I stammered, “Camera!”

“Good bring it over!, he said into the phone.

He snapped the cell phone shut and with that he spun me around for Ken’s full inspection.

Then he said into my ear, “Just a little something we can show your husband if you ever forget your new status as the marina fuck toy!”

“Oh God!”, I said as I threw my head back letting my long soft hair dangle. Then he reached under my parted legs and spread my pussy open letting my juices run freely down onto the deck.

In a hard voice he said, “You’ll have to lick the deck clean you know!”

I shivered and squirmed and climaxed again before hearing myself say, “Yes sir!”

He said, “I think I’ll tie up here all the time!”


As I was driving to Emily’s school I thought about the afternoon.

‘Early in our marriage Rob used to count my climaxes. A couple of times he had gotten to 16 before we fell back exhausted.’

Granted she had had 5 or 6 almost on her own, but 24 was a new record.

And the memory of licking the deck, then Dan and Ken’s dicks and fingers clean while acting like a sex slave almost made her climax again. Her pussy still twitched as she remembered she had barely had been able to walk to the car on her weak legs.

Thank God there was a shower on the boat and all she had near her body was the bikini, because even with the shower she could smell the sex on herself.

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2013-01-10 23:50:56
Yes, it is a sexy story. But I compliment you on the two characters. i doubt she is a real tart, but out of marital boredom she wanted to relive her sexy youth. I would really enjoy reading about her coming to grips with her slutty behavior. She has daughters to raise, a life to live. Still, she had a wonderful afternoon on the boat.

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2012-12-23 02:52:31
Review by Bingo for Rating: The instructions said that the siptrs could be reused a few times, but I was unable to do so. After using the strip just once, the wax had lost its stickiness. I tried warming up the strip in my hands like it said to do, but that didn't work either.You have to use practically the whole box just for one hair removal session. Not worth the money!! Plus, the wax isn't even that sticky, so when you pull the strip off, a lot of hair is left. It looked very patchy unprofessional. I ended up having to shave the remaining hair because I just couldn't get the siptrs to work.

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2012-02-17 23:33:15
Sounds so enticing and fun, fun, fun! Yummy! Too hott, Mr. Horseman!

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2012-01-27 10:09:21
It's like you're on a missoin to save me time and money!

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Good story. You should consider filling in those two and a half hours in there.

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