This is Part 1 of Harlowe's story. It is completely fictional.
This is Part 1 of Harlowe's story. It is completely fictional. Feel free to leave comments. Please don't leave a negative rating just because it isn't your type of story. If you don't like the themes listed, you don't have to read it. That being said, I hope you enjoy the story! thanks for reading!

Part 1:

My day started out like any other. I woke up at the alarm and didn’t want to get up. I got dressed for school. Who decided college classes should start so early? I wish the classes I needed were available at night. I got dressed in some jeans and a cute top I picked out a few days ago at them mall. My best friend Krista actually found it for me and the color red that it is looks great on me.

Then I grabbed some pop-tarts and left for class. Class went about as well as a biology class with Mr. Ferguson could go. Mr. Ferguson was one of the hardest teachers on campus, in more way than one, seeing as how he was one of the biggest perverts on campus also.

After I finished my classes I went home and cleaned up a bit around the house, watched some TV, and had dinner. After that I decided that I really should go to the gym before it closed. I hadn’t been all week and really don’t want to get out of habit. The gym was only a block or so away from the apartment I was staying in, so it wasn’t really a hassle to get there.

At the gym I worked out for about 15 minutes and some guy came up and started talking to me. I don’t think I’d seen him before, but it was a big campus and I was not Miss Popularity. He had wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, and looked like he never missed a day at the gym. We talked while I finished up my work out. I learned that his name was Nick and he was actually in my biology class. He asked me for my number; I gave it to him with a wink, and since it was a few minutes to closing went I went to change. I have to admit I kind of shook my ass as I walked into the locker room.

As I walked into the locker room I was thankful it was so quiet. I hated being in the locker room with a bunch of people, I am kind of shy and prefer to not be naked in front of a group of strangers. Being the only person in there I could listen to my IPod, get dressed at my own pace, and not feel self –conscience.
Keeping my music on though was something I probably shouldn’t have done. As I bent down to take off my shorts, suddenly to hands grabbed my waist. I went to turn around and was met with a hand covering my mouth.

“Let me tell you how this works,” he started, talking in a raspy voice, “I am going to take what I want from you while my buddy here records it on my phone. Then you will give him what he wants. You cooperate and keep your mouth shut about it, everyone is happy; you don’t and the video goes viral, not just online but out as mass text to all the teachers, students, and even to your parents; an edited version that is, that will look like you loved it all and were begging for it. Understand?”

I was too scared to say yes. This couldn’t be happening. Who was this guy and why was he doing this? The guy recording this came out from behind the lockers he had on sunglasses and I really couldn’t tell who he was. He just stood there with the camera in my face.

The guy who held me grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, “Do you understand?” he asked angrily.
I nodded as I started crying. He pulled me backwards over to the showers and forced me up against the wall.

“Stay like that and don’t turn around,” he ordered.

I couldn’t say anything if I tried, all I could do was cry.

For some reason he turned on all the showers, pretty hot too since it started steaming up. Then he came back. As he pressed his body against me I could tell he was naked. I could feel his hard cock against my skin. He reached around and grabbed my breasts. I gave out a disgruntled sigh as he replied “You like that huh? God you are so fucking hot.”

When he said that he didn’t disguise his voice and I was trying to think where I had heard it before.

“Don’t you think she is hot Linc?” he asked the guy with the camera.

Linc? I thought to myself.

“I prefer them with a bigger rack, but she ain’t bad at all,” he said.

Then I recognized his voice. Lincoln Davis was the night manager here, the one that closes up the gym. I began to cry again. How could he be involved in this? He always seemed so nice!

The guy who had a hole of me moved one hand from my breasts and used it to spread my legs. He reached up under me and started feeling my pussy. He ran his first finger up and down my slit. Then he used two fingers and opened my pussy lips and found my clit. He started rubbing it while still playing with my breasts.

I didn’t want it to feel good. I wanted him to stop. I asked him to stop.

“Stop, please!” I begged.

This made him rub my clit faster. “You know you like it baby,” he stated and then started kissing my neck. I didn’t want it to feel good but it did. I gave out a moan and this drove him crazy.

“I knew you liked it,” he whispered in my ear. He kept rubbing my pussy and I couldn’t stop the moaning. It did feel good. I did not want to cum. I tried my hardest not to, but I could feel it building up. Right when I thought I was going to, he stopped rubbing my clit.

He took a finger and shoved it in my pussy and wiggled it around. I was embarrassed by how wet my pussy was.
“Oh yea, she is more than ready to be fucked. Aren’t you hotness?”

He grabbed a hold on hips and I could feel his cock slide up and down my pussy. The head of his cock hit my clit a couple of times and I noticed myself trying to get it to again. Then he thrust back and shoved his cock straight into my pussy. His cock was so big. The way it filled my pussy made me moan out in pleasure.

“Yeah you like that big cock in your pussy don’t you? Your pussy is so fucking wet baby. It’s so fucking tight.”

I didn’t answer him. I kept my eyes closed while he filled my pussy with his cock over and over. I tried hard not to make any noise. Then he stopped fucking me. I was still too scared to look though. A few seconds later he turned me around.

“Now you are going ride my cock baby.”

I stood there knowing I was facing him. He came closer to me and brushed my hair out of my face and kissed my lips gently. Then he not so gently crammed his tongue into my mouth and started making out with me. I tried to back my head up but he held into it.

“I Want you to watch me fuck you.” He said in a very excited voice.

When he grabbed me up by my waist and started to carry me in the other room I opened my eyes in reflex kind of way and I saw his face. I knew I had heard his voice before. This guy who seems to flirt with my in the gym is now fucking me in the locker room.

We get into the dressing room where one wall is lined with mirrors and he backs me up against one. He grabs a hold of my ass and lifts me onto his cock. Lincoln gets underneath us and starts recording from below. I can only imagine the image is Nick’s cock filling my pussy.

Nick has my bouncing on his cock. He is grabbing my breasts as they bounce. The way he is moving his cock in and out of me feels so good. As much as I want to hate it I can’t. He starts going harder and faster.

“Oh my God” I scream out as I start cumming all over his cock.

“Oh fuck yea” Nick replies and thrusts into me a couple more times as I feel his cum fill my pussy.

“That’s fucking awesome dude!” Lincoln exclaimed.

“Fuck yea it was. I never thought she’d fucking cum all over my cock. I told you she was fucking hot!” Nick replied

I sank down and started to cry. I was so embarrassed. Not only did I not try to fight off some guy who fucked me I came as he did. I should have screamed, hit, kicked. A million thoughts raced through my head. I couldn’t think straight at all and then Lincoln came over and grabbed me by my hair.

“Hands and knees bitch” he said as he pulled me how he wanted me.

“Ready to record the real action Nicky?” Lincoln asked somewhat jokingly.

“Haha right bro, it’s great so enjoy it,” Nick replied.

With that Lincoln slapped my ass so hard I yelped out. He grabbed his cock and shoved it into my pussy. He began to fuck me as hard as I think he could of. He was gentle at all. He kept slapping my ass. I could see in the mirror perfect hand prints of his hand on my ass. He grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled on it as he fucked me. This time I was screaming out in pain.

“It’s ok bitch get loud,” Lincoln said, “I closed this place up before we even began. Besides, I want to hear you scream.”

He pulled his cock out and started rubbing it on my asshole.

“I want to hear you scream loud”

I tried to pull away but he had hold of my hair.

“Please don’t do this,” I cried out, “Please, you can’t. I’ve never done anal before, please don’t!”

“Really? Never? That makes it even better.”

I looked at Nick who was taping this. He just kind of shrugged at me and looked back at the camera. I started to cry again trying anything to get away. Lincoln smacked my ass so hard that I screamed out in pain. He told me if I wasn’t still he would whip me with his belt and make where I would never want to sit down.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and then spread my ass cheeks apart. He spit on my ass and used the head of his cock to rub it around. I tensed up as he started trying to put his cock in my ass. He reached down and slapped my pussy which made me jerk and scream and then he shoved his dick completely in my ass. I screamed so loud and broke out in tears.

“Please stop! I can’t handle this!” I got out between sobs.

He pulled his cock out and shoved it back in. This time he pulled it out and slapped my ass.

“Well I guess you never have had anal. That shit is too fucking tight. Instead you can suck your ass off my cock.”

I was still crying at this point. He just shoved his cock into my mouth and began to face fuck me with it. It had to be the worst tasting thing I’d ever tasted. I couldn’t believe he did this to me. After a few times of making me gag on his cock he held my head down on it. I couldn’t breathe and my eyes were watering. Then he started cumming down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow his cum.

He got up and got dressed. He took the camera from Nick and said he would have it edited in a couple of hours. Lincoln then left the locker room. I just lay there crying. I wasn’t sure what to do. I did not want that getting out to anyone let alone the school and my parents.
Nick came over to me and brought me my clothes.

“You were awesome,” he said, “ Linc is a bit rough at times but I know you really enjoyed what I had to offer. Remember not to tell anyone ok? I really don’t want to ruin your reputation, I actually do kinda like you, ya know?” He smiled a bit and walked toward the door. “Oh yea, and I’ll give ya a call later, on your home phone of course.”

I got dressed and went back to my locker. I wiped the tears off my face and went to grab my cell phone. It was gone. I grabbed my IPod and ran out the door. I didn’t stop running until I got home.

When I got home I went straight to the shower. I felt so dirty. I couldn’t believe how much I was used. I couldn’t believe I got off on it. I couldn’t believe anything. I wanted to just go to bed and forget about the whole thing, forever.

I wish I could of, but my phone started ringing at about 4 a.m. I answered half a sleep.




“Hey hotness I got some bad news for you”

It was Nick. I will never again forget his voice. Bad news? What could that mean.

“What? Bad News?”

“Yeah…uh…Nick’s uncle kinda found our edited DVD. We went to his house since his cousin has the editing equipment..”

“What? Oh my God! How could you do that? You said if I didn’t tell no one would see it?!” I broke down crying again.

“I know, I’m sorry, but the thing is who his uncle is…”
“What? Who is he?”

“Neil Ferguson, our biology teacher, ya know?”

“OH NO!” I slammed the phone down and cried myself to sleep. How could I go to class tomorrow? My pervert of a biology teacher thinks I am some kind of whore. I feel like some kind of whore. I can’t miss class and he is the only teacher for this class that I need to graduate. I couldn’t stop crying.

The next day I woke up in a somewhat better mood. Nick left me a voice mail that Mr. Ferguson wasn’t going to say a thing as long as he could have a copy of the DVD. For some reason I could not hate Nick. I knew I should. I knew this was his entire fault, but it’s like I wanted him to fuck me. I liked him fucking me. No one had ever made me cum like he did. The only person I really felt violated by was Lincoln. I never wanted to see his face again.

I got dressed and begrudgingly walked to class. I sat in the very back during biology. I got there at the last possible second, but not late enough to make a scene. I was planning on leaving in the crowd that usually left together. Then with about 5 minutes left to go Mr. Ferguson looks at me and says “Harlowe can I see you after class please.”

Watch for Part 2 to find out what happens after class ;)

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