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The first night Stan has on the town with his real dad. It can be accurately said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I'd fucked up and was NOT happy about it. I had a wreck on my motorcycle. The crash chewed my leg up pretty good, so much so I couldn't go to school for several weeks. The school system had to provide me with a tutor, a teacher to come by and work with me. As luck would have it, it was Mrs. Ackerman.


The WORST kind of luck.

Mrs. Ackerman was the kind of angry bitch teacher that you always dread getting. Mind you she was pretty easy on the eyes, but that fucking voice and her snotty attitude could cut right through you. I hated this bitch like you wouldn't believe.

Mom and Barbara, I'd long since stopped using the word 'Aunt', had set up house in the new place mom had bought. They kept the kids there. I was 17 and had no desire to deal with a house full of screaming babies. I was still occasionally fucking mom so I had her go on the pill. Our kid was healthy and well but I didn't feel like pushing that envelope anymore than I had. Barbara was showing already, though not as much as Gail was. Gail's husband was turning into a real prick. He was decidedly unhappy with the amount of interest she was showing in my academics. I was going to have to deal with this jerk if he didn't get a clue. Tricia was living with me full time now. The neighbors kept to themselves. Sure they knew what was going on but what did I care? I had Tricia go on the pill as well. I really didn't want to deal with yet another kid, not yet anyway.

I played the tape through to the end regarding my relationship with Tricia. Truth to be told, I was starting to get bored with her. There was no challenge to her anymore. Hell, I didn't even have to dope her to get her to play anymore. She'd settled into being my full time girlfriend. She'd even become comfortable fucking Barbara and Gail. It tripped her out at first but I told her it was what I expected of her. Hey, it helped her grade in Gail's class plus she was pleasing me, so where's the problem? She did put her foot down when it came to being with my mom. I didn't have much desire to push that anymore. Mom had dropped a virtual TON of weight, thanks to me, and was looking good. Even so I let her drift into the role of nursemaid to my kids.

I'd go to mom's house and find Tricia tongue fluttering Gail or Barbara's pussy. I'd give Tricia a slap on the ass, pull her panties down and fuck her from behind. It had become regular and hum-drum.

I was bored.

SO fucking bored.

Along the way something had started nagging at me. I'd doped mom and Barbara to rape them, just like I'd doped up Gail. Hell I'd even doped up Tricia's mom over Christmas Eve. I'd doped Tricia because I didn't want her or her dad distracting me or making problems. Something was tugging at me and it wouldn't let up. Yeah I'd raped Tricia, well sort of anyway. But now she was into it. Where was the sport in that?

I'd figured Mrs. Ackerman was going to be my next conquest. I'd even had the pills ready to drop in her lemonade a couple of times. I didn't go through with it.

I wanted this one to be special. I wanted it to be real.

My living arrangement was really none of the school system's business. Even so I knew rather than deal with a bunch of crap I'd have to come up with a good story. Long story short I was living at Barbara's house because mom's house was full of kids. Mom didn't want me or my school work distracted. Tricia was spending a lot of time with me, just not officially living with me. She was seeing to my needs since I wasn't up and around yet. The gossip was running wild. It was just SHAMEFUL what Tricia and I were doing in my own Aunt's house and more so since Tricia's mom didn't seem to have any problem with it. I was about to wrap up my junior year when the doctor pulled the cast off my leg. It was decided that Mrs. Ackerman would just administer my finals at the house since I'd already been out of school for 3 months.

Mrs. Ackerman stood all of 5'2". I had no way of knowing her weight but she wore a somewhat athletic build. She was a regular on a bowling team and played 2b for her church softball team. She had a tight, round ass that was certainly so tight that she'd never let her husband play there. She was wearing my favorite outfit. It was a cream colored blouse with black polka-dots. The material strained to contain her titts. There was a small knot straddling her bulging breasts. She kept her raven black hair bobbed short. It curled at the ends and hovered just below her shoulders. She always had her hair either tied with a ribbon or berets. Today she had her hair in a ribbon that matched her blouse. She wore a black skirt. She'd obviously just come from school. She wanted this day to be over. Technically speaking she had 3 more days of school left but she'd already finished giving her final exams to all her students. Her remaining days would be filled with cleaning her room up and getting it ready for the summer break.

Ruth's husband's name was Sylvester. Trust me, the name fit. He was a skinny little wimp. A total nerd. He worked for one of the minor CPA firms in town. The gossip was that Ruth met Sylvester in college. She was the ultimate spoiled little daddy's girl. They dated, though no one could understand why a stunning dark haired beauty like Ruth would settle for such a frail little loser. Mommy was less than thrilled with her daughter's new beau. Daddy hated him outright. The story was that Ruth ended up pregnant. Sylvester did the right thing and proposed. They had a quicky wedding, an even quicker honeymoon in Mexico. Sylvester was going to finish school then go to work for daddy. Ruth miscarried and lost the baby. From what I'd heard even before she lost the baby Ruth was anything but kind to her milk sop husband. After losing the baby she got even worse. As planned Sylvester graduated college and got a job with daddy's accounting firm in the state capital. Daddy had some of the great movers and shakers as clients. You'd think that since Sylvester had nothing else going for him that he would at least be a good accountant. He wasn't. He single handedly fucking up an account in a major way and almost lost the client. Daddy went ape shit and fired Sylvester on the spot. He used connections and got Sylvester the job he had now. The firm he currently worked for was for all intents and purposes a banishment. Daddy didn't want to see Sylvester ever again and from what I'm told he still hadn't. The stories about Ruth berating her hapless husband were the stuff of legend.

Gail had tutored me and it had paid off. Though I would never be mistaken for one of her better students, even Mrs. Ackerman was compelled to admit I'd done an amazing turn around. Before my injury I was nursing a pathetic C that hovered far too close to a D. I'd raised my grades to the point that I was actually flirting with a low B. Not that I cared of course. I hated English Lit with a passion and knew I'd never use it for the remainder of my life. I mean, did I really expect to have to hold a conversation comparing the literary styles of Shakespeare and Milton?

I'll admit that unbeknownst to anyone, including my orthopedist, that I'd already taken to walking around without my cast. It was fastened around my leg with velcro so I could remove it at will. I was back to 100% and had been for 2 weeks now. I just didn't want to bother telling anyone. Anything that got me out of school worked for me. Mrs. Ackerman had gotten used to coming by the house without anyone else being present. Technically speaking though it wasn't forbidden it was still frowned upon. This was back before the rash of sexy MILF teachers getting into relationships with their lucky students. Even so, this respectable and conservative town would see this situation as just looking bad and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

I gave Mrs. Ackerman my essay. She read it and graded it while I took the final exam. I whizzed through the multiple choice and true/false questions like I knew them. Mrs. Ackerman handed me back my essay. She gave me an A. I could tell she wasn't happy about it. Let's be honest, there didn't seem to be much that made her happy. I got up to stretch as she graded my exam. She was getting pissed off. She'd worded the exam to intentionally be difficult. I could see the frustration building. She wanted to find errors but there were none.

I'd be thanking Gail later. Not only had she done an excellent job with my essay, she'd gotten her hands on the final exam. I knew every question cold. She took off her reading glasses and dropped them on my exam and sighed in exasperation. I peeked over her shoulder and saw the 110. I even got the 10 point bonus question right.

"Well Stan, I have to admit, I never thought you were capable of this kind of work. You aced the test".

I smiled. Bitch you have NO idea what I am capable of. But she was about to find out.

A ray of sunlight beamed into the den and struck her hand. Her wedding set glistened in the light. Sylvester obviously didn't have a lot of money when they got married. Ruth obviously had so little regard for the marriage that even when he was doing well, prior to Sylvester's exile from the big time, that she never bothered with an upgrade. It was white gold. The engagement ring was thin with what might be a quarter carat diamond of questionable quality. The wedding band was thin also. Coming from money as she had, one would think she would have something more substantial. Her wedding set was just one more thing added to the list of Sylvester's long list of failures. She dropped her red pen and bent over to pick it up. My cock was already hard and only grew stiffer as I gawked at her cleavage and lusted for her titts straining to be free.

"Well, I guess since there's nothing else I should go", she muttered. The bitch was so disappointed that she hadn't been able to fail me. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"So I'm done then"?

"So it would seem", she said as she busied herself with putting all the papers together.

She had her back to me as she gathered her things and got ready to leave. My eyes lowered as I looked down at her. She was oblivious to me, where I was and what I was doing.

Big mistake bitch.

"Well Ruth, I just want to say I appreciate all your work over all these weeks".

"No problem Stan", she said as she continued to concentrate on filing away her paperwork, "and the name is Mrs. Ackerman". Her tone was snotty and abrasive as always.

"Really? I just thought since our relationship is about to move to a whole new level we could do without all the formality".

"Hm? Oh yes. You're welcome". She now wasn't even listening to me.

My hand was less than an inch from her hair. Her hands darted about and she was totally focused on what she was doing. She was so focused in fact that I'd already seized a fist full of her hair and jerked her head back before she knew there was even anything wrong.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW", she screamed. "What the HELL are you DOING"?

Jerking her off my couch I spun her around and threw her over the arm of the couch. She stood, wheeled and her fists flew. She was going to be a real fighter. That was good. I could use a good fight. She swung wildly as she tried to strike my face. I managed to block her blows, seize her by her shoulders, spin her around and shove her back over the couch. I kicked her legs apart then used one hand to hold her bent over the arm. With my other hand I hiked her skirt over her round ass to reveal her baby blue panties. I knew I had to move quickly and forcefully. As she wriggled and fought to free herself I seized the panties by a leg band. Giving it a hard yank, I tore the crotch out of her panties.


She kicked and tried to stand up again. I'd learned my lesson there and kept her bent over the arm. I reached down with my free hand and opened my pants. I shoved them down below my knees then wedged myself between her legs.


I gave her firm round ass a swift slap.


The arm of the couch was just tall enough that her feet couldn't touch the floor. She was bent over at the waist. I had her by her rib cage as I lined up behind her. Ruth's well kept hair flew in circles as she shook her head in an effort to deny what was happening. She planted her hands on the couch and tried to push herself upright but I wouldn't allow it. She tried to twist away from me. I wasn't going to have that either.

Ruth's reaction changed when she felt my hardened cock poking her meaty ass cheeks. My dark cock stood in great contrast to her alabaster ass cheeks.

"This is NOT going to happen Stan now you STOP it before you get into TROUBLE"!

I slid a hand down, took my cock and pushed it downward. Her reaction changed again when I slid my rock hard cock down. The tip of my shaft touched her vertical slit and ground against it.

"...nonononononoNONONO", she screamed!

I paused and lined my rod up. The mushroom shaped head of my cock filled the tight opening of her dry pussy.

"...stopitstopitdontyoudoitstopthisNOW"! Her voice was getting hoarse from her shouting.

I felt the opening of her pussy tighten. This was going to take some work. Pressing my hips forward I ground my rod into her. The narrow opening swallowed the head of my shaft but held firm. She wasn't going to give her pussy up without a fight. Well that was just fine with me. Over and over again I thrust my hips forward. Millimeter by millimeter I drove more of my shaft into Ruth's tight married pussy. Dry fucking an uncooperative bitch is just plain painful. However given the amount of screaming, kicking and swearing at me I deduced it was worse for her. She clenched her small hands into fists and began to rain blows down on the couch cushions. With another thrust I was about halfway into her. I could only hazard a guess that even if she'd been a willing participant, even if I'd given her the proper amount of foreplay this would still be tough compared to what she was used to. That's assuming poor Sylvester even got a piece of what I was taking. Suddenly she planted the palms of her hands and braced herself on the cushions. I felt every muscle in her body tighten. Her pussy wrapped tightly around the half of my rod that was in her. If she kept this up she would strangle my cock! I gave her round ass a hard swat that broke her concentration. Bringing both hands up I seized her shoulders and pulled her back hard against my crotch. I took 2 deep breaths and exhaled quickly. Taking a 3rd deep breath I thrust my hips forward. Her neck arched backward raising her head above the back of the couch. Her arms flew out, her fingers contorted in gross shapes. Her legs flew apart and straightened. I slammed so hard and deep I felt her cervix as the head of my rod slammed deep inside her. As my balls slapped her clit her body acted as though it had a slow leak. Her trembling legs began to slowly lower. Her arms relaxed and slowly fell to the cushions. Her head slowly bowed forward.

Instinctively I knew I hadn't broken the bitch yet, but I was well on my way.

I began to piston my cock in and out of her. Her pussy began to loosen just a bit. It was still tight but was now manageable. I continued to hammer away, pounding Ruth into submission. I guess I'd been fucking her for a couple of minutes when I could detect a bit of fluid. There was no way she was down with this, it was just what the female body does. Her pussy began to slowly, lightly lube my shaft as it sawed back and forth, in and out of her. Sliding my hands down I took her by her hips. I forced her to lean forward sligthly that gave my shaft a deeper shot at her pussy. The head of my shaft ground against the base of her pussy, a position I'm sure she'd never in her wettest dreams thought of. The rounded head of my rod punched the raised mound of her cervix. The underside of my cock raked over her pubic bone. I picked up the pace, fucking harder, deeper and faster. I heard some sort of weird gurgling sound escape her mouth. Overall her body had gone virtually limp. I was 7 minutes into raping her pussy and felt my orgasm building. This spurred me on more.

I came deep inside her. I felt the first stream of jizz fire. The thick wad of goo richocheted off her vaginal walls. This caused her tightened pussy to lube my shaft more. Shoving my cock in deep I pressed the head of my shaft against her cervix. Stream after stream of my fertile jizz fired against the raised mound.

Ruth's head rolled to the side. Her eyes were sealed shut and her face was a mask of pain, agony and humiliation.

I felt a tiny trickled inside her pussy, probably as close as this cunt had ever been to a real orgasm. I have her pussy a couple more thrusts to keep my rod hard. Slowly pulling it out while I brought my hands down, I used my fingers to pry Ruth's ass cheeks apart. Taking the meaty chunks of her posterior in each hand like melons, I pulled them apart further revealing her ass crack. Ruth's cum and my jizz formed a sheen on the length of my shaft.

"...nogodpleasenopleasenopleasedontdothatpleasesomeonehelpmesomeonepleasehelpmeeeeeeeeeeeee...", she whimpered.

I pressed the shiney head of my shaft against Ruth's tiny asshole. She tried to fight me but didn't have the energy to resist. She was already spent. I sneered as I had to force my rod into her virgin bung hole. She groaned and made the gurgling sound again. She whimpered and I could hear her sobbing as I drove deeper inside her. My rod sawed in and out of her. Each time in I fucked deeper and harder. Ruth's body shook. She was openly sobbing as I plowed deeper. Finally I gave one massive thrust. I felt the head of my shaft penetrating her anal cavity. It was all she could to do groan and dig her nails into the cushions. I began pumping harder, fucking her virgin ass faster and deeper. My shaft was barely lubed enough to keep this from being painful to me. I could only imagine how much agony she was experiencing. The thing with me is my first orgasm always comes faster but each succeding orgasm takes longer. I took full advantage. My balls swung free and slapped her pussy with each thrust. Finally I came. I shot my jizz deep into her bowel.

"...pleasegodmakeitstoppleasenomorepleasesomeonehelpmeeeeeeeeeeee...", her voice trailed off.

I slowly pulled out of her. The entire length of my shaft slowly eased out of her abused asshole. As the head pulled out it left her bruised puckerked hole dribbling my cum. I rolled Ruth off the arm of the couch. She landed on the floor with a thud. She curled into the fetal position and sobbed. Reaching down I took a fist full of her dark hair and forced her to sit up. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She wouldn't look me in the eye. Her face was in bad shape. Her tears had smudged her make-up and it was pretty awful to look at. I slowly pulled her blouse over her shoulder. She whimpered but said nothing and didn't resist. Pulling her blouse over her other shoulder I exposed her white skin and white bra. I was finding out that women with the better racks tended to like the bras that fastened in the front. Manipulating the latch with my fingers I opened her bra. Her titts sprung loose and swayed freely. Instinctively Ruth brought her arms up to cover her exposed breasts. I gentlely pulled her arms away. For all intents and purposes she put up no fight. She had tiny nipples barely encircled by fleshed colored areola. You could barely tell there even was areola. I bent down, cupping one of her swaying milk sacs, lifted it to my mouth and kissed it. Ruth just sat there and let me sample her teats. She couldn't even cry anymore. All her tears were gone. I rose, straddled her as she sat there leaned against the couch, placed my hand on the crown of her skull, rolled her head back with one hand and teasted her mouth with my cum and shit covered cock. Her lips sealed tight and she tried to turn away. My grip tightened and she got the message.

"...pleasenopleaseleavemealonepleasedontdothis...", she mumbled.

Taking my shaft in my hand I rubbed it on her cheeks, over her nose, across her chin then over her narrow lips. Her chin trembled as I forced her lips open.

"...nonopleasenoMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFF", she said as I shoved my dick in her mouth.

Her eyes flew open wide as I raped her mouth. So crushed and so defeated was she that her jaw hung slack. I had to force her to tighten her lips around my cock. I grabbed the ribbon in her hair and began to jerk her head back and forth. Shoving my dick deep in her mouth she nearly gagged. I didn't for a moment wonder if she knew how to give head. So I was going to have to teach this bitch how to suck a good cock. Rocking my hips back and forth, my rod got harder and fatter, filling her mouth. Harder and faster I fucked her mouth. I picked up the pace and raped her mouth faster. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Finally she got a full taste of the foul shit in her mouth and gagged. Choking it back she looked back up at me, obviously looking to see what I wanted her to do next. Reaching down I grabbed each of her hands and pulled them up to my shaft. Her petite fingers couldn't even encircle my thick cock. I forced her hands to begin stroking the length of my cock.

"Kiss it", I ordered.

Slowly Ruth's head leaned forward. She gave my cock a series of light pecks with her lips.

"Ok bitch now REALLY KISS IT", I hissed as I jerked her head by the ribbon.

She paused, took a long deep swallow then leaned forward. She began to kiss my dick with more passion. Her lips parted and she took the head in her mouth.

"Use your tongue and swirl around it".

She did as she was told. She even fluttered her tongue over the underside of the tip of my shaft. I patted her head when she did what I wanted and jerked her hair when she didn't. Soon I felt my orgasm building again. I combed Ruth's hair out of her face so I could get a better look at her. I made her look at me, my eyes boring into hers. I began fucking her mouth again. Reaching down I slowly took her left hand. She didn't react as my thumb played with her wedding rings. She DID react when she felt my fingers closing around her engagement ring. She tried to pull her mouth off my dick at the same time she clenched her fingers into a fist and tried to pull her hand away. I didn't react. I didn't jerk her hair. I didn't say anything. I didn't have to. Her eyes met mine. She swallowed hard, licked her lips and allowed me to force my cock back into her mouth.

The length of my shaft sawed in and out of her mouth. I thrust harder and deeper. The head of my shaft penetrated the opening to her throat. She'd gagged several times but I kept raping her mouth. I guess on instinct she was learning to suppress her gag reflex. I crammed my dick in her mouth, my balls nestled against her chin. Slowly I pried her engagement ring off. I took my time taking her tiny wedding band. Just as it left her fingertip I came. I shot my jizz into her gullet. I didn't allow her to pull off and forced her to swallow every drop. Have to say for it being my 3rd orgasm, it was an impressive amount. I fired wad after wad into her throat. All my jizz must have backed up because it began to trickle from her nose. Her nostrils flared as she desperately needed air. A bubble of cum grew then popped smearing my cum on her cheek.

I gave her head a shove and she rolled down onto my floor. Her lips were parted and she was panting. She had to suppress the instinct to throw up. I look down at her. DAMN but she had a NICE RACK! I took her rings and dropped them in my shirt pocket then pulled my pants up.

"Get up on your hands and knees bitch", I ordered!

She did as I told her. Taking her by the ribbon in her hair I lead her where I wanted her then propped my feet up and rested them on her back. I made her stay there for a few minutes while I rested. The scene was totally priceless. I shoved all her papers onto the floor and scattered them without regard to keeping them in order. I turned on the tv and made her keep her position for about a half hour. Over some of that time she'd whimper, sometimes she'd cry. She said nothing and she didn't move.

Yeah, broken.

Very, very, VERY broken.

I'd rested up some, pulled her up on my lap and had her mount me. She didn't want to look at me but I made her do it anyway. If she were allowed to close her eyes maybe she could pretend this wasn't real. I wasn't having that shit. This was VERY real. She came with a little more force this time. My guess was that she was used to riding her wimp of a husband. She broke down and cried more as I wrung the orgasm out of her married, abused pussy. Ruth's face was a mess now.

The door opened. Barbara had both arms full of bags of groceries. It was her normal day to stock the fridge and pantry. She froze for a moment when she beheld the scene of Ruth nestled down on my cock. Ruth looked back, her eyes flew open wide and she screamed, covered her breasts and buried her face in my chest.

I gave Barbara a wink and waved her over. She softly combed Ruth's hair and touched her bare back.

"It's ok. We all know we have to share him", she said with a kind, soft tone.

Ruth wouldn't look up until I made her.

"Help her out Barbara", I whispered.

Barbara gentlely took Ruth by the hand and helped her off my lap. It can be fairly said Ruth was totally confused and didn't know what was going on. She'd just been caught fucking one of her students. She was married and was fucking someone else and now she'd just been caught. Ruth tried to keep covering herself and Barbara kept tenderly pulling her arms away.

"She's cute Stan. Is it ok", Barbara asked?

"Sure. I'm done with her. For NOW"! I let the word 'NOW' hang in the air.

"Please I don't understand. I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. Stan...Stan...he made me...I mean I...I mean he forced me...made me...I didn't want...please help me", Ruth stammered.

Barbara took Ruth in her arms and kissed her forehead softly. She then kissed Ruth on her cheek. She then kissed Ruth on her lips. Ruth looked at me. My look told her everything. Do as you're fucking told bitch.

I saw Barbara's tongue dart into Ruth's mouth. Ruth tried to resist but didn't want to upset me. Barbara's fingers slowly closed around Ruth's breasts. The kisses began to move downward. Barbara kissed her chin then her throat. Working around to Ruth's neck then breathing softly in her ear. She kissed Ruth's shoulder. Barbara's tongue slid out, trailing over Ruth's collar bone. Ruth's arms were at her side as Barbara took a nipple in her mouth. She tenderly drew the fleshy mound into her mouth, slathering her tongue around it, sealed her lips around it and sucked. Ruth's body trembled. It was like the gentle nature of what Barbara was doing to her was as bad or worse than what I'd done to her. Barbara slid a hand downward over Ruth's stomach. Her agile fingers softly combed through the dark patch of Ruth's pubic hair. Barbara's middle finger gentlely touch Ruth's vertical slit. Ruth had to stand there utterly humiliated and helpless. As for me, I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Barbara whispered in Ruth's ear: "Help me with this sweety".

Barbara had pulled the hem of her shirt out of her jeans. Ruth's movements were awkward and mechanical. She slowly pulled Barbara's shirt over her head. While Barbara busied herself opening her jeans Ruth paused, unsure of what to do.

"Keep going bitch", I mumbled.

Ruth shuddered then slowly wrapped her arms around Barbara and unlatched her bra. Barbara's belly had grown with our 2nd child.

Without the nerve to look at me Ruth asked: "Yours"?

"One of many", I quipped with a smile. "Now get back to work".

"Please don't do this. Whoever you are, please help me", Ruth whispered in Barbara's ear.

"Shhhhhhhhh, it's ok sweety. Just do as your told. It's for the best. Really it is". Barbara turned and gave me a sexy wink.

Now Barbara was naked. She'd kicked out of her shoes and slid her sexy lacey panties off. They still looked as good on her now as they did when we bought them together at Victoria's Secret. Barbara took Ruth by the hand. DAMN she was good at this. She lead Ruth down to the floor and had her lay on her back. Barbara's hand returned to Ruth's snatch. Her fingers manipulated Ruth's pussy with practiced ease. She'd gotten good working first with mom then with Gail and eventually Tricia. Using her fingertips she gracefully teased Ruth's pussy lips. At the same time Barbara resumed sucking Ruth's titts. Ruth's breasts were firm, maybe more so than Barbara's. To be fair Barbara was a little older and was nursing our kid. Barbara slid up Ruth's body. Taking her own titt in hand Barbara offered it to Ruth. Barbara's nipples soon began to leak milk. Our kid was obviously still nursing so her sacs were still producing milk. Ruth didn't want to but she gave in and began to suck. Working her breasts always drove Barbara crazy, especially after the baby. Using her fingers Barbara milked her teat into Ruth's mouth. Barbara softly kissed Ruth on the cheek, eagerly thanking her for the sensation she was feeling. Barbara slid down Ruth's body, her tongue lapping and flicking over every inch of skin along the way. Ruth groaned and whimpered again as she felt Barbara crawled between her legs. Barbara was a pro at this. When she channelled her inner lesbian, she was something to behold. Even though I used her as a regular piece of fuckmeat, she was soft, tender and gentle to her female lovers. She got Tricia over the hump even without the pills. Barbara's warm breath danced over Ruth's pussy. I saw Ruth's pubic hair move and tremble. Ruth's legs slowly parted, giving Barbara full access.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tastes like he REALLY liked you sweety. Loooooooooooooove the way you taste", Barbara moaned.

Barbara's tongue darted in and out of Ruth's pussy. Ruth lay there still and helpless. Her eyes were wide open. Her face wore a blank mask. She was trying to go to her happy place.

"Barbara, have her help you out as well", I said as I gave Ruth a nudge with my foot.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, ok", Barbara cooed.

Barbara rotated, straddling Ruth's face with her legs and assumed the 69 position. She returned to eating Ruth's pussy out. Ruth just lay there.

"Get TO IT", I ordered as I nudged her with my foot again.

Ruth's lips slowly parted. Barbara's pussy was hovering just over Ruth's mouth. DAMN she's GOOD! Ruth kissed Barbara's pubic mound. Barbara reached down, took Ruth's hand and directed it to her pussy. Slowly one of Ruth's fingers slid into Barbara's pussy. As she pulled it out I could see it was already coated. Barbara's pussy was already warm and wet. Ruth kept finger fucking Barbara's pussy and Barbara reacted. She groaned and moaned in pleasure. Ruth used her mouth to further stimulate Barbara. Barbara arched her back and ground her pussy against Ruth's mouth. Though I couldn't see it I could tell from Barbara's reaction that Ruth was tongue fucking her. Barbara always made a certain sound. This sound was always the precursor to orgasm. Sure enough, not a minute later Ruth reacted. Her mouth was slick with the sticky sheen made by Barbara's orgasmic juices. In response Barbara attacked Ruth's pussy with a vengence. My honey blonde Aunt did nice things with her mouth and tongue.

I felt my dick twitch and harden. Ok yeah, I wanted in on the fun.

"Barbara, roll the bitch over and have a seat on her face. I want some", I said as I stood and pulled my pants and shorts down.

"Just like you Stan, always wanting to play with my toys", she said as she winked and wrinkled her nose.

"God no, please no more, please just let me go home. PLEAMMFFFFFFFFFFF", Ruth groaned as Barbara began to ride her face.

I slapped Ruth's thigh to open her legs. I kissed Barbara on her bare back as I slid my cock into Ruth's pussy. It was looser and now sopping wet. Barbara had really laid the groundwork for me. My rod slid easily into Ruth's married gash. I began to stroke in and out. I fucked her hard and deep. Ruth groaned and made muffled noises to protest. Unfortunately for her no one was listening or cared. I pumped into her harder and faster. I reached around and teased Barbara's clit. Her reaction told me Ruth was back to using her tongue inside her again. Barbara flexed her hips, raised her arms and ran her fingers through her honey blonde hair. She began milking her bulbous titts. The milk flowed freely and dripped down on Ruth. Barbara began to pant and groan louder and at a faster pace. I could hear Ruth doing the same.

Ruth cut loose with an ear splitting scream as came for me. Ruth, it appears, was a gusher if properly motivated. The kind of motivation that my loving Aunt was so very capable of. Ruth's orgasm coated my shaft with a thick sheen. Her pussy was now soaked with her juices. I came deep inside her.

Now I was totally fucking exhausted.

Barbara wasn't however. It wasn't her fault but Ruth wasn't doing what Barbara wanted. Barbara reached down, seized Ruth by her ears and began to visciously hump Ruth's face. Barbara's motions came faster as she cried out in ecstacy.


Barbara's motions stopped. Her body froze. Ruth's legs kicked as she was forced to drink in Barbara's cum. Sweat poured off Barbara. Her body trembled as the after shocks of her massive orgasm washed over her. Barbara slowly moved and slid down Ruth's body. She lovingly kissed Ruth's mouth, eagerly lapping her cum juices. She lay her head on Ruth's shoulder. She teased the outline of Ruth's nipples with a fingertip.

Barbara slowly rolled over and looked up at me as I sat on the couch. "She's nice. I like her".

Ruth lay there in a state of shock. Her body occasionally twitched. What had been done to her this day was something unlike anything she could comprehend. She couldn't get her mind around it.

Suddenly Barbara and I looked up to see Tricia in the entryway to the den. She had a faint smile on her face.

"Um, hey Mrs. Ackerman. How are you"?

The question was so awkward and ridiculous that it cracked Barbara and I up. Ruth rolled her head, looked up at Tricia then looked back up at the ceiling. She no longer had the energy to cover herself or ask for help. Barbara got up, walked over to Tricia and gave her a hug and a kiss.

"Hey Barbara, she's got to get home. You 2 help her out", I said as I pointed to Ruth lying naked and helpless on the floor. "But before you go, I want her to help put the groceries away", I said as I turned the channel on the tv.

Barbara and Tricia helped Ruth up off the floor. Ruth reached down and pushed her skirt down to cover herself. She looked around for her bra and her blouse.

"You can have them after we put the groceries away. We need to do what we're told", Barbara said calmly.

Ruth went along, baffled but subjegated by the group mentality. She stood in my kitchen and had Barbara and Tricia directing her where the various groceries needed to be stored. It was quite a scene. I stood in the doorway as they finished. With just a look I told Barbara and Tricia that I wanted some privacy with Ruth. Both obediently went away.

"I-I-I'm not going to t-t-tell anyone. I p-p-promise you. J-j-just please don't h-hu-hurt me anymore. I just w-w-wuh-want to..."

"Friday night. My mom's house. You know the address. Be there 9pm friday night".

"NO"! Ruth's reply was louder and more forceful than she'd intended. She collected herself. "Um, no Stan. I can't-WE can't do this ever again".

"You heard what I said. Be at my mom's house friday night. Don't you even THINK of being LATE"! I turned and went back into the den. Bitch, you've just been dismissed with the unmistakeable message.

Ruth came in, sorted her clothes and got dressed. Her panties were a lost cause, that's just tough. She put her bra back on then pulled her blouse on and buttoned it up. She stood before me, her head slightly bowed.

"M-my rings"?


Tricia did as she was ordered.

"You 2 look like you're about the same size. These are for you", I said as I dug into my shirt pocket and tossed Ruth's wedding set to Tricia. She caught them, looked down at them in her hand then slowly slid them on. She wouldn't look Ruth in the eye. She DID however give me a weak smile.

"They're mine bitch. And for the record, so are YOU"!

Tricia turned to Ruth.

"You really need to be here friday night", Tricia said as she helped Ruth collect her papers then escorted her to the door. "And trust me you really DON'T want to be late".

Tricia closed the door on Ruth just as she was about to register some complaint. I heard Ruth's car start and pull away. Ok I'll admit it. For the next hour I sat and waited to see if cop cars would pull into my driveway. By dinnertime that night I just knew down deep that at least Ruth hadn't told anyone. Hey, gimme a break, I'm 17 ok?

Wednesday morning. I woke up with Tricia giving me my wake up blow job. She'd gotten good at it, VERY good. Ruth's wedding rings looked good on her tiny hand. I shot my load down Tricia's throat, had her mount me then got in the shower. Tricia stepped in with me. She washed my back as I tried my best to wake up and summon my strength for the day. I had things to do, big things. I needed to be able to focus. Tricia obvlously wanted to fuck some more but I didn't have the time. Well I did but... I couldn't shake the feeling that I was getting bored with Tricia. Don't get me wrong. She hadn't let herself go or anything. She was a fantastic fuck, gave head like a seasoned pro and took her fucking up the ass like a champ. She would readily hop in the sack with Gail and Barbara. I guess the best way to describe it was it was getting old.

"Oh, before I forget, make sure your mom is at the party friday night", I said.

Tricia stopped scrubbing my back.

"Did you hear me"?

"Stan but, I mean, why do you want her..."

"Have the bitch at the party Tricia. That's the END of it"! It didn't happen often but Tricia could be mouthy. I didn't have patience for it.

"But my mom, Stan, my own mother..."


Tricia sheepishly resumed washing me. She understood. I backed out of the driveway after getting a goodbye kiss from Tricia. I could see she was upset so I gave her an extra pat on her tight ass.

Taylor was due to be released today. It hadn't been necessary for mom to testify at his parole hearing. Her letter was more than good enough. He was going to have to stay at a halfway house for the next 90 days to get himself reacclimated to life outside of prison. I was at the prison admin office when Mrs. Cole arrived to open the office. Technically speaking Taylor wasn't release yet, not until all the paperwork was done. Still using my fake ID I swore under threat of all kinds of awful legal reprisals that I was who I said I was, that I was indeed picking Prisoner #58145 up and that I would take him directly to his halfway house. I got the name, address and directions from the prison on the most direct route to the halfway house. Taylor was processed out as a ward of the penal system and remanded to my custody. We both had to sit there and listen to Mrs. Cole as she read the terms of his release from prison. Yes if he failed to meet the standards he would be sent back to prison to finish his sentance. Yes he would be a good boy. Yes he knew he could never vote again. Yes he would report to his parole officer on a weekly basis. The bitch just droned on and on.

Taylor had his hand on my shoulder as we left Mrs. Cole's office. Taylor had to follow the guard. Apparently if he didn't walk through a certain door and gate his release wasn't official. I was waiting outside and peeled out spraying gravel on the prison fence as we pulled away. He opened his release packet and cursed.

"FUCK! They assigned me to Hanover House"!

"What's wrong with Hanover House"?

"It's the most ball breaking house there is, is all. It's where they send parolees who they want to fuck with".

As I pulled into the McDonald's drive through, in clear violation of the terms of his release, Taylor explained to me that Mrs. Cole (her nickname was Wundercunt) was responsible for assigning all parolees to the various halfway houses. She had near limitless discretion. Mrs. Cole always had a thing for fucking with rapists. She considered screwing with rapists who'd been released as her personal crusade. Taylor also adivsed me on the drive that Mrs. Cole also had a nasty habit of taking a cut of all the money given for prisoners accounts. It was actually quite the little scam she had going on. Then Taylor said something that made me smile.

"Always said when I got out that I was going to see that bitch pay".

Nothing else was said on the subject. Nothing else needed to be said. Taylor was wired into the entire prison network. That happens when you've been incarcerated for 18 years. So he had all the important information he'd need.

"Ok Stan, spill it. How the HELL did you fake that letter from your mom"?

"It wasn't a fake".

"You are SERIOUSLY telling me your mom wrote the parole board and said she'd forgiven me and that I should be released"?

"Absolute truth".

Taylor stared at me in disbelief.

"How'd you make it happen"?

"Did it help"?

"Oh SHIT yeah boy. I had NO chance at parole without that letter".

"Well then just say thank you".

"Nah. I wanna know how in the HELL..."

"I talked her into it Taylor. Simple as that".

"And she knows you've been coming to see me"?

"Something like that".

"Why do I get the feeling there's more to this story than you're telling me"? His smile was ear to ear.

The rest of the trip was occupied with basic chatter. How I was doing at school. How I was doing overall.

"So since you're not going to tell me how in the hell you convinced your mother to write that letter for me, how did Tom take it"?

"He didn't".


"He's gone".

"Gone how? Like divorced gone"?

"Nahhhhh. Mom would never divorce him. He died of a heart attack a while back".

"Shit boy I'm sorry". Taylor said it both without thinking about it or meaning to. We both had a good laugh.

I pulled up to the halfway house. The director was standing on the front porch. Sure enough he looked like a genuine peckerhead. He made a big production of looking at his watch. Yeah asshole, it was a 2 hour trip and we are 20 minutes late. Fucking deal with it ok? Taylor got checked in. I had to wait outside while Taylor had to sit in the den of the house and listen to a 10 minute lecture about what was and wasn't allowed. Put simply, virtually NOTHING was allowed. The only exception was family. I'd used my fake ID and Taylor identified me as his nephew. Therefore I'd be allowed scheduled visits. Taylor could only leave the house if it was approved and had to be back at a specific time. As everyone else was already in bed Taylor was shown his room. We said our good byes and I left. The director informed Taylor that every door and window was monitored by alarm. He'd be notified if anyone left the house then he left for home.

From my vantage point I saw Taylor slipping out of the vent in the attic. He knew about the house and all the ways to get out and get in without being caught. Like I said, after 18 years you pick up on a lot of information. Taylor hopped in and we rolled away. I had cash on me, thanks to mom's ATM card, so I dinner was on mom.

We had things to talk about. We'd already decided to do it. By the time the waitress delivered the pitcher of beer (again, the fake ID came in handy), we were planning out the details. By the time the entree came we'd moved on. There were going to be some changes made after tonight.

We left the restaurant and headed for Curling Rd. Curling Rd. was in one of those subdivisions that used to be very upscale but had slipped over the years. The houses were still nice but not kept as well anymore. Mrs. Cole's husband, a hulk of a man named Buford, left for the 3rd shift at the minimum security prison where he worked, we were already out of my truck that was well hidden. Mrs. Cole had let her dogs out for the last time. The dogs, 2 noisey little Pomeranians, told all the world that 2 bad men were sneaking into their backyard. I threw a stick which of course sent them both into a frenzy. Jean Cole was currently upstairs getting ready for bed. Taylor and I saw the bedroom light flick on upstairs a minute after letting the little noise makers loose. The backdoor was still unlocked. We'd slipped back into the house by the time the dogs had brought the stick back up onto the back porch. Looking around we each spotted a hiding place. We heard her coming down the stairs mumbling a private curse that her dogs were just getting too noisey in their old age. She rounded the corner, stepped into the hallway and we heard her padding down the hall towards the kitchen. Where we were waiting. Jean Cole stepped into the kitchen calling to her dogs.


I slapped my hand over her mouth and snapped her head back against my chest. My other arm slipped around her slender waist to hold her in place. She wriggled against me as she fought to free herself. Despite her best effort I held on. Taylor stepped out of the shadow. Suddenly Jean stopped struggling. I just wonder if that's when she really knew how much trouble she was in.

"Hey there Jeannie. Miss me"?

Jean's head shook side to side violently.

"That's ok. We've got time to get reintroduced. See bitch, we got ourselves a little party planned and you're the guest of honor. Let's take her on up kiddo", Taylor ordered.

I spun her around, buried my shoulder in her stomach, hefted he over my shoulder and up the stairs we went. Not that she went quietly. Oh no. She fought, kicked and screamed all the way up her stairs. We just didn't care. Taylor opened her bedroom door and in we went. I stood Jean up beside her bed. She got a nasty look on her face and moved to slap me. I blocked the blow and shoved her down on the floor.

"Hey boy, I've been waiting for years to do this. This cunt has fucked with me for years now. It's time she got some back. I'm going first. You think you can hold this itty bitty woman still", Taylor asked?

"No problem", I said. Looking down at her an idea occured to me. I reached down and seized her by her wrists pulling up and back. At the same time I had my feet straddling her head. Taking each foot I stepped on her hair effectively immobilizing her. She was kicking and screaming at the 2 of us.

"Vincent you fucking ASSHOLE! Stop now and all that will happen is you will go back to prison to serve out your turn. You do this and you'll go to jail for the rest of your fucking LIFE", she hissed! "I will guarantee that you and your young friend here get to room together back in prison"!

"We'll just see about that you BITCH", Taylor hissed. Kneeling over her he backhanded her.

Jean's head rocked to the side. She'd been stunned into instant silence. Taylor slid his hands under her heavy nightgown and yanked. As his hands came out from under her gown he was holding most of her white panties straight out of the Sears catalog. Reaching up Taylor forced Jean's mouth open and crammed her panties into her mouth. I finished the job with a piece of masking tape I'd pulled off a roll I'd found in the kitchen.

"THAT ought to shut this bitch up", Taylor commented.

With that Taylor slid his hands back under Jean's nightgown and pushed it up. She was probably 45'ish. Her body showed her age and the effects of having 3 kids. I'd seen pictures of all 3 daughters, now adults, hanging on the wall going up the stairs. Her skin had the occasional blotch. Her titts were soft and saggy. As she tried to struggle and fight her titts rolled from side to side. Taylor pushed her nightgown over her head. I caught it and held it in place. The bitch still had some fight in her because she tried to roll and kick Taylor. When she did her hair pulled taut under my shoes. She screamed into her panty gag. Taylor sat on the floor next to her.

"Ok bitch, you're going to get fucked here", Taylor said pointing to her pussy, "", he said fingering her asshole, "" he said as he groped her swaying milk sacs, "...and here", he said as he patted her cheek.

Jean's nostrils flared. She was furious. Her pretty blue big doe eyes burned with anger and hatred. She tried to move her head again but was held fast. Again she screamed in pain as her hair pulled taut. Taylor stood up, straddled her torso and began opening his pants. He took his time. 18 plus years out of practice hadn't dulled his innate ability to instill fear into his victim. He kicked his shoes off then gave his pants a gentle toss to the side. He wasn't so nice with his boxers. He let them fall on Jean's face. Unable to shake them off her head thanks to me, they just laid there. Taylor knelt beside Jean then leaned over and took one of her saggy teats in his mouth. When she tried to roll away from him Taylor snaked his legs around one of Jean's holding her still. Resuming his attack on Jean's titt. Taylor's mouth made a slurpping sound as he sucked her nipple. Beneath Taylor's sweaty boxers I could hear Jean screaming into her panty gag. Taylor had a leg wrapped around Jean's thus keeping a small gap between her legs. He slid a hand down her belly. His fingers played with the black patch of pubic hair, teasing then combing through it. Curling his fingers I lost sight of them however I could tell from Jean's reaction that he'd found her vertical slit. I felt Jean's arms tighten as she tried to pull herself free. She had no luck. Taylor moved his arm lower. Jean's reaction clearly indicated he was now in her twat. I saw his arm moving back and forth as he finger fucked her.

"Huh. Dry and a little tight. What's the matter Jeannie? Hubby not doing his job and keeping you fucked"?

Jean's reaction was a muffled curse.

"Have to try and loosen you up baby", Taylor said as he slid down.

Taylor lifted Jean's legs and draped them over his shoulders. Lowering himself, Taylor set about eating Jean's pussy out. Her angry shouts were turning to heartfelt sobs. His head undulated up and down then rotated side to side as his mouth feasted on Jean's middle aged married snatch. Taylor's neck arched back as he rotated the position of his head giving him better, deeper access. He was using his tongue and raping her pussy. I could feel from the lack of tension in Jean's arms that she was running out of energy. She was getting tired already.

"Hold her tight boy", Taylor grumbled as he pulled his face away from Jean's pussy. He crawled up her body while keeping his legs between hers to keep her legs pried apart.

I could feel Jean try and shake her head 'no' when she felt the head of Taylor's thick cock probing her vertical slit. Taylor didn't wait. He didn't hesitate for a second. As soon as the tip of his shaft found the opening of her pussy, he gave a massive thrust. Jean gave a loud, gutteral scream eminating from the depths of her soul. Though muffled by her panty gag, it was loud none the less. She pulled against me hard and I actually had to work to keep my grip on her wrists. The small of her back arched upward. Taylor stabbed his rod deep into Jean's pussy, now at least wet from Taylor eating her out. Holding his thrust, Taylor let Jean feel everything. He held it until Jean's body began to fall limber. When it did, he began to visciously pound away at her. I heard his hip slam down against Jean's. She grunted and struggled for breath amidst all the thrusts as her panty gag interferred with her ability to breath. I felt Jean's body rock as she absorbed each hammering blow. 18 years of imprisonment, years of abuse at this cunt's hand, all poured out of Taylor in the form of an angry grudge fucking. 18 years of not even being able to so much as touch a woman fueled his rage. Dry pussy hole or not, tight pussy or not, unwilling participant or not, Taylor had no regard for the pain he was inflicting on her middle aged snatch. I could tell from the change in his breathing he'd already cum once. He didn't skip a beat. He kept fucking Jean's twat without mercy. I won't say Jean had an orgasm, but it had become obvious she'd not only stopped fighting but had lost the will and necessary resolve to keep her body from responding on pure instinct. When Taylor came for the 2nd time, he slowly pulled out. His thick cock dribbled a stream of his jizz combined with Jean's orgasmic juices. Taylor was sweating and panting, all but out of breath.

It was my turn.

I'd already figured out my approach. I jerked her off the floor, hefted her up and draped her over the edge of bed with her legs dangling toward the floor. On the wall was a picture taken at Jean and her hubby's wedding. She was pretty back then in her white gown. Hell, she was borderline hot. A round sexy little pixie standing next to the mountain of a man she was married to. I grabbed the picture, jerked her head up and slid it beneath her face.

"I want you looking at your husband back when you 2 were soooooo in love. Back when you thought he would protect you from allllllllllll those evil, bad men that wanted to do things like this to his lovely wife. Then I want you to realize he can't protect you. He can't help you. I want you to be thinking about that", I sneered as I opened my pants.

A dribble of cloudy goo oozed out of her pussy hole. With my hands on her hips I lined up then slammed my cock deep inside her. I buried my shaft to the hilt. I heard her groaning. If I made out what she was saying, I THINK she was begging for me to fuck her in her ass. At least that's what Taylor and I decided as we gave each other a wink. I gave a couple more thrusts into her abused pussy, yanked my rod out, pried her ass cheeks apart with my fingers and began to grind my meat pole into her virgin asshole. She made a pitiful attempt at fighting me and trying to crawl away. I wasn't having any of that. I clenched my teeth and gave a massive push. My rod plowed deeper into her tender bung hole. I wasn't as deep as I wanted but was making progress. I pulled out just leaving the head of my shaft in her now puckered asshole. With another thrust of my hips I buried my cock deep in her ass. Jean's head fell forward, leaning on her wedding picture. She sobbed some as I began to saw my shaft in and out of her. I pumped harder, faster and deeper. Once every couple of thrusts I'd give her ass a slap. My fingers dug into her middle aged ass cheeks and left their marks.

"He's not here to help you bitch. Hubby can't save you. You are allllll alone. We could leave you for dead and he can't do anything about it. The kid here is fucking your ass and there you are looking at the man in that picture that let this happen because he left you alone". Taylor's words were hitting her hard and doing damage.

"In fact, any husband that can't protect his wife, hell he ain't worth much. No WAY he has a right to a sweet bitch like this", I said as I reached up and took her left wrist. So traumatized was Jean that I'm not even sure she knew I was pulling her thick yellow gold wedding band off her finger. I continued to thrust into her ass as I read the inion inside the ring. "TRC & JLC IN LOVE FOREVER. I guess forever didn't last that long did it"?

I tossed her wedding band to Taylor. He'd lost the wedding sets from my mom and the other 3 women that he raped and ended up sending him to jail years ago. It was time for him to begin another collection. Jean didn't wear an engagement ring. Looks like Taylor's first trophy out of prison was just going to be her wedding band.

I came deep in Jean's bowel. I pulled my cock out and got my high 5 from Taylor. A father and son plying the family trade. It just seemed so right. I left Jean laying on the bed. Her body twitched as wave after wave of pain and humiliation washed over her body and mind. I pulled my shorts and pants up and went downstairs. I pulled a couple of hubby's cheap beers out of his 6 pack container and poked around but found nothing worth snacking on. I guessed Jean hadn't been to the store yet. Looking around I spotted Jean's purse. Digging into it I pocketed the $53 dollars that was in her wallet. The credit cards were no good to us. I found a small booklet inside, opened it and realized what a treasure I'd just discovered. I grabbed her keyring for good measure. Heading back upstairs I came into the bedroom to find Jean sucking Taylor's dick. He'd taken the tape off and pulled her panty gag out. She was in no position to put up a fight. Not wanting to distract Taylor's fun I stuck Jean's address book in my back pocket for later use. I poked around in her closet and found a box tucked neatly away in the corner. Opening it I found yet another box of treasure. Stepping out of the closet I tossed the shoe box full of lubrication, vibrators and dildos onto the bed. Taylor turned, smiled and gave me a big thumbs up. He was still busy so I opted to go into the bathroom. I opened a drawer and found a collection of various medications. Pills for hormone replacement, a couple for depression and anxiety. I took the pill bottles. Maybe I could sell them, hell maybe Taylor and I could have some fun with them. I closed the drawer and dug through the rest on Jean's side of the bathroom vanity. On a lark I started digging into hubby's side. The normal stuff in any man's bathroom, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, nothing that caught my eye. That was until I got to the bottom drawer. There was a white plastic bag inside. Digging into it I found a box of Viagra. Hubby has a problem getting it up and keeping it up? No wonder the bitch was so fucking tight! Also in the bag was a pretty lavender envelope. I opened it and found a Happy Anniversary card. Hubby had dated the card. Their anniversary was next weekend. Well now, looks like Taylor and I had just made our little contribution to the celebration! Just before I went to close the drawer a dark box back in the corner caught my eye. It was wrapped in a bow. Reaching in I grabbed it and opened it. Sure enough, there was a NICE engagement ring inside. I estimated at least 1 carat. I smiled as I pocketed the ring. I'd make it a present to Taylor later.

Or maybe not...

Back in the bedroom I heard Taylor cumming. Peeking around the corner I saw Jean struggling to breath as she was forced to swallow his jizz. I smiled. The party had just gotten started. Taylor knew that Jean's husband stayed at the prison on the weekends. He got extra money for the overtime. I touched my pocket, the one with the engagement ring in it, and smiled. I wondered if all that overtime had paid for this little anniversary present. I tossed Taylor the card.

"What's this"?

"Looks like we need to wish this old bitch a happy anniversary", I replied.

"No shit? Well now Jeannie, happy anniversary", he said with his voice dripping with sarcasm. She was lying flat on her stomach with his cock still in her mouth. Taylor patted her on the head.

"Something else. Looks like Jean and hubby were going to have their own party next weekend", I said as I tossed him the unopened box of Viagra. Inprisoned or not, Taylor knew about Viagra. We each shared a smile. I'd made daddy's night, it seemed.

I waved Taylor over to me. We'd discussed our plans for the bitch and it was time to move to the next phase. I dug through Jean's closet again while Taylor went through her dresser drawers. I found what I was looking for. Soon Taylor had as well. My contribution was a sleeveless blouse and a short black leather skirt. Taylor had found a set of fishnet stockings and a lacey thong. Jean was curled up on the bed barely able to sob and not moving at all. We tossed the clothes on the bed next to her. When she didn't move fast enough to suit Taylor she got a slap on her ass.

"GET DRESSED BITCH", he shouted.

She still didn't move.

"GET DRESSED NOW OR ELSE"! Taylor was losing patience. This part of the plan had been my little contribution and he liked it.

Jean just lay there trembling, her eyes slowly batting open and shut in total confusion.

Taylor grabbed the butcher knife and slid it under one of Jean's breasts. "You fucking bitch! You MOVE when you're told! Otherwise you're going to get some breast reduction surgery right here, right now"!

Jean's movements were slow and deliberate. She was in such a bad state of shock that she started to pull on the leather skirt before she even put on the thong. That got her a quick slap to the back of her head from Taylor. Slowly, without complaint or a fight she pulled the skirt off, pulled on the thong then put the skirt back on. When it came to the blouse, her hands were trembling so badly that she had difficulty buttoning it up. I looked at her as she sat there pulling on the hose. The skirt and blouse obviously hadn't been worn in quite a while. They were both a snug fit. Her saggy titts were bound unevenly by the blouse. Her round ass fit too snugly in the skirt. Taylor found a pair of red 'fuck me' high heel shoes.

After putting the shoes on Jean sat there fully expecting yet another rape by the 2 of us.

It wasn't going to happen that way.

"Let's go", I said.

Jean gave Taylor a confused look.

"You heard him bitch. Let's go".

"W-whu-where are we going"? I could tell Jean already didn't like how this was working out.

"I told you we were going to have a party", Taylor replied.

"Yeah and besides it's your anniversary. We already know hubby isn't getting the job done. We thought we'd arrange an EXTRA SPECIAL anniversary present for you", I added.

Jean leaned back. "No guys. Please no. We can just stay here. You guys are going to do whatever you want to me here". Somehow she knew instinctvely that she was safer in her own home.

Taylor grabbed Jean by her bare elbow and drug her off the bed. She pulled back and tried to crawl back onto the bed but had no luck. He almost pushed her down the stairs. Taylor cuffed Jean by the scruff of her neck and pushed her out the door. She stumbled and tripped as we walked to my truck. I hopped in, Taylor pushed Jean in ahead of him then slid in beside her. As we drove I spotted Taylor's hand sliding underneath Jean's leather skirt and fingering her twat. Jean's body shuddered.

I knew the address. It was one of the new subdivisions that had sprung up halfway between her town and the capital city. I'm not sure when she figured out where we were going but she got very nervous as we drove down the highway. As I turned into the subdivision Jean reacted.


She got no response.


Still no response. I pulled up in front of the small ranch style house.

Jean didn't react well at all.


Taylor snatched Jean by her neck again. I could see his grip tighten. Though he wasn't the muscle bound type it was certain he'd worked out in prison. Taylor forced Jean to bend over and shoved her head between her knees. She was unable to move let alone put up a fight. She kicked and tried to free herself. All she did was wear herself out. After she'd struggled for a few minutes she quieted down.

"Ok bitch. Here's the scoop. Are you listening to me"? Taylor's voice was calm and even.

"Let me GO DAMMIT", Jean hissed with great effort.

"ARE-YOU-LISTENING-TO-ME"? Taylor's voice indicated he was losing patience. This bitch didn't know when to stop pushing.


"Ok, as I was saying, here's the scoop. We've got a party to go to. You're going to do what you're told, when you're told, how you're told. No fucking lip. No putting up a fight. You do what you're told and that'll be that".

"And if I don't"? She REALLY didn't know when to shut the hell up!

"We're going to go in the house. We're going to take your little girl, what's her name kid..."?

"...Amanda", I answered.

"Yeah, well me and the kid here are going into take Amanda and see if SHE knows how to party. The 2 of us are going to fuck her in ways she's never been fucked before. And you KNOW we know how to do THAT! We're going to let her husband sit and watch as we fuck momma's little girl like the cunt she is. Plus we're going to bring YOU in and let you watch".

"Maybe mom here can tell her little girl how to fuck like a slut", I added.

"No you are NOT", Jean grunted!

"I'm eager to see just how you'll stop us bitch". Taylor's tone was calm and steady again.

"Please NO! Just...just... just promise me you'll leave her alone".

"You do what you're told and we'll leave her be".

"No you PROMISE ME"!

"We promise", I said holding my right hand up.

Jean looked at her daughters humble little house. I could see on her face she was desperate for her daughter to never know the danger that lurked just outside the supposed safety of her own home. "O-o-ok. I'll do what I'm told. Can we please leave now"?

"Sure", I said as I peeled away.

It was the end of the school year. It was party time for any and all students old enough to even know how to party. It had become something of a traditional rite of passage for parents to let their teenaged children to let go for this one weekend. It had become equally traditional for all the gossip wags to start a countdown in the summer and fall months. Invariably someone's daughter would end up knocked up. Those from well to do families and those who aspired to be among the well to do would quietly send their slutty daughters away to 'visit family' out of town.

The football team always had the best parties. They were also the least likely to draw police attention. No one wanted to see a star football player get into trouble for a little drinking or some girl got scared and cry rape because things got too rough too quickly. I pulled up to Carl Lee Irvine's house. It was mostly dark with only a couple of lights on. As usual there were the odd assortment of drunken and passed out bodies on the front lawn. Taylor sent me inside. He said he had the itch again and he wanted to get one last piece before... Well you know.

Taylor drug Jean out of my truck and pulled her around back. From Carl Lee's front porch I could hear Jean's muffled resistance as Taylor bent her over my tailgate.

Amazing thing, genes...

I knocked on Carl Lee's door. A minute later the porch light flicked on. Carl Lee answered the door. He was dressed but had obviously been asleep. He invited me in.

"Shit man, why are you here"?

"Heard about the party man. What's up"?

"What's up? Motherfucker the party is OVER. It's BEEN over for a couple of hours now".

"Really? That's a shame".

"What's going on", he asked.

"Well my uncle's in town. I told him about the party and..."

"Sorry man. It's all done". Carl Lee was tired and wanted to go back to bed.

"I brought a party favor...", I said as I lifted my eyebrow.

"What KIND of party favor"?

"The BEST kind". Carl Lee gave me a questioning look. "The WHITE kind", I added for effect.

Carl Lee was the football team's heir apparent to the running back position. He'd always been popular. So popular in fact that the only real trouble was that Carl Lee had an insatiable taste for white girls. Something that was still frowned on in our town, given that he was black.


"Nobody you know. My uncle and I were out and we picked her up". I leaned toward Carl Lee and whispered in his ear. "She's kind of an old skank but looks good enough. Turns out her husband has been a disappointment in the bedroom because he's saving it all up for some cunt on the road. Seems to get back at him she wants all the dick she can get".

Carl Lee was eating this up with a spoon.

"Who's still here", I asked as I resumed my position.

"Huummmm, Jay T, Mikey and his big brother..." This was good news. Mikey was a guard on the offensive line. Mikey was the starter in the family. He was 6'3" and already weighed in around 270lbs. His big brother Otis, 6'6" and now closing in on 350lbs could have been the most dominant offensive lineman in our conference back in the day if it weren't for some legal issues. No one knew for sure but the rumor mill was he'd gotten a white woman pregnant. It wouldn't have been considered rape if she'd been black like Otis and his brother. The tramps dad had some pull and Otis went paid for it. Anyway Otis spent some time in juvie and came back with a decidedly bad attitude.

"Oh yeah Donnie is here to". Donnie, like Jay T, were awesome physical specimens. The problem was they were just short of retarded. They both had crossed eyes and drooled a lot. No one had the heart to tell the truth that they were probably brothers.

"Anybody hooked up that's left", I asked?

"Nahhh man, anyone that's got anything already left. Let's take a look at the skank".

"No problem. I'll go get her. You get the guys up".

"Wait a minute man. Is she going to fuck ALL of us"?

"Oooooooh yeah". Carl Lee gave me an unbelieving look. "That's what she said. She wanted all the cock she could get and then some. She said she wants to be fucked anyway and everyway she can tonight. Seems she's REALLY pissed at her old man. Guess she figures if he can fuck around, so can she".

I got my high 5 from Carl Lee then stepped out onto the front porch. Taylor had already finished with Jean. She was leaning against the truck and didn't look like she had any fight left to give. I waved for Taylor to bring her in. I opened the door and Taylor shoved her inside. Jean backed away from all present and positioned herself so Carl Lee's couch was between us.

"This her", Carl Lee asked?

"Yup. Her name's Jean. You guys can call her whatever you like though", I responded with a laugh.

"How you doing dear", Carl Lee asked?

Jean said nothing. Her eyes darted around the den furitively. Taylor and I looked at each other. This was NOT what we wanted.

"Hey Carl Lee, why don't you go get the guys together. We'll make sure she's ready to play", I said.

Carl Lee looked at Jean then at me. "You sure man"?

"Yeah. Go ahead".

Carl Lee went to the back of the house to rouse his guests. Taylor and I walked around each end of the couch to prevent Jean from evading us. We caught her between us.

"You do as you're fucking told bitch or ELSE", I hissed through clenched teeth.

"Get it together and get your head out of your ass bitch", Taylor added. Otherwise we leave you here and bring baby girl to the party. I'm betting they'd rather fuck her than your old ass"!

"Please don't do this. I don't want to..."

"LISTEN to me CUNT! You do this! NO MORE BULLSHIT! If you fuck up even ONE TIME, that's IT", I interrupted.

I heard Carl Lee and his friends approaching. "I MEAN it bitch. ONE MORE TIME"!

Jean had such a look of dread on her face. She looked longingly at the front door. She should make a break for it. MAYBE she'd even make it. Then what? She didn't have her cell phone. This wasn't the sort of neighborhood Jean was accustomed to and didn't thrill to the idea of running up to some strangers house and beg for help. Even if she did get help, then what? Taylor and I could just disappear. I had her address book which meant that I had addresses for all 3 of her daughters. What would prevent us from just disappearing until the heat was off then reappearing to seek revenge. Long story short, Jean did the math in her head and realized the only chance her daughters remotely had was to cooperate. While she couldn't make herself actively participate in this horrid affair, no matter what the motivation was, she couldn't resist either.

Slowly, mechanically, Jean walked around the couch and sat. Her tight skirt rode too high up her thighs. She tried to pull it down but it only went so far. Her blouse was so tight it was uncomfortable. Her breasts sagged inside it and only served to tighten the fit. Carl Lee and his 4 guests strolled into the den.

They were an instant pack of wild animals. Jean was their prey. They walked in single file then spread out as they surrounded the couch. Taylor and I stepped back and leaned against the front door which was the only viable means of escape for her. Carl Lee gave me a look as to ask did we want in on this?

"Nah man, we already had our turn", I said as I gave Carl Lee the nod.

"I'm told your old man is fucking around, that true", Carl Lee asked?

Jean looked at Taylor and I to ask how she should respond. With a look she was told. Jean nervously shook her head 'yes'.

"And now you're wanting some of what he's getting baby"? It was Mikey. He was the one standing directly in front of her.

Jean couldn't manage to look up at the men surrounding her. She had to know what was coming. It filled her with a desperate sense of dread. No matter what though, there was no avenue of escape.

From behind Otis reached for her dark, short hair. He gave it a long sniff, grinned and laughed his goofy laugh. "She's fiiiiine", Otis added.

Jay T slid over the arm of the couch and reached for Jean's bare shoulder. His dark black hand touched her. Jean cringed but didn't fight. "It's ok baby. We know what you're looking for. We're here to deliver". Jay T leaned towards Jean and gave her shoulder a kiss. As he did his thick fingers slid inside her tight blouse and groped one of her titts. Jean frowned but made no sound.

Donnie sat on the other side, trapping Jean between he and Jay T. Donnie visciously attacked Jean's exposed neck. He nibbled and kissed the tender flesh. Placing a hand on her knee, Donnie forced Jean's legs apart then slid his massive hand up her black leather skirt.

Jean reacted without meaning to. Honestly I was surprised she hadn't done so before. She tried to push Donnie's hand away from her snatch. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOO", she screamed!

Carl Lee and his guests all looked at me in unison. "You guys going to take that shit from that little bitch? SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT! There's just 2 of us and we got the job done. I heard you guys were hard core"! Exactly the right thing for me to say.

"She likes it rough", Taylor whispered just loud enough for all to hear.

Otis instantly seized Jean's arms and jerked them up onto the back of the couch. Using all his enormous weight he held them in place. The other 4 moved in unison and our view of Jean was suddenly blocked by 5 black massive athletes. I knew a married middle aged white woman wasn't their normal idea of something to fuck. However given that they were in the house sans other women, it was obvious they'd struck out trying to hook up at the party. Oh well, twat's twat and that's that. Upside down all pussies look the same. I'm not sure who threw it but Jean's thong went flying. All the buttons on her blouse flew off and skittered across the floor. Her blouse quickly followed.

Mikey and Otis drug Jean off the couch and dropped her on the floor. A mild squbble broke out over who was going to fuck where and in what order. Jean's wide, panicked eyes locked on mine. She reached for me, her lips silently begging me to help her. Then she was gone again, blocked by Mikey's massive ass. He had already shoved down his sweatpants and drawers. All we could see of Jean beneath him was her arms and legs sticking out. I heard a scream that trailed off into a pitiful whimper. Her arms shot up and her fingers locked into a gruesome shape. Then her arms and fingers slowly melted into limpness as they lay flat on the floor. Occasionally I heard Jean grunt then moan. Mostly I heard Mikey snorting as he pounded away at the married white piece of fuckmeat. When he finished he took no time in pulling out. Jay T was next. He took his turn pounding away at Jean's pussy which by now was surely grossely stretched beyond belief. Jay T always prided himself on his length. He'd proudly show off his cock in the shower. It nearly reached his knee cap. On the 3rd thrust Jean screamed again. I would find out later that Jay T had so deeply penetrated Jean's shallow vaginal cavity that the head of his shaft was pounding her cervix. A minute later, as I would find out also, the head of the massive shaft had penetrated Jean's cervix. This huge stud was basically fucking her birth canal. I guess that would account for the gutteral, primal scream that eminated from Jean. He finished his turn and stood.

Carl Lee wanted his turn. I arched my head and got a look at Jean. She was laying on her back. Her legs were spread apart and flat on the dingey carpet. Creamy goo flowed freely out of her snatch. She was completely naked except for her skirt. For some reason it just seemed worse that she still had on the black leather skirt. Carl Lee straddled Jean's torso, reached down and peeled her off his dirty carpet. Dragging her with him Carl Lee took a seat on his bar stool. "Suck on THIS you fucking white CUNT"! Carl Lee drove Jean's face into his crotch. He shoved his massive member into her mouth. Holding a fist full of her hair Carl Lee force fucked Jean's mouth.

Otis wanted in on the act but was put in place by Donnie.

Donnie lined up behind Jean. She was propped up on the arms of the bar stool. Using a finger to lift her skirt, Donnie began stroking his trunk sized cock with his free hand. He began spanking Jean's bare ass with his member. She grunted in protest but honestly, what was she going to do about it?

Suddenly Carl Lee jerked Jean off his cock. "Don't you even THINK about biting me bitch", he said as he cupped her chin with his powerful hand. Afterward he crammed his dick back in her mouth and resumed face fucking her.

As Donnie began to drive his thick cock up Jean's now well worn asshole, she froze.

"YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH", she screamed! Instinctively Jean pulled Carl Lee's dick out of her mouth. Her head bowed forward so that Carl Lee's member was resting against her forehead.

Not one to waste time or effort, Donnie was balls deep in Jean's ass inside of 4 thrusts. Jean was forced to resume getting her mouth fucked by Carl Lee. A thick head of cum began to trail down her inner thighs. Meanwhile Otis was trying to get in on the act. With his goofy laugh cackling, he began to grope Jean's titts. His massive mitts began milking her jugs without mercy.

Donnie had no more than shot his wad into Jean's anal cavity than Otis pushed him out of the way.

"MY TURN! SHE'S PRETTY"! Otis took his place behind Jean and began fucking the same position Donnie had. Otis wasn't quite right in the head normally but I could tell he was off his medication. He wouldn't stop laughing. He launched into a fit of slapping Jean's back and her ass cheeks.

Carl Lee came deep in Jean's gullet. Firing his first load down her throat, Carl Lee jerked her mouth off his shaft. He forced her to continue to stroke him as he shot wad after wad of his jizz onto her face. Thick droplets impacted Jean's forehead. A creamy jet splashed in her eyes effectively blinding her. Off white globes of goo began to drip from her face and dribble down on her titts. Otis continued fucking Jean's now well used asshole like an animal. Carl Lee extricated himself and now Jean was left alone with the viscious beast slamming his meat pole deep inside her bowel. Otis reached up with both of his meaty paws and seized tufts of Jean's dark hair and jerked her head back so she had to stand upright. The big, fat, sweaty beheamoth continued pumping away. With each thrust Otis would lift Jean off her feet, then allow her to fall back on the flat of her feet as he pulled back. He was still going with his goofy laugh. This was big fun for him. Few to none of the women Otis managed to get a hold of would let him abuse them this way. Jean of course had no choice. I saw a smear of blood staining Jean's ass cheeks as it mingled with her shit and all the jizz left from before.

Finally the cruel beast finished. He climaxed deep in Jean's anal cavity. She collapsed to the floor like a rag doll while he staggered. He smiled, pounded her chest then dropped beside her. He snuggled with her and pulled her close. Forcing his thick lips on hers, Otis was oblivious to the cum gathered in her mouth and staining her face.

Otis wasn't done with his pretty white fuck toy yet.

He rolled onto his back, dragging her on top of his massive round body. Using his tree trunk sized knees Otis forced Jean's legs apart. He easily hefted her up then allowed her to slowly settle down on his meat pole. Jean's face was a blank mask of a sheen of cum and vacancy. The lights were on but no one was home any longer. Taylor and I had broken this bitch but these animals had shattered her. Taylor and I gave each other a look. Mikey had taken his time off to recuperate and he was hard again. Kneeling behind Jean now HE wanted a chance to fuck her ass before it was stretched and abused beyond use. Jean said nothing. She made no move to resist or complain. She winced once while Mikey was driving deep inside her anal cavity. That was it though. For all intents and purposes she was a lifeless rag doll. To complete the trio Jay T decided he wanted some of the action. Straddling Otis' head he shoved his cock into Jean's mouth. Donnie and Carl Lee stood by Taylor and I as we watch 3 animals visciously savage the body of the married middle aged white woman.

"Think when she got all whored up before she went out tonight she thought this was where she'd be", Carl Lee asked?

"Do you really care", Taylor responded.

Carl Lee's toothy grin was all the answer that was needed.

Mikey finished first. He grunted, rolled off and lit up a Newport. Holding his cigarette in one hand he pulled a beer out of the cooler with the other. It was apparent he was done. Jay T finished next. Firing a quick shot of jizz down her throat first, he then pulled out and began hosing her face and titts with a shower of man seed. Finally Otis climaxed. He was still cackling with his goofy laugh. He REALLY needed to get back on his meds. As a parting and what Otis thought was a tender, loving gesture Otis ground his bald skull into Jean's titts. When he was done being so loving and tender, he rolled over and fell asleep.

The guys were done, that much was apparent.

Carl Lee helped Taylor and I haul Jean's limp body into the shower and hosed her off. The water was stained with the cream color hue of man jizz, the hint of brown from the shit stains that smeared her ass cheeks and the tinge of blood that leaked not only from her asshole but her abused pussy as well. The look in Jean's eyes told the story. The bitch was fucking GONE!

We pulled a t-shirt over Jean's head that Carl Lee donated. Otis had her thong clutched tightly in his meaty fist. No one had the nerve to wake him up and tempt fate. With the bitch at least scrubbed clean the 3 of us hauled her out to my truck. It was too much trouble to get her into the cab so we just threw her in the bed. I got my thanks from Carl Lee before we left, then Taylor and I pulled away.

"Phase 3", I asked Taylor?

"Fucking A kid", he said with gusto.

It was 4am by the time we rolled into the capital city. It always seemed strange to me that so many capital cities were also the scenes of so much poverty and degradation. Our capital city was no exemption. I slowly pulled into one of the worse neighborhoods. I'd told Taylor that I had a couple of pistols under the seats if we needed them.

We wouldn't.

I rolled to a stop under a bridge. Scattered all around were shacks of various size and sort. Heads poked out to see what was going on.

Taylor and I got out, dropped my tailgate and drug Jean's still catatonic body out of the bed of my truck. We lifted her and carried her into the hobo town. We walked up to a pole shed with no walls. The bums sleeping inside awoke and cursed us.

"Listen guys, we got this bitch here. If you'll let us use your mattress, you can have first crack at her", Taylor offered.

Toothless grins and smiles surrounded us. They agreed.

Dirty, grubby hands began to paw at Jean's alabaster skin. Again we lost sight of her as the bums surrounded their new plaything. One of the more forceful bums shoved several aside, jerked his torn pants down, knelt between Jean's legs and began to fuck her. Drool oozed from his toothless mouth. He pumped over and over again. He finished so quickly he was angry. Of course it was Jean's fault he'd cum so soon so he slapped her. All the bums began to take turns and cycle through. Once in a while I would get a look. Dirty, filthy fingers teased her thin lips as her body rocked up and down with thrust after thrust. Filthy, crusty fingers played with her lilly white breasts and darkened nipples. Soon someone complained that her pussy was now so fucked and used that it was too loose. Someone came up with the idea to roll Jean over onto her stomach, now bloated with so much cum, set a coat underneath her and they began fucking her ass. As the line of bums began to thin a bag lady approached. One look told you this woman was not in her right mind.


Shoving the bum humping Jean's now all but worn out asshole, the crazy bag lady cradled Jean in her arms. She began to rock back and forth and sing something we couldn't make out. Sure enough, the crazy bag lady leaned forward and began to kiss Jean's mouth. Her filthy, disgusting tongue lapped inside Jean's red lips. In less time than it would take to describe crazy bag lady had pulled her slacks down and began riding Jean's face. When the cbl finished, she pulled her pants up, looked around to make sure no one was coming for her, grabbed what was left of Jean's clothes then ran away. One of the bums that had been shooed away by the cbl made his way back to Jean's naked body. It was one of the guys who owned the mattress where we'd dropped Jean. Taylor and I watched from afar with interest to see what he was going to do. He stood over Jean's semi-concious body, looked around, and I swear he opened his pants and pissed on her like he was marking territory. She lay there partially awake but unmoving. He whizzed a stream from her feet to her head paying particular attention to Jean's face.

"Not much of a sister if you ask me", I said. Taylor and I cracked up.

"The guy's not much for manners if you ask me", Taylor replied.

Taylor and I put on gloves, picked Jean's limp body up and tossed her back in the back of my truck. I drove us back to her house. Putting the gloves back on, we hauled Jean into her house. It was about 5am and the sun was peeking over the horizon. Jean's neighbors weren't up and about yet. We left Jean in her bed butt naked. We were exhausted. I pulled my truck into Jean's garage and Taylor and I needed sleep. We fell asleep on the couch and sofa in her den.

9:37am I was awoken with a start. A woman's scream still echoed throughout the house. Taylor was up with me and we raced up the stairs. Sure enough, Jean was standing in her bathroom. She was sobbing and began to slowly kneel and lay on the floor. I wondered how much of our little party she would remember. Regarless, whatever she remembered was going to be awful enough to accomplish our final goal.

Taylor grabbed Jean and threw her back on her bed. He gave her a slap to get her to compose herself.

"Ok now LISTEN to me you fucking CUNT! What you got last night was just a fucking TASTE of what I got in mind for you. If you want me to leave you alone, you better listen and you better listen good. Now are you hearing me"? Taylor had to slap her again but she finally spoke.

"I-I-I...what do you w-w-wuh-want"?

"First things first. You say NOTHING about what happened. You got me? You so much as mention a WORD about what's happened to you and 2 things are going to happen..."

I came back having completed my task. I handed him the picture of Jean's oldest, the one in the small ranch style house.

"If you say SHIT to ANYONE, I'll know. I'll grab this one here", Taylor said as he gave her picture a long look. "She's a big girl. The brothers will like her. And I ain't talking about 5 jocks having a party with her. I mean some HARD CORE brothers. The kind of guys that'll keep her locked up and hatching butterscotch babies for as long as she's worth keeping". Taylor tossed that picture on the floor by Jean's feet. He looked over the picture of Jean's 2nd daughter. "This one here? She's skinny. Way too skinny for the brothers. So for her I'm gonna take her back down to hobo town. I'll drop her in a hole and she'll never be found. At least not in time for her to even be worth finding". He tossed that picture on the floor at Jean's feet. He gave the 3rd picture, the youngest of Jean's daughters, an extra long look. "Now this one here..."

"She's in college", I added.

"Yeah? Well I got some biker buddies that'll see about broadening her mind along with that plump ass. They'll turn this bitch out, get her so fucking hooked on shit that she'll slit YOUR throat if it means she can get another high. You keep that shit in mind. You fucking open your mouth then you can let this threat keep you up at night. I'll be fucking gone. With my connections, you'll NEVER find me. I'll bide my time. Then one day all 3 of your precious little girls are just going to disappear. Not to worry though because I got friends in the prison your husband works in. That same day, when all 3 of your pretty little angels disappear, he's going to get a knife in his ribs. The 2nd thing that's going to happen is I'm going to come back here and just simply slit your fucking throat. There's NOTHING you can do to stop me. You'll never know when I'll come for you. You'll never knew where I am. You open your fucking mouth, the next time you see me you'll know your entire family is going to be GONE"!

"P-p-puh-puh-please NOOOOOOOOOOO", Jean sobbed.

"You know Taylor, I'm not sure she believes you. Maybe we should just go ahead and take the fat one just to show her we're serious".

"NOOOO! NO YOU CAN'T", Jean screamed at me!

Yeah, she believed us.

"Just tell me what you want. Whatever you want, I don't care, just tell me what you want PLEASE", Jean pleaded.

"You'll keep quiet about all the fun you've had this weekend", Taylor asked?


Ohhhhh yeah, she's commited.

"Ok. Next, you're going to work monday morning. You're going to get me moved from that bullshit halfway house you put me in. By lunch monday afternoon I want the transfer order in the hands of that prick that runs the place", Taylor continued.

"B-b-bu-but I CAN'T"!

Taylor just gave her a look. Her tears flowed freely. Well of course she was begging for the life and well being of her darling children afterall.

"Ok", Jean whispered hoarsely. "I will".

"Once you've gotten me pulled out of that halfway house, you're going to go into my prison record. I want you to delete everything including my transfer order".


"You heard me bitch. I know you have full access to the corrections department data base. You go in and delete everything. I don't want anything in the data base system with my name on it. Then you go to the files and pull all my paperwork and hand it to me. I'll be coming by after I get the transfer order. You hand me all my files and we are out of your life for good".

"But why..."?

"Just DO IT BITCH", Taylor screamed!

DAMN this bitch was DENSE!

"Can't I just shred your files? That way you won't have to..."

"Don't flatter yourself bitch. After all the dick you've had this weekend, I wouldn't touch your skanky ass with a 10 foot pole".

The rebuke stung Jean more than it probably should have.

"Now you better go get cleaned up. Wouldn't do to have hubby come home and find his old lady covered in filth and spunk. Get cleaned up and I'll be by here monday afternoon. Just remember, you fuck with me and your entire family pays".

And we left.

I laid rubber all the way down Jean's driveway and hauled ass out of her subdivision. I needed to get Taylor back. The jerk running his halfway house was due to show up any time now. Taylor snuck back into the house and into his bedroom. He would tell me later that he beat the house manager by all of 10 minutes.

I'd moved the party to saturday night. Taylor was going to be in attendance. I fully expected a wild night.

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