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This is about me and my friend brooke.
I Know This Story Isn't That Great, But This Is My First Story, So Don't Critisize.

My name is Ryan. I lost my virginity when i was 14. I smoked weed a couple months later, a couple months after that, i started smoking cigarettes. I had a lot of friends that were "fuck buddies". I had Brooke, Aj, Patrice, Angel, Hayley, and Josh. Yes, I am bisexual as well. The first of my friends was Patrice, then Josh, Brooke, Hayley, Angel, then Aj. I took Aj's virginity. All the others where whores. On with the story.
It was a Saturday morning in May. I woke up at 10:38. I smoked a square, smoked a bowl, and went downstairs to eat Ramen noodles. Around 1, my friend texted me saying to come over, twenty minutes later i was knocking on her door( i stopped by my dealers house to get an ounce).
She told me to come in, and i asked her if her dad was home. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to toke and she pulled out a 12-in bong and said this is for you. I was so fucking happy that i just fucking hugged the shit out of her, almost dropping the large water pipe. I filled it up with some cherry smirnoff and packed a bowl, and i mean i fucking PACKED it. i probably used two grams right there. She got greens and i got dueces. Were stoned off our asses.
She went to her room to get a pack and was gone for about 10 minutes. So i went to go check on her and i found herself fingering herself, quietly moaning my name. I went up behind her and moved her hand started doing it for her. She looked up at me with complete embarrassment in her eyes. We liked each other, and we talked about fucking each other, but this was the first time that we did anything besides making out.
So i started kissing her and she moaned in ecstasy. This went on for about five minutes. She then undid my zipper and pulled out my 8-in dick. She then broke off the kiss and wrapped her beautiful lips around my cock. I was in heaven. I pulled out my fingers wich where covered in cum, and took off my clothes. We then moved in a 69-position. I was licking her cunt, lapping up her tasty nectar while she deepthroated my dick. After about 10 minutes of this, i got off her, and she got in the doggy position. I will admit, that i do not last long, but i can come many times without taking a break, so i fucked her for about 3 minutes and came into her. But i kept on going, loving the feeling of her soft velvet on my hard dick. I then pulled out, and put it into her virgin asshole. I had never done anal before and i was moaning as loud as her. How the neighbors did not come and over and complain, i did not know. She started crying and was saying take it out, take it out. I kept thrusting in and out, loosening her asshole. She stopped crying and was biting her lip moaning, almost on the verge of screaming. I then started fucking her like an animal, my balls slapping against her clit. I made her cum 5 times before i did. When i came, i laid down on her bed and put her on top of me. I then put my dick in her vag and just lied there, holding her hips while she fucked me. When i was about to cum, i took her off of me and she proceeded to give me a blowjob. When i came, she swallowed my whole load, never stopping. We then lay on her bed, each smoking a square and just holding each other worn out. We fuck every time we chill, trying new positions and involving new people. I'm the only dude she does anal with, and shes the only girl i do anal with. She was the best sex partner i've ever had.

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2014-05-01 00:07:55
Junk. Don't last long, but 10 minutes of deepthroat doesn't do it. Then 3 minutes of egg timer stamina. Oh and then 5 times she cums before he does, during anal. An orgasm every 36 seconds since we know he has egg timer syndrome.... Weak. Details matter. Try not to suck next time.

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2011-10-12 22:06:38
Good content, but yes take your time with details. Remember the little things :) And never let people tell you to stop writing!

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2011-10-02 11:07:37
first story because you are 12? take your time and be descirptive


2011-10-02 00:24:26
thanx, illl try and write better ones, i got a lot of storeis lol:P


2011-09-30 16:43:56
this is my first story asshole

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