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A quick trip to fix something, and a surprise when John gets home.
Lemme start by saying that if you didn't like the last chapter, you won't like this one either. There is a lot of plot development, and while there is explicit sex, there are no wild orgies. Sorry. If you did like the last chapter, then I truly hope you enjoy this one! This story isn't over yet (There is AT LEAST one more chapter).

A plan formed in my mind that night, which I put into action the next morning. I made a few calls, setup a few appointments, and then called my girls to let them know I would be at a conference for the weekend. Each of them handled it differently. They all wanted to go, but when I told them that I wouldn't go with anyone who continued to treat me indifferently, their personalities came out.

Geo informed me that she would start treating me properly when I agreed to her terms, but to have fun. Dixie commented that she probably shouldn't go anyway, as she had a lot of homework to get done. Amber was the one who seemed to be having the hardest time. She went back and forth, wanting to be with me, but unwilling to break her word to Geo. In the end, I went alone, which was just as well. I didn't want any of them knowing what I was really doing.

So on Thursday afternoon I found myself flying out west to Las Vegas. There was a conference going on where all the major strip club owners were getting together, and discussing various ideas and ways to improve business. My club was doing great, but why not get help from the big guys?

I was lucky enough to get a window seat, and the plane was mostly empty. Thankfully the flight was plenty short, and I stepped into the dry hot air of Nevada. Catching a Taxi to my hotel was easy enough, and I sank onto the bed as soon as I entered my room.

I decided to be somewhat magnanimous, and called the girls to let them know I was alright. Once again, Amber was the most emotional, telling me how much she missed me, while the other two just gave me their love, and told me not to gamble too much.

My main appointment wasn't until tomorrow, but tonight was when the conference started. I thought it would be a good idea to come back with something to show I had actually attended the conference, and walked down to the conference rooms where the event was taking place.

Checking in with the registrar, I pinned my name piece to my jacket, and walked into a room full of noise. I checked the schedule, and saw that there were events for both strippers and owners. I decided to go to one for owners first.

It was a boring affair, consisting mainly of good business practices, and ways to stay within the local laws, without staying within the laws.

I debated on going into one for the strippers, until I noticed other men going into it as well. It wasn't until I was seated that I realized that the other men must be male strippers. Vegas was very different from back home, and there were just some things that I seemed to struggle wrapping my head around.

"You must be an owner," a soft voice said beside me. I turned to look at the speaker, and had to swallow. The dry Nevada air had already made my throat dry, but the brunette sitting next to me in very skimpy clothes was beautiful.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Well, you are muscled enough to be a bouncer, but they rarely ever get to come to these, but not chiseled enough to be a chip'n'dale, though you do have the face for it. Also, your suit knocks that last out. Male strippers prefer to show off their wares more. I'm Angel, by the way." She offered me her hand, and I shook it.

"Yeah, I own a club back east, and thought I'd see how things are done out here."

"Well, if you'd like, I'd be happy to show you around..." I had heard of scam artists here in Vegas, but figured she was safe enough. A woman this hot couldn't be bad, could she?

I agreed, but thought to keep one hand on my wallet. Throughout the day, Angel showed me around, introduced me to a few of the really big club owners, and made me feel pretty important. I made some great contacts, but I noticed that people constantly stared at us everywhere we went. I was even certain a few took pictures.

"What's the deal with people out here?" I finally asked as the day started to draw to a close. "I mean, you're beautiful and all, but people stare at us like... Well, I don't know what."

Angel looked at me with her cool brown eyes, and I felt like my soul was being measured. "You really don't recognize me, do you?"

Oh shit! Did I go to school with her or something? I started to wrack my brain for anything that might remind me who she was, but kept coming up blank. I hated to do it, but I had to tell her the truth. Hopefully she wouldn't hate me for not remembering her. "I'm afraid I don't. I'm really sorry!"

Angel laughed, and I knew all was forgiven. "You really are too much, John!" She placed her hand against my chest, as she continued to laugh. I was starting to feel foolish. "At first I'd thought you'd sat next to me, knowing who I was. But when you didn't start hitting on my like every other man here, I assumed you were gay." I immediately opened my mouth to protest. I didn't have any problems with the gay community, I just knew I wasn't. "Oh, I know you aren't. You have been a perfect gentleman, but I have still caught you looking at the other women here, and I have seen how you try your best to look me in the eyes, but sometimes fail." Her bluntness was really starting to turn my cheeks red. I had thought I was being discreet, but apparently she had been watching me closer than I'd thought. "When you continued to treat me like a person, Instead of a-- Well, I started to wonder if you truly didn't know who I was. I kept waiting for you to make your move, but you haven't." She looked at me, and I felt that weighing sensation again. "It has been a long time since anyone has treated me like that."

"I've only tried to repay the kindness you've shown me today," I said lamely, regretting the words as soon as they were out of my mouth. She obviously expected something else, and my curiosity was now completely peaked. "Umm... So who are you?"

She laughed again, and this time I found it infectious. "I guess I still haven't said, have I? Come with me, I'll show you." She grabbed my hand, and led me to a different part of the conference that we hadn't made it to yet. The different scenery was the first thing I'd noticed. Instead of strip club advertisements, I now started seeing advertisements for porn videos. Having the very strict religious upbringing my parents gave me, I'd never actually watched one before. Even owning the club, and considering some of the things I had done with the girls, I was shocked to see some of the lewd things that were on the covers of the DVDs. Call me dense, but I couldn't figure out why Angel was bringing me back here, until she stopped, and shoved one in my hands.

"I don't..." I said, confused.

"Look!" She pointed, and I looked where her finger ended. There Angel stood, completely nude, except for tiny stars covering her crotch, and nipples, on the cover of the DVD case. The title read 'Angel's Day off,' and on the back were a number of smaller pictures, most of them with her in them, in various sex acts. Oddly, I felt embarrassed to be looking at this friendly woman in so personal a situation, even though she was barely clothed in front of me now.

"So you're a..."

"A porn star, yes." There was a question in her eyes, as she looked up at me. Then everything she had said only a few moments ago made sense.

"That's why you thought... But then I... And then I didn't..." I couldn't seem to form complete sentences in my head as she continued to look at me.

"I shouldn't have told you." I could tell she wasn't happy now. "You were treating me so well, not like I'm a complete slut or a whore, and now you see me differently, don't you?"

How did I see her? Was she the nice woman that had helped me around the conference all afternoon, or was she the girl on the cover of the DVD I still held in my hand? I put the DVD back, and placed my hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

"I have strippers that work for me that have Master's degrees, and I have some that dropped out of high school." She arched one delicate eyebrow, not understanding what I was getting at. Well, it was payback for a bit ago, I thought. "Just because they are strippers, doesn't mean they are dirty sluts that would do anything to get a buck. Oh, I know some of them are, but they don't work long for me." She still looked confused. "Okay, look. You have been great today, showing me around, and helping me make those contacts. That is how I think of you. So you have a job doing porn. So what? If it pays the bills, and you enjoy it, I'm the last person to judge."

I knew she finally understood when she flung her arms around my neck, and her lips were mashed against mine. My arms reflexively wrapped around her waist as I returned the kiss.

When we finally parted, I noticed a noise that had been drowned out by the pounding of blood in my ears.


Looking around, I saw a lot of people staring and clapping, and a few were even giving me a thumbs up.

"Let's get outta here," Angel said, and I was all too eager to agree. We wound our way back to the stripper side of the conference, and a thought occurred to me.

"If you do that for a living, why were you over here today?"

"I started out as a stripper, and a producer saw me dancing. Sometimes when the fans get a bit overwhelming, I like to remember my roots, you might say."

"Why haven't any of your fans approached you while I was with you?" I asked, wondering.

"I know a few wanted to, but the way I hung on your arm, might have kept them back. I truly enjoyed spending the day with you, John."

"And I, you!" I replied with an honest smile, and then noticed we were at the elevators. "Umm... Would you like to come on up?" After what she'd just revealed to me, I realized how my question might sound, and started trying to backtrack. "I didn't mean for... I mean... I would if... But that wasn't why..."

Her finger pressed against my lips shut me up. "I would love to." I pressed the button on the wall for my floor, and we rode the elevator up, in near silence, except of the occasional smacking noise or moan as we made out. We had to stop on the fourth floor, however as a stuffy old couple stepped in with us.

When we finally reached my door, it took me a couple tries to get the keycard in the lock, and I almost broke it, in my hurry to open the door. It slammed against the wall as Angel forced me inside. I felt the bed hit the back of my legs, and I toppled over backwards, only to have the air pressed out of me as Angel landed on top. Our tongues met and writhed, matching the rhythms of our bodies, as my hands traveled along her back, thighs, ass, head, and basically anything else I could reach.

Her hips lifted, and I felt her hands at my waist, trying to undo my pants. Seconds later they were on the floor. Angel sat up, and I slid my hands up her sides, lifting her shirt up over her head, to join my pants. She was beautiful, as she sat on me, in only a black miniskirt and pink lacy bra. My hands darted to her back, and it only took me a second to undo the fastener. Since my mouth was already nearly at her chest, I bit between her cups, and growled as I yanked back, revealing her handful sized breasts. I was shocked at how pink her nipples were. I had never seen any so pink before, and my mouth watered at the sight of them.

I brought my lips to her left nipple, kissing it tenderly, until she grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in tighter to it. I began to suck like a man starved, as my hands dove into the waistband of her skirt, cupping her tiny ass in my hands. I used my hands to grind her against my boxer covered crotch, eliciting a moan from both of us. Her hand on the back of my head pulled me away from her pretty pink nipple with a sloppy pop, and I looked up to meet her gaze. Hungrily she brought her lips to mine in a kiss that was both tender, and passionate. The way her tongue and lips moved against mine increased my lust for this woman tenfold.

With a firm grip on each of her cheeks, I lifted her up, and then quickly pulled down her skirt and panties, bringing them to her knees. She broke the kiss to finish removing them, and I got the opportunity to really admire her naked beauty. Her breasts were slightly pointed, topped by the aforementioned pink nipples. Her waist was thin, but not so thin she looked anorexic. Her legs seemed to start at her ankles and just keep going, finally terminating in a small triangle of fuzz at her pussy. Her inner labia were large, and very swollen, protruding from her outer labia by a small bit.

That was all I was able to note, as she gripped my boxers, and nearly tore them from my body. I unbuttoned my shirt, I don't remember taking off my jacket but that didn't surprise me, and soon sat just as naked as she was.

"Holy shit! You should work in porn with a cock that big!" She exclaimed, admiring my package. "It is pretty rare to see one so--" Her words were cut off as she bent over and swallowed the head between her lips. I have had some good blowjobs before, but the way Angel used her tongue, lips, and even teeth had me blowing down her throat in only a couple of minutes. Since my lack of sex lately, it was a pretty intense orgasm, leaving my panting by the time it had finished washing over me.

"Holy shit, yourself! I've never had a BJ that... That... WOW!"

She smiled up at me, licking up a bit of cum that had leaked out, and swallowing it. "I hope you're not done yet."

I knew it would probably be a few minutes for me to fully recover. "Come here, I want to taste you, now!" I demanded, and then braced myself as she nearly tackled me with her pussy. I have never tasted one with such big lips, but I used what the girls had taught me to great effect. Sucking hard on her labia, I ran my tongue between them, occasionally darting up to her clit, then back down to her hole, where I would shove my whole tongue in as deep as I could.

I felt her lips wrap back around my cock, and moaned into her pussy as she began to revive it with her excellent technique. One of her hands cupped and fondled my balls, while the other slid up and down my shaft, and her tongue worked the head.

Suddenly her whole body froze, and I could feel my cock vibrating between her lips as she mewled loudly in her own orgasm. My mouth was soaked, as her juices escaped my lips, and started trickling down my neck and cheeks.

She rolled off me, and turned up to grab my wet cheeks. "I haven't cum like that from having my pussy eaten in years! Where did you learn to do that so well?" She said, staring deep into my eyes. Before I had a chance to answer, her lips were pressed to mine again, as she licked her wetness from my face. She rolled on top of me, and I positioned my cock for her entrance. "Oh, Gawd, I've got to feel that monster in me!" She nearly screamed when it bumped her cunt.

I grabbed her hips, and gradually pressed her down, as I lifted my hips. I felt her lips spread over my cock, and gently swallow me in. She had told me she was a porn star, but she was tight! I had to slowly work in and out of her, despite how wet she was. She would loosen up as I moved in, but when I started to pull out, she would clamp down so hard, it hurt and felt wonderful at the same time. I had heard of women with strong kegel muscles, but she must really work hers for them to be this powerful.

Finally I felt our pelvises touch as Angel threw her head back to let out a throaty moan. I leaned up, and started nibbling on her neck, while she started up a rhythm with her hips.

"Oh, fuck... I feel you in every inch of me. Oooh, I am getting close." I latched onto her right nipple, and with my hands still on her hips, picked up her pace. Lifting my hips slightly, I was able to go just a bit deeper into her. "Oh, Gawd, that's it! Fuck me, I'm cuuuummmmiiinnnnggggggggg!"

I had to stop moving her altogether, as her strong cunny muscles gripped my cock with enough force, I was almost afraid she was going to rip my manhood off. I just lay there, and as she started to relax, her inner folds started massaging more than gripping, and I moaned into her tit.

I rolled us over, and lifted her hips slightly as I got up on my knees. I put my arms under her legs, drawing them up to my shoulders, while I groped her tiny rear. Turning my head, I gently nibbled on her ankle, and then kissed my way along her slender foot. I was using my grip on her to slide her up and down my slick cock, as I started to suck her toes between my lips.

"Wow, what are you doing to me?" She asked dreamily, and I picked up my pace a little. "Damn, but that feels goooood." She drawled out the last part, then bit her lower lips, and started pinching her pink nipples. I kept this up, switching to her other foot, and knew she was starting to get close again from her breathing. I was glad, because the way she was milking me on every thrust had me about ready to spew my second load for the night.

I reached around with my right hand, and started rubbing her clit with my thumb, sending her crashing into another powerful orgasm. I kept pushing in and out of her, despite (or maybe because of) the way she gripped my cock. Just as she started to come down, I let loose with stream after stream of my seed. She screamed as another orgasm took her, and it felt like her vagina was trying to milk every ounce of jism out of me, that it could.

I collapsed onto my side; next to this aptly name Angel, trying to catch my breath.

"Mmm, that was phenomenal. How often do you come to Vegas?"

I had to laugh. "This was my first visit, but now that I now there are Angels here, I may have to come out more often!"

"Well... We'd best make the most of this trip then. What are your plans for tomorrow?"

Shit! Tomorrow I had my appointment, and I knew I wouldn't be up for any extracurricular activities afterwards. Not for a couple days at least... That's why I had made this trip; to be away from the girls, so that I could recover before I came back. Now that I thought more on it though, my conscience started to fight me. Was I prepared to deceive the women I loved? I felt like I was sinking to the level they had been treating me at. I resolved then and there to call the doctor and cancel my vasectomy. I didn't know what would happen, but I was determined to remain honest with the girls. The hand sliding gently up and down my arm, as the beautiful Angel still looked at me, waiting for my answer brought me back to the here and now. Well, honest about some things at least...

"Well, I'm not due back home till Monday, and the conference was the only thing I had planned..." I trailed off as I felt Angel's lips on my neck. I was nowhere near recovered, but I had more than my penis at hand to try and please this insatiable woman.

The only time over the next few days that we left the room was to eat (when we didn't just order room service).

* * *

I was a bit disappointed when I stepped out to the baggage claim area, that Amber was the only one to greet me.

"Dixie wanted to be here, but she had some big tests to take that her professors wouldn't let her out of," the sexy pregnant redhead told me. "Geo is another matter. Did you really have a vasectomy while you were away?" Amber planted herself in front of me, and glared as she blocked my path.

"How... How did you hear about that?" I stammered in disbelief.

"They called to confirm your appointment shortly after you left. You gave them the landline." Her voice was dry, and I could see the fire burning in her eyes.

"What did Geo say?" Was all I could think to ask.

"'What did Geo say?' Is that all you can think to ask? Is she the only one whose feelings you're concerned about?"

I knew I was in serious trouble now. Amber's tone left no doubt in my mind. "No, of course not! I just didn't think--"

"Of course you didn't think!" She cut me off, and stormed back to her car. Even pregnant, she could move with speed and grace when she wanted to.

"Listen, Amber," I tried to say placatingly after I had loaded my bags, and sat in her car, "I didn't have it done. I couldn't do it, and then lie to all of you, so I cancelled the appointment." She only glared at me, before she backed out of the parking spot, and started navigating the warren of streets out of the airport. "I'm sorry I was going to be like that, but the way you three were treating me was no worse." My own anger was starting to rise, as I thought of the injustice they had been treating me with. "You three basically left me, for all intents and purposes, and were in a way blackmailing me." Was that anger causing the red in her cheeks, or embarrassment? "I had to do something. I made a bad decision, and cancelled it before I went through with it. Be angry with me if you want, but know that some of that anger should be reserved for you, Dixie, and most of all, Geo. If the three of you can't respect my feelings, why should I do the same for you?"

I was afraid I'd gone too far, as Amber continued to drive us home. Silence reigned, and I almost started wishing that she would say something, anything, even if it was to yell at me, just to break the horrible feeling that was starting to sink into my chest. Had I just lost one of my girlfriends? Not only that, but the one carrying my child?

When Amber parked in the driveway, I started to unbuckle my seat, and noticed that she hadn't moved to do likewise. She just sat there, staring at her hands on the steering wheel, as if they might give her some kind of answer.

I reached for the door handle to get out, but her voice, soft and barely heard, stopped me. "You're right." I turned to look at her, to see if I'd heard correctly, and I could now see the tears in her eyes. "You're right. The way we all treated you was wrong. I guess we didn't really understand how you felt, or didn't try to." She paused to hiccup, and I placed my hand on her shoulder. I hated to see her cry like this. "I can't speak for the others, but I am truly sorry. Will you forgive me?"

She turned to look at me, and her blue eyes stripped away the last vestiges of any anger that might have hung around. I pulled her into a hug, as I told her I loved her. We sat that way for awhile, just enjoying each other's embrace, until I finally had to pull away. Our angle was awkward, and it was starting to hurt my back. I could only imagine how uncomfortable it had to be for her.

We walked inside, arm in arm, and her head resting on my shoulder. I left my bags in the car, figuring I could grab them later. I stopped as we passed my room, but Amber pulled me onward, towards her bedroom. As I entered, she told me to lock the door. "I have an apology to make, and I think you do too." She started removing her clothes, and I stepped up to her to help.

As her shirt hit the floor, our lips met in hunger. My arms wrapped around her distended torso, touching her smooth back and tracing a line up to where her bra strap was. Her breasts, slightly larger now than they had been, were soon freed, and I brought one hand around to cup one globe and twiddle with her nipple ring. The doctor had told us they would have to come out when she started breast feeding, but were fine till then.

She moaned as her tongue traced along the inside of my mouth and danced with mine. Suddenly feeling guilty, I pulled back and looked at her. Even with as far along as she was in her pregnancy, I still found her to be extremely beautiful and alluring. Her pale redheaded skin seemed to glow from an inner light, and I could see the fires of desire in her eyes. "Are you sure?" I asked, not wanting there to be any regrets.

"I don't dare have you in my pussy. I am too close to term, but you should be fine in my ass, where you have been gone for too long," she told me in no uncertain terms.

"That's not quite what I meant."

"I know what you meant, and I meant what I said. Now are you going to come fuck my ass, or was all that talk in the car just for show?"

I stepped back up to her, and started working on her pants. Since they were maternity type, with the stretchy front, they easily slid down, quickly followed by her panties. She turned me towards the bed, and then helped undo my pants.

Once naked, I found myself on my back, as Amber crawled on all fours, up to my already hard cock. The feeling of her tongue gliding up my shaft from balls to head elicited a deep moan from me. She smiled at me as one of her hands started to fondle my balls, and she flicked the tip of her tongue around the sensitive underside of my head. Amber pressed her lips to the side and started to slide her mouth up and down me, making me moan more and more.

I started to buck my hips in time with her movements, then felt her grasp me at my base, and pull my tip towards her waiting lips. Giving my small hole a kiss, she slipped her lips past the ridge, and took me as far as she could at this angle. Unfortunately she couldn't take me into her throat, but with her tongue lashing around the sensitive rim, I was more than happy with her efforts. She started to bob up and down, and it took all my effort not to thrust into her warm wet mouth. I didn't want to hurt her.

I placed my hands on the back of her head, running my fingers through her deep red hair, and she looked up at me, smiling around my cock. It left her lips with a pop, before she said, "I've forgotten just how good you taste. Don't ever let me agree to not having this again!"

"Deal," I told her, as she gently began to kiss her way up my stomach, and chest. She lingered for a couple of quick nibbles on my nipples, before finally reaching my mouth. We kissed as my hands roamed her back and ass. I slid one hand between us, and started playing with her wet pussy. I easily found her clit ring (another thing that would have to go when she gave birth to our child), and tugged tenderly on it. She growled, as she pulled away, piercing me with her wonderful eyes.

"I want to feel you in me," she said, then reached over to her nightstand for the lube. "I want you to take me from behind this time. Treat me like the bitch I am for the way I treated you."

"You're not a--" I tried to protest, but she cut me off.

"I said do it!" she demanded, and I thought better of any further arguments.

I took the lube from her, as she laid her head on her pillow with her wonderful ass wiggling in the air. Despite what she wanted from me, there was something I wanted first. I leaned forward, and softly kissed her pussy, before shoving my tongue inside. Sucking in her labia, I ran my tongue between them and reached around her body to tug on her nipple rings. My mouth was soon soaked as she came, moaning and jerking her hips against my face.

"Okay, you've had your fun, NOW FUCK MY ASS!"

I got on my knees, and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy, teasing her. I applied some lube to the tip of my cock, then for good measure squeezed some onto her brown hole. She shivered as I started to apply pressure, screaming, "Oh Gawd!" as the head popped past her sphincter. I too had to moan, as I slowly felt her anal grip on me slide firmly down my tool. Every inch I sank into her nether canal felt like bliss. Sex with Angel had been great, but making love to my girlfriends was still better.

Finally I felt myself sink the last few inches into her, making her grunt. "Slap my ass!" She told me. Normally I wasn't into this sort of thing, but she did demand I treat her like this, so I gave her a slight slap. "I said slap it! Not tenderly touch it. Make it red. Punish me for my behavior!" I brought back my hand, and brought it down harder, leaving a red handprint emblazoned on her right rump. "YES! That's it. Spank me, John. Spank me again and make me cum. Fuck my ass, and make me cum, my beloved."

Doing as told, I slapped her other cheek just as hard, and started to thrust in and out of her rear. Amber's groans, grunts, moans, and other noises became incoherent as she started her orgasm. I gripped her hips, and picked up my pace, trying to prolong her orgasm. It worked, as for quite some time her sphincter squeezed and massaged my slippery cock. I could see she had to fingers in her cunny every time I pulled out, and seeing her have such a long orgasm started my own.

My whole body shuddered as my cum filled her colon. She screamed louder than ever as her orgasm intensified even more.

My legs were suddenly soaked as fluid gushed out of her pussy, soaking the bed as well.

I pulled out of her, catching a whiff of the fluids that had just flushed from her body, and knew immediately they weren't normal female cum fluids.

"I think my water just broke," Amber said, as the same conclusion hit me. I was about to be a father.

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