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My name is Tim and this is a fantasy which I had hoped would come true but sadly never did. I was fifteen 5’11’’ and quite well built in my opinion a six inch cock was big but no doubt to some it’s not.

My mum is 5’2’’ quite slim and has huge 42dd breasts and I was the envy of all my mates they all loved to leer at her tits whenever they came over looking back I can see what they wanted which is funny. So one afternoon I came home from school desperate to use the bathroom I ran upstairs and the door was locked I knocked and mum called out “let me get decent and you can come in”

So I stood and waited I heard the lock go and heard her getting back into the bath after a few seconds she said to come in I was in like a shot not noticing a flannel and some bubbles were all that were covering her body I pulled the front of my shorts down and was in full flow when mum asked how school had gone.

“Yeah it was ok” I replied

“God I needed that” I said out loud hearing mum giggle behind me I turned and looked over my shoulder to see smiling at me.

“Do you have any homework” she asked

“A little” I replied

Putting the toilet seat down and flushing I turned to leave when asked if I would wash her back for her.

“Yeah ok mum”

She sat forward removing the flannel that had kept her breasts hidden and passed it to me along with the soap. Lathering up the soap I dropped it into the bath behind her not thinking I plunged my had in to the hot bath fumbling around for it as I chased it around the water I brushed her bum with my had making her jump and giggle as I touched her for the second time I felt a twitch in my shorts and could feel my cock growing.

“Now now watch where you hands are going young man I am your mother”

“Sorry mum it’s just so slippery” finally I caught the soap and started to wash her back her skin felt like satin as my hand glided over it. My cock was now straining against my shorts I was just hoping that she wouldn’t turn around.

As I washed her back I hear a soft groan as I worked the soap into her skin.” Mammy now rub my shoulders that it a little harder’’

“mmmmm harder that it god that feels so good “

“Do you like that Timmy?”

What was she thinking of course I liked it my cock was now starting to leak onto the front of my shorts I just hoped she wasn’t intending to turn around I swallowed hard

“Yes mum I do” I said

“Can you do something for me” she asked

“What Mum?”

“Run your hands down my front a little further please”

I started doing as I was asked just rubbing the very tops of her tits felling the softness for the first time. I just wanted to come there and then tanking about my come on her large soft tits go d my cock was going to explode soon. Turning to face me she reached up and pulled my shorts down my hands moved quickly to cover my cock but not quick enough knocking my hands to one side she looked up “have I caused this “She asked I just nodded thinking I was I loads of trouble. She reached forward taking my cock in her hand started to rub me with her wet hand and with her other she pulled on my balls really stretching them.

“Mmm that feels good mum please don’t stop”

My mum was wanking my cock her slippery hand mixing with my pre cum she gripped my cock very firmly and started a slow rhythmic pace my heart felt like it going to burst out of my chest.

“Do you want o come on these” as she looked down at her huge tits.

“yes I do” letting go of my cock she stood up and stepped out of the bath and sat on the side of it in front of me picking up a bottle of shower gel she poured some in to her hand and began to rub it into her wet tits making them nice and soapy once had done this she started to wank me again making my cock all slippery as well.

Lifting her tits up she parted them and placed my cock between them and started to rub them up and down my shaft she looked up at me and told me to fuck her titties and that I was to come all over them. Placing my hands under hers I felt her tits for the first time I got a good grip and started to slowly fuck my mum’s tits the soft flesh trying hold onto my cock but the soap o them making it slip in and out so easily building up my pace.

Mum urging me on.

“Go on fuck mummies tits come on them you naughty boy” as she released her hands from mine to reach round and slap my arse again and again she slapped again me telling me to come on her huge mounds.

I could feel the come rising in my throbbing cock. The ache rising from my balls to the tip of my cock.

“aaaarrrrggghhh” I screamed I my come started to pump out all over her tits my cock throbbing inside my mum’s soapy tits as I come leaked over the top running down on to her stiff nipples reaching for her breasts I started to rub it in to her squeezing on her hard nipples leaning forward taking my cock into her mouth sucking the last drops from me squeezing my balls she patted me arse again and looked up and said come to my room later once you’ve done your home work and we will finish what we started.

Please leave feedback and if you like it I’ll do a part 2 thanks

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2014-08-21 00:27:21
more please

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2013-09-21 11:53:57
do it again--was nice----but go a lil further

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2011-10-15 05:57:51
I fucked my mother's pussy on my 12 yr. birthday as a gift from her. Mom said we needed a man in the house and she's my woman. I enjoyed mom's fat, juicy clean-shaved cunt 3-4/wk. She is a horny 39 yr. with milky white mature body and a very horny cunt. I am glady that I have enough energy to make her happy. Mom and I live in a small farm happily together. True love has NO reservation.

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2011-10-01 11:03:36
No emotions just the hub hub and finish try to moralize it a bit

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2011-09-30 13:28:40
Good start just double check your work.

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