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An elder quickly loses faith when lust over comes him
The following literature is fiction. This reading selection is entirely for enjoyment and all narrative passages are not based on factual events. If you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

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Chapter One:

Elder Blake was excited. In less than 48 hours, he would be stepping foot on to another continent. His feet would be exploring a new country, a new village, and assisting with a new mission. His group consisted of 5 other Elders from his faith.

(To keep confusion to a minimum, we will refer to him as Blake throughout the story.)

Blake was very attractive growing up and most peers in school assumed he would break away from religion and move either east or west and start his own secular life. Everyone was shocked when they heard he would be following family tradition and going on a mission and exploring the faith.

Blake was a young fresh 22 year old, who stood at 5’11”, weighed 160lbs, had short dirty blond hair, and eyes that were as blue as glass. His skin was naturally tanned and his body had taut defined smooth muscles in all the right places which usually attracted female attention.

Blake would be traveling to Rwanda, a country still reeling from a civil war decades ago. He would be working with a rural village and teaching the inhabitants how to farm new produce, irrigate water, build homes, and also showing them the teachings of his faith.

Chapter Two:

Blake awoke as the small suv came to a stop. Beginning with the airport shuffles, long international flight, grueling customs, and long drive to the village; it had all been a big blur. He was exhausted, but he and his group had finally made it to their destination. Their guides name was Kigeri, he was a tall slender African male. He was quite, but spoke proficient English; when he did communicate with them. He soon announces they have arrived at their destination as he turns off the truck.

Each of the elders carried their bags into the three bedroom dwelling, which would be their home for the next 12 months. The main room had a large wooden table, which looked locally made while the two bedrooms contained 4 beds each. The dwelling reminded Blake of a boarding house for orphans. It was very basic and simple dwelling. There was no bathroom, electricity or running water.

Kigeri explains that the bathroom is a simple outhouse located 30 meters from the dwelling. He also points to a tarnished pump in the yard that can be used for water and bathing. Blake already knew what the living conditions would be, and was prepared. He knew he was doing this for a good calling.

It was already 1 a.m. and he knew his day would start early. Blake finds his bed and quickly unpacks. Wearing just his garment and a tee, he falls into a deep asleep.

Chapter Three:

Kigeri wakes first at 6 a.m. and looks around for Blake. Since Blake is the youngest elder in the group, he has been assigned the duty of preparing breakfast for his group. Kigeri knows he must wake Blake and show him where all food preparations are handled in the village.
“Sir, Sir, please wake.” Kigeri lightly shakes Blake as he says this.

“I am up Kigeri. Give me a moment to get dressed, and I will be ready.” Blake waits as his eyes adjust to the dark room. He finds his black slacks and white shirt and dresses silently.

Kigeri and Blake walk silently along the villages’ main dried mud path. Kigeri holds a small flashlight that flickers as if the battery is going out. They soon arrive to a small one room hut made of wood and mud that is lit by candles and a large lit clay stove. In the center of the room is a huge wooden table, much larger than the one at his hut. It looks very old, but very sturdy.

“This is Aloisea. She will teach you cook.”

Before Blake can protest, Kigeri walks away. Blake knows that he cannot be left alone with a woman. His faith forbids it. In fact, he should have another elder with him at all times. Blake sighs and knows it is too late to go back. He thinks for a moment and looks at Aloisea.

Aloisea is a tall slender African woman with light mocha skin. Her hair is braided tight with a few strands falling lightly on her back and shoulders. She wears a one piece dress that falls to her firm thighs. Her feet are covered by petit brown sandals, and she looks well put together. Blake immediately notices the small bump along her belly, and realizes that she is pregnant.

“Good morning Elder.” Aloisea says this with a heavy European accent. Her smile is wide and her teeth are white-white and completely straight.

Through small chat, Blake soon learns that Aloisea was born in the village but raised in Belgium. Aloisea and her mom were rescued by NATO during the civil war and fled Rwanda in 1994. She was barely a year old and doesn’t remember much, she tells him. Her family had moved back in 2009 to help rebuild her home country.

Blake was impressed. Even though Aloisea was 17, she was very mature and composed for her age. He was dejected to see her 6 months pregnant though. He felt she should be worrying about education and small things in life, not about carrying a baby in such rough living conditions.

Aloisea bent over to fetch a cooking sheet from the clay oven. Blake just happened to be watching her and noticed her skirt lift up. He could barely see the bottom of her smooth mocha ass cheeks. He felt his cock stir and start to stiffen. He knew he should look away, but instead he took a step forward.

As he walked closer to Aloisea, he could feel the searing heat from the oven. He was just inches away from her thick thighs when Aloisea stood up with a pan in her hand.

“Sorry Aloisea, I was just trying to get a better view at what you were doing near the oven.”

“Its ok elder, I know this is new to you. Feel free to follow me around the room and watch as you please.” Aloisea placed the pan down on the table and gave Blake a cute smirk. Blake could see small sweat beads forming on her forward brow from the heated room.

Aloisea walked towards to the back of the room to look for a stone and bowl. Facing away from Blake she slowly starts to lift her dress to cool herself. Blake watches intensively and is able to catch another glimpse of her thighs and firm ass cheeks. Without realizing it, Blake closes his eyes and starts to rub his hard cock through his pants.

Blake knows his lust is wrong but he has never seen an African woman so attractive. Aloisea turns around and see’s that Blake has his eyes closed and is rubbing the outline of his cock through his pants. She lets out a soft sigh which causes Blake to come back to reality. He is flushed with embarrassment.

“I am so sorry Aloisea. I must go, please forgive me.” Blake says this as he starts to leave the room.

“Wait! Please stay. I want to talk to you about something.” Blake turns to see Aloisea walking towards him. Her hand touches his shoulder and he feels an energy shoot through his body.

“It’s ok elder. I know it must be hard to abstain but please don’t go. Let me show you something.”

Blake is looking down at the ground in shame when he feels Aloisea pull him further into the room, away from the open door. Outside, it is still dark outside and he knows he cannot walk back to the dwelling without a light.

Aloisea lets go of his hand and steps back. “Do you like what you see elder?”

“Ummm, yes, but I cannot do this.” Blake feels tears running down his face. They sting with guilt. He knows he is close to breaking a pack he made with his faith.

“Then touch me elder.”

Blake looks up and see’s Aloisea has dropped her dress to her feet. The silhouette of her body against the oven fire is mesmerizing. Her tits are taut but clearly full. Her hips are wide against her otherwise slender body. The bump on her stomach is carried well and quickly stirring his lust within him. Her beautiful snatch has a small amount of hair above it, but her lips are well defined, smooth, and protrude some from her inner cavity.

Without a word, Blake walks towards her and places his hand on her hips as their lips touch. His tongue quickly flicks and explores her mouth. He can hear her moan and shiver. Her hand explores his clothes body before reaching his manhood. She gently gropes his hard cock and rubs the outline causing him to moan.

“Undress.” It is almost a whisper, but he does as she commands.

Blake slowly lets his hands explore her body. Her skin feels like silk and he feels her baby kick in her womb as he rubs his hand over her stomach. He continues to kiss her when his tongue begins to move down to her neck. He slowly nibbles her neck, causing her to groan loudly in pleasure. Aloisea takes her hand and places it through his hair and pushes him further down.

Blake finds the mound of her left breast and slowly lets his mouth kiss around it. He can tell her tit is firm and heavy. He uses his hand to lift and kiss under it. As his tongue moves towards the nipple, he tastes something sweet and warm. He looks up and notices that her tit is lactating.

“Suck it elder, please suck it,” Aloisea begs.

Blake succumbs to her request and lets his entire mouth cup as much of her breast as possible. He lets his mouth slowly do what comes natural. He can feel her raised nipple straining against the sucking pressure in his mouth. Aloisea lets out another load moan and suddenly Blake feels his mouth flooded with warm liquid. He swallows and continues his suckling while using his other hand to caress her right breast.

Lifting his mouth, he quickly finds her right breast and starts the process over again. Blake can feel her warm milk spilling out the sides of his mouth. He is lost in the moment and continues to feast on her sweet nurturing liquid. Blake can feel her tits softening as he continues to swallow what her body offers.

Blake leans up and kisses Aloisea with a passionate kiss. Aloisea is turned on by the taste of her own milk that Blake provides with his deep yearning kiss. Blake looks down and sees dribbles of milk still leaking from her ripe breasts. He lets his hand slip down to her lower snatch until he finds her folds. His fingers flick and explore quickly, and are rewarded by her clit, which is large and bulbous in size.

Aloisea grabs Blakes hips and pulls him towards the large table in the center of the room. Blake helps lift her on to the table. She is lying on her back with her pussy facing him. Her beautiful pussy is just staring at him, face level, inviting him to taste her. He slowly lowers his mouth and is over taken by her sweet musky aroma. He holds his nose an inch from her opening and inhales her invigorating scent.

His tongue flicks quickly over her extended lips that are already moist from her arousal. Aloisea slowly reaches for her folds and pulls them back to allow Blake’s tongue and fingers access to her sweet black pussy. Once spread, her inner chamber is a deep pink color. He inserts a finger and slowly starts to finger-fuck her as his tongue laps up her thick secreting juices.

“I want to taste you elder. Feed me your cock.” Again Blake complies. He strips out of his slacks and quickly unbuttons his shirt. His garments are dropped with one stroke and his white body shines from the glow of the fire. He quickly climbs on to the table and lies on top of Aloisea in a 69 position. He first feels her baby bump against his abs, but that feeling is quickly replaced with her hands bringing his rock hard cock to her lips. He lets out a long sigh.

Her mouth is a warm velvet cavern that envelopes his cock with precision. He can hear soft slurping sounds as she begins to satisfy and tease his shaft and penis head. Looking down, he has a perfect view of her dark pussy. He looks closers and sees that her lips are completely smooth with just a small amount of short hair above the opening. There are no shaving bumps or razor knicks. It looks like she has never grown much hair in this region. He quickly allows his mouth to dive back into her warm mound and lap up any over-flowing juices. The room is filled with soft sucking and slurping sounds as the two explore and taste each other.

Aloisea must have sensed he was close to cumming, as she instinctively pulled her mouth away from his shaft. “Fuck me. I want to feel you slide inside of me.” Her words were stern and commanding.

Blake gently rolled off her body and stood on the edge of the table with his knees bent. He watched as Aloisea got on all four and placed her opening at the tip of his cock. He scooted up some and guided his white meat to her black opening. He watched as Aloisea jerked her body back with one quick thrust, causing him to fall into her wet pussy.
Blake quickly grabbed her hips and started sending small thrusts into her wet chamber. He was nervous he might hurt her or the baby. “Harder!” she commanded.

Blake took this as a sign and quickly sped up and started pushing deeper. His cock quickly filled her pussy as the tip of his cock touched her cervix wall. He was balls deep and all the way in when he felt her chamber start to clench and contract. Aloisea had her first climax, which flooded her pussy with warm liquid. Blake could feel it dripping out as he continued to slam hard into her.

Blake let his hands fall off her hips as he reached under her. With both hands he grabbed and squeezed her tits. He could feel milk squirting out from the pleasure and pressure he applied. Blake and Aloisea were bucking wilding when she pulled off his cock entirely. No words were spoken as she rolled over on to her back. Blake guided his cock back to its warm entrance and slid back in.

Aloisea let out a grunt as she placed her hands on his chest to help hold him up. Blake looked down and saw his thick white meat disappearing into her black moist lips. Their fucking pace once again sped up as he found his rhythm. With one quick dive, he managed to grab her nipple by his teeth and pulled up. He watch as her tit grew in size from his pulling. She let out a low growl along with another warm climax. Blake let go and watched as her tit bounced back into place with the movement of his thrusts. Milk was once again leaking from her tits, and he would every so often, lean down and lap it up.

He felt his balls tighten and knew he was close to cumming. Aloisea whispered in his ear, “Its ok, you can cum in me. I am already pregnant and I want to feel your warmth in me.”

This was too much for Blake. He let out a loud grunt, jerked his body, and soon felt his ropes of cum filling this beautiful African woman. “Keep thrusting, I am close.” She begged. Within seconds Aloisea let out another shrill cry and flooded her already filled pussy with more warm liquid.

Blake collapsed on top of her and held her for a few minutes. Small passionate kisses were exchanged as he let his semi-erect cock slip out of her warm folds. He looked down and saw the table covered with their dripping juices. Unfortunately, the rooms silence was quickly broken by an angered Kigeri.

“What tis going on here!” he yelled.

Blake jumped up and quickly grabbed his clothes. He began pleading as he dressed, “I am so sorry, it is my entire fault. Please forgive me; please do not be mad with me.”

“Kigeri! You will not say one word about what you saw here this morning! Do you understand?!” The voice was fierce and commanding. Aloisea was now on her knees standing on the table and was glaring with rage.

“Yes cousin, understanded. I thought the elder tried hurting you, thas all.” Kigeri looked down at the ground as he said this.

I was fully dressed at that moment and took a few steps towards the table to help Aloisea down. She leaned over and gave me a quick gentle kiss and started to dress. As soon as she was dressed, she pulled a tray of food out from the oven and spoke to Kigeri.

“Kigeri, help him take this food back to his dwelling. We will talk about this later.”

With that, Kigeri and Blake walked back to the dwelling, and not one word was spoken. So much was going through his mind. “Would I be exposed? Would I ever see Aloisea again? Would I be able to taste her sweet black pussy again?

More to come later...

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2014-10-18 07:32:10
Agreeing with the first commenter... It sounds as if you ONLY support your religion... I got that before Chapter 3 ended. I didn't bother to read the rest.

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Great story ... please keep on!!

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This story is really a shame cus u paint Christians and other religions as being bad when in reality they are just humans and make mistakes as well. Hope it continues better than it started because it is a good story. The way it is written so far sounds like he wants to stay with her.

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