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“Hurry!,…. Someone’s Coming!” 1

….Those words sent the adrenalin rush we were hooked on. For 3 years my sister in law Cindy and I had slowly lusted for each other. I had wonderful dreams about her…sometimes wet ones, right while I was by my sleeping wife. Cindy told me she would wait until her husband went to sleep and carefully slip her finger in her pussy and slowly massager her clit and fantasize it was my tongue.

... After a while she would have a twitching heavenly orgasm. The next time we got a chance to swap stories we would tell each other how hot it was. This lusting was building up and up over time and we were at the stage where given a chance, I would feel her tits real quick as she would feel my dick thru my pants. It was very exciting and we were only cheating mentally and a few feels.

…We knew one day we would end up going further. It finally happened one afternoon. It had built up to a fever and we had opportunity. Her husband was at work and my wife was gone for about an hour. We stood by the window where we could see if anybody came in the driveway. The timing was there. She was standing there with her short skirt on and big sweater with no bra. I came up behind her and put my arms around her. She jumped and stepped back from the window.

... She whispered: (“…let’s step over here where no one can see in.”) She was really breathing hard as my hands felt her tummy. She put her hands back and began to feel my erection. My hands went up under her sweater and for the first time….I felt her bare tits. It was very tense. We could feel each others heart beats and hear our breathing. I felt her hard wonderful nipples as she moaned a little. I felt her pulling my zipper down. Slowly in went her trembling hand to feel my max erection.

...She carefully stroked it and then felt all around it. I let one of my hands slip down and under her skirt. I felt the silky texture of her panties. I rubbed over her pussy as she jumped a little. I could feel her pubic hair and a little wetness between her legs. She gasp for air. She squeezed my erection and whispered: (“ I’ve dreamed about kissing this, licking it and a lot more. Someday I would love to suck on it for real.”) I slipped my hand inside her panties. I felt her soft bush as she parted her legs.

... She jumped a little and moaned as my finger slipped over her damp clit and down in her warm wet pussy. She moaned again and whispered: (“…your going to give me great dreams tonight, Jim….someday…someday we…”) I added a second finger and let my thumb rub over her clit. Her ass pushed back on me in a jolt from the tingle that shot thru her pussy. She worked my erection out of my pants and put it between her legs under her skirt. She worked her hips back and forth on her pussy as she continued to moan softly.

….This was the furthest we had ever gone with each other and it was heaven. I too thought about having a great wet dream tonight from our advanced foreplay.

…. A car pulled the driveway. We panicked a little and rushed to return to normal. My zipper was stuck down! I struggled to get it up. “Hurry! Someone’s coming!” She tried to say quietly. I headed for the bathroom as Cindy took a big breath. It was my wife, her sister, returning from shopping. As she opened the door Cindy faked doing some exercises in the living room. She was pink faced and winded a little to cover her arousement from us. I got my zipper up finally and came out of the bathroom. I held a newspaper over my descending erection.

We both thought…what’s the worse that could happen? …Cindy and her sister Karen (my wife) get into a big fight. Cindy moves out and I don’t get any sex from the wife for a long time?


….there was a lot more going on in the household that people knew about. You see divorced Cindy, now lived with Jim and wife Karen. Cindy and Karen were very close sisters and just 9 months apart. They had their bi-curiosities at the same time and satisfied them when they were just teens. Today, once and while they liked to re-live those bi-feelings they both had. Jim knew this and didn’t mind a bit, as he loved to watch them at first and eventually join them in a hot three-some.

….Jim had come up with a new game called: “What If”…. The three of them would tell a story of ’what if…’ and the stories would make the all aroused and horny. They all laid on the floor in their robes after watching some porn vids and began their game. Jim had started it off with the “Cindy and Jim” sneaking an affair story.

...The girls got real hot and Cindy asked if she could continue telling the story. They all agreed. The all snuggled together for some Cindy ‘feel ups’ during the story….Cindy began….
….I knew sooner or later Jim and I would not be able to keep away from each other. It had gone on to long and we both loved the sneaking feels and the pure lust of wanting what we couldn’t have….sex with each other. To feel his arms around me that day put such great feelings in my pussy, I’ll never for it. The risk of time limited before my sister returned only made it more exciting.

...Feeling his erection behind me was awesome. I want to get on my knees so bad and make him cum as I deep throated him. I dreamed about the day I could do this. I used my husband as a fantasy tool. I would close my eyes and fantasize it was Jim I was sucking on. My husband never knew it as he got the benefits from my fantasy. He rarely licked my pussy, but my fingers were Jim’s tongue.

...I masturbated right in bed beside him, as he snored. I would push the covers down and spread my legs with my knees up. I squirmed as I fantasized Jim’s hands were wrapped around my legs , licking my pussy so hot. I would get so hot I would lift my pussy up to meet his lips and orgasm right as he ate me. I would squirt hard as his tongue teased my clit.


….as Cindy told the story Jim and Karen began to softly fondle her. She lay back on the pillow and let them play with her as she told the hot story. Karen had a story brewing also, but would she ever get a chance to tell it? Things were heating up on that floor…..Cindy continued…

….It was our first time to go this far and the feeling of him massaging my hard nipples was making me very wet. I had to get my hands on his erection as I felt the lump against my butt cheeks. I reached back to find his zipper and pull it down behind me. My fingers trembled a little just knowing what was about to happen. Jim didn’t wear underwear that day and I felt his warm erection finally. I was very erect as I just had to stroke it. It was awesome to finally feel it for real……

…while Cindy told the story, Karen and I played with her body. We opened up her robe and on each side of her pussy she had sensitive spots. We rubbed them softly just to watch her squirm. “Stop it!” she giggled at us and then continued her story. This happened several times as we both knew all her hot spots and kept making her squirm and very horny.

...She began to talk in spurts and gasps of breath while trying to talk. I just had to open her legs up and blow my breath on her wet pussy. “Stop it you guys!”…she would moan. “Let me finish the story, damn you!” We let her finish as we all giggled.

….I felt Jim’s warm hand go inside my damp panties and feel my bush. I got skin chills as he continued to feel for my clit. Touching my clit always makes me jump a little at first. I felt wonderfully erotic as his fingers glided down my slit. I spread my legs apart for him. Damn he was good at feeling my pussy as his fingers went inside of it. I could have orgasmed so easy, but I wanted to make it last.

...I got his erection out and worked it under my skirt behind me. It slipped under my pussy and rubbed on the entrance. I worked my hips back and forth to feel his erection rub on my pussy. I want to remember this part for when I masturbated next. About that time…..we heard a car pull in the driveway….

….Karen quickly asked to take the story from here. We agreed and now Cindy and I snuggled close to her as she started in. Now we opened her robe for some story time - play time on Karen….

….I told Cindy and Jim I was going shopping for about an hour. I did, but got a few little items. I then headed for a guy I wanted to fuck at the local market. I was really horny because my husband, ‘Mr. dull‘, hadn’t had sex with me for a long time.

...I pulled my van over to the side. I went in and signaled for him to come and help me with some groceries. He followed me out to my van. I had on a short skirt with no panties, a plain blouse with no bra. I had him get in the sliding door in the back. I told him to close the sliding door. He looked so puzzled as in the back was just a big blanket. I leaned over showing half my tits to him and smiled. “Do you like my tits.?” He stammered something.

... “Reach in and get a hand full.” His eyes got real big. I had to take his hand and put it inside my blouse. I got on my back and pulled him on top of me. “Now take out your hardon, I can feel it. I don’t have a lot of time and we’re going to fuck right here, right now.” I had to reach down and pull his hardon out and raise my skirt. I worked his hardon in my wet pussy and began to fuck him. He finally got the picture and started fucking with me. I told him to suck on my tits. He did.

...I wrapped my legs around him and now he was starting to fuck me like I wanted. “Fuck me, you sexy man, fuck me good.” I said. Now he flat got with it and started fucking me fast and hard. I squeezed his butt cheeks and moaned in his ear. “Oh yes baby…do me hard…cum in me like you mean it….Yes! Cum for me …oh god yes!” He shot a big load in me and it was a good one.

...I moaned and kept fucking him. “Roll over”, I said. I moved down and sucked on him for a second cum as he bucked his hardon in my mouth. I lick it all and swallowed it down. “OK, go.” I said, as he put his dick away and got out. I got in front and watched him stagger into work. I came home and found you two faking a innocent look. ‘Bullshit‘, I said to myself, those two are fucking behind my back!…..

Bravo! Cindy and I clapped and said what a hot story that was.

….Karen smiled all pleased. We then attacked her right then. She moaned that we should be ashamed of ourselves fucking behind her back in our story and that we better include her next time or there would be hell to pay. We drug her hot horny body into our big bed……

* In part 2, Jim takes turns fucking the girls as ‘while’ they have a bi affair. Later in the week, the girls collaborate in a ’What If…’ story as they catch Jim with a teen girl…
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