An orphaned boy grows up in a monastry and learns of life, love and lust
The Convent

I was left on the doorstep of a small Augustinian Monastery deep in the south of Sweden as a baby boy where I live and serve to this day. It is said that a farmer came across an overturned vehicle by the side of the road discovering my dead father. I had survived miraculously and my mother was never found. I often wondered about her, had she gone for help and been kidnapped? Was she even with my father at the time? Was she out there searching for me?

As the years rolled by a thought about it a little less but intended to one day try and find her. Besides I loved life at the monastery. I was well looked after and needed for nothing. I would be tutored in maths and languages, reading and writing by Sister Katarina for 3 hours every morning then help out in the afternoon with chores around the farm, either in the kitchen being taught to cook culinary delights with Mother Helena or tending to the animals with Mother Ingrid.

I was happier doing chores and anything I could to help out the women who looked after me so well but still enjoyed and valued my education dearly. I imagined I was the luckiest boy around as I was growing up with so many mothers and Sisters smothering me with love and affection, yes I enjoyed a truly blessed childhood indeed.

Sister Angelina was my favourite. She would teach me scriptures and music and take me out on trips of service when she would deliver food and other goods to the needy. She loved people and was so enthusiastic about her ministry that it was contagious. I think some of the older Nuns were put out at times by her passion for serving though, I guess they felt shown up.

I loved all of ‘my family’ at the monastery as I called them. I was grateful for everything I was taught and never had any reason to doubt a thing I learned from any of them. There were from time to time things that I did not understand. I just had to accept when I was old enough everything I was too young to know would become clear to me.

One thing stood out to me though, it was my role in the convent. I was told by Mother Ingrid that I would play a very special role and that I was incredibly important to the future of the convent. She was in charge of my ‘exercise’ program.

From the age of eight Mother Ingrid would assist me with my shower routine. She said it was important that my exercises be done while my body was warm and supple from a nice hot shower. She would sit in front of me and grab my penis between her finger and thumb at the tip just beneath the head. First she would stretch it straight upward holding the stretch for several minutes before releasing my penis to hang for a few seconds. She would follow this pattern stretching it to one side then the other and then down stopping for a few seconds for my penis to recover between each stretch. Then she would repeat the routine.

Next she would rub my penis until it became a little harder than normal; a reaction that she said was from the stretching. She would then rub some oil on my penis and starting with her finger and thumb around the base of my penis slide her hand down to the tip as if milking a cow then she would slide the other hand down my penis. This ‘milking’ went on for half an hour to an hour each day. I asked her once about the importance of this routine and she insisted that a boy needed to become big and strong to be able to look after his ladies. I was pleased to think that one day I would be able to repay all their kindness by looking after them so I concentrated hard and put a lot into these sessions.

I was not ignorant by any means to the anatomical differences between myself as a male and the ladies I lived with as Mother Ingrid had explained it to me but I was quite surprised to my bodies reaction to an startling situation I found myself in at the age of 14.

Before I go on talking about this incident I will introduce you Annabelle a novice who had only been with us at the monastery for just over 3 years. She was 16 now and a very pretty girl who had been rescued by Sister Angelina from an ugly situation at the age of 13 on one of her city trips. On arriving at the convent she was she was to be looked after until she could be placed into a safe and stable home environment. However the Nuns fell in love with her and she adored them and the life at the monastery and so she stayed on and started on her pathway to becoming a nun.

On this particular afternoon I had been working out in the barn and had promised mother Helena I would help her in the Kitchen and so I headed on in there to wash up and start on dinner. As I came in through the refectory door and headed through into the kitchen I could hear some puffing and panting, I was a little surprised but decided someone was exercising in the kitchen. I waited outside the door a little unsure of whether i should go in or not but couldn’t resist peeking through the slightly ajar door.

My mouth dropped open and I gasped, I could not believe nor understand what I was seeing. Annabelle lay back on top of the kitchen table, propped up on her elbows with her legs open and completely naked. Mother Helena stood next to her also naked plunging what I could make out to be a cucumber in and out of her vagina as Annabelle sucked and caressed her large milky white breast. I knew I should have left but I stared in amazement. It was beautiful, they were beautiful. As I watched my penis grew harder and harder until it hurt terribly. I rubbed the front of my pants to ease the pain as I watched in complete awe. At one point I thought Sister Annabelle had seen me as she smiled toward the crack in the door but then looked away. I had never imagined anything like this but I liked it. Before very long my penis began twitching in my pants and I felt it jolt several times causing a big wet patch on the front of me. I ran and changed before someone saw me and took my soiled pants to Sister Stephanie in the laundry room.

The following day I remember staring at Sister Katarina as she presented my lessons. I sat thinking about her body and her breasts. I pictured her on the kitchen table with me pushing a cucumber in her vagina while her breasts bounced up and down gracefully.

In the shower that evening I stared at Mother Ingrid’s body as she milked my penis. I went hard in her hand making her gasp.

“Oh dear” she said “we will have to get you back to normal so we can complete you routine”

She wrapped her whole hand around my penis which had gotten to be a nice size I thought, it was around 8 inches long and nice and thick. She pulled back and forth which felt marvellous. It was not long before my penis again started twitching then shot 5 or 6 spurts of creamy mayonnaise looking goop straight onto Mother Ingrid’s face. She cleaned her face with a face washer as my penis began to go limp. We went on with my exercise routine in relative silence as she just smiled at me and worked my penis.

My exercise routine became increasingly more difficult as I would remember what I saw in the kitchen that day. I would think of myself driving the cucumber in and out of Annabelle. Sometimes in my fantasy I would be pushing the cucumber into Sister Katarina or Sister Angelina or one of the many other Nuns. Sometimes I would change the vegetable and I even found myself dreaming about tasting these ladies skin, kissing and sucking their breasts as I had seen Annabelle do. I remembered the pleasure on Annabelle’s face and wanted dearly to please these beautiful women in any way I could. I had become fascinated; obsessed even with their bodies. A frustrated Mother Ingrid would pull my penis until i squirted so that she could get on with my routine. One time I had thought I saw her taste some of ‘custard’ as she jokingly called it but I was too embarrassed to ask if I was correct.

I tried to talk to Sister Angelina one day, well I began to but I couldn’t. I did not know whether I should have these feelings or not. I tried not to think about it so much but I found myself sneaking into the kitchen trying to walk in on Mother Helena with Sister Annabelle, or peaking in on their cells or the shower room to catch a glimpse of their naked bodies.

Mother Ingrid became Ill shortly after this. The doctor visited her in the infirmary often and the nuns would visit and pray with her frequently. Some of them wept and held her hand. She was a strong and very beautiful woman inside and out even as she lay with at the age of 52 with disease consuming her body, she would say

“It’s ok my dear boy” Comforting me as I held her hand and wept bitterly.

Late one night Sister Helena came to my room and said I needed to visit with dear Mother Ingrid. I could tell she would not be with us much longer by the tone in her voice and it would not be the first time the convent had experienced death while I had been there. We both walked in silence.

When we arrived, to my surprise it was just the two of us. Mother Helena kissed Mother Ingrid on the head and

“I will be just outside if you have need of anything, you truly blessed woman”

Then she smiled and winked at Mother Ingrid and left the room.

“Oh my dear, dear boy” she sighed. “I have one last lesson to teach you, and you me”

What could she mean by that? I wondered wiping a tear from my eye. She had me pull down her bed sheets revealing her unclothed body. Her body was thin and well formed yet not quite as hard as Sister Annabelle’s. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast and let me feel and explore her body with my fingertips.

“Is that nice for you Mother Ingrid?” I asked

“Oh my special man, please call me Ingrid”

“I love you Ingrid. You have meant so much to me, what can I do at this time to ease your suffering”

She smiled “remove your clothes dear boy and lay next to me”

I looked down at my semi hard penis a little embarrassed but then obeyed her request. I curled her beautiful long blonde hair around my finger as it fell down over her large white breasts and started to circle her nipple with a free finger tip.

“Please suck my breast boy as you saw Annabelle suck Helena’s”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. How did she know about that?

“Please my boy, we don’t have time for worry or regret, just do as I ask”

I put my lips softly around her nipple and started suckling her the way I had seen many animals in the yard suckle from their mothers. I sucked first one nipple, then the other. To my amazement they went very hard making them all the more pleasant to suck and lick. She groaned as I stroked the soft skin of her flat stomach and continued to feed on her large round breasts. She began stoking my penis as I continued to kiss her shoulders and stomach tasting her sweet flesh as I had wanted to so many times as she sat milking my penis during my exercise routine.

“Come, stand next to me” she said

She grabbed my hand and placed it on top of her vagina as with the other hand she guided head of my penis into her mouth. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through the small tuft of hair on her vagina before finding the slippery opening. I so dearly wanted to comfort and pleasure this magnificent woman but could barely concentrate. My eyes rolled back in my head and I groaned as she circled the swollen tip of my penis skilfully with her hungry tongue. She stopped and slowly stroked the large thick shaft and said

“Not yet my boy” like I should know what she meant.

I began sliding my fingers over and gently in and around her vagina causing her to tilt her head back and moan softly. I slowly slid a finger inside her feeling her warmth within the depths of her soft moist vagina.


“Yes love?”

“You put my penis in your mouth. Can I..........”

“Please boy” she moaned

I moved up onto the bed and knelt between her legs. I leaned over her naked body and kissed her lips and stared into her eyes. My tongue trailed down her body exploring every lump and bump as she moaned and groaned in bliss. I kissed and again suckled on her marvellous breasts then continued my path stopping to explore the depths of her belly button. She gasped with pleasure and I moved slowly now down to her vagina. I hesitated in nervousness then started licking ad sucking her vagina.

“Uuungh” she cried. “Oh my handsome boy. You are so good to this old lady”

I did not look up as tears rolled down my face. I knew I had to be strong for this dear lady and I knew now what my first mission was at the monastery. I would send this dear woman on to her next place of existence in pure bliss; she would experience heaven on earth before taking her place amongst the angels for eternity. I gently took more of her sweet lips into my mouth and started working like a man possessed with my tongue and lips sucking, licking circling her vagina then plunging in and out of her furiously. She groaned and moaned, gasped, puffed and panted with her eyes closed and her head thrashing from side to side. Oh how I wanted this woman to feel satisfaction. Her weak body trembled and shuddered as a stream of sweet fluid filled my mouth and soaked the bed.

“Oh mother Ingrid are you all right?”

“Oh god yes boy, come and hold me I beg you”

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek tenderly and could restrain myself no more.

“Oh Ingrid” I wept “please don’t go”

“My dear, sweet boy, it has been a pleasure to watch you grow into such a strong, fine young man. You have been my gift from God and a true blessing to all of us. Now I must go to be with our Lord where I will thank him every day in person for the time He gave me with you.” Now my body is weak and there is one thing left for us both to learn. You must take this big cock and fill me with it. You must push it in and out of me like dear Annabelle’s cucumber until your custard fills me to the brim. Please do it now for I feel the end is near.”

I wasted no time; I climbed on top carefully and placed my throbbing ‘cock’ as she had called it at her deliciously wet vaginal entrance. I pushed slowly into her and she yelped in pain but immediately urged me to keep going. I pushed a little deeper into her before meeting some resistance.

“Oh do it!” she cried

Not knowing what she could have meant I thrust forward a little startled at her command as she howled in agony.

“Oh dear boy, I am no longer a virgin. Kiss me dear child and love me with your big cock until your sweet custard fills my womb”

With tears now streaming down my face I began thrusting in and out of her. She closed her eyes so she could not see my tormented face. I was experiencing utter grief and pure ecstasy as I pushed deeper, harder and faster into this dying woman’s body with my engorged penis. We moved together in delicious harmony for what seemed like hours kissing each other and expressing our undying love. I tasted the sweet flesh of her breasts and nipples as I drove harder into her failing body. I felt her vagina tighten around my penis as though not wanting me to escape. My testicles started to stir and I knew it would not be long. Her eyes opened and she looked deep into my soul with a look of unequalled gratitude as she again convulsed in orgasm. I exploded, filling her as she wished with spurt after spurt of my thick hot custard (as she called it) until there was not a drop of custard nor energy left in my body.

I collapsed on top of her and felt her kiss me on the forehead before turning her head away. She was gone. I no longer felt her heart beating against my chest as I had only moments before. I lay a few moments more inside her and then rose and covered her body with the bed clothes and got dressed. I poked my head out of the door and Mother Helena instantly grabbed my head and pulled me to her chest both comforting me and disabling me form seeing her tearstained face. She took me to my room and stayed with me there that night holding and consoling me and I her.

It was a beautiful service. Angelina sang and many of the nuns spoke of the truly spectacular woman that Mother Ingrid had been. It was a truly memorable celebration of life.

I remembered her fondly every day reminiscing over the lessons taught in the yard and in the shower. Which made me ask myself, who would assist me with my exercises now? Just then as I was finishing up in the kitchen my thoughts were disturbed as Angelina entered the room and said

“All righty then, time for a shower young man”

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