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My study buddy has an alter ego
Finally, the last semester! Turn 4 before the great beyond! 4 more classes before graduation! Unfortunately, they are the hardest 4 classes.

Oct 26, Week 10, midterms for econometrics, 30% of overall grade and Dr. Schute promised to give us ulcers.

I’m on the brink of freaking out this afternoon, Econometrics is a required course, if I don’t do well I will miss the quota for my internship. And this day and age, who doesn’t need an edge?

Dano suddenly asked, How come I never see you with a girl?
I said, ‘without looking up from my notes, because, I rather have good grades.’
‘So you’re not into girls?’
‘Hey, f you, dude.’
‘Sorry, just asking. I gotta go, I’ll see you at the union tonight.’
Dano zipped up his hoodie and hid the red dragon on his t-shirt
‘K, whatever.’

I met Dano before summer in Advanced Stats. First day of class, he sat in the front row next to me. I sat there because I wanted to, he sat there because 10 min into the lesson, there were no empty seats.

After the class he tugged at the shirt, hey, what did I miss?

Not much, just the syllabus and grad checks.

I took a good look at him. Justing Bieber hair, grey hoodie, loose jeans and white converse. Nothing unusual, except that this is his only outfit, it seems. And he had this little scar under his left ear he got having a fight with his dad.

For the next few weeks we got to know each other, as he relied more and more on me to keep up in class and I was only too happy to help as it satisfied my community service requirement for an internship.

Our relationship eventually settled into one of big buddy, little buddies. I was 6 ft 2, 240, he was 5 ft 7, 130. Not a small guy, but he need a sense of security, I guess. Not to mention that he was really having a hard time in school.

There was something odd about Dano, though, besides the damn hoodie. He had a full beard and a deep voice but still, a few little things he did were very feminine. I have gay friends, but this is something else, something more. Now I think about it, and it sounds crazy, I think Dano had become MORE feminine since summer. Just this afternoon I caught myself thinking Dano’s butt reminded me of Shannon’s. And I could swear his fingers have gotten longer and slender, almost feminine. His nails were shiny like they were polished.

It’s Friday afternoon, midterm is on Monday, I wanted to make sure us both were ready so I scheduled a study session at the student union tonight.

I got there early, I ordered a pitcher of Bud, and watched freshmen girls playing pool. When women concentrate on lining up a perfect shot, they just don’t realize that they’re giving me a perfect shot of their delicious asses sticking up in the air.

The familiar grey hoodie came thru the door, except it’s wrapped around a blonde in heels. I took a second look, something is familiar with the face, but it was no one I know, so I went back to watching the arched backs and short shorts.

‘Oh sure, you’d rather have good grades, is that why you’re drinking beers and watching girls?’

I looked at the smiling blonde talking to me, and blinked, how did she know the conversation I had with Dano this afternoon?

I said, ‘Sorry, what did you say?’ I had the weird feeling of knowing her from somewhere, like revisiting the neighborhood you grew up on.

She has an angular jaw line, a pointy nose, her eyes were bluish green. She wore dark eye shadow with long lashes and her lips were dark and full.

I said, Sorry for staring, your grey hoodie caught me by surprise. I’m waiting for a study partner who always wears that same jacket.’

Blondie said, ‘it’s a popular brand, I guess.’

She turned to take it off. I noticed how her tight jeans fit well around her perfectly shaped legs and round butt. It was well complimented by a pair of dark red high mules. Her purple bra was showing thru the white t with red dragons on the front and back. There was a little brown mark under her left ear. This is just too weird.

I snapped my head back up when she turned around. She said, ‘Liam, it isn’t polite to stare.’ After a short pause, she said, ‘but I like it, so thank you.’

I tried to speak, but found my throat dry, I coughed and said, ‘Sorry, how do we know each other?’ She chuckled and said, let me give you a hint, the answer to question 47 is on page 439.

I didn’t know what to say, I just stared. She sat down across from me and took a drink from my glass. Her fingers were long and slender and feminine. Those deep maroon nails matched her shoes. They are making me having dirty thoughts. Focus on the inter..

I said, almost too loudly, ‘Dan?!’ I caught myself and looked around. More than a few guys turned our way and their gaze all landed on Dan. She put the glass down, took my hands, looked me in my eyes, ‘I’m Danielle tonight.’ The voice is high, but it’s definitely him!

I instinctively snapped my hand back. Danielle or Dan didn’t seem offended, just left hers/his where they were.

Look at her! I mean him, I mean her, whoever she was, she was genuinely hot. I was completely mesmerized by Danielle. She sipped slowly from the beer glass while my brain tried to process what just happened. I had so many questions I didn’t know how or where to start. I simply said, on instinct, ‘um, nice to meet you, I’m Liam.’ She smiled and went back to her beer.

Somewhere off to a distance the freshmen girls must’ve made a good shot, a group of them jumped up and down and must’ve screamed. I wouldn’t know, I was complete absorbed by the beauty in front of me is actually my little buddy, Dan of the Grey Hoodie.

After a few moments, she smirked, ok, Liam, had enough? What do you have for question 82? You know old man Schute really wants to hurt us on Monday.

The next hour was a blur of calculators, dark finger nails, books and full, luscious lips speaking incoherent sentences. My brain was trying hard to focus on studying and failed miserably.

I said, finally, ‘This is not working. Wanna shoot some pool?’

Danielle looked up with a devilish smile, ‘I have a better idea.’

20 mins later we were at my apt. My rich dad insisted I lived off campus, which is a source of some discomfort, knowing most of my friends had to have instant noodles every night.

Danielle had suggested going a club, but my mind was still focused on nailing the midterm. She gave a little snort when I said, ‘hey, you need the study time more than I do, remember?!’ Lordy, she was so sexy when she pouted!

We picked up a few Coronas from the corner store and agreed to give it another go. The store clerk looked at me then at Danielle, he smirked at me as if saying, good job, asshole, don’t’ fuck it up. What he actually said was, ‘Have good evening!’

I opened the door and on instinct let the lady go in first. I was surprised that I was already used to Dan being Danielle. It was easy really, from the union to my car I got a good look at her feminine body: the thin waist line, the hour glass hips. Smaller boobs but oh the shirt fit her so well. Not to mention there was no hint of Dano when she spoke. It wasn’t a falsetto, but definitely soft and feminine. A lot of things about Dano made sense now, the hoodie in the middle of summer, the loose jeans, the beard. They were all disguises to hide his alter ego. Or maybe Dano was HER alter ego?

She opened 2 bottles and reached for the TV, I said sternly, ‘thanks for the beer, but no TV, Dan!’
She slapped my hand, ‘I told you, I’m Danielle!’
I said, ‘Dammit, Dan, why did you do this tonight?! We need to hit the books!’

With that, she picked up her backpack but stopped at the door before storming out. She put her hoodie back on. ‘Yes, Liam, you’re right, let’s get to work.’

My plan worked. I was a big enough asshole to push the thoughts of fantasy out of both our heads. We worked until midnight when we both felt ready for whatever old man Schute had for us.

I went to the fridge and took out a bottle of Jameson’s; we’d finished the Coronas about half hour ago. I poured 2 glasses, gave Danielle hers, raised mine and said, ceremoniously, ‘Doctor Schute, we, Liam and Danielle, declare ourselves ready for your worst!’ We laughed and drained our whiskey in a fit of giggles.

In some ways, I was more anxious anticipating what was to come. To be truthful, I’ve had a half-chub all night. I mean, how can you not when sitting within a foot to a vixen ready to pounce? I seen the looks she threw at me.

Danielle moved to the couch and said, ‘Liam, this was not the evening I had planned, but so far it’s better than I expected.’

Um, so far? i didn’t know if I wanted to start a dialogue about this, so I said, ‘Danielle, get your stuff, it’s late I’ll take you home.’

She stood up and said, ‘Liam, you dumb shit, you’re kidding me, right? I love it when you took charge before, and now it’s my turn.’

With that, she grabbed my hair and planted a deep kiss on my lips, I really wasn’t expecting that, but her soft lips were so real and they tasted so right. Danielle broke off the kiss, ‘I seen the way you looked at me all night, let’s not pretend anymore. I want to show you the woman I am and make you love me.’

She took a step back and slowly took off her shirt. Her purple bra cradled her B cup breasts. She turned around and slipped off her jeans revealing a matching lace thong and her apple butt. I couldn’t help wonder, where is ‘it’? She saw me looking down there, and smile coyly, ‘I’ll show you in a bit.’

I kissed her ear lobes and whispered, ‘Leave the heels on, please.’ Danielle chuckled and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as we embraced.

My hands dared to explore her body. The excitement of stranger skin made my senses tingle, and Danielle’s moans told me she felt the same. She was so soft everywhere my fingers touched. She purred as she took my shirt off. Danielle hungrily pawed my bulging pecks and biceps while kissing my necks and chest. I moved my hand to her ass and she squealed with delight. ‘Yes, Liam, play with my butt and tits, I want this!’ I kneaded and squeezed her tits with one hand and ass the other until I felt my own bulge about to burst.

As if reading my mind, Danielle said, ‘No, sweetheart, not yet.’ She knelt down and took off my khakis, which by now was showing a wet patch of pre-cum. As my penis bounced out of my underwear, she said, with a girlish delight, ’Oh look who’s happy to see me!’ She licked the head with a gentleness of kitten’s first time at a milk bowl. Then her mouth slid to take more of me in.

One side of my brain says, stop this! she’s a MAN! The other side of my mind says, you like her, just let this happen! Danielle looked up at me with those big eyes and Dano went completely out of my mind.

I sighed ‘Oh, Danielle, this feels so good!’ She let out a girlish ‘yay!’ and got started on my pole. Back and forth her blonde mane bobbed, her tongue cradled my shaft and tickled the helmet. Her lips wore tight around the shaft and her hands massaged my buttocks, legs and chest, running the occasional fingernail across my nipples that sent waves of pleasure thru my shaft. She took me out of her throat, ‘hmmm you like that, huh?’ She started massaging my balls with my tongue while squeeze my nipples. It’s weird, but felt so good!

Danielle sat me on the couch and sat on my lap. She took off her bra and revealed her milky white breasts. I almost lost my load when I saw her big eraser nipples! I grabbed her tits and shoved them in my mouth, I was licked and teasing her nipples just to hear her squeal with pleasure.

Daniell palmed my raging boner and said, ‘Do you want to see?’ I knew what she meant, and I croaked a hoarse ‘yes.’ She lowered her lacey g-string and from between her legs came a meat stick shining with sweat and dripping with pre-cum.

She saw me looking and started stroking herself. I grabbed my pole to mirror her. She pushed me down and straddled me. ‘Please, Liam, allow me.’

She got my cock in the same hand and stroked mine with her own. The warmth of dick next to mine made my hips buckle.

‘Oh Danielle, that feels so good, I’m gonna cum, girl!’

With that, she stroked harder and quicker. Pre-cum was oozing out of both of our helmets, I felt her balls slapping against mine. I reached up and played with her nipples. She squirmed and wiggled and making sounds of pleasure that drove me crazy! Looking at her pained expression, I knew she was close too.

30 seconds later we both shuddered from cumming at the same time. White ribbons shot to both our chests. Danielle’s hands kept stoking both cocks until there was none to give. She collapsed on my chest, and stayed there. I embraced her and stroked her hair in silence. Our heavy breaths filled the void.

As you well know, there’s always that moment of clarity after the heat of passion. I suddenly snapped, ‘oh shit!’ Danielle looked up in dreamy satisfaction, ‘What’s wrong, sweetheart?’ I didn’t meet her eyes, I simply helped her up and wandered to the restroom where I had a great need to get another man’s cum off me.

Danielle’s voice changed, it was Dano. ‘Oh, I get it, you changed your mind. See ya!’

I held my head down in shame and confusion, how could I do this to Danielle, to Shannon and myself? I said, without looking up, ‘See ya…No, WAIT!’

Danielle came in the bathroom after a short while. It was Dano. He was back into his jeans and t-shirt and brown hair. I can see the bra straps in his backpack.

I said, ‘This is a lot for me to take in, Dano. I’m gonna need some time.’

His gaze softened, and said, ‘ya, you’re right, I was so into being your Danielle that I forgot it’s your first time.’

I let her use the restroom while I ducked into the master bath. I keep playing the last hour over and over in my head, had it been a dream? It certainly felt real, and not just the physical closeness. I felt a connection with Danielle that I haven’t felt with any other women I’ve had relationships with.

‘Your Danielle’ she’d said, what does that mean?

When I came back to the couch, Dano had helped himself to more whiskey. He folded his knees to his chest and looked at me with anticipation in his eyes.

‘A lot to think over, huh?’

‘Yeah.’ I said quietly. I sat down on the rocking chair and reached for the bottle.

‘What are we now? What do we do?’


2016-07-17 20:28:27
A very enjoyable story. I hope you have a sequel.

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2015-07-30 20:44:45
Excellent story. The ambivalence is well expressed.

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Sex story is beautiful.

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hope ure ok, at latest ure satisfied

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This is outstanding! I really hope there is more.

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